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Thread: Pokemon Universe X [10] - Families

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wormow View Post

    Congratulations to Caterina of the white family for winning this contest, you have won the ability to choose one family to not be able to do the interviews this week.

    Now for the challenges. This week, the winning family will win a big prize. The challenge is a course challenge, once again.

    1 - Sydney
    2 - Canberra
    3 - Melbourne

    Post it. 24 hours and white family, make your decision.
    We've decided to use our power on the Black Family.

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    Unova, got an Isshu with that?


    (How'd I see that coming. -_-)

    1 - Sydney
    *Sigh* Not Australia again.
    Bleh! I vant to suck your blood, vleh!
    *sigh* *Acts like a mummy*
    EEEEEEEH!! A MUMMY! *Runs away*
    That never gets old. Now I was supposed to collect the Water Stone. *Searches*
    Hmm, maybe in the next place. *Teleports*
    2 - Canberra
    Here water stone!
    Hey there, heard you were searching for a stone.
    Yes, GIMME IT!
    Oh, here, a fire stone.
    *Throws fire stone at * I need water not fire. *Runs away*
    OH! he's the one that needed water, oh wait, hey, wait up! *Runs after Verron*
    3 - Melbourne
    *Is panting* Aiy yai yai. Ugh. *Finds a Water stone lodged in a cave wall* Ah. *Pulls on stone* *Stone becomes a Golbat and attacks Verron*
    *Beats up the Golbat*
    Mister! I have the water stone!
    *Swipes Water Stone and runs away, also taking the Thunder Stone, Fire Stone, and Moon Stone* Stealing the competition's things, making my team the winner. AHAHAHA!

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    that place


    *looks at Verron* It really isn't our week is it?

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    Unova, got an Isshu with that?


    Sadly, no, soon we'll be underdogs again. D:

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    *sighs* well, looks like I'm going this week. At least I can say I did the course challenge...

    1. Sydney

    Gaargh... was I really unconcious for an entire challenge?
    Wait... do I know you?
    Ugh, just cause that stupid Opera House looks like my back, EVERYone seems to know who I am. Yes, I am Sydney the Sandslash...
    That'll be...10,000 Poke.
    *jaw drops* 10,000?!?!?!?!? I could buy the handlebars of a new bike for that much!!!
    Well, that's the price of fame these days.
    *is washed away*
    *flies away*

    2. Canberra

    *lands* Yay for capitols!
    'Ello mate
    *rolls eyes*
    Wait, are you born with that baby?
    Um, well I uh...
    And can you actually hop?
    Well ya' see... eh...
    And is that baby even its own separate species, or is it like-

    3. Melbourne

    *reads sign* Wait, he kicked me all the way to a city in FLORIDA!?
    No you bloody idjit, you're in AUSTRALIA
    Oh, and you're an emo?
    *sigh* No, an emU, not emO...
    Oooooohh.... Wait, I thought emus only had one head?
    Well this is the best Nintendo gave us
    *psst*You'renotsupposedtobreakthefourthwallseit'si nthescriptherelookit*shows script*
    Hmm... well, what I meant to say is... it's a... birth... defect...
    *automatically thinks something dirty* Were your parents siblings by any chance?
    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *pecks like hell*
    *flies away*

    formerly blastoiseboy19
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    Challenges required. 10 hours left.

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    Searching for ERrors


    Ooo I just love Australia! Can't believe we are going there again!
    Who Me? Well, sorry, but I can't I-
    Giovanni? Team Rocket head boss?
    Uhh oh, fine -_-
    3 hours and 25 grueling minutes later, Joshua stumbles out of the Sydney opera house
    Jeez that was loud, and I don't even have ears...
    Joshua leaped onto a bus and headed off to Canberra, capital of Australia
    No operas hopefully?
    Ello again mate!
    A Light blue crocodile walked up to Joshua, he was wearing a business suit.
    Its you! the croc that sold me the hat!
    That's long past, I'm now a successful business man!
    Yeah? Doing what?
    Hat selling! You want one? BUY ONE NOW!
    No! I-I already have one!
    Have another, 5% discount then!
    No thank you!
    Yeesh Fine, I lost my other anyway... how much?
    50 poke
    Hmm, pretty cheap actually... *pays the nice croc
    pleasure doin business with ya
    Joshua hops onto another bus and travels to Melbourne to finnish the tour

