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Thread: Pokemon Universe X [10] - Families

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    Ok... here I go... I'm nervous... *smashes a Teleport orb*

    1. Yellowstone Supervolcano
    Yellowstone Badlands
    8:49 AM

    Walter found himself in an arid grassland. He could see a tall volcano in the distance. He wandered off in the open, and found a weird house.

    Wow, it sure is hot here! It's like being baked in an oven! Maybe this house has some air conditioning. *enters house*
    Hello there! Sorry, I don't speak Glitch.
    Well, time to get my Pokégear and translate what this guy's saying... *takes out Pokégear and presses some buttons* Ok, I want to ask you a few questions. Will the volcano erupt soon?
    "I know you love me. Let's go out for dinner." Erm... sorry, no thank you... gotta go now... *tries to leave*
    *locks door* 09435g8jeo8j4wgveslifiu3wsf5346089g0985!!!!
    "You're not leaving! I'm going to treat you for dinner with glitch peas!" Young lady, I AM going to leave! And I'm going to right now! *wears space suit*
    "I'm genderless, you big fat bunny!" Yay! Now you hate me! Now, time to go! *smashes teleport orb*

    2. Moon
    12:23 PM

    The white moon was silent and dimly lit. Walter could see the Sun and Earth in the distance. He found himself in the middle of a huge crater. Knowing that time couldn't be wasted, he carefully climbed out of the crater and slowly walked on the rocky surface. Suddenly, he felt something touch his back, and got startled.

    Hello mister!
    WOAH! You scared me.
    Oh, sorry! My baby sister wandered off while I was studying some moon rocks.
    That's ok. Can you introduce yourselves?
    I'm Alexis.
    And I'm Cleffa!
    Wait... Your mom didn't name your baby sister?
    Yeah... she's uncreative...
    Ok, can you show me your house please, pretty girl?
    I'M A DUDE!
    You don't look like one. Show me your house already.
    Pfft... ok... but it's far away from here.
    Wait... I don't have the time. I gotta go now, pretty girl. Bye. *smashes teleport orb*
    Don't worry sis, we won't see him again.

    3. Great Barrier Reef
    Queensland, Australia
    1:11 PM

    Walter appeared underwater, surrounded by beautiful corals. Although it was polluted, it was the perfect paradise for a Water-type Pokémon. He saw a school of various kinds of Water-type Pokémon pass by him.

    This is beautiful... this is like heaven... *relaxes*

    Suddenly, he saw a Sharpedo swim towards him.

    Stay calm, Walter, stay calm...

    When the Sharpedo was about to strike, he quickly kicked him and swam away rapidly. After some seconds, he saw the Sharpedo follow him, wanting to eat him.

    GO! GO! GO!
    Blargh! Spinach! *swims away*
    Phew! *smashes teleport orb*

    Luckily, that trick saved his life. Walter returned home, happy that he wasn't eaten by the savage Sharpedo.


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    I PMed Wormow mine, at about 1 in the morning my time, but here it is

    1 - Yellowstone Supervolcano
    Verron looked around nervously, why had he come here?! Things were in chaos, as Verron saw many different pokemon flee from the power of the eruptions.
    Verron decided to investigate, he traveled to the course of the eruptions, near Snake River Plain.
    It was the mighty Heatran, he bellowed as more and more eruptions continued.
    "Why are you doing this!?" Verron screamed as the Heatran kept laughing, the heat emitting from it causing Verron to sweat.
    "Why, this was the destiny, for the world to fall in flames!" Heatran bellowed in a deep voice.
    "Not if I can help it!" A voice called from the distance. A large blast of water sent the Heatran down, out cold. A Quagsire appeared, a heroic look on his face.
    The Quagsire looked at Verron sternly.
    "You, you must be his helper!" The Quagsire bellowed.
    Before Verron could do anything, the Quagsire sent a blast of water to the poor defenseless bug pokemon, blasting him up to orbit.
    2 - Moon
    Verron shut his eyes as he started floating. A random space helmet floated in orbit right onto his face, giving him the power to breathe. Verron looked around. He was closing in on the Moon. Verron looked at this wonderful sight in awe. The craters formed a perfect line, causing it to look like, well, it was so beautiful that Verron could not describe it's beauty.
    Verron landed, and looked around. Nothing out of the usual. Then over the distance, he saw a Clefairy with a can of beans, a red-haired girl chasing after the Clefairy saying words Verron didn't understand, a man with blue hair chasing after the girl, telling her "It's not worth it!" over and over, and a small cat-like pokemon, running alongside the blue-haired man, also calling out to the woman. The Clefairy passed by Verron, throwing the beans onto his back.
    "Hey, what are you doing with my beans!?" The girl yelled as Verron tried to get the can off his back.
    "Jessie," the blue-haired man began to say.
    "Can it James!" Jessie screamed at the blue haired man. Verron took this time to try and escape, with the beans on his back, he spotted a rocket, he didn't know what it was doing there, but he wasn't going to be cautious here. He climbed into the rocket. He saw Jessie and James, and the cat-like pokemon, begin to run towards the rocket. Verron feverishly punched some buttons, and then, in a big booming voice he heard.
    "3!......2!.....1!....BLAST OFF!!!!!"
    The rocket shuddered and rattled as it took flight.
    Jessie stamped her feet as the rocket flew off, barely out of her reach.
    3 - Great Barrier Reef
    The rocket eventually ran out of fuel, and crashed in the Great Barrier Reef. Verron found a wet-suit in the rocket, and thought to himself, "What are the odds."
    He then put on the wet-suit and traveled out into the reef. He spotted many water pokemon such as Magikarps and Feebas, Psyducks and Remoraids, even a Milotic.
    Verron suddenly heard a crying noise, he looked around for the noise, and say a Gyarados, crying. Verron rushed to the Gyarados' side, and said,
    "What's wrong? What's making you cry?"
    "NONE OF YOUR BEEDRILL'S WAX!" The Gyarados literally shouted, he then used his tail, and smacked Verron, sending him out of the water, and into a large house, he recognized the house, it was
    Verron's House
    Verron dried off, and went to bed, but still, he wondered what made that Gyarados so upset. But this did not make Verron stir, only have sweet dreams, as he came up with ideas of what was wrong, and ways he could help.

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    Do you have to pm this too?

    Yellowstone Supervolcano
    *sees that everyone is heading toward yellowstone and decides to follow, curious*
    Hey, what's going on?
    You don't know? The volcano is supposed to explode today! Well, according to the Mayans...
    Then... Shouldn't all of us get to a safer ground?
    NOES! I liek exiting events!
    volcano starts to rumble
    Zomg! This is gunna be awesome!
    Volcano starts to implode, then... Poof! A puff of smoke came out of the volcano, then stopped.
    Everyone: WHAAT!
    Goes to show that ancient people are never right...
    As everyone was leaving, a weird looking pokemon approached Joshua
    You are urgently needed... In space!
    The weird pokemon grabs Joshua, and starts flying into the atmosphere.
    Who are you? I can't breath in space!
    I am deoxys, you don't need to worry about breathing.
    A mysterious bubble wraps around Joshua's head.
    You found a ball? Finally!
    All right, place your bets everyone, the bowling game is about to start
    x10: Yaay!
    Wait, I'm a bowling ball? What's so important about this?
    It is... If you don't think about it too much...
    *Rolls a strike*
    *uses psychic to roll a strike;
    uugh dizzy...
    *rolls two gutter balls*
    GRR... GRRRRR... GRRAAAAAWR! *throws Joshua off the moon, the force of the throw spins him into earth.*
    Not again...
    Great Barrier Reef
    Joshua lands on a Pelipper
    Both of them fall in the water, Joshua sinks like a rock
    Oh no, I cant swim... thankfully the this bubble around my head hasn't worn off.
    heheyy how are ya? Haven't seen you around before. You a new invented pokemon or somethin?
    I came out the same gen as you! Anyway, can you get me out of the water? I can't move
    I can probably pull some strings. Hey guys, a little help please?
    x4 *uses hydro pump*
    Joshua gets blasted onto an island
    Looks like I have to make a raft.
    Using the wood from the only tree, he made a crude raft. Joshua gets on the raft and starts heading home.

