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Thread: Entertainment Guidelines 2011-2013

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    Default Entertainment Guidelines 2011-2013

    Just a fresh rehash, folks.

    1) Don't make polls here. The Polls section is still the place for all your simple questions. If you make a thread here and it gets moved to Polls, feel free to assume your thread was a poll.

    2) There's a sticky for Favorite bands/artists/genres. Use it.

    3) No threads for specific bands or musical artists. More on that from JoshYEAH:

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshYEAH View Post
    Concerning threads relative to music.

    Still not gonna deal with a thread for every God damn band out there but we will be a bit more lenient due to the fact that there was no real discussion in the generalised thread that we had originally. Instead things are going to work sort of like the "Metalheads, anybody?" thread.

    To put it simply feel free to make a thread discussing music genres, but for single bands you're still not getting any dice. There's a sticky if you want to list your favourite bands, but make sure you read the rules before posting.
    4) You can bump these genre threads. Hear that? Don't bother making a new one if the current Pop or Metal or whatever thread goes past the 30-day mark. These genre threads are now bumpable. We'll provide you links to them here, for your convenience.

    Pop Music
    Metal Music
    Asian Pop Music?
    Hip Hop Music
    Rock Music
    Post-Rock Music
    Christian/Religious Music
    Folk Music
    Electronic music

    (If you have a genre thread not listed here, PM a misc staff member the link and we'll add it in.)
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