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Thread: The Authors' Profiles

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    Name: WaterTrainer243, SulliMike23, SullyMike23, or just Mike
    Age: 18 (I turn 19 March 11,)
    Strong Areas: Length, plot, spelling, somtimes even grammar.
    Type Of Writing: Romance, Drama, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Military
    Type Of Characters: Usually I can make up my own characters based off my personality as well as my real life.
    Current Stories: The Little Mermaid: Pokemon Style, The Terminator: Pokemon Style, Curse of Fate, plus many more on and
    [OPTIONAL]Future Stories: None yet.
    Writing Tips: none available.
    Also known as SulliMike23, SullyMike23, and Sullimon311

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    Where the ice forms


    Name: Dias
    Age: 18

    Type of Writing: Fantasy, Horror, Non-Pokemon

    Strong Areas: Description, I would think. That is at least my favorite part of writing, reinforced by a strong vocabulary and my love of words. I suppose plot as well, as I usually delve deeply into its structuralization, oftentimes building bridges that may not even be crossed in the course of the story. I usually create histories and characters and places and events that have happened before the story (which may or may not even be mentioned in the writing) to make the world more real in my own mind. I've been told I have good flow, but that is rather subjective.

    Weak Areas: Planning. I usually have in my mind points A, B, and C, sometimes find myself at a loss to fill in the gaps between those points. I also am not particularly known for the use of a lot of dialogue. My characters tend to have a lot of inner monologues, and I believe more can be said through an expression or an action than a spoken word.

    Type Of Characters: Though I write characters of myriad 'types,' as it were, I suppose my favorites will always be the ones plagued with mental dilemmas. I find myself writing psychopaths, sociopaths, or flat-out psychologically defective characters with labyrinths of twisted thoughs and behaviors. Other than that characters may just have inner-conflicts which generally come to be more challenging than the main conflict of the story. I detest writing characters that are continuously happy, bubbly, et cetera. They annoy me in real life and do so in ficticious realms.

    Current Stories:

    Codex Anathema
    Final Fantasy Tactics

    'After defeating the group of demons known as the Lucavi and preventing their plot from casting dark dominion over Ivalice, Ramza Beoulve, now a king, finds himself without purpose. With religious and political reformation swelling around him, the noble feels lost in the ebb of time. All soon changes when an unidentifiable being steals the Zodiac Stones, the instruments of the Lucavi, from his castle and begins to raise those Ramza had slain...

    Now the young king must reclaim them once again, but all is not as it seems. Plots even more diabolical then before are set in motion, and Ivalice is no longer the target. Ramza must also resist the allure of Hell, the promises of power, and defeat his own demons that hunger to take control..

    So begins the War of the Forsaken.'

    Future Stories:

    None yet planned.

    Writing Tips: Use a thesaurus.
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    Name: Wondrous Sableye(Wondrous, Sableye, WonSab, Kevin)
    Age: In 9 days I will be 13.5
    Strong Areas: I wouldn't really know, I haven't yet posted more than a prologue…though I guess I have the vocabulary down pat. I'd probably suck at making my own plot, though, I come up with stuff on the spot, I don't write an entire chapter without editing through the first bits, then PMing the first draft to a couple friends, maybe asking an expert opinion.
    Type of Writing: I'm capable of writing sugar-laden stuff, but I very well could end up vomiting the contents of my rib cage out…I prefer to write stuff that has a half-light/half-dark tone, a "twilight fic," if you will, a fic with more than its share of tragedy and woe, counterbalanced with a handful of happy moments scattered throughout the story. A pinch of humor and satire doesn't hurt, either.
    Type of Characters: When I create a character, I typically pour what I'm feeling at the moment into the character. If it's a pre-existant character, I simply add those feelings to their normal persona.

    Current Works: ^.^;Ehehe… NONE… Would ya believe it?

    Future Works:

    Brooding Silence, Breaking Dawn(tentative title)
    A Soul Calibur II fic I'm working on. The preview is a couple pages back, with the prologue, from the viewpoint of Soul Edge.
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    At least they're great for surfing.
    lol, applicability.

