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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Shadows

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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Shadows

    Credit goes to the Amazing Mew_!

    We all know the story of the Creation: In the beginning, there was Chaos. Then, in the midst of everything, and egg appeared, and from this egg, Arceus. The Alpha Pokemon then used his Thousand Arms to create the Universe, with its many planets and galaxies.

    Arceus then created 3 eggs, which hatch into the Being of Time, Dialga, the Being of Space, Palkia, and the Being of Matter and Antimatter, Giratina. They were chosen to guard over the greatest forces of all.

    The Alpha Pokemon then created 3 more eggs. They hatched into the Legendary Pixies: Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. They were asked to keep the Universe at balance.

    Finally, Arceus created one more egg. From this egg, was Mew, the Ancestor of All Pokemon. Mew was told to bring the first few Pokemon to life, which would later become the Pokemon of Today.

    Arceus then went into a deep slumber, only to awaken once every year, to discuss what has happened in the world, while he was asleep, and what should be done about the negatives. He sleeps in an invisible temple, high above the planet Solada.
    Not much longer after the Universe was created, Dialga made a Prophecy, that would change everything:

    Many years from now, the 3 Pokemon Worlds will be attacked. Coronia will be first to be in danger, followed by Zendera, and finally Solada, where the Original One rests.

    In shadows, they will be, until, the time is right. They will come to destroy us and plunge the World into Darkness. The Shadows will Rise, and only the Chosen Ones from another galaxy, will be able to stop them.

    Many Pokemon were frightened by this, but as the years went by, the Prophecy was forgotten, and was just a myth.

    Until about 7 years ago.

    Coronia was hit by many Natural Disasters, and a falling star was coming their way, and fast. Strangely, a human that was turned into a Charmander was the one who got Rayquaza to Hyper Beam the Star, as no one else could. Most Pokemon thought this was Natural because it wasn't called "Natural Disasters" for nothing. But the Legendary Pokemon knew this wasn't Nature's doing. There were too many Disasters to be called a coincidence. They knew what was happening.

    They knew the Prophecy was becoming a reality.

    This was further proven right when Zendera was attacked 3 years after the incident in Coronia. And this time, the Universe did plunge into darkness. But, once again, a human came from nowhere to save the day. This human had a special ability that let her see the past or future when she touched something.

    When the human first came to the Zendera, she stayed as a human. But when she and Grovyle, her partner, were traveling through time to the past (with the help of Celebi), they got attacked by none other than Darkrai. This caused her to transform into an Eevee and lose her memory.

    In the end, however, the Human gathered the time gears and placed them in Temporal Tower, saving the world from its previous fate, then saved it again, by defeating Darkrai at Dark Crater.

    But that wasn't Darkrai.

    The real Darkrai was found locked up in Dark Crater 2 months later, explaining that a bunch of Pokemon came and locked him up here. He explained that there were 4 of them: "One was a little, but cunning, plasma Pokemon. Another, was a yellow, bipedal Pokemon that was carrying some sort of hypnotic device. The third, was a female, wearing some sort of black dress with white ribbons on it. And the leader, was a fox-like Pokemon that could create Illusions."

    It was hard to believe this could get any worse, but it was about to...
    It was that time again. All the Legendary Pokemon were meeting at the ruins on the Floating Islands. Everyone was going to talk about what has happened last year, and what could they do in the next. Everyone was chatting, making small talk, before the yearly get-together started. Most of them haven't seen each other since last year. All of them were seated at an ancient table, except Cresselia, who was taking attendance.

    Rayquaza was talking to Giratina about his Sky Realm, when he noticed something.

    "Hey, do you know where Dialga, Mew, and Arceus are?" he asked the Renegade Pokemon.

    "They're probably just running late." Giratina stated. "Even Legendaries aren't always on time, you know."

    Rayquaza nodded, then laughed when he remembered the time when Ho-oh came in halfway through one of the previous get-togethers.

    Suddenly, the door swung open, and a pink, feline-like Pokemon stood in the doorway.

    "Mew!" everyone shouted.

    "You guys need to follow me," Mew ordered. "It's an emergency!"

    "But what about the-" Victini was asking, but Mew cut him off.

    "Now!" Mew shouted, and all Legendaries got up, and followed her outside.
    On the edge of the island, they found Dialga, standing there motionlessly, looking up to sky.

    "Hey Dialga," Zekrom spoke. "What's the big emergency?"

    The Temporal Pokemon sighed, then turned to the other Legendaries. "Arceus has been kidnapped," he finally said.

    Everyone gasped. How could this have happened?

    "Well, how can we rescue him?" Jirachi asked.

    "We can't," Dialga stated. "But the Chosen Ones can."

    "What do you mean Dialga?" Raikou wondered.

    "Right before Arceus got kidnapped, he took some of the powers from his 16 plates, and used this to teleport 16 different Humans to Solada. And his hunch was right. The mysterious Pokemon chained him to 16 elemental chains. That's all he has told me through telepathy."

    "So, this means means we have to find the Humans?" Cresselia stated.

    "Yes," Dialga replied, taking a deep breath before saying, "If we don't, all is lost. With their help, we can stop the Rising Shadows."
    Team FireStorm
    Kojondo Town

    Cammie was upset. Another one of her many inventions had failed. It was always the same thing: She would get inspired, make something that would help the town out, then it ends up failing. Cammie took her red goggles off her head, and peered into the lenses. A sad little Oshawott was reflected back at her.

    Cammie sighed, and walked over to the Water Pledge Bridge, that connected her hometown to the Mainland. She let out a heavy sigh. Maybe Dad was right, the Oshawott thought. Maybe I would've been better off as a Poké Nurse...

    She let out another sigh, dangling her goggles over the other side of the bridge. Suddenly, something caught her eye. Something like a flame was being reflected into the ocean.

    Hmm, I wonder what that could be... she wondered as she went to investigate. Cammie jumped off the bridge and looked over at the rocky shore, to see a Pokemon, with four long legs and a flaming mane and tail. And it was unconscious.

    The Oshawott gasped, and then realized that this Pokemon might drift off to sea if something wasn't done. So she took the fire pony by the hooves and hauled her farther away from the ocean. She then finally let go when she thought that the Pokemon was far enough. Cammie was regaining her breath and putting her goggles back on, when she noticed that the Pokemon's eyes were slightly fluttering.

    The Pokemon was regaining consciousness.
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    Team TidalForce
    Kojondo Town
    12:00 PM (Two hours earlier. xD)

    "You? Lead a rescue team? Pffft don't make me laugh." Said a Snivy to a sad looking Oshawott. A Tepig standing next to her snorted in agreement. "You'll run away like a scared little baby before you make it to the second floor of a dungeon."

    After saying these harsh words, the Snivy and Tepig left laughing cruely. Mike the Oshawott was in near tears. "Maybe they're right." he said. His voice was sttutering and his eyes were begining to water. "Maybe I should just give up now."

