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  • The Hunger Games(my personal favorite)

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  • Harry Potter

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  • Percy Jackson

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  • Cirque De Freak

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  • The Clique

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  • The Babysitters Club

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  • The Warriors/Seekers

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  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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  • Big Nate

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  • Misc.

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Thread: The SPPf Book Club (NO it is NOT for nerds and girls)

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    Red face The SPPf Book Club (NO it is NOT for nerds and girls)

    Welocme all, your timing is pleasent, l am elite four lucien, l mean chellochello, and l enjoy reading. l got the idea when thinking of work for an artist on SPPf artist to do when l was in language arts class. I think it will be a nice edition. This wont be like one of theose where l assign a book and you all read it, it will be to share about how much you loved a certain novel and how it impacted you. Even though this wont attract many numbskulls that cant read, there is rules....

    1. Be nice, no "oh, that book sucked" we are all friends here
    2. When you are done a book and would like to submit it to our archives, fill out the form, dont try and recieve it from memory. The form is there for a reason
    3. I dont know if you do it, but in my school we have an AR program, which is called Accelerated Reader, so on the form, where it says how many AR points, put N/A if it is none or you dont have AR
    4. You can talk about books no matter what, if you want to submit it to the archives or not, just talk about it here
    5. Follow ALL Sppf rules, this is nonnegotiable
    6. Have a good time, this is why im creating this

    Artwork: Will arrive shortly (will be done by Mews Universe)


    For archives:

    Book Title:
    How many AR points?
    Summary of book(nothing long, just why you liked it)
    Page #(if you remember)

    To sign up and join:

    Favorite Book/Series
    Why you want to join

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