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    Name:Dilasc... just dont ask why. Its random.

    Age:19 with the mindset of true enigmatic understandings

    Strong Points

    Vocabulary with a fluent, if not spiteful and sarcastic tongue that comes from a life of knowing drama.

    Description, for according to my reviewers as scarce as they are, for every scene is colorful.
    Characters, for we are not cookie cutter characters, we are all unique!

    Opening scenes as every actor, salesman, government weeniehead, etc. knows that something that starts nicely is good. Drama, refer to my acting.

    Humor is something I hopefully have, but I think I do in some sadistic, sarcastic and parodizing way, with many jokes abound. 1337 +V anyone, channel 1337, and teh pwn! Am r0XX0r3st ch@nn31 evar!!111 LOL n00b!

    Ideas to Plug is always good for backup. If you ever need them, they're stored in that cluttered yet empty warehouse in your peanut sized brain, and there it is! Story maintainer, or even a filler if it needbe!

    Weak Points, for even I have them, I'll admit without shame.

    Competition is a problem. Perhaps it is the wrong word, but I have to deal with loonies, noobies, and experts who draw all the attention away from me. At least my small crowd has been useful. I guess thats good.

    Timeliness is a weakpoint. Its been a few months since last update. Blame college, blame MMORPGs, but dont hate me! Still read!

    Motivation is fading. C'mon people, read, tell me what ya think, would ya? Im beginning to feel forsaken and unwanted.

    Types of Characters: Well, as I said, there is no character who is anyone's carbon copy, nor a Mary Screwball. Most characters tend to be realistic with a sense of dramatic anger, or sadness only emphasized to tune you in that there's realistic. Even the pokemon are unique, for there's a patient totodile with a sense of guilt, a cowardly Spinarak who seeks only to eat and fulfill primal, male urges. By human standards, rape and then eat other bugs, usually female and smaller. There's more, but Ill stop spoiling.

    Current Stories:

    Better and Tougher, the Real Adventures isa piece of garbage I made on and it sucks! Its long, with nearly 50 chapters of work, yet its bogus!

    Dust to Deceit! Now here we got something good, if not a bit neglected and underappreciated. I can tell you tons of advertisemental bull, but Im not into capitalism, so just read and see fior yourself if you want it, eh? Please?!

    Tips: Read the works of those with experience at writing good, dare I say such as myself, but I refer this to noobies anyway. Trust me, I learned from watching those who knew, and I copied and applied. It's not plagerism because there are many applications of styles I use, but my work is my own!

    Speak it before you type it. If it sounds good orally, then it'll look good on paper. I'd want to be able to take your story, print it up, and read it to people with all the dramatic emphasis I use and have it make sense, and flow like a bladder ready to empty!

    Description is a hearty tool! Use it, tell us what people are doing. Dont go overboard, but what monotone lame-arse characters do you goons spew up! Seriously, give them life, because I'll tell you that your characters must have stiff backs after all their standing around. Descripion gives a sense of drama, passion, and feeling. These things draw readers, ya dig?

    Mix copper and tin. If you do, you'll get bronze, and you can remove the impurities from... wait a sec, wrong tip! My bad!

    Future Works: Uh.... I have uh, something! Anyways, MOVING ON!
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    Well, here I go.

    Name: I'm known as Charlemange, Lakayal, or SC. You here can call me Chuck. =P
    Age: 14
    Strong Areas: Jeez, I have no clue. I think I'm good at action scenes- I love the emotion, the fast-paced feeling. I think it's true that if you enjoy what you're writing, it ends out being so much better.
    Type Of Writing: Angst. High-tension, slightly violent stories, sort of show the edgier side of things, with a wide range of different types of personalities.
    Type Of Characters: I actually enjoy most to write characters together with totally clashing personalities. It's just fun. I think, though, that I'm best at light-hearted characters.
    Current Stories: Right now, I'm working on Red Moon

    Red Moon is a story whose plot takes tons of unexpected turns, though, these turns could be predicted if you 'read the signs', per se.