    He walked over to the Water pledge bridge to clear his thoughts. He looked at his reflection in the water, when something else that was reflected in the water caught his eye. Something pink. He looked up and saw what looked like a pink tapir with purple flowers on it's body. In a hurry, Mike ran over to it. He then went behind her, and pushed her away from the shore so she wouldn't drift out to sea. When they were far enough away, he went back in front of her, and examined the pink tapir. "How did this happen?" Mike wondered out loud.

    That was when the Oshawott saw the Pokemon's eyes begin to flutter open. She was regaining consciousness.
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    OoC: Deja Vu much....

    Team FireStorm
    Between the Water Pledge Bridge and Kojondo Town

    "Hey, are you OK? Wake Up!" Someone was saying to Amelia, as she was regaining consciousness. When she up her eyes more, she saw a blue-and-white Otter Pokemon, with a big nose and a pair of red goggles on her head. Amelia realized that this was an Oshawott. And it was speaking to her.

    "Aah!" Amelia screamed, and tried to make a breakthrough to the nearest boulder. But she kept slipping up.

    "Wait!" the Oshawott yelled back to her. "I'm not trying to hurt you!"

    Amelia stopped, and turned toward the Sea Otter Pokemon. What's Happening? How is this Oshawott able to talk to me without telepathy?" Amelia thought.

    The Oshawott finally caught up to Amelia. "Well, I'm glad you're OK," it said to her. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Cammie!"

    After the realization that Cammie probably wasn't going to hurt her in any way, she very quietly said, "I-I'm Amelia..."

    "Well, it's nice to meet you, Amelia," Cammie said. Then she thought for a moment. "Say, Amelia, are you from the Big City?"

    Amelia looked very confused, but said nothing.

    "'Cause I've never seen a Ponyta around this area before," Cammie finished.

    Amelia was in pure shock. She suddenly, but quietly, spoke the Oshawott, "A Ponyta? No. I'm a human..."
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    Team TidalForce
    Between the Water Pledge Bridge, and Kojondo Town
    12:00 PM

    Selena slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw when her vision cleared was an Oshawott with a concerned look on it's face. "Well, at least I awaken to something cute." Selena thought. "Ugh, what happened, and where am I?" She wondered out loud.

    "I don't know." The Oshawott answered. "And you're in Kojondo Town, at the Water Pledge bridge."

    "Where in blazes is that?!" It took Selena a second to realize she was answering an Oshawott. "Wait...did you just talk to me?!"

    "There's no one else here. You must be from out of town, if you don't know where you are. I've never seen a Munna around here before."

    "A Munna? Are you blind?! Can't you see I'm a beautiful and intelligent young woman?!"

    "Uh, no. You look like an ordinary Munna to me."

    Selena over to the waters edge. Reflected in the water, she saw what the Oshawott had already said. She had in fact turned into a Munna.

    "Toldja so." The Oshawott smirked. "My name's Mike by the way. Who are you?" Mike asked while Selena continued to stare at her reflection.
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    The Karasu Murder
    Kamex City
    2:30 PM, Whatever day the above posts are set in

    Don Karasu honestly didn't know what made him do it. The thrill of it all? Or was it just the feeling he got helping those who were unable to help themselves? He just didn't know. That's what ran through Don's mind as he swooped around the buildings of Kamex City. He glanced back at the way he'd come. Already he could spot the Staraptor flying up over the buildings looking for him. Don couldn't help but grin around the Oran berries held in his beak. Nearly thirteen years those birds have been chasing him down; he had yet to be caught.

    A few hours ago, though, that almost hadn't been the case. It should've been an easy in-and-out job... and yet that Gastrodon spotted him, leading to the predicament he was in now. All because of that Murkrow... or Human... or whatever. It had been a full hour since Don had found him, unconscious in an alley. Don did what he always did; got 'im food and a blanket for warmth. But then when he was about to fly away, it woke up.

    "Hey, kid, what happened?" Don had asked. All he got in response was a blank look, and a quiet, "I don't know."

    And the kid was telling the truth. The Murkrow had honestly know idea of what had happened to him, since, well, since birth really. All he knew was his name, Connor Joshua. But it was what he said next that really interested Don.


    Kamex City
    1:30 PM, One hour earlier

    "Connor? What kind of name is Connor?" Don asked, scrunching up his beak.

    "I don't know. I just know, y'know?"

    Don honestly didn't, but played along. "Well, Con - that's a more proper name for a Murkrow - I guess I'll be goin-"

    "Murkrow? What's a Murkrow?"

    Don had to supress a caw of laughter. A Murkrow that doesn't know what a Murkrow is? "It's you, kid. You're a Murkrow. Can't you see your feathers?"

    Connor held up his wings, looking at them like they were brand new. "Wings? Black wings? I'm pretty sure humans don't have those. Maybe. I just don't know..."

    One word stopped Don dead in his tracks.


    Kamex City
    2:30 PM

    Don shook his head slightly. Humans...

    Of course he'd heard of them. Most Pokémon on Solada have at least heard of that mythical race with no fur or feathers, but pink skin. Never before has anyone ever seen one though, let alone claim to have been one. Either young Con was actually crazy, or little Don Karasu; thief, criminal, and head of the Karasu Murder, population 2; was on the verge of some inter-dimensional wonder.

    Glancing once more at the Staraptor gaining distance behind him, Don couldn't help but hope it was the latter.

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    Kamex City, Pidgeot Theme Park
    2:25 PM, Whatever day the above posts are set in
    Told from Rory's point of view

    "Thanks again Pidgeot, times are hard for my kind with mayor Flygon around.'"

    "Anytime Rory."

    As Roar the Veil Hax Dragon, a Gible, walks away from a tent that Pidgeot was hiding him in a Vibrava flew down.

    "Hey Roarster, hows it going, look at my new wings."

    "Buzz off Stheve."

    "You keep talknig to me like that I'll report you to my dad."

    Stheve dad was the mayor of Kamex city, aka the living hell for all members of the Garchomp line. Ever since team RAGE went missing, a team Rorys dad was apart of. The Flygon mafia, spareheaded by the vice-mayor (now current mayor) has taken over. Some pokemon who currently know about Arceus'disappearence (most don't) have their suspions about 'Mayor' Flygon.

    "I don't care know leave me in piece before I dragon claw you.

    "But then I can just fly away. Like this, or this, or this."

    Stheve says as he flies around the place.

    "Now stop that now."
    Pidgeot flies over, Rory the Gible gets his hopes up.

    "My dad has been trying to oust you out for ages, this will be the icing on the cake!"
    Stheve flies away.

    "Well, I knew this day was coming Rory. It's no longer safe for me here, but, I must give you a parting gift."

    Rory starts to cry, he could go to Kanghaskan, but she can only do so much.

    "I'll give 1000 poké along with this."

    Pigeot gives Gible a the poke along with a strange, orangish disc, no,two orange discs and starts to fly away.

    "We'll again Rory, I know it. Mew-speed to you."

    Rory echos.

    Rory starts to walk away, contemplating what the discs could be when he sees a green clump floating down the river.

    "What, that looks like a bug type! They can't swim, I'll have to save it."

    Luckily ROAR the Veil Hax Dragon taut himself how to swim at a young age as a way of escape and dives in and barely a minute later comes out with the shivering body of a scyther.