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    well well pokemon universe, another competition for me to dominate. *chuckles* this should be a breeze. time to take to the skys!!!..........oh....forgot..... *soze used HM Fly*....."which move do you want to forget".....arggghhh why cant i learn more than four moves???? hmmm well heat wave is pretty useless.....*soze forgot heat wave and learned fly*.......ahem....allright.... now then......TIME TO TAKE TO THE SKYS!!!!! *flys off*

    1. Yellowstone Supervolcano
    Soze flew along the skys, majestically glowing from the rays of the sun, flames trailing behind his mighty wings, in the distance he sees a volcano.

    well well a volcano! my kind of place! might as well rest the ol wings
    WELCOME TO THE YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO HOTEL!!! im sure you'll find the volcano's hot springs to your liking and if you wouldnt mind checking in we can get you settled in as soon as.......wait a minute....oh my god! YOUR SOZE! THE CURRENT CHAMPION OF UNOVA!
    yes, yes i am. always nice to meet a fan. so do i have to have a reservation orrr?
    oh please please you must meet my son! hes your biggest fan and he wants to be just like you when he grows up!
    ummm okay?
    oh mister soze!!! i cant believe i actually get to meet you!!!! can i have your autograph???
    ........*turns to hotel owner*..........why is ur kid a charmander?
    can i ask you a question mister soze??
    um okay one question....
    why are your legs so small?
    ....*sweat drop* that they can.......uh....increase solar.....absorbtion......yeah
    ......that doesnt really make sense
    well i better be going!!! stay loyal my fans!!! *flys off*
    .......but my autograph
    *Flying along*
    my legs are special my legs are special my legs are special MY LEGS ARE SPECIAL!!!!
    whatever you say bro

    2. MOON
    hmm, i havnt done a publicity stunt in awhile. what could i do to shock the public and entertain my loyal fans?.....*thinking hard* it....i'll fly to the moon.....genius

    Soze flys upwards, closer and closer to the moon, he enters space and continues to fly toward the bright distant sphere in space until, triumphantly he lands on the moon

    hell yeah!!!! first pokemon to fly to the moon unnassisted!!! in your face stupid mankey space program!!! the press will just eat this up!! now to find some paparazzi....hmmm....why are they never around when you want em to be??
    *pops up out of a crater* sup
    *startled* whoah!!! where the hell did you come from??
    oh you know....that hole
    who are you?
    my friends call me Desmond.....Desmond the moon bear.......of course when i say friends im speaking hypothetically, i dont really have friends
    umm did you get here?
    no idea
    well allright this awkward meeting has been fun and all...but im looking for the paparazzi and i dont want some socially inept bear in my press shots.
    theres no paparazzi on the moon.......just me
    wait....your telling me theres no one on the moon but you?
    and your not with the press?
    nope, no need for press when im the only one concerned with news.....which there isnt much of really
    should i?
    *flying back towards earth*
    ......what a stupid place

    3. Great Barrier Reef

    Soze is flying back towards the surface of the earth. The atmosphere is burning up brilliantly around him and the intense heat urges him to go faster and faster

    Damn i probably look so cool right now..........hmm that water is coming up pretty fast........why do i feel like i should pull who cares, im too cool to pull up

    Soze dives straight through the surface of the water and plunges down deeper and deeper into what appears to be a majestic reef with coral and pokemon abundant

    *thinking* oh wait thats right......i cant breathe underwater......$%&#
    *starts to franticly wave legs around in a desperate atempt to reach the surface but goes no where*

    All of a sudden a giant black mass rises up from beneath soze and begins to push him towards the surface. Soze breaks the surface just in time and takes in a huge breath. after recovering he looks beneath him to realize he was saved by a wailord

    *Gasp* *Gasp* oh man, thank you so much!!! i almost drowned!!
    its no problem, i was happy to help, i was just swimming along and i thought you were waving at me with your funny little legs, but then i realized u were drowning so i decided to help you out
    *mumbles under breath* they're special
    so why were you underwater in the first place? arent you a fire type?
    ........i do what i want

    A lone sharpedo comes swimming up

    hey lord whats up?.....and why is the champion of unova on your back?
    the champions on my back? yeah....dont you recognize soze? hes the best battler there is.
    whats a battler?
    *silently to sharpedo* did he really just ask that?
    *silently to soze* ....he's a bit slow
    *to wailord* well anyway, thanks for saving my life.
    i saved your life?
    .........yeah im outta here
    *flys off*
    hmm, never thought id get to meet the champion. hey lord, did you get around to asking him why his legs are like that?
    *shouting in the distance* THEY'RE SPECIAL!!!!!!

    Soze finally arrives back home at the relics, flys by his darmanitan bodyguards and settles in his tomb to get some rest, eagerly awaiting the next poke universe challenge
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    What is this?


    Hmmm so this is the first challange easy walk in the park now where did I put my teleporter ah there it is *attaches it to self* Teleport me to the super volcano in yellowstone.
    Say please
    I will drop you in water inch by inch until you die then I will bring you back and repeat 500 more times
    EEEEEH *makes them teleport*

    1 the supervolcano

    hey wait a second I don't see a volcano here
    It is over here
    *walks over* Is that just a mini toy volcano
    NO it is a mini candy volcano and it is about to give me some candy and you cant have any
    for the candy *teleports*

    2 the moon

    no.....air *dunks head in candy volcano which had a 10 minute supply of air* ahh now what can I bring back to prove I have been here
    hello earthling can you help me I am lost
    ummm sure where is your home
    it is.... GET HIM NOW
    *tons of 's and 's burst out and surround kyler*
    Your candy shall be ours foolish mortal
    *grabs rock and throws it at the alien* bad alien bad
    why did you do that you big meanie you are just a meanie head
    Hey watch your launguage now give me something to prove I was here and I will leave you
    Here take this sticker that says you sicken us you meanie!
    good enough now teleport to the great barrier reef teleporter
    fine please

    3 The great barriar reef

    Who wants to face me
    *teleports 10 feet above water* Me * rips off teleporter throws it in the water*
    And thats what you get for telling me to say please *fixes teleporter above water*
    Teleport me and the tentacruel back to the base
    y-y-yes-s m-maste-r-r
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    1 the supervolcano
    Me: Fire? Bwaa I'm resistant to fire. Maybe This volcano can help me practice my fire blasts. Oh theres a grass type.
    Oddish: wah wah dont hurt me salamence.
    Me: to late *uses fire blast*

    2 Moon
    Me: I'm Floating Yea My strength is 200x better too * crushes rock with small touch of wing* Awe yea.
    Dragonite: lets have a battle
    Me: sure *uses dragon claw*
    Dragonite: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I failed
    Me: Yea you did.

