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Favorite Breakdown?

Damon Gant's. His volcanic eruption(s) was hilarious. Not to mention he claps like a psycho..
I like all of them, but his made me laugh everytime.

What are your favorite cases?

Hmm.. This is a very tough decision, it would have to be the last case of Trials and Tribulations, Reunion and Turnabout.. I think. It tied up all the loose ends, and it was a BIG case. And humorous. Especially enjoyed playing as Edgeworth.

Who are your most/least favorite characters?

I liked/loved Phoenix, L(H)arry, Edgeworth, Pearl, Ema, Gumshoe, Godot, Franziska, Mia, Klavier, Apollo and Trucy.
I disliked/hated Redd White, Manfred von Karma, Damon Gant, Hotti, Innie Meenie/Mimi, Morgan Fey, Dahlia Hawthorne, Oldbag.

My Question :

Favorite Objection Voice?

Definitely Phoenix and Edgeworth for me. Apollo and Klavier too.
Payne had the most annoying. And Kristoph's one was weird.

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