    "It's shivering, which means it may have hypothermia...but at least it's alive."

    More to come soon.

    Kamex City, A river leading out into the Bubblebeam Archipelago
    2:25 PM, Whatever day the above posts are set in
    Told from my point of view

    As my eyes flicker open I wonder where I am, when a distinct Hoenn Accent (sounds Australian) speaks up.

    "Hey its eyes are opening, certainly haven't seen a species like 'im before. Hey, your awake, how you doing?

    "Goodish." I reply. My vision is still blurry so I don't realise I'm talking to a pokemon. "How did I end up in Hoenn."

    The Hoenn Accented person replys.

    "Hoenn, wheres that? Your in Solanda, Kamex City be exact. Situated in the soutern most part of the Rockslide Mountain Range!"

    Ď never heard of here before, but then again, I heard of Unova ealier this year. A very interesting region I have to say. What with all orf the bridges and-----"

    I trail off, my vision has now fully cleared and I've just realised that for this entire time I was talking to a Gible, I start freaking out.

    "What haven't you heard a Gible talk before?"

    No, I've never heard a POKEMON talk before!"

    "What, that's silly, pokemon are the only beings that exist."

    "No I'm a human! I come from Cianwood City Johto region, not anywhere else!"

    My breathing quickens, but the Gible calmily replies.

    "OK, I'll take your word for it, I might need to take you to Kanghaskan, shes someone I can trust."

    Kamex City, Kanghaskan Storage
    2:45 PM
    Told from Rory's point of view

    As that strange pokemon lyes KO'd in one of Kanghaskan's beautifully made nests, I tell Kanghaskan everything.

    "Well I have heard of these 'humans' before deary and there have been some strange rumors floating around---"

    'What rumors?"

    "Ďt doesn't really much right now deary but I'll explain to you what I think has happened. I think that your friend over there has transformed into a pokemon, I don't know how or why deary; but it has happened."

    "So, what can we do"

    "Well deary, I think that you'll have to look after him and wait ofr the fates to come calling."

    "The fates."

    "Just wait for the right time and everything will become clear..."

    "What should we do in the meantime Kanghaskan?"

    "Well first, ask him what your name is, and then I guess it's up to you."

    There is silence for about a minute and then Rory has an idea.

    "We could form and exploration team, they find out all sorts of stuff."

    "Yeah I guess you could."

    A yawn sounds throughout the warhouse it came from the mystery pokemon.

    "He's awake, Lets go."

    "OK Kanga."

    Now being told from my point of view.

    OK, Serebi has failed on me 4 times now, so this won't be as detailed as I had it before.

    "Hey your awake." The Kanghaskan said.

    "Whe--where am I?"

    Your in Kanghaskan storage, don't worry, I explain everything."

    Kanghaskan explains everything about this world basically and everything she thought happened to me, it takes several hours. When Kanghaskan finishes, she puts us each in nest and says good night.

    "Night Kanga!" Rory says in return.

    "Hey MB, what are you planning on doing now?"

    I think about this for about a minute. Rory seems like a nice and I think that we could be friends. So I reply...

    "Well I was hoping to hang around with you for awhile."

    "Thats' great, because I was thinking of starting up an exploration team, and I was hoping that you'd be my partner."

    "What's an exploration team?"

    Rory quickly explains what an exploration team is to me.

    "We can find treasure and go on missions and maybe we can find out how to turn you back into a human, and did I say treasure!(?)"

    "Well, OK then I guess."

    "Great!!! Tomorow you and I will have to go to the Bubblebeam Archipelago as Kojondo town is on an island there. At Kojondo Town there is a guild and can sign up there!"

    "OK then I guess we have to get some sleep then."
    As if the reinforce my statement, Kanghaskan shouts from somewhere else in her storage warehouse.

    "Hey! Keep it down in there! I need to get some sleep!"

    "Night MB"

    "Night Rory."

    And then we both drift off to sleep.


    I found out I was a pokemon and Rory the Gible found me. We are asleep in a room in Kanghaskan Storage and are planning to go to the Bubblebeam Archipelago tomorow so we can go to Kojondo town and sign up to be an exploration team.

    Pidgeot flew away but went north, I currently don't know about him and Rory doesn't think he needs to tell me about him, nor think that he will in any way impact our adventure.


    I've made so that Kanghaskan seems to know something, you guys can use that for your advantage, or just for flavour. However, I have a plan for Major Flygon so don't use him. If you do really need to use him, only refer to him briefly and don't bunny him.

    Also, I'm requesting to the Bubblebeam Archipelago dungeon if that's OK.
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    Team ElectroHound
    Kamex City
    Told from Andrew's POV

    "Hey, Drew, wanna battle?" a voice yells out from his left.

    "No thanks." I turn the offer down, and carry on walking.

    "Drew, why you so down, huh?" the voice yells again, and a Poochyena scampers out of my shadow. "Y'always love battlin', no?"

    I shake my head. "Not now, Jake. I... Need some peace and quiet," I tell him. His ears droop down.

    "Aww... I was all pumped up for da battle..." he says sadly. "Well, I'd rather not bother ya then. See ya!" Jake then scampers away again, back into the shadows.

    Why I am I feeling so depressed? I wonder. It's not like anything special happened today... I sigh, and I head towards the Rocky Mountain Range for no reason.

    As I walk along the rocky paths of the mountain, I catch a glimpse of something black in the distance. I shrug it off and continue walking... That is, until I notice that the black figure is falling from the sky.

    Before I know it, the figure has hit the ground, and I sprint towards it, my mind full of worries. When I reach the figure, I notice that it's a Houndour. That's strange... Houndours don't live in the mountains here, and there's no Houndour I know of in Kamex City, and I know just about everyone who lives there.

    "Wake up!" I shout at the unconscious Houndour, shaking her. "Wake up!"

    (OoC:) More coming soon.

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    The Blue Screen of Death


    Team FireStorm
    Between the Water Pledge Bridge and Kojondo Town

    Cammie laughed. There had been many legends about the Human Race, but everyone knew they were just pure myth. "I don't know, Amelia, you definitely look like a Ponyta to me," the Oshawott replied.

    Amelia tried to look down at her hands, but she hadn't any, as they were hooves. When she looked behind herself, she found a flaming tail behind her. If Amelia tried to go on 2 legs, she would stumble and fall, so she went on 4 legs for the time being. Slowly, but surely, she got to the water's edge, and looked into the ocean. A pony with a fiery mane was reflected back.

    "Impossible," Amelia mumbled to herself. "How did this happen?"

    "If you really are a Human, which I seriously doubt," Cammie said. "Where did you live before you were a Pokemon?"

    Amelia thought this over, but she had absolutely no idea about where she lived, or anything, really. Just the fact that her name is Amelia Wright, and that she was a Human. Then, she realized something, and started to panic.

    "Honestly, I don't know," Amelia replied quietly. "But what I do want know, WHERE AM I?"