    Man, it's hot here... Not fun with a shell either
    G'day mate! Welcome to Melbourne, home of Australian Cricket and football! Many other sports are held here as well.
    I'm not into sports much, last time i played in one, i was the ball...
    Hmm, I see you are wearing a cowboy hat, you must be the lost horse racer!
    What! No i-
    come, the race is today!
    * the giant toad dragged Joshua to the derby and showed him to his horse
    Here he is, ain't it a beaut!
    *a puff of smoke shot out of its nose
    Joshua set himself onto the fire horse, the box they were in was cluttered. suddenly, a gun noise shot through the air, the race had begun, the rapidash shot through the gate and... turned around, whipping Joshua off
    I'm done with sports for a while...@_@
    He wobbled out of the stadium, and on his way home

    Message me if you want a 6th gen battle!~FC:3909-8006-3272

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    At the Grand Galloping Gala!


    Prolouge at the studios

    Well, it's time to go,
    on the crazy family show...
    I hope it isn't as bad as last,
    terrible things in mass?

    Boards the P.U.F. plane to cross dimensions from pokemon-world to Real-places-with-pokemon-land.

    Ah, sydney-
    What in the name of Zekrom's Chi?!

    millions of eating everything.

    Oh help us! Our fair city! Eaten!

    Ninjasks are not great in might,
    but many of them can cause a plight!
    All we can do now,
    is lower our heads and bow.
    For the city is being torn down,
    everything in the town.
    It's no use to cry,
    But a smile would be a lie.
    Looks like we have no hope,
    I fear I may mope.
    The city of dreams is crumbling,
    and prays we are mumbling.
    When ninjasks come, once in a blue moon,
    I guess the truth is that your doomed.

    *sniff* That was buetiful...

    I'm sorry my friend- wait!
    A ponyta taught me a ninjask bait!
    I just have to go and sing,
    soon they will be gone, with a ping!

    And so Zecora played her Matterhorn, and ninjasks followed her all day long. And she left them to wither in the savanha, before heading to the nearest city...


    Ah, back in a place with a reputation to show!
    Some of my life I spent here, don't you kn-


    ... are you my friend named Shamberfall?

    ...Zecora? Ah mate, it's been ages! I remember playin' in them outback with you lik yesterday you know!

    What are you up to, having a ball?

    Actually, I'm having a frosters.

    ...what is this?
    I'm amiss.

    Oh! Frosters is australian for beer, if ya know! I learned so much from them beer commercails, mate. Like when someone takes them beers of yours, and has two of em, she's a gold digger, and then blah blah blah...

    *Checks watch* I'm late! Uh, what shall I do?

    ...but that's impossible, if ya know, so I said to 'im, 'Oatmeal, are you crazy mate?!'

    My friend, I shall see you soon,
    but I need to complete my travels!
    I shall never forget you, my friend baboon,
    so I need to go escape your babbles...

    Hey, you didn't rhyme mate! Hey, wait up! Zecora? Mate?

    Zecora jumped on a bus, quickly driving to the next city, which would be...


    Welcome mate! Care to play a game of cricket? Need to defeat those DASTARDLY BRITS!

    with monocle: We arn't dastardly! Ah, someone new! You don't look like another aussi. Care for a drink?

    That would be nice,
    What cold drinks do you have with ice?

    Cold? All we have is tea!

    Hey, mate, I have something cool!

    Oh, is that so? What do you have in mind,
    anything with a twist of lime?

    NOPE! FROSTERS! Australian for beer.

    I'll take two, please. I suppose THAT will make me less 'dastardly'?

    Two?! What a gold digger!!!

