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Thread: Battle-Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! (711)

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    In short, this episode can be described as follows:
    My sides are in orbit!

    I chuckled when Elesa said "Zebstrika, you look beautiful even when covered with mud!"

    "But I wanted to win the match with just you (Palpitoed)!"
    Well, you know what? Tough cheese! Life is unfair!

    Then wen he just runs out to get a different Pokemon, and no one stopped him, I was like "Wait, what is happening right now?!" I was that confused.

    And finally:
    "Doesn't Ash know Attract won't work between girls!?"
    Well, this is a kids show, so, of course it doesn't.

    I usually don't do this with episodes, but:

    10/10 would lel again.

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    I don't know.


    To be honest it's pretty stupid that Attract doesn't work for both genders at least IMO.

    Anyway... this gym battle was really bad. First Ash wants to win the entire battle with only Palpitoad, then he forgets Snivy is a girl, and then Pikachu stars in the gym once again when he really didn't need to. I don't know if this is an attempt to redeem him for losing against Excadrill or something, but it really made Snivy look bad.

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    that tynamo was insanely.utterly and devastatingly awesome

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    This episode is an embarrassment to both Ash and gym battles. Ok lets beat all of her pokemon with only Palpitoad. Palpitoad is eliminated?!? Thats not good, I don't have any other pokemon with me. Trolololol. YOU IDIOT!!! Ash should have been DQ after that in my opinion. I feel so sorry for Elesa. She had to deal with a pretty pathetic "veteran" trainer like Ash.

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