    Amelia said that a little louder than she meant to, and Cammie was blown aback. After regaining herself, Cammie answered, "Well, you're on an Island, and this bridge connects us to the mainland. And if you look over there," the Oshawott pointed to the East, where a town lay. "You'll see my hometown, Kojondo Town."

    The Human.... or should I say, Ponyta, was about to ask exactly what planet she was on, when a faint, but clear, cry for help rang through their ears.

    "What was that?" she asked timidly.

    "Sounds like it was coming from Salt Cave," Cammie replied, pointing to the small cave by the sea shore. "Must be someone in trouble, should we go check it out?"

    Amelia was a bit wary at first. She was going off with a stranger Oshawott to save someone. However, she then remembered that she was in some strange location, where there is nobody that she knew. So she nodded ever so slightly.

    "Then, let's go save the Pokemon in trouble!" Cammie said enthusiastically. And, just like that, Amelia and Cammie were on their first out of many adventures.
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    Just on the outside of Water Pledge Bridge
    1:30 PM, Day 2 of MB being a pokemon
    Told from my POV

    After starting REALLY early because neither of us could sleep too well. We said goodbye to Kanghaskan and after taking a realitively abandoned route, running to not a lot pokemon, but enough for them to each gain two levels, we arrvive at the the Water Pledge Bridge.

    "Our first adventure." Rory mutters.

    I'm to dumbstruck to speak, it was a marvelous bridge, it was no where near the sky arrow bridges size but it surpassed it every other way. It was blue with sapphires lining the sides and blue tiles were sparkling in the sunlight. I quickly stopped marveling when I saw a Hypo on the bridge, he quickly spotted us.

    "Hey, those two somehow got past our guards in the pass! Get them."

    And with that, the Hypo teleported away, and left us with an aray of magickarp's and trapinch's.

    Start Water Pleage Bridge Mini Dungeon
    1:05 PM 2 Day Two of MB being a Pokemon.
    Told from my POV

    Team Endeavour: Pre-Dungeon
    MB the Scyther (Level 7)

    Swords Dance
    Bug Bite
    Quick Attack
    ROAR the Veil Hax Dragon (Level 7)
    Dragon Rage
    Fire Fang
    Dragon Rush

    As our first battle starts I start SPAMing Quick Attack to down a few Magickarp while Rory attacks with several bursts of Dragon Rages and Fire Fangs. We quickly clear a gap and jump onto the bridge.

    "Wow the adreniline." I say

    "Yeah it's just so coool."

    I decide to mix it up and set up with a swords Dance followed by a Bug Bite at several Trapicnh, but they fight back with tackles and take downs. I look at semi-good health but Rory isn't fairing well. I quickly shove the Tranpich into the ocean below and then I go to help Rory. The Magickarp that keep flopping up from the Ocean are close to burying us alive. Out of desperation I combine the two moves Brick Break and Bug Bite to make Brick Bite! The Magickarp are all propelled back into the ocean and Rory quickly finishes off the remaining Trapinchs with a long range Dragon Rage.

    Team Endeavour: Post-Dungeon
    MB the Scyther (Level 9)

    Swords Dance
    Bug Bite
    Quick Attack
    ROAR the Veil Hax Dragon (Level 8)
    Dragon Rage
    Fire Fang
    Dragon Rush

    "Wow that was awesome."

    Out of breath, I mutter those words. Then Rory see's something out of order.

    "Yeah I have to agree with you there MB, but look over there!"

    We both rush to the scene at the end of Water Pledge Bridge, what Rory saw was a KO'd Hariyama, just regaining consiousness.

    "Hey you two, you two have to the nerve to KO the keeper of Water Pledge bridge, REVENGE!"

    We were both cowering, but then from behind the Hariyama a Flames envaloped him and blasted him into the sea. We should have been more careful, but at the end of brifge we saw an entire bag of Perfect Apples and rushed at it. Rory reached for one but then there was a flash!

    "You fell for my trap."

    Is the last thing we hear before we are both lofted into a air telepathically and Ko'd by a shock of energy.

    The Pokemon rushes through the Bubblebeam Archipelago and just short of Kojondo town he slows, and heads for Salt Cave. I regain conciseness just short of the entrance.


    I scream, but then that jolt of energy rushes through by body again, KOing me.
    To be continued
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    Team ElectroHound
    Rocky Slide Mountain Range (right?)
    Lucie's POV

    A voice is coming from the distance. "Wake up! Wake up!" it shouts. Slowly, I wake up, dazed and puzzled. "Where am I?" I ask. "Who are you?"

    "Me?" the voice says, which I discover that it is the voice of an Electrike. "I'm Andrew, but you can just call me Drew if you want, I don't mind." The Electrike looks at me. "So, are you feeling, um, good?"

    "Uh... I dunno," I reply, still confused, and manage to stand on my legs.

    Only then I notice that I have four legs and no arms.

    "What the..." I mutter. "What on earth happened to me?"

    "I dunno, really, except for the fact that you were falling from the sky, and by that I mean really, really high up in the sky, and you just landed here with a plosh," Drew answers. "Oh, by the way, what's your name?"

    "Uh..." I struggle to remember my own name. "Uh... I think it was Lucie, or something..."

    Drew has a serious look on his face. "You don't know where you came from, you don't know why you're here, and you don't even know your own name," he says. "Let's go to the Pokémon Centre quickly, in case you suffered some kind of brain injury."

    "W-wait!" I stutter. "I remember that I was human, though..."

    Drew stares at me, and rolls his eyes. "Yeah, right. Let's get you to the Centre." Before I can protest, I'm already being dragged away by the Electrike helplessly.

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    Team TidalForce
    Water Pledge Bridge/Kojondo Town
    12:05 PM

    "Are you ok? You've been staring at the water for...five minutes now."

    "EEEEE!!!" Selena squealed with delight, which caused Mike to cover his ears. "I'm a Munna! An adorable Munna! You have no idea how happy this makes me. No one appreciates how fabulous Munna are!" Then she let out a sigh and regained her composure. "What did you say you're name was?"

    "Mike." The Oshawott answered. He was begining to think this Munna was insane.

    "Ah, Michael. That's a fitting name for a future Samurott. My name's Selena. Selena Artemis. Whether you believe me or not, I used to be a human."

    "Ok..." Mike paused. He was getting ready to leave this crazy Munna alone, when suddenly, the Snivy and Tepig from before showed up.

    "Well well well. Look who we have here. It's the big baby." The Snivy said cruely.

    "And it looks like he's found a friend. A really creepy looking friend." Tepig said of Selena who was now floating next to him.

    "She's probably as big of a baby as him." The Snivy giggled at her own insult.

    At this, Selena opened her mouth wide, and yawned loudly. Afterward she said, "Excuse me, that was rude of me. I really should cover my mouth when I'm yawning at your boring insults."

    "Ooh, the Munna's got wit eh? Well, I oughta..." Snivy started to say, before she yawned loudly herself, and fell asleep. Then, the Tepig fell asleep next to her. Selena had used the move Yawn on the two.

    "Thanks." Mike said gratefully.

    "Don't mention it. No seriously, don't. Hm...I feel hungry all of a sudden."