    Basically, the story begins when 15-year-old Enya Red is tossed into alliance with an underground 'terrorits' operation. Thier opponents are the wildly popular SUN polotical party, a productive idealist group with a hidden agenda.

    What does it have to do with Pokemon? Hmm, well, Pokemon are essential to the hidden plot.

    Writing Tips:

    -If you don't like your story, don't write it. But, that doesn't mean if you get writers' block, you can drop it.

    -In the real world, there are no "good guys" andf "bad guys"; just people with conflicting motives, beliefs, and morals. To write a believable story, this is essential.

    -Not all Sneasels are bloodthirsty; not all Pikachus are friendly, not all Squirtles are stubborn. Just because they're that way in the TV show doesn't mean they have to be in your fic.

    ...yeah, so, there's me, in a nutshell. =/


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    Dunna why I never noticed this thread before.

    Name: Iveechan; Katelyn

    Age: 20

    Strong Areas: Characters, action scenes, emotions (like being successful with description of fear and rage). To elaborate on characters, I'm pretty good at making them memorable and identifiable. It's hard to describe.

    Type Of Writing: I don't write often but I have a few genres under my belt; humor, horror/mystery, angst, action, and adventure. Humor and adventure are funnest to write, though horror and angst has its merits.

    Type Of Characters: Characters are just fun. In humor I go to extremes, like making one character angry a lot and another sensitive and so on. I tend to be better at naive characters, probably because I'm pretty naive myself.

    Current Stories: Guilty By Design (unfinished), Wild Side of Bruno (finished), escape from Jynx (finished but open-ended), Outside Looking In (finished but open-ended), Ballad of the Bone Daddies (unfinished, Nightmare Before Christmas), Guide to Ruby and Sapphire fiction (unfinished), Revenge of the Johto Gym Leaders (finished), Hunt for the Forest Emperor (unfinished)

    Future Stories: Just Another Day (about Misty as if she were being hired to act in fan fiction; had the concept before Dragonfree's "Life of a Character"), Desert Dragon (Zelda fic, one-shot about a 17 year old Ganondorf catching and taming his gerudo stallion), An untitled idea about a boy who has to care for a pregnant Machoke, Second-hand Smoke (originally written 5 years ago but lost, it was about a young warrioress who seeks out cyborg Smoke to fight an unknown danger), Quest for a Nest (short about a heavily gravid Magmar searching for a place to lay her eggs... it's better than it sounds), Snowflake (a Christmas special parody about an albino Hitmonchan who has the power to make it snow)

    Writing Tips: Try to imagine your story as if it were a movie; if there's a trivial scene that's boring to write, like someone eating breakfast, then simply skip it. Try to convert action into words. Think and use your mental (or a real) thesaurus to prevent repitition of words in a paragraph. Most importantly, place yourself beneath your character's skin. Try to feel what they feel, think what they think.

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    Eneko55 Guest


    - Furret Flurry 12 (FF12 or Will if you'd prefer)

    - 17 (18 in July!)

    Strong Areas
    - Um, I have no clue, someone help me out here!

    Type Of Writing
    - Um, I don't know that either, I just write and see what happens

    Type Of Characters
    - Various, strong, cowardly, any really, I'll try out anything I guess

    Current Stories
    - Spaced Out - Two scientists, two trainers, a Pokémon Professor and an alien pilot become close friends under unusual circumstances and, when their ship is infiltrated by the robot girl Alex, badness just happens on their small ship.

    Future Stories
    - The Prophet Of Nature And She Who Is Without Equal (Revised Version)
    - The Prophet Of Nature And She Who Is Without Equal 2: The Prophet returns - Kimi/Iris is overseas in the 4th Gen region where she meets Sami, a young girl hoping to be a great co-ordinator. When Iris sees Ash and her memories are restoreed, she seeks out a way to bring Sage back.
    - Elite Idol, A Johto Journey - Two trainers leave New Bark Town on a normal adventure, when a mysterious theif attacks them instead of Elite Four Karen, trouble ensues and one of the trainers becomes overly obsessed.

