Does anyone know what was said between Zager and the trio at the end? A hint to the future may have been there.

I'm very disappointed that the Nyagotiator arc, which had so much potential, worked out in an anticlimactic way that threw out most potential character development. They wasted all that potential on four poor fillers and "LOL I was lying" almost feels like a complete cop-out. What was the point of it all, to get him into the Poké Ball storage room? They've done that so effortlessly before that there was no need for it to be so complicated this time. I sincerely hope Ash is not stupid enough to ever fall for this again and the Nyagotiator thing becomes a bad memory.

Jessie and James were pretty impressive, on the other hand. While they still could use their personalities and black uniforms back, this level of competence is what we should be seeing from them. Zager flying in and attempting to pick up the train right off the tracks with his helicopter was the exact moment he established himself as a truly threatening villain, and also provided an excellent climax to the episode. We need more like this, so I hope the Kami Trio plot ends up as exciting. I wouldn't mind a direct confrontation with Zager if Giovanni never returns.