Just came from /vp/, and there was a thread discussing generations. I liked it, and thought I might bring it here.

My personal opinions:

#1: Generation 2 was definitely my favorite. Mostly because it was the first time we ever got new Pokemon, it was really a wonder to see all these never before seen mons. Original Silver player, and Soul Silver/Heart Gold are just chock full of content, just awesome.

#2: Generation 1 was second, if only for nostalgic purposes. I was a Yellow player back in the day, and the Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes were amazing.

#3: Generation 5 was third. Never before have so many new Pokemon been unleashed, and not a SINGLE ONE is related to any old Pokemon. White/Black are extremely polished, beautiful looking, are also chock full of content, and for the first time are in a far away place. Also new training, breeding, and the dream world, all awesome. White player, by the way.

#4: Generation 3 is fourth. While many, if not all, of my favorite Pokemon (Such as Latias and Flygon) are from this generation, I can't help but put it lower on the list. Most of the Pokemon I seem to forget by just hearing their names are from Generation 3, not sure why that is. It seemed short, not a lot of content, and too much surfing! That said, I still loved it. Sapphire player, this generation.

#5: Generation 4 is definitely my least favorite. The games are nice and polished, but they're supposed to be about the Pokemon! While there was about 100-ish new Pokemon (Lowest ever, as far as I know), half, if not MORE were just baby's or evolutions of previous generation mons. This was an absolute letdown, and to be honest this region was definitely the most boring. It did give me Glaceon, though, I can thank it for that. Originally a Diamond player this generation.

Well? What are your thoughts? Every generation has their strengths and improvements, and weaknesses and seemingly useless or poor content. Where do the generations stand in your eyes?