    Writing Tips
    - Nothing that nobody else has already said.
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    Name: LadyMyuu, Princess Myuu...

    Age: 16

    Strong Areas: I go for emotion over description, I do my best to describe things but I tend to get the review that 'your description is good, you don't go overbored but... its not to less.'
    My plots our my keys and everything ells falls into place. (though I am not good at grammer checking @.@)

    Type Of Writing: I like a good old fantasy with some drama and maybe a little romance. Action is fun if I can write it well enough XD

    Type Of Characters: I'm not so good with the depressed characters or angry ones but I have plenty of happy/horny/dirty/evil types. If given the chance I can do about anything.

    Mending: *discontinued*
    Fallen: *writing in secret*


    Into my woods: A story about a sixteen year old girl, living in a time before pokeballs and pokemon trainers and how she must begin her quest (not pokemon quest) to find her brother. But finds that upon entering the ilex forest meets a strange young man, hears rumors of a deadly beast... and gets snowed in for the winter...

    Genre: Fantasy/Romance/littlemystery

    Writing Tips: Don't ever force yourself to write, you could lose intrest in your story and feel like your a slave to it. Thats never the way, ever. You may be writing it for reviews but if you don't have your groove then your story could take a downfall. Write when you feel inspired, I look at art and other stories to get inspired. I talk to people about my stories or there's to get inspired...
    never force yourself unless you know once you get started you'll be fine.
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    Nearly eight years ago, I met Yami Ryu on this forum. She was a flamer and angry, but yet we became the best of friends.
    It was in December of 2011 that she found out she had cancer.
    It was January 9th when she passed away.
    A connection I made eight years ago on this forum passed away, alone, unloved by most, her own father probably didn't care.
    I love you, Yami Ryu, you are my best friend and I miss you so freakin much.

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    shaun22 Guest

    Default ok

    This was approved by the Fan-Fic Moderator, Dragonfree. Here, authors can post their own profiles about writing. That way, it would be much easier for authors to post what stories they have out, and give out writing tips to their reviewers. Also, they could really go technical and post great comments about their story to attract more reviewers. Well, when doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

    Name: shaun
    Age: 14
    Strong Areas: plots
    Type Of Writing: action/adventure/sci. fi/romance/any thing anime
    Type Of Characters: cranky acting ones(like vegeta), dummys(like goku)
    Current Stories: pokedigiballz rating:y7-pg/action/adventure/comedy/romance pokemon clear and gemini generations y7-pg adventure/action/comedy/fantasy
    [OPTIONAL]Future Stories: none
    Writing Tips: you have to create good characters

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    SilverBlaze09 Guest


    Name: silverblaze09 or SB(no other names like Sblaze, or sb). If you know my real name, good for you.

    Age:16 (got a problem with that?)

    Strengths: Well, I'm going with description and grammar/spelling.

    Writing genres: Oooooh, I'm gonna go with fantasy(boundaries are virtual. literally.), war-type action(massive destruction. I'm loving it), and a little lightheartedness(sorry, don't do "dark and stormy nights", more like "it's raining again, means it's time to trounce another evil sucker").

    Character types: Ohhh, die-hard, obnoxious mercenaries mostly, with a clan or two thrown in the mix.

    Current stories: Bwahaha, Battlefront I: Legacy of the Warriors

    Future stories: Battlefront II: Western Light

    Writing tips: 1. Chat lingo doesn't work in fics. At least if you want people to read it.
    2. Spelling/grammar. If you don't have a spellcheck on your computer, get a proofreader.
    3. THINK!!! USE YOUR HEAD!!! Yep, startling advice. If you wouldn't read it, other people probably won't.
    4. Plot. If you can't think of something other than "He got his first pokemon, trounced Team Whoever in the first three days of his journey, whopped the League on the fifth day of his journey, was a respected PKMN Master for the rest of his life, the end", I'm gonna sic my rabid man-eating chickens on you.

