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    Post The Authors' Profiles

    The Authors’ Profile
    This was approved by the Fan-Fic Moderator, Dragonfree. Here, authors can post their own profiles about writing. That way, it would be much easier for authors to post what stories they have out, and give out writing tips to their reviewers. Also, they could really go technical and post great comments about their story to attract more reviewers. Well, when doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

    Name: Your username, but real names can be placed here.

    Age: Your current age

    Strong Areas: Your strong areas in writing; for example, you could list that you are good in length, plots, and descriptions.

    Type Of Writing: Your favorite types of writing you like to write; for example, you might like to write Romance, Humor, or Fantasy stories.

    Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.

    Current Stories: List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional. For stories, list rating, star-vote counts, genre, ect.

    [OPTIONAL] Future Stories: List all of your future stories that will come out. Summaries are optional, but recommended.

    Writing Tips: Here, give a few useful tips that can help new authors that are inspired. With all of our combined tips, it could really help many people. The tips could even help yourself.

    Well, with that said, I’ll set an example by submitting my profile first.

    Name: Serpent Syra (AKA Syra, Sy, Ry, or 'Rawr')

    Age: Fourteen

    Strong Areas: A few of my strong areas in writing are definitely descriptions and plot. I love to describe everything that happens, which can create vivid scenes and juicy paragraphs. My abilities of description come from my complex mind, since I sometimes visualize things in a different world, a different type of way. I love to create my own worlds with lots of beautiful things and items that'll grab interest, and that's partially where my description talent comes from. My plots always seen to twist and turn my readers, usually because I develop cliffhangers and roadblocks, which means that the plot could be turning into something different when it actually isn't.

    Type Of Writing: I am a complete Fantasy Writer, since basically all of my writing tends to fall in that category. I am starting to develop reasonable skills in the Dark Romance department, in which I'll be experimenting with throughout my upcoming years of Pokemon writing. Also, I'm a lover of writing Action Fanfictions, Origin Fanfictions [like how Pokemon started out], and then there are Documentary Fanfiction, as in like Animal Planet specials and such converted in the Pokemon Version. However, you'll be finding a sum of Fantasy pieces and Action fanfictions from me, so prepare for magical adventures, violence, and beautiful new worlds.

    Type Of Characters: I love to write dark characters, now that I have been magically touched by the personality of Lucy. I also love to write about two characters developing a hardcore relationship with magical twists, loss, and scenes that'll blow your minds, wondering if they are still together or not. Pokemon Rangers seem to be quite excellent for me to write about as well, and Pokemon Trainers are definitely one. Outside of Pokemon, I love to write about characters who are underclassed or vagrants, as well as safeguards, protectors, kings, queens, royalty families, and guardians.


    [CURRENT PROGRESS: Chapten Ten]

    “The adventure of a lifetime, accompanied by sheer chaos, deranged legendaries, and the complex universe of the Slinx Insanity Virus. Soon, there will be a Horizon with No Dawn.”

    Shadow Beauty

    “When people look into my eyes, they see a stronghearted beast. However, when I look at my reflection, I see an atrocious being that does not deserve the Gift of Life.”

    The Fairy-Tale Sea

    “They say that around the world of legendaries lay an ultimate fairy-tale around an angel who tried to capture one before. However, what Life has to offer now must pay revenge on the rule-breaker.”

    Eternity's Prison

    “When a warrior takes the life of his own kind, he suffers greatly. With one choice by the legendary known as Latios, shall he be released and die or drown in eternal pain, locked in eternity's prison?”


    [COMING SUMMER 2006]

    “Freedom is a blessing from Heaven, a gift that leaves many in infinite happiness. However, when on the brink of death, sometimes, the greatest feeling is giving up what you have greatly cherished.”


    “The Gods of the End promised they would end life as fast as they created it, only when the balance was broken. Together, Mew and Mewtwo will destroy the earth, and search until the end of time.”


    “Lies, happiness, battles, pressure, blood, sweat, and tears - all will bestuck to the Spiderweb of Life, forever cherished, no matter the outcomes. Come and soar on the wings that hold the memories.”

    [COMING SUMMER 2006]

    “Adventure through the land of Kanto, when the shinies were about to be sacrificed. Legendaries have gathered and are ready to exterminate the beasts. The Shining Tempest Legacy is about to begin.”


    “Deep within the jungles of Galabonia lies a terrorizing assassin organization known as the Jade Clovers. They fight, they kill, and they win. Live the tale of two assassins as they fight for vengeance.”

    Writing Tips: Try using a Thesaurus to replace smaller words with more vivid words. It will make your writing seem more unique, and will have a rather better taste to it. For example, instead of using 'sad' in a sentence, try using gloomy, depressing, cheerless, poignant, or distressing. For 'happy', you could use content, joyful, cheerful, jovial, ecstatic, or even the phrase 'on cloud nine'. Trust me, a Thesauruses give the best synonyms for words. But do not rely solely on the Thesaurus. Make sure the synonym is being used correctly, for their have similar meanings towards one another, not the exact same meaning.

    Make a handy pocket Dictionary come to good use to double-check the words, making sure they fit the sentence and the message you are trying to give, whether it is an action or a descriptive paragraph. And make sure to give your characters life, and place them into an original plot and setting. And look what the result is -- a true fanfiction.
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