    3 Great Barier Reef

    Me: Water types: I eat them for breakfast.
    Kingdra: Ok face me in a battle.
    Me: sure
    Kingdra: Uses Ice Beam
    Me: CraP
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    1 - Yellowstone Supervolcano
    Once upon a time I was a sad little Swimmy. I was unhappy with life, because I had never felt the experiance of burning to death. So I stalked my friend Mr. Raquaza, and jumped on his back as he made the trip.
    Who are you?
    I am the answer to all your prayers. Hey, It's the volcano!
    * drops Into the Volcano*
    So this is what it feels like to fall to your death. I always imagined it would be more deadly.
    Get off my back!
    Am I dead?
    No, and get off my back!
    * throws out of the volcano*
    That was fun. So what's the next location? Oh the moon! I can do that!
    2 - Moon
    Naturally, alot of people don't like me, so they throw me. So I spoke to Nice Ol' Macham to throw me to the moon!
    ;1068; Hey Swimmy!
    Throw me to the moon!
    You heard me! Do it or I shall kill you!
    Oh no you didn't!
    And that's how I got to the moon. Luckily, a nice Elgyem helped me home.
    And stay out! Just because you're on the moon doesn't give you the right to moon someone!
    And that's how I ended up in the ocean.
    3 - Great Barrier Reef
    Excuse me miss? Where am I?
    You're in the Great barrier Reef of course! And who are you calling miss?
    You are a lady aren't you?"
    Are you serious?
    Obviously not the brightest lady.
    Okay that's it! You're in a world of hurt!
    And then he beat me to a pulp. It was the greatest day of my life!
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    I feel like I could've made this longer, but I just didn't have much to go on. :/ Mostly in the way of other participant's personalities, which made me pretty much have the Baron talk to himself, but I digress.

    : Also, I would like to say that there were no creatures of any kind hurt or killed in the making of this, hrmph.


    (Part 0 - Prologue)


    "Welcome contestants!" a sky Shaymin yelled. The Baron, Manfred von Plasma XVI, tore his gaze away from the competition, but quickly ended up watching them yet again when the hosy launched into a speech about the contest. Looking at the group the Baron could see that most of them were looking quite excited, probably having seen or heard about this show before. Maybe a few have even competed before, the Baron though.

    "...You have forty-eight hours to complete this task," the Shaymin ended with a grin causing the Baron to turn his attention back to the Legend, and suddenly everything went dark.

    Manfred glanced around with surprise when he could see again. It seemed as though the whole bloody place transformed! That was far from the case though; the whole cast had been teleported to none other than Yellowstone National Park. The Shaymin flew overhead.

    "To recap, find the teleporters we have hidden, and get back to our camp in forty-eight hours. Bye!" And just like that the Shaymin was gone.

    Everyone took off running.

    Pokemon Universe Ten had begun.


    (Part 1 - Yellowstone Supervolcano)


    "Damn," the Baron muttered under his breath. He had, in his shocken stupor, ended up toward the back of the pack. Fortunately for him, he had a sure-fire way to first. Electricity cackled around him, and with a clap of thunder everyone froze in place, with the exception of the Blitzle. With a hearty laugh, the Baron said, "See you around!" and sped off in pursuit.

    It wasn't long before they were neck and neck. Zebra and plasma, racing among the trees of the Yellowstone National Park. Needless to say, there were many double- and triple-takes that day, all from tourists. Those regularly attending the park were accustomed to this sight—this was the TENTH Universe competition after all. It must be mentioned, though, that the young couple taking pictures in front of the volcano literally did have a year or two taken off of them when the Baron and his rival bounded over them. But that was nothing compared to the shock of the two creatures simply disappearing the moment they touched the rim.


    (Part 2 - the Moon)


    Ironically, the Baron was more shocked at his next destination than the young couple from a few minutes ago was at his very existance. The Rotom found himself staring straight at the Earth. From the moon. In space.

    From the frantic breaths next to him, though, the Baron deduced his foe was both more shocked and worried than he was. The Baron was lucky. The dead don't need the luxury of air or oxygen. This was why while the Blitzle was attempting to breathe, Baron von Plasma was already racing across the moon's surface, his own levitation aided by the lesser gravity.

    "Now where could that bloody thing be?" the Baron asked aloud after several minutes of searching. "This bloody rock is so barren I should be able to see it from miles away!"

    "Could the thing you're searching for be one of these, strange orange spirit?" A voice from behind him almost made the Baron jump out of his plasma aura. He whirled around, but was only able to see a Lunatone telekineticly holding up a small device before the very device made a small beep. By then the Rotom had been teleported away.


    (Part 3 - The Great Barrier Reef)


    The Baron was aware of a sudden wetness. And all Rotom know that is never a good thing. A quick peek at his surroundings gave the ghost all he needed to know. Thousands of fish and other sea creatures floated around him; all belly-up. The Baron hoped they were just paralyzed, but he was a pessimist at heart.

    "What kind of Pokémon sends a ball of plasma into the water?!" he yelled, sending a spray of bubbles up toward the surface.

    There was a good thing about it, however: all the animals floating at the surface left the device in plain sight. A simple touch activated it, and for the last time the Baron felt himself in that strange darkness that comes with teleporting.


    (Part 4 - Epilogue)


    Much like the reef, the Baron could feel a dampness surrounding him. Luckily enough, it was the sand on the beach of the Pokemon Universe camp. Manfred supposed he should go and tell the Shaymin that he had arrived, and tell them off for sending him into a famed tourist attraction that was underwater, but he had something to do first.

    If he had a hat the Baron would definitely have taken it off. Gazing sadly out to sea the Rotom held a moment of silenced for those poor animals that could have been, but sadly will never be.

    R.I.P. Poor Great Barrier Reef Creatures

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    After 9 seasons of Pokemon Universe, the next season was about to start! This time, a Ponyta named Amelia would join the battle, to become the overall winner! Will she survive?

    Here's how it all started...

    ~Yellowstone SuperVolcano~

    Amelia has always lives in a village about an hour away from the Yellowstone SuperVolcano. She has decided that she would go and hike it this weekend. Amelia had just made it to the top, when she sees a panicking Oddish. Little does she know, that her parents had secretly signed her up for Pokemon Universe...

    : Hello, there!
    : *Panicking* AAH! AAH!
    : Uhh, why are you Panicking?
    : ... Then why are you up here?
    : ......... I don't know.
    : But really, there's nothing to be afraid of.
    : Really? Then, I dare you to jump over the Volcano.
    : *Giggles* Easy.
    * Jumps over the Volcano, and gets hit by a blast of lava*
    : AAH! I can't watch!
    : *Lands gracefully on the other side* See? No Problem!
    : B-B-B-B-B-But HOW?
    : *Winks* Flash Fire.
    : *From out of no where* Congrats on winning the first challenge!
    : Challenge? WHAT CHALLENGE?!?!
    : Time for the next challenge!
    : Wait! WAIT!!! *Gets Teleported*

    ~The Moon~

    : Where am I? *Looks Around* Oh, I'm on The Moon, and... OMG I'M ON THE MOON! CAN'T BREATH! AAH!
    : Uh, you can totally breath here...
    : NO I CAN'T!
    : But you can...
    : LIAR!!!
    * uses Flare Blitz on because it was "lying", OHKOing it*
    : Congrats! You have beaten Deoxys, the second challenge!
    : .......What?
    : Onward to the Final Challenge!
    : Stop! No! I DON'T WANT BE TELE- *Gets Teleported again*

    ~Great Barrier Reef~

    : *100 feet above the Reef, and falling* AAH!!!
    *Lands on something soft and squishy*
    : Well, that was convenient. Almost too convenient...
    * surfaces with on top, uses blowhole to get her off*
    : *In the air again* AAH!!!!
    *Lands in an Island Arena*
    : And now it's time for the battle! Amelia VS GlaDOS! Begin!
    : Wait... WHAT!?!?
    GlaDOS: Time for Battle
    : Seriously? GlaDOS isn't even from this universe! Or Nintendo for that matter! But really, I don't want you dead, but I only want you gone. *Turns to * Is this trick question?
    : Yes, yes it is.
    *GlaDOS carboard cut-out falls over, revealing a Recorded Message*
    : Congrats! You have completed all 3 Trials, and have won a chance at competing in the popular Game Show, Pokemon Universe!
    : But I never signed up for this!
    : Too bad!
    : Awww... Well, I guess I'll give it a shot...