    Just no... *checks watch*

    Well, you gonna join the game mate>

    No hands,
    my aim couldn't hit a chunk of land.
    Goodbye all, I must not be LATE!
    I will tell about this in the story, mate!

    Ok, remember to include FROSTERS: AUSSTRALIAN FOR BEER!



    I can't believe I had to fly out here,
    just to here people yammer about beer...


    GAH! Where are you from!?

    We-el, we figured you left your frosters can without taking a drink...

    We had to come along to make you try some, mate!

    The next big brother challange is soon,
    I'll drink that once in a blue moon!
    I need to be on my toes,
    Towards that beer I shant point my nose!

    Holds down Zecora and forces several frosters down her throat as she hacks and coughs.

    Hey dude! That's Dastardly, mate!

    Ok... three gallons of frosters in her. That should do. She has to see the light!

    *barfs* Gurg gah fu shum suuuu,
    blu blug blu muu... BLARGH!!!

    Hey, we should do to LA for her hangover!


    *shurgs* Seems right, mate. Let's drink up. And if we DO go to LA, I call sleeping on the roof.

    and : Cheers!

    Sips tea.

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    It was pretty good.

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    that place


    *looks at team*
    I think we kinda were down and out this round......

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    Oh crap, not another challenge when I have sixteen minutes left to do this...ah well, might as well rush and complete as much as I can!

    1 - Sydney

    "Sydney! What an epic place! After Black City got destroyed and all by those damn Meloetta, I've moved here since...uh...actually, I have no idea why I moved here..." Maestro Chandy Man said to his new neighbor in Sydney, a yellow Sandshrew with intimidating claws on his hands and feet. Despite his intimidating appearance, he seemed kind so far.

    "Don't worry, Maestro!" the Sandshrew said with a laugh. "Everyone's kind in this area of the country and they're especially kind towards famous maestros!"

    Maestro Chandy Man chuckled. "And I'll be nice to all of them, just as nice as they are to me!"

    The Sandshrew nodded. "Okay, are you going anywhere at this time?"

    "Nah, nowhere." Maestro Chandy Man said. However, he changed his answer when suddenly a fiery blast shot out of nowhere behind his house. Though it didn't affect the Sandshrew or the maestro at all, his house was on fire and spreading through the entire neighborhood.

    "My house and my neighborhood!" The maestro cried. Suddenly, an Arcanine completely in flames and looking very angry burst out behind the house.

    "Crap!" The Sandshrew cried as the Arcanine tackled into him and sent him flying into a house. The Arcanine then turned his eyes to Maestro Chandy Man.

    "Hah! You can't hurt me, puny Arcanine! I absorb fire all the time for breakfast and I'm sure I can absorb a puny attack from y-AGHHHHH, MY ESSENCE AND SOUL!" His taunting of Arcanine was cut short when the canine-like creature bit Maestro Chandy Man hard.

    "You are going to JAIL, young'uns!" The Arcanine said roughly, taking handcuffs out of the white fur near his head.

    "What for?" The Sandshrew groaned. The Arcanine growled back.

    "Don't talk back to me, young'uns, you are going to jail for talking outside during plain daylight, you criminals!" The Arcanine roared.

    "What the hell are you talking about, cop? Since when was that a rule? And why are you calling us young'uns, I'm obviously much older than you!" The maestro said angrily.

    The Arcanine answered by roaring and biting into the maestro again.

    2 - Canberra

    "Ah damn it! I'm getting really of getting knocked unconscious by this guy!" Maestro Chandy Man roared, referring to the writer of his story.

    "Me too, too..." A voice groaned. The maestro opened his eyes in shock, since he thought he was alone, and turned to the source of the voice. He didn't find the source, but he did find fifty Pokémon cramped into one small jail cell, including the Sandshrew from before.

    "What is this?" The maestro asked.

    "The Arcanine did this to us..." A Ludicolo said sadly.

    "Yep...he sneaked up on us and arrested us for no reason..." A Dewott growled.

    "I know why...I was once his best friend..." An Arcanine sighed. Maestro Chandy Man immediately turned his attention to him.