    My three cents and two mils' worth.
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    Name: Scrap, (or you can call me Xian)
    Age: Sixteen

    Strong Areas: I write my best if I incorporate my stories with a unique twist, and I am best at gritty, dark horror and surrealism. I enjoy taking a unusual viewpoint in my stories, too.

    Type Of Writing: Horror, Surrealism, Dark Romance

    Type of Characters: I tend to write characters that are loners, and/or looked down upon by the rest of society. I don't do giggly popular characters.

    Stories: Still in Progress
    You'll be seeing those fanfictions soon..

    Were: Blood and Honey
    I won't reveal a lot, but it involves the werewolf mythology and a lot of violence. Rating: R for violence and sexuality.

    One o' Clock Fox

    Childhood's End

    Writing Tips:Plan ahead on your plot so you don't run into Writer's Block. Make it as original as possible, because in a way, if you copy the same tired old formulas for a pokemon trainer's journey, you aren't writing-you're plagarizing from the original idea in a sense. Use proper grammer, spelling, and punctuation.
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    Name: Brandon, or Paint_Palette

    Age: 10, just because I'm young doesn't mean that I'm not a good author!

    Strong Areas: I'm good at creating interesting plots.

    Type Of Writing: Realistic Fiction, I like to take Pokemon and make them come to life!

    Type Of Characters: Mean, snobby characters are fun to write about.

    Current Stories: I only have one out so far:

    I Believe I Can Fly!- A young orphan Wurmple dreams of becoming a beautiful Beautifly, but what if things don't go as planned? What if he evolves into an ugly Dustox instead? (I have nothing against Dustox, okay?)

    Also, he's not the only one with a dream! A 10-year-old girl named Jenni dreams of becoming a master Pokemon Co-Ordinator! And she plans on using Wurmple to help her! Will she manage to catch him?

    Rated PG, star rating pending, and it's a Drama/Action/Humor fic.

    Future Stories:

    Title Unknown- In Commonwealth Elementary, a new segment in science is starting. It's Pokemon! Brandon only has 9 days (spring break) to catch a Pokemon, will he make it by the deadline? And what Pokemon will he catch?

    And at the end of the year, there is a huge science test about Pokemon, followed by a Pokemon Battle Tournament at the Battle Tower!

    Writing Tips: Just follow your imagination, it's your story! You can make your character fly to the moon if you want to!

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    Hikashi Guest


    Here's me:
    Name: Hikashi
    Age: 12
    Strong Areas: Plots, Spelling, Puncuation, Grammar
    Type Of Writing: Normally romance, fantasy, action/adventure
    Type Of Characters: Heroic, Daring, Brave, sometimes mysterious
    Celebi meets a human girl and grows to love her, breaking the rule that all pokemon should follow.
    Future Stories: None yet, but I'm thinking!
    Writing Tips: Use your imagination, it's your story, your idea, your mind! And don't sadden when someone flames or gives you constructive critiscism. They are just either mean or trying to help you improve your writing, and everyone makes mistakes!!! Don't worry if you get a bad review!

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    Name: Sebok
    Age: 18
    Strong Areas: I am strong in writting mostly about what really goes on in a girls' mind and usually put the boys in very amusing and compromising positions that cause the girl to think he is something of a pig, but comes to love him later on.
    Type of writting: I like to think of myself as a reteller of tales that some people may have forgotten while still keeping an amount and element of originality that can make it a mixutre.
    Type of characters: Mostly comical characters who know/interact with romantically-linked characters and often do silly or crazy things to get them together. There are sometimes also characters who would stand in the way of destined love. Some of them can be adulterous, so keep an open mind.
    Current stories: Right now I am writting Jewel of Atlantis; this is my link here. I have only written two chapters and my only reader has been Flamingruby, but I would like to have more.
    Future stories: I usually write the stuff I am currently working on until I feel it is time to end things.
    Writting Tips: TO any and all writers out there, keep up your work and never give up dreams (I myself hope to be an author), and these are my words, "Sometimes to look forward, we must look back".

