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        Spoiler:- Author's Notes:

    Chapter 20: Break Before the Big Boys

    At 10 p.m the following night, a chunky and red colored gentlemen has taken his apprentice’s simple two wheeled form of transportation without permission. In other words… a fat guy stole someone else’s bike. “Seriously doc! You need to stop!”

    “Never!” Hitmonchan was chasing Throh on his bicycle, while still in his pink jumpsuit. They passed by the Scraggy and Scrafty’s house who videotaped them the last time Hitmonchan chased his coach for his bike. When the Scraggy saw the two traveling outside his window, he called his father immediately.

    “DADDY! DADDY! Hey daddy!” The Scraggy pointed to the two on the road as the Scrafty approached. “There’s those two again! Can we video tape them again?”

    “You don’t have to tell me twice. We’ve already go 40,000 views on that video, why not again?” Scrafty flipped the switch of the video camera on and started the recording.


    “Hey Hitmonchan! Do you think it’s possible to eat chocolate while cycling? I’m gonna try!”

    “No! Don’t wreck my bicycle!” Hitmonchan looked around for a quicker way of transportation, and saw a Prinplup holding a knapsack riding a scooter. “Hey dude, could I borrow your scooter for a bit? I’ll give it back.”

    “Sure, I don’t need it anymore-“

    “Thanks!” Hitmonchan unintentionally knocked Prinplup off while jumping on. As he continued on, the knapsack the Prinplup was carrying fell to the ground, revealing a ton of Pokédollars! The Prinplup also transformed into a Ditto! Before he could recollect them, a police Arcanine noticed him and charged up to him.

    “Excuse me, civilian. I see you have a lot of Pokédollars there. Do you know anything about the recent robbery just down the street?”

    “Well… uh…”

    “Wait! You’re a Ditto! Are you the nefarious and most wanted Ditto thief, who most nickname Morph Riffraff?”


    “Hmm… I need to check, so you’ll need to come with me to the police department.” The Arcanine bit the Ditto to flinch it, and dragged it away.

    “That was my lucky break to strike it big… That Hitmonchan ruined it…” The Ditto thought, not willing to reveal his disguise as Morph Riffraff.


    Hitmonchan managed to stop Throh from destroying his bike, and the scooter helped him speed up to him before they reached the lake. The angry Fighting type was giving the other one a pep talk while in the UU Circuit Locker Room. “Seriously, I may need to put a restraining order on my bike if you keep doing that.”

    “But cycling is so dang fun! Enough of that, where do you want to eat tonight?”

    “Why not Sudoplantation? It was where we first met, after all.”


    A certain Pokémon from nearby heard “Sudoplantation” and ran to the two faster than Roselia could. “Did someone say Sudoplantation?!”

    “Hi, Chansey. Yeah, we did.”

    “I LOVE that place! It’s in my top 20 favorite restaurants of all time! Mind if I tag along later?”

    “Uh, well…”

    “I’ll pay my part of the bill.”

    “Sure!” Throh blurted out. Hitmonchan trusted his coach very well, but couldn’t help but think he was a bit greedy…


    “Welcome to Sudoplantation.” A Linoone waiter greeted Hitmonchan, Throh, and Chansey as they entered the restaurant. “How big is your party today?”

    “Party of three, please.”

    “Right this way.” Once the three were directed to a booth and ordered drinks, a conversation began while they were peeking at the menu.

    “So Hitmonchan, I heard you became the Under Used champ! I used to be at that level once, and met those in the Over Used Circuit.”

    “Really? Do you know who is there?”

    “Well, the first thing I noticed is that besides yourself, no one pays attention to you when you first enter. No one greets you, nothing. You have to make your own friends and enemies there.”

    “It’s true!” Throh added his two cents to the conversation. “You need to earn their respect or be the one to ask.”

    “Okay, so who did you actually see there?”

    “Hmm… This was a long time ago, so the roster has definitely changed by now. There’s this enormous Gyarados- you can’t miss it! It takes every bit of your attention away!”

    Hitmonchan gulped in worry; he had very bad memories with the Gyarados species. “Guh… Gyarados?”

    “Hello there!” A waiter Simisage waltzed right up to the booth with their drinks. “I’m Simisage and I’ll be your waiter for tonight. What would you like to order?”


    After ordering, the conversation continued. “What were we talking about? Oh yes, Gyarados. I think they had to enlarge the ring just to fit him in. He didn’t really talk to me; he always seemed to have other things in mind. Kadabra was below me at the time, and even Dewott was there for a bit. There was also this scary Rampardos…” Doc Throh jerked for a bit, looking rather worried.

    “What’s wrong, Throh?”

    “Uh… Nothing. Just really hungry! Go on!”

    “Hee hee! I’m always like that when I’m hungry. I believe I saw Ludicolo in the OU Circuit as well, and when I asked, Lilligant said he was pretty high up! He must’ve gone on quite a losing streak to get back down to the UU Circuit.”

    “Gee, how’d a handful of the Pokémon in the CPFA get to be in the OU Circuit? Who was there to stay in the RU and UU ones? ”

    “I dunno. So then there was this guy who was super scary; he looked like he could give any baby Pokémon nightmares- Tyranitar.”

    “Ah, I remember him from back in the day.” Doc Throh started reminiscing as his past days as a fighter. “I remember seeing him in the gym way before he actually became a fighter.”

    “Ty… Tyranitar? Sounds more like a war general to me.”

    “And then there’s Machamp… Oh… Super Macho Machamp… He’s just amazing.” Chansey seemed to drift off and daydream as she was speaking. “No matter what he’s doing, whether it’s speaking, fighting, or even walking, it seems like he’s always using Attract! In a feast built for a queen, Machamp would be the whole side of beef!” Hitmonchan and Throh turned to each other, both looking mildly disgusted, and turned back.

    “Uh… Chansey? How old are you again?”

    “37, why?”

    Before Hitmonchan could respond, the Simisage waiter arrived with their meals. “Alright, who ordered the four Sudowoodo Specials with added Ketchup?”

    Chansey raised her left, stubby arm. “That would be me. I think I’m going to evolve soon; I need all the food I can eat!”
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