    Amelia later returns home to get a good night sleep before the big day. She learns later about her parents' secret sign-up. Amelia is REALLY mad at first, but decides that Pokemon Universe might be a good idea, to go traveling around the world, and maybe win the Grande Prize...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FireTypeLover View Post
    Whoops, I missed the sign-ups. Ah well, good luck to everyone in the season anyways and remember I'll join next season to wreak my revenge win! And besides, I probably wouldn't have enough time to do this anyways, so I guess it's for the better in a way.
    Feel free to try out.

    17 hours left

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    Here's how it went!

    1. Yellowstone Supervolcano

    Well, I've heard about some Rare Items in the Yellowstone Supervolcano , but it is dangerous to get there, escepcially for me, since I'm a Grass-Type . But, I do love Rare Items a lot. I might as well go since I'm already this close visiting! Hopefully I can find some awesome Rare Items ! Thought James .

    After preparations, and then a good nights sleep, he headed off for the now short journey to the Yellowstone Supervolcano . After only close to a hour of walking, he made it to Yellowstone National Park , and to the entrance of the Yellowstone Supervolcano ! James then entered it, going lower, gradually, and the temperature rising. From the beginning he could see the exit into the mainl volcano, but now it was getting closer! James started thinking more of all of the Rare Items that could be down here, and he started running! He got there a lot quicker, not that it was all that far to begin with. Once he got there, he was amazed! He looked around, and he was lava down a ways yet, some Rare Items , other stuff that you would expect to see in a volcano, and then, a Heatran ! There were also other Pokemon that you would expect to see in a volcano, even though you could expect to see a Heatran in a volcano, he is still Rare ! Upon closer examination, James realized that he was sleeping. "Now's my chance," he thought. "Even if he was awake he might still let me take some, but now, I won't have to take that chance. There's a lot of Items here, multiples of most, and lots of Items that you wouldn't expect to see here. So, I'll just try to take a couple of duplicates of his collection so he will be less likely to notice." Thought James . He started walking where he could, finding lots of cool Items that he hoped to get one of one day, but he couldn't carry everything. He found a Flame Orb , whih he thought would be hard to find elsewhere, and he carefully wrapped it up, and put it in his bag that he brought along. He also found a Red Shard , that he carefully wrapped up, and put in his bag! And, as he was wrapping up one of Heatran's many Fire Stones , Heatran started to wake up. Scared, James quickly looked around for a way to escape, and he found a Teleport Orb , or what he thought one would look like! He was surprised that Heatran had some, as these were supposed to be one of the Rarest kinds of Items ! He quicky grabbed one! He wasn't thinking of anywhere in particular besides away from the Supervolcano , so it brought him rather far away.

    Heatran had woken up, and seen the last bit, and also, saw that a couple of things were missing. "Oh well. I wish that he hadn't Teleported away like that. I love to share my Collection with others that love Items like me! Hopefully we'll meet again someday!" Heatran thought.

    2. Moon

    "Woh! I'm at the Moon , aren't I?" James said out loud, but not expecting an answer. "I know that there are some Pokemon that live here, but I wonder if I will run into many." Thought James . James looked around, and he didn't see any other Pokemon there. He thought,"Well, since I am here, I might as well look for some Moon Stones quick, then I'll Teleport somewhere else."

    He then set off to dig up, and get a couple of Moon Stones . After about a half hour, he found a jackpot! There were lots of them there, and he was sure that it went down farther! Happy with that, he picked, wrapped up, and put away three Moon Stones into his Bag . A little disappointed that he didn't see any other Pokemon here, and waiting to see one, he decided to leave. He took out his Teleport Orb , and touched it, only thinking of going back to Earth .

    3. Great Barrier Reef

    James found himself on a beach, but he wasn't sure exactly where he was. He looked around, and he saw some other Pokemon ! He asked a group of Azurill , Marill , and Azumarill . They said that he was on Australia , but close to the Great Barrier Reef . "Awesome!" He responded! "Thanks!"

    "It's about lunch time, do you want to join us for lunch?" an Azumarill asked.

    "Sure!" Answered James . "I have some food that we can share too!"

    "Cool! I can't wait to see what you have!" A Marill responded!

    "Thank you!" an Azumarill said.

    "Yep! Thank you!" James responded!

    They then went back a little bit to their house, where they ate the food that they had, and then the food that James brought. James thanked them, and asked them for one for favor, to keep his Bag safe with them for a little while, while he goes swimming. They said that they would keep his Bag safe in their house, so then they could all go swimming! James thanked them!

    They then went swimming, and then went diving so they could look at the Great Barrier Reef closer! They were all amazed, especially James as he had never seen it before, but it still amazed the others even thought they have seen it countless times! After a couple of hours of swimming and diving and just having fun there, they had supper. They then also offered to let James sleep there for the night, and then he could go in the morning. James happily accepted! In the morning, they ate breakfast. They also gave James two Bananas to help him out, before he found some more Food . James then decided that he should go now, so they all said good-bye, and then James touched his Teleport Orb , this time he was thinking about home, so that is where it took him.

    There you go! 1028 Words , or so! That was pretty fun to type out! I hope that everyone likes it!
    "Words can build you up, Words can break you down."
    "And you can take the one thing I have left
    Beat me to the ground and take my breath
    But you can't take who I am
    - Hawk Nelson

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    Yayz. Anyways, here's my (late) sign-up post.

    Name: Maestro Chandy Man
    Species: Chandelure
    I, Maestro Chandy Man want to become a contestant on the tenth season of Pokemon Universe and agree to be active and complete on whatever I'm told to do.
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    Currently, I have an obsession with the Litwick line's tendency for sucking souls out.
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    1 - Yellowstone Valcano

    Where am I now?

    It's gonna BLOW!!! Somebody save us!

    Valcano nearby is steaming, with lava starting to plop out.

    Lizard's tail and dolphin tape!
    It's going to blow, how do we escape?
    Check my book of supernatural cures,
    To stop it from erupting, we need blue burrs!

    Wha- we don't have any Blue burrs!

    It's starting to pour, we better run,
    oh my, I thought this game would be fun!

    runs down valcano, lava hot on her tail.

    Trips and lava covers over him. TELL MY FAMI-BLUBLUBLUB...

    Pony hooves and zubat fame!
    What am I doing in this suicidal game!?
    I need to conjure A teleport rune,
    but first I need something to escape this boom!
    The lava is nearing me now,
    I can't rhyme, I need to think... HOW?

    leaps onto A Archeop's back.

    The hell are you doing?!

    No time to explain, I need your help!
    Bring me to the moon, or I'll make you welp!

    The moon?! How am I supposed to take you to the moon!?

    Onwards, to rayquaza's airspace,
    Come on, go at fast pace!

    Archeops turns upsidedown, but Zecora hangs on.

    No, drop me if you dare!
    I know thunderbolt, that will raise your hair!

    Archeops drops Zecora in the middle of A plain.

    Curses! What will I do now?
    Wait! I know how!
    I see some flowers, magic shrooms,
    I'll make A tele, Shrooms rhymes with booms!

    Conjures A teleportation rune out of many different plants. POOF!

    2 - The moon!

    Here I am, I brought A bottle of air,
    but the rune is gone! How shall I get back into my lair?

    Greetings earthling! You look mighty delicous!

    I bet I do no doubt,
    now I run, RUN!!!

    Zecora runs away with skiplooms swarming after her.

    Why am I constantly being swarmed,
    by lava, skiplooms, all those things adorned?

    188; All pull out forks and knifes.


    Leap out of moon craters and start stabing the skiplooms with maces and swords.


    ...Thank you...

    Greetings. Those skiplooms are hostile creatures. You may stay here and be safe.

    Why are you on the moon?

    ...Ummmm... well...Solarbeams Zecora to the earth.

    3 - Barrier reef.

    I'm hurtling into the earth's atmosphere!
    The burning speed brings me A tear!


