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    Default Pokemon TCG Online codes.

    Hey guys. This thread is directed to any of you lucky folk living in the US (and England too I think? maybe somewhere else too...) that have access to Emerging Powers boosters in their local stores.

    Myself, living in Poland am not in so much luck - I cannot buy those boosters here. Pokemon TCG as a whole is not popular here, its pretty much impossible to play.

    Thats why I was very happy when I stumbled upon the Pokemon Online TCG, which lets you play the game from your home.

    Only problem is, you cannot really play the game without the codes that are included in every Emerging Powers booster pack.

    To any of you that buy the packs and don't play the online game for whatever reason, those codes are pretty much worthless additions to the packs that you buy anyway.

    I would be VERY happy and it would be a great help if you could send me any codes in a PM. Thats basically it, I can only ask for your generosity.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might reply.
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