Just in case you haven't, make sure you've read Chapter 37! Some important facts of knowledge are in there!
Don't worry, I read it so I'm all up to date. Lopunny seems like a mean girl for rubbing it in poor Lilligant's face! I like how supportive she is of her boyfriend, though. Through thick and thin.

In the epic rematch of the century, Hitmonchan vs. Furret, the Fighting type seemingly had the champion in an inifinite lock with Sky Uppercut. As he uppercutted, he smacked the Normal type’s head several times, knocked him aside for a star, hit him with another Sky Uppercut, and repeated.

“Oh! Ai, ooh, ack! Oh!”

“SKY UPPERCUT!” Hitmonchan launched the Normal type several yards into the air once again, in what seemed to be slow motion, and Furret landed on the floor dazed.

Quickest.Knockout.Ever. Awesome and hilarious at the same time!

And poor Lilligant, didn't get her flashbacks in this chapter! Maybe next time...

Loved the chapter and Throh as usual.