    "Well, the Spinda Cafe isn't far from..." Mike's eyes suddenly went wide with shock. He was amazed at what he saw next.

    Tepig and Snivy's outlines were glowing pink. A pink energy seeped out of them and into Selena's open mouth, her eyes were glowing pink. She was doing what Munnas did, eating dreams. After she had her fill, Selena closed her mouth. The sleeping Tepig and Snivy then stopped glowing. "Mm...I never knew dreams tasted so good."
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    The Blue Screen of Death


    Team FireStorm
    Salt Cave, B1F

    Team pre-dungeon
    Amelia Lv.5
    Tail Whip

    Cammie Lv.5
    Tail Whip

    (Planning out your team like this, pre and post dungeon, is Optional)
    Amelia and Cammie were traveling through Salt Cave. The walls were cracked up a bit, and were snow white. It was breathtaking. But they had to continue, no time to waste.

    Suddenly, a Nosepass appeared, and it didn't look too friendly.

    "Come on Amelia," Cammie shouted to her new friend. "Help me attack the Nosepass!"

    Amelia was confused. Attack it? How? she wondered to herself.

    "Seriously? You're a Pokemon who doesn't know how to use attacks," Cammie rolled her eyes.

    "Uh, n-no, I was a h-human before, r-remember?" Amelia said quietly, stumbling on words.

    Cammie still didn't believe that Amelia was a human before, but remembered that she most likely has amnesia, considering that she had no idea where she was, and that she barely knew anything.

    "Watch me," she told the Ponyta. And the Oshawott rammed into the Nosepass with full force.

    "That was a Tackle Attack," Cammie lectured Amelia. "Being a Ponyta, you probably know this move, too. All you have to do, is use your whole body to slam into the opponent."

    Amelia did exactly what Cammie told her to do. She was getting used to her new legs, so it wasn't as hard as she hoped, but it was enough to take the Nosepass down.

    "Good Job, Amelia," Cammie congratulated Amelia. Suddenly, a set of stairs caught her eye. "These stairs must take us farther into the cave," the Oshawott said, running over to them. When Amelia caught up, they went down, and on to the next floor.
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    Team TidalForce
    Spinda's Cafe
    12:30 PM

    Now it was Selena's turn to be shocked and horrified. The two Pokemon went to Spinda's Cafe. Mike ordered himself a large portion of various foods, and then he gobbled everything up in a flash, shoving large amounts of food into his mouth, swallowing it, then eating more, barely stopping to breathe. After he finally finished eating, he belched loudly.

    "You're manners are atrocious!" Selena said. "You eat like a Tepig! You don't close your mouth when you chew, you eat way too fast, and you forgot to say excuse me after you released the carbon dioxide in your stomach."

    "You mean burped, There ain't nobody here to impress. Who cares?" The Oshawott retorted.

    "That's not the point! Some of us don't care to see your food as your chewing it. And some of us don't want to be seen in public with slobs. Someone has to teach you some manners."

    Before either of them could say anything more, the doors of the cafe burst open. A Spoink, who was noticeably missing her pearl was standing at the doorway. "Is there anyone here who can help me?!" The Spoink shouted, sounding desperate, "Somebody stole mah pearl! My precious precious pearl!"

    Mike saw this as an opportunity presenting itself. "We'll help you Ma'am. I'm a Rescue Team leader, who took your pearl and which way did they go?" He lied.

    "We?!" Mike put his hand over Selena's mouth before she could finish her sentence.

    "I didn't get a good look at them. They knocked me down, threw sand in my eyes, took my pearl and ran! I was around the Happy Woods at the time, I think they went there!"

    "No problem ma'am, my partner and I well help you." Mike said, trying his best to sound heroic. Come on partner." He then grabbed one of Selena's arms (legs?) and ran out the door.

    Selena immediately let go after that. "Since when was I your partner?!" Selena shouted angrily.

    "Sorry, I always wanted to be on a rescue team, and you were the closest one, I couldn't pass this up. Can you help me please."

    "Well, I hate to turn down a fellow Psychic type in need, and it's not like I've got anything else to do. Fine, I'll help. But, I'm in charge here, got that?!"

    "Deal." Mike said happily,

    "Great, now where are these Happy Woods?"

    "I know where they are. Follow me leader." Mike said while laughing.

    And so, the two Pokemon ran off to the woods. This will soon be the beginning a series of many adventures for Selena and Mike.
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    12:56 P.M.

    Lisa was walking on the beach looking for something to do, and spots an aron laying on the beach knocked out. She rushed to it as fast as she could kicking up sand on her way. Once she gets to the aron she shakes it to wake up.

    ''Huh'' said a dazed aron, ''whats going on?'' ''Well first of all you are laying on the beach and may rust.'' The aron jumped up ''rust!!'' yells the aron. ''Yeah arons rust easly'' says Lisa.

    The aron notices the stranger ''your a...a mawile, and you talk'' The aron says as he trys to run off. ''Do i even get your name?'' asks Lisa ''its Tyler'' says Tyler confused. ''Well nice to meet you im Lisa.'' Tyler looks at his body still confused ''im an aron, but im human'' says Tyler ''that makes no sense, just follow me and we will figure this out'' says Lisa as she walks to the guild. This is where our story begins.........
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    You don't know!


    Team ElectricTorrent
    Manyula Village

    Leon folded his arms over each other as he set off around the hill. Snow was almost just below his knees, which was a common thing in a village like Manyula. Usually the snow is above your knees, but right about now the snow has calmed down to a surprisingly less amount than usual. Although that doesn't mean that it's any easier to get through.
    The Squirtle shivered as he wrapped his scarf tighter around himself. His shakey breath was easily seen in the cold that choked the surrounding area of the village with a vice grip.

    "I knew I should've waited until the wind settled to get those herbs for Ms. Froslass," He mumbled as he stopped dead in his tracks. The snow was now smacking him straight in the face.

    "Why did I ever decide to move here anyway?" He shook his head as he came up to the top of the hill he had been struggling to climb. Leon looked down and saw the beauty before him. There was a placid pond that was very large at the bottom of the hill. It was just starting to thaw out for the summer, but it wouldn't stay that way for long, for soon the spring and summer would fly by as quick as the wind itself and then fall would come and share it's grip with winter.

    Accompanied at the bottom of the hill were several pine and cedar trees that were laden with fresh snow, it sparkled in what sunlight was remaining from the clouds, but soon that too was choked out.

    The Squirtle smiled just a little bit and sighed, "Maybe that's why." His scarf, that was a dark red hue, waved in the freezing breeze.
    Suddenly in the face of the hill, something caught Leon's eye.

    "That better not be another load of junk out here," Leon narrowed his eyes. By doing so he could see that it wasn't a piece of garbage that was botching the view of the snowy hill, but a pokemon.
    "Woah, hey!" Leon spotted the pokemon face down in the snow and slid down the hill to get to them.
    Leon looked down to the fallen pokemon. It was a Pikachu.
    Leon pursued down the hill faster as he got to the unconcious electric rodent. Upon closer look, he could see the small dent in her tail, signalling that she was infact a girl.
    "Hey," He shook the Pikachu's motionless body. "Come on, you gotta wake up or something!" He turned her over and began to tap her face to try and prod her from her icey slumber. Her face was slight hue of eerie blue.

