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    Default Pokemon_Impact: Series 2

    Here it is! The (not-so) long awaited series 2 of Pokemon Impact! For those of you who haven't read the first one yet click on Series 1 link in my sig.

    The rating is PG to PG13

    Episode 1: The request

    Chapter 1:

    A man with silver hair and long purple jacket was walking down a street. He stopped next to a television shop and saw a tall man in black leather clothing on television. The man in black was none other than Black Jack. He was shaking hands with another person half his size, wearing a blue jacket, black gloves and a red hat. That other person’s name was Ash Ketchum. They became Joint Hoenn League champions at that time.

    The man with silver hair smiled in an evil way as he saw Black Jack. “Black Jack…” he said to himself. “He has proven to be very formidable.”

    Six months later, Ash was back in his home region, Kanto, while Black Jack continued travelling around the world.

    Ash and Pikachu were walking towards Cerulean Gym, where Misty, Ash’s girlfriend, had important news for him.

    Six months back after Black Jack and Ash defeated Mane in a high-staked battle, Ash spoke about the battle and confessed his love to Misty.

    She was relieved at that because she also fell in love with him. She was afraid to let him know as she felt that it might ruin their friendship. Sometime later, Ash decided to live at the gym with Misty. His happy mother allowed to him to live, upon agreement that he would sometime visit her to do some cleaning up.

    Ash and Pikachu entered the Cerulean Gym where Misty worked as a successful Gym Leader. Upon entry, they saw Misty, who was wearing a white swimsuit with her hair down. “Hiya, Mist,” he called happily.
    “Pikachupi!” Pikachu cried also being happy.

    But they also noticed a woman dressed in police uniform. “Er… Officer Jenny?”

    Jenny turned round upon hearing. “Ah, Mr. Ketchum,” she said. “I need to speak to you privately.”
    “Can Misty listen to this?” Ash asked, knowing that Misty also wanted to know what’s going on.
    “If she must,” Jenny replied.

    They walked Jenny down to the kitchen. They all sat down by the table and had warm drinks, as Jenny was about to explain things to them.

    “Before I start, Mr. Ketchum,” Jenny asked. “Have you heard of a place called the Orre Region?”
    “Yeah,” Ash replied. “But I don’t know much about it.”
    “The Orre region is dusty and rough place to go to. So rough, that the trainers over there would order their pokemon to attack other trainers. Not many trainers from different regions visit there as it is too dangerous.”

    “That’s terrible!” Misty commented.

    “A year ago,” Jenny continued. “A former criminal and former Team Snagem member known as Wes took down the organisation he once belonged to, including Cipher. But recently, this mysterious new organisation called Team Dark came and stole other trainers’ pokemon and other merchandise. Wes has disappeared but there were evidences that he was trying to find the leader of that organisation.”

    “Wes must be a great trainer to take down an organisation like Team Snagem,” Ash said.

    “Wes wasn’t alone, he was often accompanied by a young girl named Rui,” Jenny continued. “She had this strange ability to identify the pokemon who were being mistreated by their trainers. And then, Wes would use this gadget called the Snagem machine to catch other trainers’ pokemon.”

    “Steal the pokemon from their trainers?” Ash asked. “That’s against the rules of pokemon battling isn’t it? Even if the pokemon are being mistreated?”

    “It is,” Jenny answered. “But since there are a lot of bad trainers over there, we decided to let Wes go so he can treat the pokemon with care.”

    Ash looked back at the time when Charmander, before he evolved into Charizard, joined him because his former trainer never cared about him.

    After remembering that event, he went back to the conversation with Jenny. “So, what can I do to help?” he asked.

    “We need you and the selected members of our team to help us find Wes and his accomplice, Rui and help them defeat Team Dark,” Jenny said.

    “But if Wes is good enough to take down Team Snagem, I’m totally sure that he would take down this organisation by himself,” Ash said.

    “I’m afraid not, the entire police force of that region were using their pokemon to take down the leader but his pokemon beaten ours easily and got away with it without a scratch. I get a feeling that Wes wouldn’t be able to beat him alone.”

    Ash looked down on the table. He had reasons to go to the Orre region: a whole new adventure, a whole new challenge, a whole new experience, etc.

    But then again he had this doubt in mind, what if this leader of Team Dark is unbeatable? No, he can’t think that way, this is not the way Ash Ketchum thinks!

    “So, Mr. Ketchum,” she continued. “If you will come with me, you will meet the trainers that are also suitable for this job.”
    “Alright!” Ash said excitedly. “I’ll go!”

    “Pika!” Pikachu cried happily.

    “Great!” Jenny replied. “We can leave for Vermillion City right away and we’ll leave for the Orre Region tomorrow.”

    “Now, wait a minute!” Misty demanded. “If Ash is going, I’m going too!”

    “I’m sorry, ma’am,” Jenny said. “But this mission is highly too dangerous for you to come.”

    “I’ll go,” Ash answered. “But only if I can take Misty with me.”

    Jenny became stunned at what Ash said. Judging by the look on her face, she wasn’t lying when she mentioned that the Orre region was a dangerous place. Then she changed her expression to being calm. “Alright,” she said. “But the safety of your friend will be your responsibility.”

