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    Default ~Lyra/Kotone Club V.3~

    Hello there, my fellow Lyra fans c;
    This is the Third fan club of Lyra here coz both clubs before were only 2 pages long *sigh*
    But I'm shore this one will be a blast!
    As long PPL is in SPPf, this club should keep running xD

    1. All SPPf and Club rules apply, obviously!
    2. Absolute no people wanting to bash Lyra. No-one wants that
    3. Posting here while you haven't been approved will also reward you a strike
    4. If you're posting a massive image, please spoil it. I don't want lags
    5. Have fun discussing about Lyra c:
    6. Posting while you're ban will earn you another strike
    7. Peeps who are denied entry from the Lyra/Kotone Club cannot attempt to sign up again for 30 days.
    8. Keep in mind, you'll be removed as a member if you do not post within THREE months.
    9. If yer a regular club member, ye can request in my shop whenever the hell ye want.

    OMG! I cannot believe, you dunno Ly-Ly! *weeps in the emo corner*
    Lyra is the main female character you can choose in the games HeartGold/SoulSilver that replaced Kris from the Crystal game
    She also appeared in the episodes of Pokemon - Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles a few times

    Also, if you didn't know: BWElesa, BW2 Bianca, Iris, Zorua, Jupiter and James's mother in one time - the Voice Actress of Lyra does 'em aswell c;
    Click here to know more~

    Just copy and paste this on your post and answer them:

    Why do you like Lyra?

    Due to name changes, can ya guys do this form plz?

    Old Username:
    New Username:

    >>There's a new contest, click here for more info.<<

    This section is for you Lyra fans's Art c:
    Just post of your art and I'll be shore to add 'em here!

    This isn't Fan Art, but its Lyra/Kotone - Just a Little Gurl AMV

    bloggerman from DevianArt made this cool animation of Lyra blowing a bubblegum :3

    This one is done by me (PPL), at school. We couldn't do copyrighted, so I changed it abit. This also appeared in my schools website XD

    EternalSword7 made a Meme for me like a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd share it

    abrar14 found this in Google Images, but heartlessmia made it

    meowth_city found this pic. and this person made it.

    meowth_city showed me this via VM but I'll put it up here. It's Wooper stealing Lyra's food XD Thanks to this person who made it.

    This isn't Fan Art, but its Lyra/Kotone - The Best Damn Thing AMV

    Sakura Mota made this image of Lyra crying over Silver - so sad!

    This is done by yours truly, PPL. Lyra being weird with Meowth xD

    pinkchomby done a drawing of Oshawott being Lyra

    Another one of Lyra-Oshawott fusion made by pinkchomby

    Found this in Tumblr. Its a funny comic of Lyra xD

    This isn't Fan Art, but its Elesa x Lyra - Pop Princess AMV (Encourage Shipping)

    Lyra's secret on her pigtails xD Found in Tumblr

    I think this was a Anime called The Girl Who Leaped Through Time. But this is more Lyrawesome xD Found in Tumblr

    Found this in DevianArt. Lyra being a 17 year old xD

    This is PPL Cosplaying as Lyra

    misterdarvus posted a funny comic of Lyra and Silver. Artist is unknown

    A AMV of Lyra with the song Nyan-Cat XD It hadta be done c;

    tebited15 from deiantART made a Lyra/Kotone Super Mario A-MUST-SEE-GIF xD

    a Official Pokemon book with Lyra on it!~

    There is now a Official Dictionary of words that I randomly say that you won't know!
    Click here to see what they mean!

    If you have any userbars/banners to help support the Club, feel free to post 'em aswell ^^
    These are made by me, except meowth_city made that Lyra walking sprite.

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

    First Strike - Warning
    Second Strike - A week ban
    Third Strike - 2 week ban
    Fourth Strike - A month ban
    Fifth Strike - Perma-ban

    Keep in mind, you'll be removed as a member if you do not post within THREE months.

    PopPrincess_Lyra (Owner)
    EternalSword7 (Co-Owner)
    meowth_city (Co-Owner)
    Zibdas (Member)
    Asmoday (Member)
    The Red Thunder (Member)
    Myrrh (Member)
    Owl (Member)
    Yuppirox (Member)
    Dawn and Piplup (Member)
    MaidensGhost (Member)
    the cricket (Member)
    Adalricus (Member)
    TheSketchQueen (Member)
    MrNere88 (Member)
    Zoruagible (Member)
    xEryChan (Member)
    Ducklett12 (Member)
    TheNewChamp (Member)
    Blood Red Absol (Member)

    I also have EternalSword7 and meowth_city to Approve new members and give members strike when I'm away
    Also they'll be your aid when you need help~

    ~None here~

    As for me...

    Nickname: PPL
    Why do you like Lyra? She's cute, adorable..I love her Lyrawesome-epicookie hat! And of course, her smile <3 nya~
    I should infect everybody with Lyrus XD

    Quote Originally Posted by Kreis View Post
    16. Best sppf club of the year (goes to owner): Lyra/Kotone Club V3 (PopPrincess_Lyra)

    Sweet May approved of me making a V.3 Lyra Club c;
        Spoiler:- Credits: LONG LIST AHEAD:

    ~PPL, nya~
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