    Leon sighed, it was no use, it wouldn't do any good to try and wake her out here. He put his arms below her own and pulled her up the hill. If there was anything he should do, it would be to get to the village before she could freeze to death.

    Credit goes to Fire_Paw from Virawl's Art Shop : D

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    Team Chariot
    Manyula Village
    7:30 AM

    It was business as usual in the Delibird delivery service building, except for a bouncing Totodile. With the hyper little alligator was a Blitzle with a calm but determined look in her eye.

    "OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!" He shouted to the Blitzle next to him holding a filled out form, "Can you believe it Rita?! We're gonna be an official rescue team! Whopie!"

    "Calm down Ray," the Blitzle known as Rita replied, "we haven't been accepted yet. Who knows how long it will take to approve us?"

    Ray didn't care. "We're gonna be like those teams in the stories! We'll find treasure, help lost Pokemon, catch bad guys, make new friends..." Rita smiled a little as he trailed off until they reached the Delibird.

    "How can I help you children today?" She said politely. Ray jumped up and put the form on the table. "Ah, another new team I see. Shall I send this to the Accelgor Guild or to the PRETA?"

    "PRETA please." Rita said calmly. "I'd rather not go to Kojondo Town again." She made a small grunt as she remembered the bullying she recived there.

    "Okay, I'll just take a second." The Delibird turned but then Rita interrupted.

    "The second is up"

    Ray corrected her. "Rita, it's a figure of speech mean that someone will be with you shortly."

    "Oh, sorry about that Miss Delibird. I'm rather literal."

    "It's nothing to worry about. I'll send this to the PRETA right away. Have a nice day you two."

    "You too. Thanks for sending the letter." Rita and Ray walked out of the post office and saw their parents waiting for them outside. Rita's parents were a Zeebstrika and a Sawsbuck while Ray's parents were a Feraligator and a Swampert. They all went to Rita's home for breakfast.

    (Is this okay? RPing on a Forum is new to me. I'm used to RPing in a chat room. Also Fireflies, feel free to have your team interact with mine. I also give you permission to bunny Rita and Ray in your next post. Heck, Leon can run up to the guys in a panic and use their home to help the Pikachu.)
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    You don't know!


    OoC: Thanks AudinoGlitch! : D


    Leon fought hard against the brutal wind that battered the hillside while trying to bring up the Pikachu, which would later be known to be Carmen, back Manyula Village.

    Irritance tried to work its way into Leon's mind as he carried the Pikachu. Why would she be out here in the first place? Anyone with a brain knew that these hills were fraught with danger and cold. Only someone with real experience could get their bearings in this kind of situation.

    He sighed and continued until the village was in sight.
    Maybe it wasn't even her fault. He gave a hard blow through his notstrils. I guess I shouldn't blame her for something like this.
    Leon finally set foot inside the village and went to the nearest house he could. He wasn't exactly familiar with everyone here, but it would have to do.

    Leon set the Pikachu down and banged on the door.
    "Hello? Anybody in there? I need some help over here."
    The door opened and the Squirtle had no idea what he would see.
    Sure enough a very tall Sawsbuck looked down at him curiously. After taking one look at him and what he was doing she immediately ushered him and the Pikachu inside.

    "What happened?" The female Sawsbuck asked with worry.
    Leon quickly relayed the tale of labor he had gone through to carry her up to this point, to which the Sawsbuck shook her head.
    It was warmer inside, Leon could feel it already.

    Leon looked over and could see a Blitzle and a Totodile standing over in the other room.

    Carmen's POV

    Carmen had felt extreme cold for the longest time, but now, finally, it seemed to melt away as warm air bathed her body.
    She could hear someone, no, multiple someones, right by her. Had she hit her head or something? She didn't know what else it could be to worry other people.

    "Hey, come on, wake up," she could hear a voice, gentle but firm, trying to prod her from the darkness that enclosed her sight.
    "Come on, come on..." She could feel hard tappings on her face and she finally gained the strength to open her eyes.

    Bright light blinded her momentarily before she sat up and felt her head.
    "Ugh, what happened?" She looked around and could see several pokemon surround her. A Squirtle, a Totodile, and a Blitzle. A Blitzle?! An electric type, awesome! She loved electric types, they were so fast, strong, and-

    "Whew," she saw the Squirtle bring his hand to his forehead. "You're ok, that's a relief."
    "Ok?" It took Carmen a few moments to process the image. "Waah!" She shot up and put her back up against the wall. "You, You're talking! But you're a pokemon!"

    Blitzle looked at Totodile with confusion.
    "What is she talking about, Ray?" Blitzle asked the Totodile.
    Ray shrugged and raised an eyebrow at the sight.

    Leon got up to face Carmen.
    "What is wrong with you?" He asked rather rudely.
    "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?" She rubbed her eyes furiously and slapped her face as if prodding herself from a dream.
    "It's just a dream, pokemon can't talk..."
    Squirtle tilted his head and pointed at Carmen. "But you're a pokemon and you're talking."

    "Huh?" Carmen opened her eyes at the Squirtle again. "I am, I can't be." She looked down at her hands, to see they were more like paws and they were yellow. Carmen gasped and looked to the group, who was still just as confused as she was.


    OoC: Thanks again AudinoGlitch, if you want to you have permission to bunny my characters in ur next post as well : )

    Credit goes to Fire_Paw from Virawl's Art Shop : D

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    5 P.M.

    They were walking back from there first mission.
    ''That was easy'' said an over confident Lisa holding Spoinks sphere.
    ''How was it easy?'' asked Tyler all bruised up.
    ''All we had to do was get this'' Lisa says as she holds up the sphere.
    ''It was easy for you cause you know how to fight as a pokemon'' sayed Tyler
    ''Oh i forgot you dont know any of your moves'' says Lisa a little quieter
    They walked to the spoink and handed him his sphere.
    ''Thank you'' said the spoink.
    ''Your welcome'' Lisa and Tyler say as they walk away......

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    ooc: No problem. BTW, the female is a Zeebstrika, not a Sawsbuck.


    Rita walked up to the Frantic Pikachu slowly. "Hey, try calming down." She said in a gentle voice. "My name is Rita, what's yours?" "Maybe if I make casual conversation she'll calm down."

    "My's um...Carmen." The Pikachu then looked at her body again and then looked up to see Ray right in her face.

    "Hi Carmen! I'm Ray! Where did you come from? Are you gonna become an explorer? What's your favorite color?" Rita then dragged him back a little bit.

    "Sorry about that, Ray just loves new people. Believe me, I got that experience firsthand. Anyways, how are you feeling?"

    "I feel a bit odd because I'm a Pikachu and I felt cold recently."

    The Squirtle piped up. "Well I found you knocked out in the snow. I'm Leon by the way. Why were you there?"