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    New Jersey/New York City


    Name: Brinstar, or Eric
    Age: Nineteen
    Strong Areas: Humor, emotion
    Type Of Writing: I love to write Trainer fics. I know they're generally hated but I don't give a damn. They're my favorite genre and what I like to write about Pokemon-wise. I also write loads of poetry, lyrics, short stories, and memoirs.
    Type Of Characters: I like to write about characters that are cocky lazy jackasses, or shy quiet kids who think to themselves more often then they speak. Either way I love to write about teens.
    Current Stories:
    Diamonds in the Rough: My main Trainer fic which centers around the up and coming Pokemon Trainer Eric (named after me). The story details the events I encountered while playing through my Pokemon Sapphire game, of course highly elaborated and changed in areas. It's also a funny fic, which lots of slapstick humor between vicious battling.

    Seeds: Another Trainer fic set in Johto, and in the same universe as Diamonds in the Rough. This fic takes place a few months before Diamonds however. It is unfinished and on hold until the summer when I have more free time.

    Future Stories: In the Sky with Diamonds: The sequel to Diamonds in the Rough. The title is named after the Beatles song. Tells the continuing stories about Eric as he travels along the Sevii Islands and prepares for the Twilight Tournament.

    Metroid: A fic I am planning about the Metroid series.

    Writing Tips: Have fun and pace yourself. Also, make sure you write at your own pace, otherwise you will burn yourself out. Do everything in your power to put what's in your head onto the paper/word document with enough description to give the readers an image as well.

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    Name: Shadow Flame [aka. Oblivion0807]
    Age: 13
    Strong Areas: Plot and character, so I have been told...
    Type Of Writing: I can write a mean fantasy, and I don't particularly fail in any other areas.
    Type Of Characters: Actually, I don't have problems with any types of characters.
    Current Stories: The Beast of the Sea, rated PG(may become PG-13 later). It has been discontinued until early summer.
    Future Stories: I plan to make the Beast of the Sea into a trilogy, then maybe do a fic about a pokemon, not a trainer. Maybe I'll do a non-pokemon after all this is over if I'm not in college yet.
    Writing Tips: I'm pretty new, so I don't have much. Just summon up your best talents and go for it. If you lose inspiration, just head oer to a well-rated fic like Dragonfree's and look it over. That always helps me. Listen to your superiors(ie. praise the mods), and above all...

    Friend Code: 5026-5649-8262
    Pokémon X ∙ Animal Crossing
    Friend Safari: Meditite, Pancham, Tyrogue

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    Name: Jesse Barboza (aka Jesse GS the II, J. B. Warner, Wavy Gravy, and QuickRick)
    Age: Eighteen
    Strong Areas: Plot structure, character creation, and sophisticated humor
    Type Of Writing: Comedy scripts, either TV or movie
    Type Of Characters: Mature, satirical, and often cynical
    Current Stories: "Pokémon: Intensity" Seasons 1-7 (currently reposting); 1ACP01 "The Fall of the House of Ash"; 1ACP13 "The Way We Were (Unfortunately)"; 2ACP07 "A Flockwork Orange"; 2ACP20 "Last Exit to Sootopolis"; 5ACP21 "International Lampooned Vacation"; 6ACP09 "Japanese Idol"; 6ACP12 "Sploosh"; "Pokémon the Movie 8.5"; "Ken Akamatsu's Love Hina: The American Way"
    Future Works (hopefully): 1ACP11 "The B**** is Back"; 2ACP05 "None Like It Hot"; 3ACP05 "The Bridge on the River Kawaii"; 3ACP11 "Three's Not Company"; 4ACP06 "A Few Pretty Good Men"; 5ACP11 "Blackface Killer"; 5ACP22 "Homeward, Gagged and Bound: The Unfeasible Journey"; 7ACP11 "One Flew Over the Yoo-Hoo's Nest"

    My DeviantArt

    Those Aren't Donuts
    A blog dedicated to all things Pokémon long as those things are Japanese.

