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    Default RMT Archive Nominations

    Archive can be found here.

    As the title suggests, this is where you can state your case for why a certain team should be accepted into the RMT Archive. If you are not aware, an RMT Archive is meant to showcase teams that have consistenly competed at a high level and portray particular aspects of the metagame at a specific point in time. Some of these aspects we will be taking into consideration include whether the team perfected a certain playstyle and/or strategy, popularized a certain pokemon / set, or displays criteria that we deem as helpful to the serebii community.


    • Do not nominate your own team(s). This often leads to biased opinions, and we want to keep away from that as much as possible. If you feel your team is good enough, it will be nominated by someone else who agrees with you, simple as that.

    • Do not bandwagon. One good post explaining why a team should be archived is enough. No future posts further hyping up a team are needed and just lead to a cluttered thread.

    • Do not post explaining why a team should not be archived or to argue over an existing nomination. This is simply not needed as in the end it's up to the mods to make a final decision on the matter and again, it just clutters up the thread.

    • Use this format when posting a nomination:

    Team: (hyperlink the actual team here)

    Justification: (thoroughly explain why the team should be archived)

    Teams for nominations can be found here:
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen
    4th gen
    5th gen

    Current Nominations:
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