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Thread: Battle For The Underground (709)

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    They got over their suspicion after the first episode with Meowth, and it's perfectly understandable. Any of Team Rocket's past plans didn't last more than a day. Plus Meowth actually helped Ash's group multiple times.

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    ive loved thses last few epsidoes with tr. For the longest time i just got annoyed whenever they come on screen but with these recent episodes i look forward to them and know somthin badass is going to happen this is one of my favorite episodes cant wait to see what they there next big plan like this is
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        Spoiler:- Don't click this because it breaks the rules:

    Just managed to catch this episode, and wow, it was an EPIC finale for Season 14. Team Rocket's plan was so ingenious, it made for a beautiful plotline. And the way everyone fought the epic battle was epic. I especially like how a lot of this episode centered on the smart Pokemon and how they managed to escape. WE SEE SNIVY AND ROGGENROLA AGAIN, FINALLY! The only thing that would make things better is if Tranquill made another appearance soon.

    How did Dwebble break the door while nobody else could? XD

    I derp.

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    I don't remember Chandelure sounding like a dude in the Japanese episode.

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    Watched this episode last night.

    I thought it was a pretty good episode on its own, but a poor episode when compared to part one. I believe the ending in particular could have been done better. I would have preferred that Team Rocket get to Anville Town with all the Poke Balls and they have to stop them from there, although I guess the plan all along was to link the main carriage to the helicopter.

    Good episode on its own, but paled in comparison to Part One.

    Bring on the rest of the Nimbasa City arc and Season 15!

    Except for the indefinite gap between the episodes -___- oh well.
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    When Team rocket pulled that stunt almost the end of the episode saying how the boss still has eyes for it and pressed a button to release that black smoke, Pikachu is pissed and angry, I think Pikachu was angry and pissed about it because of Meowth's betrayal and calling them a coward for running off like thatz

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    Usually EVERY SAGA, there is an episode or 2 where the Pokemon stray far from their trainers except the best episode of this kind was back in the first season on "Island of the Pokemon"... but that all changed til now.
    They did this episode RIGHT!
    The Pokemon each did what they had to do with a touch of their personalities and Meowth betraying them and Pikachu getting mad brought the correct touch of drama!

    This episode was done VERY VERY well!
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    Silly Pikachu, all beserk at TR because they got him and his friends, glad they are back..(lol)

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    I saw this episode today because YTV had it on, and I had half an hour to kill. This is the third BW episode I've seen. Anyway, I thought it was a fairly good episode. It reminded me a lot of the "Island of the Giant Pokemon" episode from way back, due to the humans and Pokemon being split up and the whole riding on a train/railway cart. I liked how mad Pikachu seemed at Team Rocket, I found that funny for some reason. I also noticed that Oshawott wasn't featured a lot in this episode - I think it was only in Pikachu's fantasy about how to open the door. I wonder why (of course, I could just have a bad memory...)

    Also, I liked how Cilan was calling himself a "metro connoisseur". I think it's very fitting for him!

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    This was a good episode. I mean, even though you know the good guys are gonna win, the action still got pretty good. And it's interesting to see how, as usual, Pikachu is more skeptical of Meowth than Ash is. Though, maybe it's just me, Meowth did seem to feel a little bad at one point, or at least kinda hesitant. It was cute to watch the Pokemon work together, and I felt really warm and happy once Ash and the gang reunited with their Pokemon.

    The only thing that bugged me was how James and Jessie had, like, no personality at all. I know the writers are trying to make Team Rocket more intimidating, and I'm fine with that. But they just didn't seem to have any emotion or character here.
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    A nice set of episodes. They really brought out the best in both the villains and heroes.

    I admit that Team Rocket's plot seems a little dull, but keep in mind that Pokemon stealing is one of the primary goals of Team Rocket as an organization. Butch and Cassidy's breeding center and fortune telling scams and the St. Anne raid show the value that Team Rocket places on raiding mass numbers of Pokemon. A fully stocked center in a booming city like Nimbasa would be a gold mine for Team Rocket.

    A more complicated plan would have been interesting though. Meowth really could have infiltrated the center without the Twerps. I think that the way to go should have been for Meowth to feign injury and report to Ash and the others that the Pokemon have been captured when they inevitably appear on the scene. He'd then "lead" the way into a trap to make sure that the Twerps stayed out of the way.

    Also, I'm slightly disappointed that Meowth's time with Ash and the gang was so short. He's a complex character, and I would have liked to have seen deeper interactions between him and the Twerps. Still, the episodes did help to conceal Meowth's true plan.
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    I thought this was a pretty good episode as well, and to be honest I was impressed by the way they almost executed, mostly because Meowth was able to keep a lead on things for aleast four or five episodes. Obviously it's going to have holes in it and the good guys won but still, I liked it. I could probably pull it off much better then them but still.