    "Really? How'd he become like this, Arcanine?" The maestro asked eagerly.

    "His name is Arcane. Arcane the Arcanine. Anyways, the canine wanted desperately to be part of the KPD, the Kanto Police Department, so he went on the game show, Pokémon Safety Island to prove he could be a good cop." The maestro nodded. "Unfortunately, he lost the game show by eating a cake (obviously, the cake was a lie) and nearly died. The cops disapproved of the fact he couldn't survive on an island and rejected his try-outs many, many times. Eventually, he started arresting people who were doing crimes. And eventually enough he went crazy and started arresting people who didn't do any crimes at all..."

    "So that's why that idiot is arresting everywhere!" Maestro Chandy Man cried.

    To Be Continued

    3 - Melbourne
    1st Prize in Caption Contest 7/15/11
    Won a Cool Vuvuzela in Pokémon Assembler!

    Currently, I have an obsession with the Litwick line's tendency for sucking souls out.
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    The Blue Screen of Death


    Course Challenge Time!

    ~The Pokemon Universe Studios~
    : *High fives the entire White Family* YAY for the White Family! We are PWNing this game!
    : You know, Amelia, we did go up for elimination Week 1.....
    : I almost got kicked off the show
    If no one voted for Baron, you know!
    : So? Since then, we're making a fairly big comeback! I know tha-
    : OK Amelia! Time for the course challenge!
    : .......Who's THAT?
    : Gardevoir, or should I say, "Miss Teleportation"....
    : *Grabs Amelia's arm* Let us be on our way!
    : But- oh never mind. Not worth it. See you guys when I get back, I guess.

    ~Sydney, Australia~

    : Where am I? *Looks around* Oh, I must be in Australia, and- wait. Wasn't I here Week 1?
    : Yes. Yes you were.
    : Mr. Host! What are you doing here?
    : Informing you that you're participating in Amelia in Australia: The Musical!
    : Don't tell me.... Did my parents secretly sign me up for this?
    : Yes. Yes we did.
    : How did you two... Oh, forget about it, Amelia. *Turns to Skymin* And what if I don't sing?
    : Then you automatically get eliminated from Pokemon Universe.
    : OK I'LL DO IT!!! *Clears throat* ♪Welcome to Australia. To Sydney, Australia. I don't know this place well, except it has, a Bridge and an Opera House!♪
    : ♪La la LAAAA!♪
    : ♪My name is Amelia, and I'm in Australia. I'm on a show called POKEMON UNIVERSE! I'm on, a Team, with Caterina, Zecora and Tyler!♪
    : It's Kyler. KYLER!!!
    : That's nice, Skyler.
    : *Facepalm*
    : ♪I am a tourist here!♪
    : ♪That's nice, Mrs. Tourist!♪
    : ♪It' time for you, to head to, the next location in Africa!♪
    : It's Austral- *Gets Teleported

    ~Canberra, Australia~

    : ♪Welcome to Canberra, the Capital of Australia!♪
    : ♪Ahoy me Harteys! I'm CAPTAIN FEATHERSWORD!!!♪
    : And we're the Wiggles!
    : The Wiggles? THE WIGGLES?!?! What are the Wiggles doing here? I DO NOT ENJOY THE WIGGLES!
    : Well, you ARE in an Australian Musical.....
    : True that, Anthony. *Sigh* START THE MUSIC!
    : ♪Hot Potato, Hot Potato. Hot Potato, Hot Potato. HOT POTATO! POTATO! Potato, Potato, POTATO!♪
    : *Jumps into the Big Red Car* ♪Well, I better be on my way!♪
    : Hey! That's our Big Red Car!
    : ♪Too Bad!♪ Oh, and Jeff's asleep again. ♪I'm off to MELBOURNE!♪
    : He IS?!?! *Looks over to Jeff*
    : ......zzzz......zzzzzz.....

