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    Default Mav's Re-opening

    A few rules
    1 Please be specific with offers (no what will you give me for.....)
    2 I am open to offers for pokemon not on my wants but be reasonable
    3 I can breed pokemon for eggs...includes all starters
    4 Please be patient with responses I get online when I can
    5 I will be updating as I fill in my pokedex (when I post pokedex wants it will be for breedable pokemon/dreamworld male pokemon only)
    6 Thanks for reading

    Event Pokemon on Black/White

    I have for trade: (all UT) may or may not have original items
    ash's pikachu naughty
    fal2010 mew rash
    win2011 celebi gentle
    smr2010 jirachi brave
    movie 14 victini
    feb2012 mewtwo serious
    WIN2011 Celebi Careful UT
    WIN2011 Celebi Lonely UT
    WIN2011 Celebi Sassy UT
    Gamestop Shiny Raikou UT
    Gamestop Shiny Entei UT

    event11 zoroark quirky (has exp from breeding)

    UT Legends

    Articuno LV.50 Rash Nature
    Zapdos Lv.60 Naughty Nature
    Moltres Lv.50 Gentle Nature
    Raikou Lvl 40 Impish Nature
    Raikou Lvl 40 Careful Nature
    Raikou Lvl 40 Lax Nature
    Entei Lvl 40 Sassy Nature
    Entei Lvl 40 Quirky nature
    Ho-oh Lvl 45 Naughty Nature
    Uxie Lvl 50 Gentle Nature
    Uxie Lvl 50 Bold Nature
    Mesprit Lvl 50 Bashful Nature
    Azelf Lvl 50 Hardy Nature
    Azelf Lvl 50 Calm Nature
    Dialga Lvl 47 Lax Nature (with Adamant Orb)
    Giratina Lvl 47 Bold Nature
    Giratina LV.1 Quirky Nature (with Griseous Orb)
    Zekrm LV.50 Brave Nature

    Dream world Female UT (all in dream balls)
    Kangaskhan On Hold
    Sentret On Hold
    Lotad On Hold

    Dream world male all UT (all in dream balls)
    Nidoran Male x2
    Poochyena x2

    Pokemon Wants:

    Arceus (any) - prefer with a plate
    Shiny Eevee Low Level (prefer female)
    Shiny Espeon Any Level
    Shiny Flareon Low Level
    Shiny Vaporeon Any Level
    Shiny Vulpix Low Level (prefer Male)
    Shiny Ralts Low Level Female only
    Shiny Riolu UT
    Shiny Zorua/Zorark
    Shiny Tepig
    Event Jeremy's Vulpix
    Shiny Ditto
    Dream World Eeveelutions (except Flareon)
    other Shinys or Events please list gender and level and how aquired

        Spoiler:- my non-trade shinies:
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    wants - shiny pokemon
    3ds FC-2423-2399-2726 Dragon type fraxure noibat and sliggoo

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