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    Ability: Unerve
    Item: Brightpowder/Razor Fang/King's Rock
    EV's : 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 4 Hp

    Struggle Bug
    Volt Switch
    Spider Web / Thunder Wave / Sucker Punch / Bug Buzz / Energy Ball

    This is a support set for slowing down sweepers. With Unerve active you don't have to worry about any pesky berries activating while you use Electroweb and Struggle Bug cut down on on your opponents Speed and Sp. Attack. Volt Switch lets you pull out when things start to get hairy. Spider Web is there to stop the enevitable switch that would come from lowering your opponents stats, but alternatetively you could go with Thunder Wave to catch the next pokemon on the switch. You could also go with Sucker punch for priority, or Bug Buzz/Energy Ball for smashing power. Given Galvantula's frail defenses, the occasional miss/flinch brought on by Brightpowder/Razor Fang are nice, but should not be heavily relied on. This set really works wonders in Doubles/Triples due to Electroweb and Struggle Bug striking multiple foes, Spiderweb trapping opposing poke's that would try to escape (Ex. DrizzleToed), and an unexpected flinch on one of those foes brought on by Razor Fang/King's Rock is always welcome.
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