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    Quote Originally Posted by Madden610 View Post
    Hey 2 questions regarding legality of pokemon and if they can pass Hack Check (I am not asking how to beat it/ get around it).

    1. If a pokemon you get from PokeGts, that is from a downloaded file on pokecheck, is it legal for use (aka pass hack check)?

    2. According to pokecheck one of my pokemon may have recieved (orange colored) hacked PokeRUs. Is it still usuable in the tournements (aka pass hack check) or do I need to get another?

    @ShaoWeh on previous page: To get to worlds you need to win nats, to get to nats you gotta win regionals. Good luck with that (Sarcasm)
    I'm not as stupid as you, bloody crap idiot... Every competitive battler knows the rules. I have more important things to do than play pokemon all day... unlike you I have something called a life... -_-
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