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Thread: The Ace Attorney Club

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    Welcome to the club, Raguna. You and your claim have been added to the first post. I hope you have fun and enjoy your time here.

    And I just realised this club has now reached 30 members, woo hoo!
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    Thanks a lot!

    Quote Originally Posted by lovetheangelshadow View Post
    And in slightly random questioning:
    Has anyone listened to Turnabout Jazz?
    I did. That album was awesome! Jazz music in general is pretty awesome, but when they throw the music from AA on it... It's just awesome!
    There was also the Orchestra album with AA music. That was also really good. Turnabout Sisters sounded beautiful on the orchestra arrangement!
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    :O Noooo, don't let this club die *uses Max Revive*

    On-topic: I haven't heard any of the songs on Turnabout Jazz, I don't think. Although I do like a little bit of jazz music, so I might have to give it a listen when I can. Does anyone have a direct link to where I can get some of the tracks?

    EDIT: Also, there is this recently-released Ace Attorney book that I desperately want my hands on. It is the GS1-3 Music Book for Piano (as it is called on Court Records). Details are here:

    I would really love a copy for my collection, especially now that I have actually been debating whether or not to get back into playing the piano again and this book would be a good excuse to go ahead with it. Although the book is in Japanese, it really doesn't matter since the most important part is the manuscript and I can read sheet music perfectly fine. Unfortunately, I cannot understand Japanese at all, so finding a vendor that sells it AND one that ships to the UK is difficult to say the least.
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    This won't die. Never.

    Honestly saying, I forgot about this :S

    I love the graphics of Gyakuten Saiban 5. So cool.
    Any older characters beside the Judge confirmed?

    C'mon people.

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    Thank you for the memories, Bleach Club

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