    I love Chandelure but it sounded off in this episode, it looks better in the games for some reason too. Loved how Pikachu got so pissed off, mostly because the first few with Meowth in it he was so suspicious of him, and Ash forced him to play nice. If I was Pikachu I would have probably stayed pissed at Ash for an episode or so, I wish they did do something like that actually, just for aleast one episode for not believing Pikachu when he didn't trust Meowth.
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    I loved this episode. I really did and I'll tell you why.

    I was one of the people who was really impressed with "Crisis From the Underground Up." This was actually the first time I saw this 2 parter and after seeing Part 1, my expectations were really high for this episode and I thought I would be disappointed in it, but I really have to say I think this episode was even better than Part 1 which is saying a lot. But I have to say this whole 2 parter was brilliant. I loved it.

    I'll start off by talking about the man on my avatar picture. I love Dr.Zager. As Jessie said in the Twist Mountain 2 parter, he is the brains of TR and we're so used to Dr.Zager behind the scenes giving TRio orders and coming up with all these intricate plans as well as build machines for TRio. And I love that about him. Last episode, he was able to cut off communications to the Pokemon Center and raise the Drawbridge to distract Officer Jenny. He is so great with the behnd the scenes work but in this episode, we actually saw him in his helicopter trying to steal the Pokemon from the train and that was amazing to see. I love that. It was so awesome to watch, and I know the guy has haters, but even the haters have to respect the guy as a villain for coming up with this intricate plan and helping the TRio chase Pikachu and the other Pokemon and try to capture them.

    Next up is Meowth. I see a lot of hatred for the guy on this thread. It's seems like a lot of people on here actually expected him to stay with Ash and were really hurt and shocked when he revealed he was with TR. I remember someone saying on the the thread for Part 1 that he could have showed he felt a little sorry for betraying Ash and his friends. Well, here you go. He showed it twice in this episode. Once was after he closed the door when Pikachu tried to ThunderShock him. You could see he felt bad for what he did there and the other was at the end when Ash told him he had fun with him. I think it was nice seeing Meowth feel sorry for what he did. I think that was good development for him. In Part 1, he seemed like he really didn't care that he upset Ash and Pikachu. This episode he did. I wish they would explore that betrayal a little more. You could really tell Pikachu was furious at Meowth. He actually felt hurt by what Meowth did. You have to remember back to when Meowth first joined Ash in "Meowth's Scrafty Tactics." Pikachu was the main one that didn't trust Meowth. In fact, I think he was the only one that didn't trust Meowth. The fact that he was so hurt by Meowth's betrayal in this episode shows that he really started to become friends with Meowth and began to trust him. Because if you think about it, why would Pikachu be so upset if he knew Meowth was lying all along. The fact that he was so upset shows me that he was beginning to like Meowth and felt truly hurt by what Meowth did.

    Like I said, I really wish they would explore Pikachu's anger at Meowth and Meowth's betrayal and guilt for what he did a little more. I don't think it's really ever brought up after this at all and that's a shame. I think it would make a really interesting story arc. Maybe in the Meloetta arc, we will see more development with Meowth and Pikachu *fingers crossed* because I really enjoyed it.

    Speaking of Pikachu, I thought it was awesome he and Axew were able to think of a plan to get out of there. It was a very intense and action packed episode and I loved every minute of it. I was hoping this episode would be great and I wasn't let down at all. I have no complaints with this episode at all. BW TR is awesome and I feel excited whenever they come on screen.

    10/10. It was brilliant.

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    I wasn't surprised that Meowth was scamming, or that Pikachu was royally ticked at him, but I was genuinely surprised that Ash actually said he had a great time traveling with Meowth to Nimbasa. This show rarely truly surprises me ("Unfair Weather Friends" was one of the few others), but that did. It was a nice moment. Overall, I loved this arc, and it was a great conclusion to the season.

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    I loved this episode, After the suspenseful events in "Crisis From the Underground Up" .... This episode satisfying to me.
    Dr.Zager and TRio were awesome in this episode ... Especialy Dr.Zager. After all .....he's the one who comes up with all these clever plans and helps TRio orders. And I love that about him. Trio and Dr. Zager trying to steal the Pokemon from the train with all those Pokemon ... was a clever plan.
    I liked the scene where Pikachu and the other Pokemon were trying to break the door. Pikachu's reaction after seeing Meowth was reasonable, he looked REALLY angry.
    Ash, Iris and Cilan's all Pokémon working together to propel the train cart faster to get away from Zager's helicopter was awesome. It's surprising when Ash said he had fun when Mewoth was traveling them, I didn't see that coming.
    Overall, this episode was well-done and a great finale of Pokémon: Black and White.
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