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    Hello and welcome to my Art Shop!
    I can’t do very much for now, but hopefully I'll have more to offer soon.

    1. Follow all SPPF rules.
    2. Give Credit!
    3. Please Upload to your own imagehost.
    4. Don’t be rude to me, my work, or anyone else here.
    5. No texting speak! It’s hard to read, and I just dislike it.
    6. Don't ask if I'm done with your request until 48 hours is up. I'll vm you when I'm done
    7. You can request a maximum of three images at a time. Once I finish one, you can request however many I finished again.
    Credit: for the pokemon sprites, egg, and pokeball. for the trainers.



        Spoiler:- What I've Got:

    Thanks for visiting!

    If you want to support me or my shops, put this somewhere

    Come visit my trade shop!

    Thanks Skiyomi for approving!
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    Black FC: 3654 6830 1937

    Come visit my shops!

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