    ~Melbourne, Australia~

    : *Jumps out of the Car, Car flies into the Ocean* Well, that didn't work out so well...
    : Just Keep Singing, already!
    : Wha- Oh, right. ♪Australia is a cool place, because of many things! Like Melbourne, and the Outback, are just a few of those things.♪
    : ♪I am a Deoxys from the Moon! Who has come to visit, Melbourne! And will soon go visit the place that is known as the Outback!♪
    : ♪Oh Really Now?♪
    : ♪Yes, I'm serious!♪
    : ♪Liar! LIAR!♪ *KOs Deoxys to the rhythm*
    : ♪I've been to the Sea and to the Moon, I've been to Volcanoes and had lots of fun.♪
    All characters from all course challenges: ♪She's on Pokemon Universe, she's went to Area 51!♪
    : Hey! That is classified information!
    : ♪And throughout this musical, going through Australia, there was lots and lots of singing. But wait! We forgot to DANCE!♪
    *Disco Ball appears, everyone starts dancing*
    Everyone: ♪Australia! Australia! It's one of the best places to explore. Especially when you are with...a Fire Pony....named....AMELIA!!!♪
    : ♪That's Me!♪

    : And cut! Great job guys! Amelia, there is flight coming soon to take you back to the Pokemon Universe Studios.
    : Or I could just teleport her back.....
    : That's a better idea, actually. Take it away, Gardevoir!
    : Whew! Glad that's done and over with. *Gets teleported*

    ~Back at the Pokemon Universe Studios~

    : I'm Back!
    : AMELIA! *Group Hug*
    : I am going to say,
    How was your Challenge today?
    : It was-
    : *Points to Package* Hey, when did that get here?
    : Who knows?
    : *Reads the label on the Package* To: The White Family. From: Mr. Host. *Opens it* Amelia in Australia? What the? It's a DVD...
    : Oh no. No no no no no no.
    : I'm curious to see
    What this DVD may be.
    : Let's find out. *Puts DVD in DVD Player.
    : This is not going to end well for me..... *Backs away slowly*
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    Me: Not much. Was just about to throw a dictionary at your face, that's all.
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    Here I go!

    1 - Sydney
    "Ok. I'm just going to have a nice vacation now, nothing else. Just to be a nice vacation, and to have fun." He thought.

    He grabbed his Teleport Orb , along with his Bags , with some Poke , and lunch in it, and he was teleported! He found himself in Sydney , Australia ! After exploring the awesome city for a hour or so, he went to the Sydney Opera House , and he watched a opera. He thought that it was ok. After exploring the city for another half a hour or so, he grabbed him Teleport Orb again, and he was telelported away, to somewhere else in Australia !

    2 - Canberra
    "Hmm.... this looks like Canberra by the looks of it, and that sign says that it is!" He thought!

    He then started exploring the city, getting to the Australian War Memorial and then going to the Black Mountain Tower , where he ate lunch, and then explored it some more, and then he explored the National Library of Australia , and the Australian National University ! He also explored some other places of the city. He then grabbed his Teleport Orb again, and he went to his last vacation spot for the day until he will go home.

    3 - Melbourne
    "This looks like Melbourne , because of the building, and, again, a sign!" He thought.

    He visited the Shrine of Rememberance , the Melbourne Cricket Ground , and the Royal Exhibition Building ! He visited some more buildings, and explored a little more of the city. He then grabbed his Teleport Orb , thought about going home, and he was teleported home!

    "Wow! That was fun! Also, I got some cool souveneirs!" He said as he showed his souvenirs to his family, and he then told them about some of the places that he visited.

    "That sounds like a fun day that you had, James . I hope that we can go there someday!" His parents said.

    "I hope so too! They're really cool places!

    I hope that you like it! I didn't put as much effort or time into this Course Challenge compared to the one yesterday, partly because I don't feel the best. I hope that I feel better soon! Thanks a lot!
    "Words can build you up, Words can break you down."
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    Beat me to the ground and take my breath
    But you can't take who I am
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    Sorry, I really don’t know much about Australia…

    1 – Sydney

    Cool, looks like I landed in Australia. Wow, the Sydney Opera House!!! *walks over* I guess I’ll go in and see the opera. *walks in*
    Awesome. Not really. Alright, next city.

