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Thread: The team Magma club

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    Default The team Magma club

    -The Team Magma club-

    Welcome all and all welcome to the Team Magma club, the club designed for all fans of Team Magma out there. Here you can chat anything Magma whether it is funny moments, epic moments, memorable moments or opinions about Team Magma. This IS ultimate place for Team Magma fans.

    -All SPPf rules apply here-
    -Any Member inactive for a month will be removed from the members list but you can easily re-join-
    -Respect other people’s opinions-
    -Flaming, trolling or spamming will not be tolerated-
    -If there is any issues please contact myself or a co-mod-
    -And most importantly have fun-

    -Joining form-
    If you are interested in joining this club please fill out the short form below



    Magma leader Maxie
    Empoleon mike

    Team Magma co-mods
    Team Magma grunts
    Team Magma Recruits
    Team Magma beginner
    -Skyler 99
    -Keeper of the Dark

    User bar links

    This rank is achieved once you have posted atleast 10 times in this club

    Beginneers unfortunatly dont get a rank so if you want a userbar you will have to earn it

    once member have ranked up beyond recruit i will send the link for your new userbar
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    These pokemon may not be the best, the may not be the strongest, they may not be singled out for their strategic edge.
    But they are special, they're just a few of my favourites who have served me well

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