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Thread: legend of arceus!

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    Default legend of arceus!

    chapter 1
    pikachu sat on the long green grass. the warm sun beated down on her fur as the cool breeze swiftly flew by. she smiled. "hey why are we stopping here?" she looked up to see her hyper friend, Charmander . "it's a lovely day, charmander. do we really need to rush?" she frowned. "yeah to get to the next city." he said. pikachu sighed. charmander stood still
    trying to not dash on ahead. pikachu stood up "you dont get a day like this..." very rare...."thank arceus that it's a good day! or it would be raining!"she snapped "i know how much you dislike rain, buddy." " arceus isn't real you know..." he said walking on ahead with a smug look on his face "you should know that by now..." "yeah yeah whatever!" pikachu said, her face screwed up. he'll see. one day. arceus is real. the strongest pokemon who is said to of created the world and pikachu belived it! "the town's close to here!" charmander said happily "we're beat the leader of the city, get the badge and move on to the next city, right, simple isn't it? you and me, we'll win!" charmander turned to face her. "huh?" she said. "we'll going to pass through this region with no worries! like i said, you and me, we have no fear!" he smiled "forget about theese silly arceus arguments and we will pass the pokemon league without worries! team work!" "sure!" pikachu smiled. "great!" charmander said. to meet arceus was pikachu's main goal!
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    Please read the Fan Fiction Rules before you post here. Each chapter should needs to have proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing and so on, must be written on Microsoft Word, and each chapter must be at least two pages long on the program. As a result, I'm closing this. Please be sure to read the rules before posting again.


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