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Thread: A Masked Story - PokeShipping - Pokemon and EarthBound Crossover

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    Default A Masked Story - PokeShipping - Pokemon and EarthBound Crossover

    Oh, heya! It's KetachuSauce, the great PokeShipping Supporter and I bring you all, A Masked Story. I put this up on BMGf and because I felt like it.
    Now, I don't see much fanfics involving PokeShipping on forums. Okay, some. But, this is a crossover between Pokemon and EarthBound (If you haven't heard of it, watch Chuggaa's LP of EarthBound, MOTHER, and MOTHER 3. Then play it via emulator. =D)

        Spoiler:- CHAPTERS:

        Spoiler:- CHARACTERS:

        Spoiler:- PROLOUGE 1:

        Spoiler:- CHAPTER 1:

        Spoiler:- CHAPTER 2:

    So, how was it? Review! And sorry for the bad title.

    EDIT: I'll proboaly rate this PG or PG-13. I'm only working on Chapter 2, and the rating WILL be changed when the story is finished.

    EDIT 2: I hate it whenever my threads can be seen via a search engine. Chapter 3 is not up yet.
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