    Carmen was a bit flustered. "I don't know! All I know is that one moment I'm a human and the next-"

    "You were a human?! Ray interupted and got in Carmen's face again. "What's it like being a human? Was it-" This time Rita gave him a Thunder Wave.

    "He'll be fine later. Anyways, you said you used to be a human? Let me guess, you don't remember much about being a human."

    "Yeah...but how did you guess?"

    "Simple really. Undergoing evolution is physically hard on a Pokemon, so a human transform into a Pokemon would obviously result in some mental strain which would probably result in memory loss. It would also explain why you were unconscious when Leon found you." Both Pokemon stared at Rita. "What? I was just using logic and thinking."

    "She does that a lot. It's hard to keep up with her sometimes!" Ray made a recovery from the Thunder Wave. "But it stinks like poop that you don't remember anything. I wanted to know what humans did for fun and stuff."

    "Well, we'll leave you two to talk together, right now we have stuff to prepare. Come on Ray." The two walked to Rita's room to prepare things.


    In Rita's Room

    "Rita, run that by me again in English please?"

    Rita sighed. "Basically it means that our biggest threat is Grass Type Pokemon because they resist my Shock Wave and they deal double damage to you."

    "But don't Electric Type Pokemon do that too?"

    "Yes, but my Lightningrod ability draws the attacks to me so you're safe from them. Still the Grass Types won't be a problem for long because I'll eventually learn Flame Charge."

    "But can't I use Ice Punch on them?"

    "It's best if I attack them because we both have pretty low stamina and you need to save yours for the Ground Types that cause me trouble."

    "I guess so. After all you are stronger than me."

    "Well I did spend a lot of time training at the Blaziken Dojo, but that's not the point. Anyways, in a dungeon we still need to be careful. I hear traps sometimes appear."

    Ray jumped up. "I know about those! I heard there's a selfdestrust trap that can remove walls! There's also a warp trap that sends you to a random spot on the floor! And there's a-"

    "Okay, calm down. Glad you know everything about something, I can't remember which trap does what. Kinda odd, but then again I remember faces and not names."

    "I remember that you called me Rick for a week when we first met."

    The two Pokemon laughed it out and continued stratigizeing.


    ooc: Okay, bunnying over.

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    You don't know!


    OoC: Crap I can't believe I missed that crucial piece that the Sawsbuck was a boy *facepalm* my bad

    After Carmen and Leon were kindly escorted out of the house, Carmen couldn't help but breath harder and harder.

    "What's wrong now?" Leon asked sort harshly.

    Carmen looked down at her hands again and felt her face. She still didn't know what was happening to her, or what had happened already.
    "I- This can't be happening, I'm not really a pokemon, am I?" She breathed out to Leon and he looked her over.

    "You look like a healthy Pikachu to me." He shrugged.
    "Pikachu?!" Carmen cried out. "What?" She looked around. "Is there like a mirror around here?"
    "No, but there should be some frozen over puddles that could suffice." He walked towards the center of the village until he found what he had spoken of. "Hey, over here, see for yourself."

    Carmen held her breath before looking into the mirror-like ice that was glazed over the puddle.
    She could see what she now had become. A Pikachu. The yellow ears with the black tips, the little black nose, the red cheeks, her tail, nothing could be spoken for as formerly human, said for her lack of memory.
    "I can't believe it, since when did I become a Pikachu?" She felt her face to reassure herself that she was truely looking at her own image.
    "Did you expect something different?" Leon crossed his arms and tilted his head. "Are you sure you didn't just hit your head?"

    "I'm positive." She looked back to the Squirtle. "I mean, I used to be human, so-
    Leon was taken aback by this again.
    "Are you absolutley positive you were a human?"
    Carmen nodded in reply.
    Leon rubbed his head and looked Carmen over once more.

    "Well, if you were then you probably have no idea how to use that body of yours." He chuckled as he turned to leave.
    "Wait, where're you going?" Carmen asked after him.
    Leon turned around. "I'm heading back to my house of course."
    "Well, can I come too?" Carmen said, having no where to go.
    She could hear Leon sigh before nodding and allowing her to come along.
    Soon they came up on a fairly large, well for the lack of a better term, base. It was warm inside and the Squirtle settled back on one of the piles of hay that were in the large room. There was a pool of water for himself towards the back, but it was a bit chilly to say the least.

    She was about to ask him another question when she realized she had forgotten his name. She asked him that shortly thereafter.
    "Name's Leon." He hopped up and walked over to her again. "Yours? I'm sorry, I'm not too great with names."
    "Oh, my name's Carmen." She said happily, probably being the first time she had smiled since the ordeal.
    Leon nodded in respect and Carmen thought about the two pokemon she had seen earlier, they said they went to go prepare for something. What was that?

    "Uh, Leon? That Blitzle and Totodile, what were they up to, I'm sorry if that's nosey."
    "No, its' not really. They were probably getting ready to form an exploration or a rescue team, or something like that."
    "A rescue team, an exploration team?" Carmen's curiosity was peaked. "Are you in one?"

    Leon narrowed his eyes to her. His welcome was starting to wear down.
    "What's it to you?"
    Carmen was taken aback. "Well, I just didn't know." She lowered her voice. "Did you ever want to start one?"
    "Yeah, but that was a long time ago and I don't plan on starting one any time soon."
    "Why not?"
    "Ah, its a long story, but I don't have anyone to partner up with."

    Credit goes to Fire_Paw from Virawl's Art Shop : D

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    Back in Rita's room.

    "Alright Ray, now we need to think of combination attacks. Right now we don't have many good moves but later we will get some good ones. In fact I got one in my head. I call it Hydro Charge."

    "Ooooh, tell me about it, but use words I can understand please."

    "It's pretty simple really. You get on my back and start using Hydro Pump. While you use Hydro Pump I'll use Flame Charge. You'll take a tiny amount of damage but you're Hydro Pump will deal more damage with increased speed and then I add even more damage with my attack."

    The Totodile jumped up. "You're so smart Rita! We'll be able to take down any foe of our level with you planning everything out!"

    "Don't overestimate me Ray. I might get knocked out and then you won't have me to remind you of our strategies."

    "But as long as you stay conscious we'll win! You're so smart I bet you could hold off a zombie invasion with plants!"

    Rita sighed. "Let's get back to other stuff. Like-"

    "Rita, how can a human become a Pokemon?"

    Rita was taken aback by this question. "Well, I'm not sure. It would certainly take a lot of power to do so. It might have something to do with the Legendary Pokemon."

    "Wait, why would a Legendary Pokemon turn a human into a Pokemon and send them here? It would sound like a cruel prank to me."

    "Well Legendary Pokemon wouldn't send a human here with no reason."

    Ray shrugged. "Maybe that Pikachu has something special written in her fate."

    "Maybe....or she just might be hallucinating from a possible head trauma. However if it's not a delusion then there must be something pretty big going on."

    "Maybe it's our fate to help her! Man, a human turning into a Pokemon, now that would make a great story for little kids."

    "Well if it's our fate to help her I'm sure our paths will cross again. Anyways, can we please get back to stratigizing?"

    "Fine. It's just it's so interesting I can't get it off my mind!"