    2 – Canberra

    Cool, the capital. Let’s talk to a local native. Hello ma’am, what’s your name?
    ˙ǝnbıuıɯop ɯ,ı 'oןןǝɥ
    Holy S***! How are you doing that?!?!?!?!
    ˙ǝɹǝɥ uʍop ǝpısdn sʞןɐʇ ǝuoʎɹǝʌǝ ˙ǝɹǝɥdsıɯǝɥ uɹǝɥʇnos ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ ןןǝʍ
    No kidding?!?! That’s crazy!!!!! How do you do it??
    ˙ǝɯ ɹoɟ pɹıǝʍ sı ʞɐǝds noʎ ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ 'ʎןןɐnʇɔɐ ˙ʎsɐǝ ʎɹǝʌ s,ʇı
    Well, it was nice meeting you. Bye!!!

    3 – Melbourne

    Hmm, what is there to do here? I’m not really familiar with this city.
    Hello, welcome to Hitmontop tours. Would you like to take a tour of the city?
    Hey, you talk normally!!!! Why is that?
    Well, my father was a Hitmonchan and my mother was a Ditto, and they talked like normal Australians. And I did too when I was a little Tyrogue. But once I evolved, my native tongue became hard for me to understand for some reason, and I understood northerners perfectly. It was too hard for me to pursue my dream of being a singer. So I decided to settle for being a tour guide for people visiting Australia from the northern hemisphere. But I have to be honest, I hate my job.
    That sucks. But what happens when you stand on your feet?
    O_O……………………… I’ve never tried that before! *stands on feet*
    ˇˇˇˇˇǝɯoɔ ı ǝɹǝɥ 'ןopı uɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ ˇˇˇʍou uɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ ןɐǝɹ ɐ ǝʞıן ʞןɐʇ ı ˇ***s ʎןoɥ ……*runs off*
    But what about my tour…
    ˇˇˇɐʎ ǝǝs ˇˇˇǝn6ouıɯ ǝıןʎʞ ʇxǝu ǝɥʇ ǝq ɐuuo6 ɯ,ı ˇʇɐɥʇ ʍǝɹɔs
    3DS Friend Code: 2793-0629-6270
    Friend Safari:
    My Shinies:

    I can breed any breedable Pokémon you want with any nature/egg moves and up to 5 perfect IVs. I can also EV train and/or give it Pokerus. I can't breed shinies, 6 IVs, or specific Pokéballs. The harder the request, the better Pokémon I'm gonna want in return. PM me with requests and offers.

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    Congratulations to the red team, you have won this week's challenge and you now have Immunity for the two highest scoring contestants in your team. Now, to end the week, it's time for the interviews.

    1 - Thoughts on the black, blue, red and white family?
    2 - How afraid are you of being under the yellow line this week?
    3 - Your thoughts on how well you done so far this week?
    4 - Biggest threats and weakest links?
    5 - How well are you expecting to do in the upcoming Point Meter?

    ;492-S; A reminder that the black team doesn't do this challenge.
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    Still need to PM me their interview.

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    At the Grand Galloping Gala!


    How much time do we have?
    It was pretty good.

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    Sent in my interview!
    1st Prize in Caption Contest 7/15/11
    Won a Cool Vuvuzela in Pokémon Assembler!

    Currently, I have an obsession with the Litwick line's tendency for sucking souls out.
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    I know I'm too late but oh well.

    Dopey stepped off the plane and walked across the road, aiming for the Sydney Opera House. He leapt through the window and listened to a Jynx, who was apparently singing opera. It was quite tonedeaf, though, and definitely not worth the money. Concluding that Sydney's a lousy city, Dopey left.

    He somehow ended up in Canberra, which was even more boring than all his friends had said. They had said things like, "Canberra's the most boring place in the world!" and "It doesn't deserve to be the capital of Australia!" Dopey agreed and went to sleep.