    Blub blub blub blub,
    blub mub mub blub flub!

    What in the world... Conjures air bubble for Zecora.

    Thank you for that, my friend!
    I was worried I would die in the end!

    Great... well, what are you doing here?

    Seedot's shot me down from the moon,
    I'm not lying, and I'm not A big croon!

    Well, welcome to the reef.

    Sprints above water's surface.

    Is that A legendary beast?
    Goodbye my savoir, I must go... feast?
    I must chase this legend of legends,
    so I can have it's fur for my poitions!
    If it refuses, we will have A small fight,
    I need this fur, it will give me might!
    I shall win, in this game!

    If you die, I won't take the blame.
    It was pretty good.

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    Disclaimer: Most of the weird things in ’s dialogue are intentional

    The Yellowstone super volcano
    ‘Woooooow! So manly gasses where!’ Wendy squealed. She floated around ecstatically while she tried to inhale as much gasses as possible. ‘Still it’s a pit that there is so lunch sulfur in here. It almost completely frowns all the brother gasses.’ She said to herself. ‘Nut who dares?’
    Then a Magcargo slowly crawled from a cave with an angry look on his face. ‘Cease this foolishness!’ he bellowed. ‘ We’re performing an ancient Heatran worshipping ceremony down here, you know.’
    ‘Ohh, drool! Can I nom as well?’ She asked, looking expectantly at the fiery snail.
    ‘Only if you pass the ancient and very hard test! Oh, and you must promise to talk normally. Now answer this question. Do you love and truly love volcanoes?’
    ‘What do you moon I don’t leak normally’ She asked angrily. ‘But anyway, I love gasses and volcanoes are gas producers of gasses. So yeah, I drove volcanoes.’
    ‘That is not good enough for me! Now you will eat “one of them cakes”.’ The Magcargo said as he turned around. ‘Hey Bob give the stranger “one of them cakes”!’
    A big hulking figure came out of the cave and soon it revealed itself to be a Magmortar. It was holding a plate with a little cupcake on it ‘Y-yes master. Here it is.’
    ‘Now give it to the stranger.’
    The Magmortar walked towards Wendy and held up the cupcake. ‘Now say aaaaa.’
    ‘Ehhhhhhh, want?’ Wendy said as the Magmortar shoved the cupcake in her mouth. ‘Wow, rat is a witty spicy cake. Wait, spicy. Are there chili peppers in this? ’ she said.
    ‘Jalapeńo. Nothing but the worst for the ones who fail. Is it too much for you?’ The Magcargo said with a slightly smug look on his face.
    ‘Nah, that’s not it.’ Wendy shrugged. ‘You glee...’ she said as she started shaking vigorously ‘’Rappers give me gaaaaaaaaaaas!’ as the pressure of the gasses launched her into outer space.

    Slowly Wendy woke up. As she saw the grey and quite monotonous expanses of the earth’s natural satellite known as the Moon. ‘Where-where am I?’ She asked no one in particular as she couldn’t see anyone.
    ‘Hiya! You’re on the moon.’ A high-pitched voice said from behind Wendy. ‘I’m Enpeecy but everyone calls Moonweed. And they always want to smoke my hair for some reason.’
    ‘So , I’m on the Moon, far from home and it’s extremely boring out there. That’s kinda frustrating. Luckily there is a very appropriate boxing ball right in front of me.’ Wendy thought and prepared to hit the little Oddish.
    But then a figure popped up from behind a rock. ‘Hello there outsider. My name a Arandom P. Erson and I’m the grand Clefable King and self proclaimed ruler of the Moon.’ He said and walked upt to Wendy.
    Shocked Wendy managed to miss the Oddish by a hair’s breadth. ‘Oh, hello gear.’
    ‘What is this moonspeak?’ the Clefable asked.
    With an annoyed tone Wendy retorted ‘What do you lean moonspeak? You’re the one two is frog the Moon.’
    ‘Oh, no you dind’t just...’ Enpeecy said shocked
    ‘She questioned me! Now I will punish you. Eat this moon pepper which are far spicier than your pathetic Earth peppers! Moonweed feed it to her.’
    ‘Yes my lord!’ the little ball of weed said and somehow managed to throw the pepper in Wendy’s mouth.
    ‘What the...What is it with these people and peppers?’ Wendy thought as she was once again launched from an astral body.

    Great Barrier Reef
    ‘Fuuuuuuuu! I’m jiving straight into the nose man!’ Wendy screamed as she frantically tried to change her course but to no avail as her Levitate Ability was not strong enough to change her course and she plummeted headfirst into the ocean.
    ‘Hey, hey are you okay?’ a voice asked Wendy.
    ‘W-what?’ Wendy asked. ‘Oh, wait I cucumber it now. I fell from the goon.’ As she opened she saw a Stunfisk looking at her with a worried look.
    ‘You did what?’ The Stunfisk asked. ‘Great I’m now stuck with a weirdo.’ he thought.
    ‘You probably raped me, right? Thank goo for that.’
    With an extremely shocked expression the Stunfisk said ‘How dare you even insinuate...’
    As she levitated up into the air she looed at the Stunfisk and said good bye. Then she looked down and marveled at the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Soon after that she hit land.

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    My challenge is very, very long, so sorry if that throws you off. Anyways, if maestro is meister, that's a mistake from when Maestro Chandy Man was Meister Chandy Man. Hope you like my challenge!

    Pokémon Universe 10 Challenge

    Maestro Chandy Man’s first Pokémon Universe Adventure!
    Starring Maestro Chandy Man!

    “Agh! Why can’t I kill you stupid Grass-types!” Maestro Chandy Man yelled as he spurted flames out at the Tropius herd stalking and trying to knock him out. “Are you just mad at me for not letting you into the 26th Yellowstone Concert?”

    All ten Tropius roared and fired a stream of seeds at Maestro Chandy Man. He narrowly dodged them. “AGH! GET... AWAY...OR DIE!!”

    Maestro Chandy Man shot another fiery flame at the Tropius gang, but all of them dodged it and retaliated with yet another Bullet Seed attack. Most of the seeds hit Meister Chandy Man.

    “N-no...I-I’m losing e-energy...” Maestro Chandy Man put a devious grin on his face. “I-I should get some more from these idiotic Tropius, shouldn’t I?”

    Maestro Chandy Man mustered as much energy as he could to float up to the Tropius and attempt to suck their life force out, but he was quickly knocked unconscious by a barrage of razor-sharp leaves and fell into a certain supervolcano...

    1- The Yellowstone Supervolcano Chapter: Volcano Dwellers

    “Ugh...where am I...?” Maestro Chandy Man weakly opened his eyes and saw many Fire-type Pokémon, apparently volcano dwellers, looking curiously at the newcomer to the volcano.

    “W-weak...I-I must...get en-energy...” Maestro Chandy Man rose, imbalanced, and stared at the volcano dwellers who were near.

    “F-food...I need f-food...” Maestro Chandy Man put a weak smile on his face and charged up a super-powerful shadowy orb attack, making the volcano dwellers gasp.

    “B-but...we took care of your injuries! W-why would you want to kill us for that?” a worried Magcargo yelped. This scream made Maestro Chandy Man come back to his senses.

    “No, what am I doing! I only kill idiots who chase me or hate me and these people are innocent volcano dwellers! I c-can’t do to my fellow Pokémon, I can’t...”

    The volcano dwellers sighed in relief.

    “But I still need there anyone that you hate that I can suck the life force from?” Maestro Chandy Man asked wearily.

    “Well, there is one guy that we’d love for you to kill that popped into our volcano out of nowhere...” a Torkoal piped up.

    Suddenly, an aquatic blast of water hit Maestro Chandy Man in the face and the force smashed him straight into a wall. All of the volcano dwellers gasped as they saw this and started running away in fear.