    "Right, next up to talk about is items."

    ooc: As we can see, Rita believes in facts and logic while Ray believes in fate and Rita. Also, there was a reference thrown in there.

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    The Blue Screen of Death


    Team FireStorm
    Salt Cave, B3F

    The two new friends continued to travel through the cave. Amelia was getting very used to her new legs now. Also, they had encountered more enemies along the way, like another Nosepass, a Tirtouga, and 2 Geodudes. Along the way, they each went up a level each!

    Finally, Cammie and Amelia reached the staircase that would take them to Salt Cave Pit.

    "Well," Cammie said, looking over to Amelia. "Here go nothing."

    Amelia nodded, and they cautiously went sown the stairs. The two came to a large, white-walled room, with almost nothing in it, except for the Scyther and Gible lying down, both unconscious. The Sea Otter and Fire Horse Pokemon attempted to rush over to them, but a group of Trapinch and Magikarp came out of nowhere and ambushed them!

    "I guess it's time for a little action," Cammie cried. Amelia nodded firmly, and they pounced on the enemy. As they rammed into the other Pokemon, Amelia suddenly felt a surge of power rushing through her.

    "H-Hey! I think I'm l-leveling up again!" she said quietly, yet happily.

    "Me too!" Cammie called back. "But it feels like, something else happened, too. Maybe, just maybe..."

    Cammie attempted to do something. She drew in some watery power, through her mouth, and tried to release it.

    Success! A jet of water flew from the Oshawott's mouth and hit a nearby Trapinch. Cammie had learned Water Gun!

    The two continued to fight, until the last Magikarp was defeated. Yes, Amelia did have to use the Oran Berry they found earlier, but they did it.

    "Come on, Amelia," Cammie said to the other Pokemon. "Let's take these two back up to the top."

    And with that, they each took a Pokemon: Cammie with the Gible, Amelia with the Scyther. The two then begun to haul the Pokemon they found out of Salt Cave.
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    Me: Not much. Was just about to throw a dictionary at your face, that's all.
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    5 P.M.

    Chuck is currently enjoying the sitrus berry he just steal err... I mean receive. Well what would you expect for a prankster like him? Just a moment ago, he made another prank from another poor little Fella, a Azurill. Many people is annoyed with him but he cannot stop doing it. Prank is his life.

    Anyway let's go back to the story. Chuck is sitting by the riverbed of the Water Pledge Bridge and currently enjoying the sitrus berry. Berries are his favorite. Love it softness and tenderness. Just a little information, he hate the taste of steel, which is unusual to his species. Well, he just hate it after he was accidentally choke by a large chunk of steel he swallowed. Since then, he cursed eating steel.

    He was about to swallow the remaining chunk of berry when he notice something floating on the river. After starring for a few second, he was astonished that the 'thing' the is floating was actually a fire/ghost type pokemon, Litwick. He knows that fire is weak against water. He immediately stand up and run to the river to help the fire type pokemon.

    At Chuck's House
    5:12 P.M.

    Chuck carefully lie the candle pokemon on his bed. His made is made up of hay and he knows that the fire of Litwick may burn it but he doesn't think about as he is in panic.

    He knows that fire type pokemon needs more heat. He enlighten all the available lamp at his home. Although a steel type, he is not afraid with fire. This is thanks for his grandmother, Wilma. Mama Wilma, as he called her, is a herb doctor at their town. She often use fire to make medicine.

    After all the lamp was enlighten, he put them beside the litwick to give heat but it doesn't seem to have effect. He search for more hay and put them on the top of the Litwick, as if it is a blanket. Luckily, it started to have effect since the fire of Litwick become stronger.

    After he make sure everything is fine, he goes to the kitchen to make his specialty, a Sitrus Berry Poridge.

    6:03 P.M.

    Chuck focus his attention on cooking that he even forget about the patient at his home. He just notice it when he smells something burning.

    "I smell something burning? I wonder where it come from?" Chuck wonders and he check where the smell come from.

    His nose brings him to the bedroom. He, then, remembers about the patient when he saw some ember at his bed.

    "Wahhh!!! Fire, fire!!" he screamed in panic.

    His scream makes Litwick's eye flutter slightly, as a sign that the pokemon is about to wake up. His guess is right, the pokemon wake up just after a glimpse of second.

    "What is that-" he was interrupt when he notice the fire on his top. "FIRE!!!" he screamed as he kick the hay. Luckily, the hay falls down on the bucket of water, where Chuck drinks.

    Chuck astonished. How come a fire type pokemon is afraid with fire? Isn't its confusing?

    "Hey, you okay? You're a fire type yet you're afraid with fire" he said.

    "What?" Craig, the Litwick, asked with confusion.

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    OoC:*facepalm* I specifically stated that you CANNOT bunny without permission. Did you ask for my permission? NO. It doesn't matter if you ask by PM, VM, or on this thread, but you HAVE to ask.

    For now, I want you to re-write the post, without the use of bunnying.

    Oh, and if you ask, the answer is no, because you already used my characters without asking.
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    Random Person: hey, wat r u up 2 rite nao?
    Me: Not much. Was just about to throw a dictionary at your face, that's all.
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    You don't know!


    Carmen pushed further.
    "Why don't you have a partner?"
    Leon looked to her with tired eyes.
    "It's not something I like to willing delve into, you know." He sulked back.

    Even though his tone seemed bleak, Carmen could already tell he was warmer to her then he was back in town.
    "If you really don't want to talk about, then that's your business." Carmen sighed. "I need to find a way back home." The Pikachu walked towards the door.
    Leon noticed this and began towards the door after her.
    "Well, where is your home, anyway?"

    Carmen stopped dead in her tracks. That's a really good question. She doesn't even know where the heck she is or where she came from. She scratched her head in a nervous manner.
    "I'll have to figure it out, I guess," she couldn't believe what she was saying, what was she trying to do? Go out into the cold and get lost?

    "Do you have any where to go at all?" The Squirtle asked.
    "Uh, well, not really..." Carmen admitted, truth be told, she kinda wanted a place to stay before she went off on some fool crusade.

    Leon looked to the ceiling. This was a perfect opportunity, but did he really want to take it? He couldn't believe the words that were about to come out of his mouth, but they fell out anyway.
    "If you don't have anywhere to go, then would you consider forming a team with me?"
    Carmen turned around and lowered one ear, something that almost scared her at first.
    "You mean one of those exploration teams that you talked about?"
    Leon shrugged, "Exploration, rescue, they're the same."
    "You really want me to join?"
    "Are you going to say yes? Because if you are, do it before I change my mind!" Leon was impatient, that was obvious, but Carmen could see a real personality and heart just below that hard exterior.

    "Uh, sure," Carmen hesistated just a heart beat.
    "All right then." Leon came face to face with her. "Then that means you're my new partner," he stuck out his bluish-green hand and gave a sort of genuine smile.
    Carmen smiled back and caught Leon's hand with her own. She could feel some sort of spark, but she didn't know if that was from her own power or if it was from the step she had just taken in this world.

    Credit goes to Fire_Paw from Virawl's Art Shop : D

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