    He woke up in Melbourne, in the middle of the MCG, just as the team wearing the red and black guernseys kicked the ball through the poles, much to the despair of the team wearing black and white. The siren sounded and the Pokemon in the crowd wearing red and black rejoiced, chanting, "ESSENDON!" Dopey immediately decided that Melbourne is the best city in Australia, and decided to go back to Canberra and give the Prime Minister a piece of his mind.

    CANBERRA part two
    He knocked on the door of the Lodge, and was greeted by a redhead woman with a rather prominent nose. "Afternoon, Jules!" Dopey said, shaking hands with the Prime Minister. "We've got business to discuss."

    Three hours later Julia Gillard had apparently left on a holiday to Ireland and Melbourne had been declared the new capital of Australia.



    Sorry for my inactiveness, I've been busy. So yeah.

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    Last person is Walter who needs to send in his/her interview. 3 hours left.

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    Hello contestants, and welcome to your third Point Meter here at Pokemon Universe. With only thirteen contestants left, I can reveal that not one, but two people will be leaving today, meaning that there is a double elimination. So this week, the two families who are below the yellow line will vote to eliminate someone from their own team. The two families above the yellow line will have no say on who gets eliminated. This week's featured contestant will also receive a huge surprise.

    Blue team, because you have Immunity, you are both safe and we'll be seeing you first.

    Vivian - 19
    Maestro - 71

    Giving your family a total of 90 points, and an average of 45 points.

    Now it's the black's family turn.

    Azrael - 17
    Dopey - 0
    Verron - 26
    Andrew - 9

    Giving your family a total of 52 and an average of 13. Now, for the white family.

    Caterina - 58
    Amelia - 30
    Zecora - 36
    Kyler - 9

    Giving your family a total of 133 and an average of 33.25.

    Red family, you're up. The two highest scoring contestants, should you head into elimination, may not be eliminated this week as your family has a half-Immunity.

    Walter - 16
    James - 54
    Joshua - 24

    Giving your family a total of 95 and an average of 31.66.

    1 - Blue Family
    2 - White Family
    3 - Red Family
    4 - Black Family

    Red family, that does mean that Walter is automatically eliminated due to their half-Immunity. I'm sorry, but you are not this season's Pokemon Universe. So black family, you have to choose to eliminate Andrew or Dopey, the two lowest scoring contestants in your family. Only Azrael and Verron are to vote, and if there's a tie, then Dopey will be eliminated as he was the lowest scoring contestant. PM me with a reason.

    Congratulations to white family, you are safe from elimination this week and you will be the only family to have four people remaining in the competition. Congratulations to Maestro, you are once again this week's featured contestant and blue family, you are this week's featured family meaning you are in for a huge surprise. You now have a new contestant in your family, Braze, played by Charizard31.

    No posts after this.

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    Best surprise ever! A new contestant in our family! Of course, that does mean our average will probably be lower, but whatever.

    And how in the world did I get Featured Contestant after missing a challenge?
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    You didn't do 1/3 of the challenge. I scored the challenge by each course.

    Azrael is gone for the week, so he won't be voting. Verron now has the deciding vote- who will be eliminated from the red team, Andrew or Dopey?

    I decided to vote out Dopey, as he is on hiatus, meanwhile, Andrew might save our butts sometime soon.

    Unfortunately, that does mean Dopey, you have just been eliminated and your fellow competitors have decided that you are not this season's winner of Pokemon Universe.

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    *eye twitches* So, you're saying it's pretty much just, me?

    A whole week, just me, doing challenges? *begins screaming a colorful language*

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    I'd like to meet everyone back at the elimination room.

    Hello contestants. I guess you're all wondering what we're doing back into the elimination room so soon. Well, today you have a chance to better yourself in this game. Right here, right now, you are all going to cast one vote. It's not for an individual, it's for an entire family. That's right, you get to vote for the family, you most want out of this game.

    It's not about the family you like, or dislike, it's about getting yourselves further in this game. This is a secret ballot, your votes will not be released. PM me on the family you wish to be eliminated.

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    7/12 votes received.

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