    “W-what are you running away from, guys?” Maestro Chandy Man groaned. His question was answered when a hulking Blastoise smashed through a wall and roared.

    “Oh,, Blastoise, would you mind if I could suck your life force out?”

    Blastoise roared again and shot another strong aquatic blast of water at Maestro Chandy Man, knocking him unconscious.

    The huge strength of this attack caused lava to come out of holes in the supervolcano. The Blastoise gasped and started running away as more and more holes appeared in the supervolcano and more and more lava came out of the holes.

    And then it erupted.

    2- The Moon Chapter: Space Shuttle in Ruins

    “And begin!” Maestro Chandy Man skillfully conducted the Yellowstone Pokémon Band with ease. The band was on their five hundred sixty-fifth song when a familiar Blastoise suddenly burst through a wall, causing Maestro Chandy Man to lose his concentration.

    “Ack! What are you doing here?!” Maestro Chandy Man said with worry in his voice. Without their maestro’s skillful conducting, the band’s quality quickly decreased. “No! Keep going on! Keep going on! DON’T FAIL ME!”

    The Blastoise shot Maestro Chandy Man with two quick blasts of water making the floating Chandelure fall to the ground.

    “NOOOOOO! GET OUT OF YELLOWSTONE, BLASTOISE!” Maestro Chandy Man yelled in fear. Suddenly, a loud voice appeared out of thin air.

    “HELLOOOOOO! HELLOOOOOOO! HI-YAAAAAAAA! NOW WAKE UP, CHANDELURE!” a voice yelled. This loud voice made Maestro Chandy Man considerably happy.

    “Haha! This is all just a dream! Take that, you stupid Blast-ow!” He got knocked unconscious by the Blastoise’s water blasts again.

    “HIYAAAAAAAAAA! WAKE UP! C’MON! YOU HAVE TO PAY NASA FOR THIS DAMAGE, YA KNOW!” Maestro Chandy Man woke up at this last word and saw an angry Squirtle yelling at him. Next to the Squirtle was a space shuttle in flames.

    “Pay NASA?! I’ve got bigger problems than that! For example, I was knocked out three times in one day! And it’s not even the second true part of this story!” Maestro Chandy Man whined. Squirtle’s attempt to ask what the hell was he was talking was interrupted by a panicky yelp from him. “AGH! HOW AND WHY AM I ON THE MOON?!?”

    “Well, you see, Chandelure. We were flying into space when suddenly a Chandelure on flames smashed into our nose. Our shuttle caught on fire and we crash-landed on this barren wasteland, instead of that awesome Neptune!” Squirtle said angrily, glaring at the maestro.

    “Wait, we? Where’s ‘we’?” Maestro Chandy Man asked with concern.

    “Oh, my crewmates. Ya know, Hoppip, Bulbasaur, Turtwig...I’m sure they’ll be alright in the burning space shuttle over there...” The Squirtle said with no worry at all. Maestro Chandy Man stared at him in shock.

    “But they’re Grass-types!” he yelled.

    “So?” Squirtle said.

    “And the space shuttle’s on fire!” he yelled.

    “So?” Squirtle said.

    “FIRE'S SUPER EFFECTIVE AGAINST GRASS! THAT’S COMMON SENSE, KID!” Meister Chandy Man yelled, irritated at the Squirtle’s lack of common sense.

    Squirtle stared at the flaming space shuttle, finally realizing what Maestro Chandy Man meant. “Oh shoot...uh, I’ll take care of this!”

    Maestro Chandy Man floated in front of him selflessly. “No, let me.”

    Truth be told, he wasn’t very selfless at all. Absorbing fire was the second method of feeding himself and he liked it way better than sucking life forces out. He unfortunately couldn’t do it in the volcano, or all the volcano dwellers there would’ve died, but now he could!

    “Thank you, Blastoise, for erupting that volcano!” Maestro Chandy Man said under his breath as he hovered towards the space shuttle and began eating all the flames from it.

    “There! All done!” Maestro Chandy Man said after a few minutes of flame sucking, now filled with energy as well as pride.

    “Thank you, mister!” The Squirtle said kindly, a drastic difference from before when he was screaming at the good maestro. “Now, all me and my crewmates have to do is fix this piece of junk and return to HQ...”

    3: The Great Barrier Reef Chapter: The Return of the Tropius

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Hoppip, Bulbasaur, and Turtwig all yelled simultaneously, obviously grateful. They had been unconscious until quite recently when Squirtle had told them about everything.

    “It was my pleasure.” Maestro Chandy Man said, trying to be as modest as possible.

    “Almost to base, guys!” The pilot Squirtle told his crew. “We just need to pass the Great Barrier Reef and we’ll be at America!”

    “Wow, where did you get your education at...” Maestro Chandy Man asked. “Still, I’m glad we’re almost at NASA HQ! Then I can eat all the flames I want, right?”

    “Yep! For thanks for fixing our ship!” Maestro Chandy Man was glad the Squirtle completely forgot that he was indirectly responsible for destroying the ship as well.

    “ to lounge ‘til we get there...” His lounging, to be predicted, was cut short when a barrage of razor-sharp leaves completely destroyed the window, narrowly missing the scared Squirtle, and all of them hit Maestro Chandy Man in the face.

    “Ouch! What are the odds...” Meister Chandy Man growled. Suddenly, he noticed the familiar texture of the razor-sharp leaves...

    “The Tropius gang!” Maestro Chandy Man roared. Before the four astronauts could even ask, Maestro Chandy Man floated out the broken window and shot a beam of flame at the nearest Tropius. It had only a second to adopt a look of shock before the flamethrower hit it, burst into flames, then fell into the sea. The rest of the Tropius gang growled and each fired a stream of seeds at Maestro Chandy Man.

    Maestro Chandy Man groaned as the seeds hit him and fell onto the top of the space shuttle.

    “Alright up there?” the Squirtle called out.

    “Yes! And I’d appreciate help, ya know!” Maestro Chandy Man called back as he rose from the top of the space shuttle and began firing fireballs at the Tropius.

    “On it!” the space shuttle’s direction drastically changed, flying towards nearby Tropius with water pulses and bullet seeds shooting out the broken window.

    The three Tropius that were injured by the shuttle did not expect it when they were suddenly clipped in the back by a wing. The three weakly retaliated back at the space shuttle with quick seed attacks, but it barely scratched the paint and they fell into the water.

    “Four down, seven to go!” Maestro Chandy Man shot a fireball at the Tropius he thought was the leader who was charging up a light beam to fire at the space shuttle, but another Tropius flew out of nowhere and took the brunt of the damage.

    This confirmed Maestro Chandy Man’s theory that that Tropius was the leader of the gang.

    As soon as he noticed this, the Tropius leader redirected his attack and fired at Maestro Chandy Man instead. The light beam hit Maestro Chandy Man’s flame, barely doing any damage to him.

    “Tropius! Three of you attack the Chandelure, two of you attack the rocket! Go, go, go!” The leading Tropius went to attack the space shuttle, obviously choosing the option he thought was safer for him, while three other Tropius flew up to Maestro Chandy Man and surrounded him. Maestro Chandy Man scoffed.

    “Do you really think surrounding me’s a good idea? I can easily overheat you, you know...” he asked as the three Tropius each fired leafy tornadoes at Maestro Chandy Man.

    He narrowly dodged all three of the tornadoes, causing the tornadoes to accidently hit all three of the Tropius. Maestro Chandy Man quickly finished them off by making the flame on his head bigger, then making the huge flame surround him in a circle and burn all the Tropius. The Overheat attack caused all three of the Tropius to get knocked unconscious and fall into the water.

    Meister Chandy Man grinned, then turned his attention to the space shuttle. Two of the Tropius were flying around the space shuttle, attacking it as much as they could. The third was presumably somewhere in the water of the Great Barrier Reef.