    “Thank you, officer Jenny,” Ash said. “I just need to make a call to some people first.”

    Ash called Prof. Oak on the videophone. “Hi, Prof. Oak,” he said. Prof. Oak was a researcher on pokemon. Since the beginning of Ash’s pokemon journey.

    “Oh! Ash!” Prof. Oak replied in an interested tone. “How are things?”

    “Everything’s fine. Only I have something new to do.”

    “Oh? What is that?” Prof. Oak asked, wanting to know.

    “I’m going on a mission in the Orre Region.”

    Prof. Oak became shocked and startled at Ash’s announcement. “Ash! A mission in the Orre Region!?”

    “Something wrong, Professor?” Ash asked.

    “Of course there is!” the professor said in protest. “The Orre region is a rough place and the trainers over there would often command their pokemon to attack humans!”

    “I know, Officer Jenny told me about it. Why are you so nervous about it?”

    “I’ve been there before, doing some research about the pokemon’s habitats. But the pokemon over there were very rough, so I had to cancel my project. By the way, what’s the mission?”

    Ash explained everything what Officer Jenny told him: The situation happening in the Orre region, the mysterious new criminal organisation Team Dark, the disappearance of Wes and Rui, etc.

    “Team Dark? They sound quite mysterious and dangerous…” Prof. Oak said as he placed his finger on his chin. “But on the other hand, you did become Hoenn and Orange League champion, and you and Black Jack also took down that Team Missile base. By the way, is there a chance that he would be joining you on your mission?”

    “I don’t know, Professor,” Ash replied, wondering what he was up to recently.

    “Well, since you’re to team up with other trainers, then I see no problem letting you go on your new journey.”

    “Thanks, Professor,” Ash said in a determined tone.

    “What pokemon have you got with you?”

    “I got Sceptile, Swellow, Crawdaunt, Torkoal, Snorlax, Meganium and Pikachu.”

    Pikachu leapt on Ash’s shoulder. “Pika!” he squealed happily.

    “Well, you got a fine choice of pokemon there. But if you feel the need to change you’re pokemon, then don’t be afraid to contact me.”

    “Thanks again, Porfessor.”

    “Good luck, Ash.”

    They both hung up the phone. Ash decided to call one of his best friends, Brock. He called him up via videophone. Brock answered the phone.

    “Hey there, Brocko!” Ash said happily.

    Ash and Brock had been best friends for years. During their travels, along with Misty, Brock was always the ‘big brother’ of the group. Usually, when Ash and Misty argue, Brock was always there to calm them down.

    “Hey, Ash,” Brock replied. “What’s up?”

    “A certain someone wants me to go on a mission to the Orre region.”

    “The Orre region? You don’t mean that rough place, do ya?”

    “I do.”

    “Ash, shouldn’t you at least think about this before going to that place on your own?”

    “I won’t be on my own, Brock. Misty is coming. You can come too if you want.”

    “Well, I’m not going to let two of my best friends get in trouble. So I might as well come, maybe I’ll learn a few things over there. Just one question, who is this ‘certain someone’ you’re talking about?”

    Ash rolled his eyes backwards as he let out a small sigh and smiled. “Officer Jenny,” he answered. “And she’s coming too.”

    “I’m definitely there!” Brock said quickly and excitedly. “I’m leaving right away!”

    Ash always knew that pretty girls were Brock’s weak spot, he just can’t say no to them.

    “Hold on, Brock,” Ash said. “You don’t have to leave. Just get yourself ready and another officer will be there to collect you later.”

    Brock tried to calm down. “All right, Ash,” he said. “See when you get there.”

    “See you later, Brock.”

    They both hanged up. “Now my mom,” Ash sighed as he dialled his home number, knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy talking to her about this.

    A woman in a pink-buttoned shirt answered the call. The woman was none other than Delia, Ash’s mother.

    “Hi, mom!” Ash said.

    “Ash!” her mother shouted, scaring her son. “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “Oh, Prof. Oak told you about it, didn’t he?” Ash said in realisation.

    “Yes! If you’re going to that place then I’m going with you!!” Delia demanded.

    “Mom, it’s going to be okay, I’ll be fine. I’ll have friends with me. Besides, I got into bigger troubles than this.”

    Looking at Ash’s assuring eyes, Delia gave up demanding and smiled. “All right, Ash,” she said. “Just remember to brush your teeth every morning and night, don’t eat too much otherwise you’ll get a stomach ache, don’t forget to pack bandages and plasters and…”

    Ash had an anime sweat drop on the back of his head while listening to his mother’s rulings. “Aw…” he thought to himself embarrassingly. Sometime after Delia made a few rules, they both said their goodbyes and hanged up.

    Officer Jenny walked up behind Ash. “Found anyone yet?” she asked.

    “Yep,” Ash said. “Brock will do.”

    “Good, I’ll send out one of my colleagues to collect him right away. I suggest that you pack your things before leaving.”

    Ash headed off to his room and started packing. He looked happily at Pikachu. “Ready, Pikachu?” Ash asked in a determined tone.

    “Pika!” Pikachu cried in a determined tone as he clenched his small paws.
    More coming! Reviews please!
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