    “I’m coming, guys!” Maestro Chandy Man yelled as he fired a flame towards the Tropius nearest to the extremely damaged space shuttle. The Tropius tried to dodge it, but could not, and fell with a splash to the water.

    “You foolish Chandelure! Defeating our numbers! How dare you!” The Tropius leader shifted his attention from the space shuttle to Maestro Chandy Man with unexpected speed and body slammed him deep into the Great Barrier Reef.

    “N-no...I-I can’t b-b-b-breathe...and my f-flame’s going out...” Maestro Chandy Man gasped as he tried to muster up enough strength to attack the laughing Tropius.

    “No!” Tropius yelled as he made a whirlwind in the water to push Maestro Chandy Man deeper in.

    “N-no...I never thought I...a loved maestro...would die this way...” Maestro Chandy Man said as his vision started to go black and Tropius flew out of the water, laughing heartier than ever.

    “Hah! That’s what he gets for not letting the Tropius Gang into the 26th Yellowstone Concert! How can you not appreciate our talent? And your fighting style is bad too! And that is only a few reasons you suck, Maestro!” The Tropius did an evil laugh and began his speech again as the space shuttle flew nearer and nearer...

    “Space shuttle!” When the space shuttle was centimeters away, he finally realized it was coming nearer and dodged it, though a few leaves were clipped off.

    “How dare you clip my leaves, you fiends! I’ll get you for that and you know it!” Tropius began charging Solar Beam, but he suddenly felt a pain inside of him and felt sleepy as well.

    “Why do I suddenly sleepy...I’m gonna take a” the Tropius closed his eyes and fell asleep, falling onto the reefs of the Great Barrier Reef.

    “Nice Sleep and Poison Powders, Bulbasaur!” the Squirtle gave a thumbs-up to Bulbasaur. “I’ll get the maestro now!”

    * * *

    “Thanks, guys! You saved my life there!” The terribly injured Chandelure said gratefully inside the space shuttle.
    “Ya sure ya don’t need help getting to a hospital?” Squirtle asked. Maestro Chandy Man shook his head.

    “Nah. Land’s right there. And besides, I have unfinished business to attend to...” Maestro Chandy Man said, putting a devious emphasis on unfinished business. “Thanks anyways!”

    The four astronauts waved as Maestro Chandy Man floated out the window. Maestro Chandy Man waited until the space shuttle was merely a speck in the distance and then floated to the Tropius leader.

    “Ah, Tropius gang...what a pain you were, both literally and metaphorically...and now, now...I’ll have my sweet feed my desire for one better to suck the soul out of than a certain gang of species lying unconscious on the water of the Great Barrier Reef, just waiting for me to prey on them...” Maestro Chandy Man smiled deviously as he approached the sleeping leader of the Tropius gang, getting ready to strike...
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    Currently, I have an obsession with the Litwick line's tendency for sucking souls out.
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    *checks mass text message*
    Quote Originally Posted by Wormow View Post
    Hello contestants, and welcome to the tenth season of Pokemon Universe - Family edition. We've had four winners - Tori, Rosso, Dash and Celeste (or originally, Mikaela). Well, one of the winners is back to reclaim his crown as Pokemon Universe, Dash, as Dopey. Last season, Celeste won the competition while being the holder of the Giratina Earrings, meaning he will be joining the competition during the top 6, and will become a huge threat.

    However, before I put everyone into Families, we must eliminate 3 people from the competition, so our total amount of contestants equal 16. We'll begin with a course challenge - one of the few types of challenges in the game. You need to write about on how your Pokemon goes through the places given. The 3 lowest scoring contestants will be immediately eliminated.

    1 - Yellowstone Supervolcano
    2 - Moon
    3 - Great Barrier Reef

    You have 48 hours.
    >.> And so it begins... *flies away to volcano*

    Yellowstone Supervolcano (1)
    OH! Good sir! You must save us!
    Hello there little dude! What's your name? I'm Totoro.
    Nevdermind that! Our lord Volcarona is on a rampage!
    Yes yes! It is true! The volcano is about to erupt!
    Hmm... I have an idea... But i need your help...
    Oh yes sir! We will do whatever you say!
    Great! now, here's the plan... *whisper whisper*
    You guys got it? great! lets go!
    10 minutes later...
    Hello, your lord...
    Yes my lord, I know, I just thought you might want a-
    NO! *bit ch slaps* LEAVE MY PRESENCE AT ONCE! *flushes* NOW GO!
    Yes my lord...
    Hmm... why isn't my toilet working? YOU THERE!
    Yes my lord!
    You called?
    Yes my lord! *uses Surf*
    My lord, I was simply cleaning your plumbing...
    If you say so... I'll just Sufr away then... *Surfs*
    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *is dead*
    Good job destroying those pipes guys! See ya! *flies away*
    12 hours later...
    Hey Al, can ya teleport me to the moon?
    Yea shyoore, one sec. *finds spoons* Ah, heyah we go...

    The Moon (2)
    Umm... I uh...
    אּאּאּאּ!!!!!!!!!! *runs away*
    Gah! Those were my nice shoes!!!
    *gasps* Oh no she did not just... Girl, hold mah earin's!!!
    *Dark Pulse*
    NEEEEEIIIIGH!!!! *Flies away*
    Oh sure, why not? *teleports*

    Great Barrier Reef

    Hello there! You must be Jesus!
    No, I'm an atheist Actually, I am a descendent of the great Lord Vagin-
    Whatever. Can you help us find this one section of the Reef? It looks like this: *holds up picture*
    >.> Since when did guys have-
    OH SH IT WRONG PICTURE!!! *rummages through pocket* Ah, HERE it is. *shows another picture*
    Oh, that reef looks like my ancestor Lord Va-
    Sure it does. Now can you just help us find it?
    Yeah, I'll just swim around here and find it!
    Weeks later...
    It's... not... here...
    *takes off disguise* HAHA BEYOTCH I AM NOT A-
    *also takes off disguise* ╚√√↨₪∫█╩
    GAH! You two! If you want to- wait, how can you breath underwater? I'm a dragon...
    ... Shi- *dead*
    Oh teh noes I'm late for my soap operas!! قם۞۾Ễ۩۝‼ *flies away*
    ... I don't think I'll ever recover from that picture...

    ...woah long post.

    formerly blastoiseboy19
    tumblr - twitter

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        Spoiler:- Prologue:

        Spoiler:- Yellowstone Supervolcano:

        Spoiler:- Da Moon, Yo:

        Spoiler:- Great Barrier Reef:

        Spoiler:- Epilogue:

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    - Dopey

    "Let season ten of Pokemon Universe begin!" The contestants roared with delight at hearing Shaymin's words. All except Dopey, of course. He was feeling rather lethargic, more so than any other day this week. Plus, he really wasn't quite sure what exactly he was doing here. His life had been rather monotonous for the past year or so, and he didn't even remember signing up for this bizarre contest.

    Lost in his thoughts, Dopey didn't even realise the contestants being catapulted across the sky to a...rather interesting sight.

    I - Yellowstone Supervolcano

    Dopey crawled to a large wooden sign that had been erected in front of the muddy mess. "Yellowstone supervolcano," he read. "Some supervolcano this is. It looks more like a mud bath to me." Feeling the need to have a nice refreshing mud bath in a steaming pile of mud, Dopey ran at a lightning-fast speed (well, not really, but it was faster than normal) and leapt into the volcano.

    "Eeeeeyahhhhhhhh!" he screamed. To say the mud was searing hot would be an understatement. It was by far the hottest thing Dopey had ever felt, with the exception of the time Professor had 'accidentally' poured a cup of boiling water on his head. At that moment, the supervolcano began making a deep, rumbling noise, reminiscent of the noise Professor would make when he was about to erupt in fury at Dopey for doing something, well, dopey. The volcano was about to do a different kind of erupting. One that could leave Dopey scarred. Badly.

    Dopey gulped, closed his eyes and began thinking peaceful thoughts. The volcano erupted and Dopey expected to go flying into space or something silly. However, when he opened his eyes, he was still in the mud. A Claydol suddenly appeared next to him, looking furious.

    "I-I-I can explain," Dopey muttered, but it was too late for the Claydol fired a psychic attack at him, hurling him up through the stratosphere.

    II - The Moon

    Dopey landed with a thud on the surface of the moon. It was almost comical. Almost. He stood up and brushed some debris off his back before deciding that he had to get out of here. Fast.

    There aren't many things a Slowpoke like Dopey need to live. Water is one of them, although Dopey can last days without drinking fluids. He's not the Slowpoke with the largest appetite, so food is no big problem for him. However, one thing that Dopey really can't live without is, well, air. It's quite difficult to breathe when you're on a moon with no atmosphere, and without air, Dopey can't concentrate.

    It took Dopey a few minutes to realise that he wasn't actually breathing and he was getting a rather large headache from the lack of air. He began to panic, praying that a psychic-type Pokemon would magically appear and teleport him back to Earth, or attack him and send him flying back home, or anything like that. It had happened before, so why couldn't it happen now?

    So Dopey sat down and waiting to be attacked. He waited. And waited. And waited. But nothing happened. Nobody attacked him. At all. Dopey got up and stretched. It looks like he's going to have to do this the hard way. He closed his eyes, thinking peaceful thoughts, and put all his energy into creating some Psychic-power. It didn't work, though.

    Well, it did, but not in the way Dopey expected.

    He couldn't use Psychic - no surprise there; he'd been trying for years to use the attack on Earth - but when he opened his eyes he saw he was suddenly surrounded by a pack (or a mob, considering their stance) of Beeheeyem. Dopey almost screamed with delight as the Beeheeyem mob shot a ray of teleportation or something at Dopey, sending him plunging into the ocean on Earth.

    III - The Great Barrier Reef

    Dopey broke the surface of the ocean and plunged into the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. Now would be a good time to mention that Dopey, well, has never been able to swim. He's never actually been in a body of water, be it an ocean, river, or bath tub, ever, as well.

    Thankfully, on his way down to the bottom of the ocean, he saw a Corsola standing around doing nothing, as if it were waiting for a Slowpoke who couldn't swim to appear.

    "Hi there! Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef! I'm Coral, how can I help you this fine afternoon? Would you like a pie? Some coral bits? Would you like to watch the footy? Collingwood's going to get annihilated - although I must admit I'm a diehard Essendon supporter myself. Something to drink?" The Corsola seemed to say this all in one breath, which thoroughly astounded Dopey. He tried to signal with his hands that he wanted to go 'up', that is, to the surface.

    "Oh, you want to go to the surface?" Coral asked. Dopey immediately decided that the Corsola wasn't such a bad character after all, and nodded his head. "Sure, let's take the Coral Express," she said, pointing to a train station nearby that Dopey had somehow failed to notice.

    Dopey somehow managed to drift to the train station and looked at the timetable. He couldn't make heads or tails out of the scrawls on the damp piece of paper.

    "Next train's at 4pm!" Coral said, seemingly reading his mind. Dopey glanced at his watch. It was 3:57 pm. Good.

    "Tomorrow, that is."

    Dopey gasped. Tomorrow?

    "You can stay at my place. By the way, don't be afraid to talk hear. You're a sea critter; you can talk underwater, y'know!"

    Dopey opened his mouth to say a word of thanks, but Coral immediately picked him up and literally carried him to her house, where he stayed the night conversing with Coral and watching Geelong annihilate Collingwood, much to Coral's delight as she admitted that she didn't mind who was playing Collingwood, as long as they lost.

    It was with great sadness that Dopey boarded the train headed to the surface the next day, but he was glad nonetheless to go home, and he was glad he's made a new friend.

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    Vivian: LOL. I guess this looks fun.

    1 - Yellowstone Supervolcano

    *appears on volcano*
    *walking along, accidentally steps on Vivian*
    ZAPPPP hehehe
    OWW!!! What was that???
    What are you?
    MMMMM looks like I got myself some fish for dinner! *picks up vivian and brings her to mouth of volcano*
    Camouflage! *transforms into fire type*
    Wow, that fish roasted pretty quickly. Time to use tartar sauce!
    Hehehe, wait, what?
    *Squirts tartar sauce all over Vivian's face*
    Magcargo fainted!!!
    Hmmm, so what I do with this thing now?
    *A mischievous smile slowly creeps across her face*
    MMMMM looks like I got myself some escargot for dinner! Hehehe

    2 - Moon

    *Lands on moon* AHHH WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!?! FLAIL!!!
    *flops around with less gravity, jumps really high*
    Well well, what do we have here?
    Huh? You're one of the last Pokemon I expected to see on the moon.
    What? Did you not see that South Park episode?
    Hey so I was thinking...what's your egg group? You're in one of the water egg groups, right?
    O_O uhh yeah Water 1, why do you ask?
    Ugh damn, so close. I'm Water 2.
    Ummmm why did you want to know that?]
    No reason.
    EXCUSE ME WAILORD YOU BETTER NOT BE CHEATING ON ME AGAIN MISTER >:O Don't make me kick you out of the bed again tonight!!!
    Uh sorry babe I was just sayin' hi...
    ...Wait isn't this the moon? Which is like a giant moon stone?
    Oh sh-
    Oh nooo!!!! I'm soooo old!!!! I will never be pretty enough for my boyfriend now!!! :'(
    You got that right. *looks at Vivian* Now where were we?
    I'm outta here.

    3 - Great Barrier Reef

    *splash* ooh I'm underwater!!!
    Hey Ma'am, you ain't welcome 'round these parts.
    Hey Jimbo, what kinda sorta fish is this?
    I dunno Billy Joe, it's kinda funny lookin'. What do you think, Johnny Boy?
    I reckon Johnny Boy agrees.
    How could you possibly know that?
    O_O *uses swagger*
    koo- kookee? *turns toward Jimbo and Billy Joe* KOOKEE!!!!! >:O

    Hehehe. This coral reef is mine. ^_^
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    Hello contestants, and welcome to your first week here at Pokemon Universe. Based on the challenges, unfortunately, Swimmy, Outrage, Reginold and Rex have all been eliminated from the competition. Try again next season. Now, it's time for on what everyone has been waiting for- the list of families.

    Black Family -

    Red Family -

    White Family -

    Blue Family -

    You've been put into families accordingly. You are to work with them and support them in every way you can. By the end of the competition, there will be a final four, so it's possible that a whole family will make it to the final. This season, the weekly routine will be slightly different then past seasons. We'll start off with a 'Family Contest', a new kind of challenge that will involve one person from each family. The family will decide on who does the contest, and the contest winner will win power for their family. There will then be the challenge, where everyone participates in and the winning family will win a prize. At the end of the week, the Point Meter will take place to see on how many points each individual has gained and the two lowest scoring families will head into elimination. Before elimination though, there will be interviews.

    We'll start off with this week's first Family contest. This contest will involve a quiz and a small challenge. Families, please all nominate one person from your family to participate in this challenge. You have 24 hours.
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    Wormow where am I???
    If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says, ‘If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

    I have returned

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    You're on the white team.

    Pokemon Universe 11 Singles ~ Week 3's challenge is to write about a battle with any other contestant that is participating in the contest. PM Joshua and I.
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    What is this?


    Oh didn't see that
    If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says, ‘If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

    I have returned

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    Dang. Well, at least I still have my shiny.
    *stares at shiny penny*
    Pokemon isn't real, I'm sorry

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    What an unattractive bunch......but family is family. Let's win this group!

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