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    Name: Brian Powell (Not my real name)
    Age: 21
    Strong Areas: Plot, descriptions
    Type Of Writing: Whatever comes in my head
    Type Of Characters: Whatever inspires me

    Current Stories:
    Pokemon Impact
    Genre: Action / Adventure
    Now a completed fanfic! Meet Black Jack, the veteran pokemon trainer who prefers smashing heads and drinking beer rather than be a pokemon champion. If you want action, this is the one fanfic you wanna read!

    Pokemon Impact: Series 2
    Genre: Action / Adventure
    Black Jack returns to make another Impact! This time, he, Ash and others embarks on a new adventure in the Orre Region, where a new and mysterious criminal organisations intends to wreck havoc everywhere.

    Comedy One-Shots starring TR:
    James's Moneymaking Scheme / Double Blast Off / That Pesky Pichu / Only Fools and More Fools / The untalented Team Rocket / Feelin' Lucky, Punks? / Don't Quit Your Day Job

    Shipping One-Shots (based on various love songs):
    AAML: Against All Odds / If you're not the one / I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing / Big, Big World

    AAMayL: Lovely Day / True Colours / When You Say Nothing At All / I'll Stand By You

    Possible Future Pokemon Stories:
    More TR Comedy One-shots
    More Shipping One-shots
    More Pokemon Impact
    Region of the Dead (Horror)

    Possible Future Non-Pokemon Stories:
    No title yet, based on Star Fox
    No title yet, based on Sonic the Hedgehog

    Writing Tips:
    1. No one likes short fics, your fics should have enough descriptions to give the reader an idea of the characters and scenery. Length is also useful as it would keep the reader reading the chapter. For those of you who makes fics short... you can do better.

    2. Think of a story that'll have a 'spark' of excitement. For examples: Put in a little suspense for each chapter or make the action more exciting.

    3. Plot is also important. Makes the readers think 'Hmm, this is new..."

    That's all I can give for now. Laters.
    Last edited by Brian Random; 23rd November 2005 at 4:22 PM.
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
    Who says school is just for learning? ^^

    Check out my other stories, and everyone else's in the Completed Fics forum!

    Been doing some singing and voice impressions too! Check me out at the Brian Random Channel Thread!

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    Updated 2/11/07

    Name: Orange_Flaaffy
    Age: 23
    Strong Areas: Song writing, character development though backstory, bringing realistic depth to mythical (non-pokemon) beings, writing pokemon and humans as animalistic
    Weak Areas: My worst area would be spelling hands down.
    Type Of Writing: Fantasy, Humor, Adventure, Melodrama
    Type Of Characters: I like to write funny moments, which I think every character has. I also love naive optimistic characters and bookish nerds.. But I think my all time favorite type of character to write is the type that acts meek on the outside but is really bull-head, stubborn and opinionated on the inside.
    Current Stories:

    The Water’s Reflection

    AU fic- Humans no longer the masters? A young female doctor not of the lowly human race gets her world turned upside down by a rare discovery.

    Pokemon - PG- Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters so far : 5 - Words: 4159 Updated: 10-13-03

    Evolution Of Fable

    Original Character/Original Trainer/Journey/Pokemorphs

    Every world has its stories, its forgotten people working droning jobs with little consideration or hope toward the future. The Pokémon world is no different. For a fable never truly fades with time, it simply evolves.

    Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,021 (being worked on

    Writing Tips: (I will add more tips as I think of them and update this post if that is okay with everyone)
    1) Don't feel as if your story must be perfect right away.Trust me when I say not even classic novels are perfect in real life.
    Such feelings can cause you to rewrite a beginning chapter again and again, never getting you any farther in the story in the long run.
    2) Don't take everything reviewers or how to write books say to heart. If you follow everyones way of thinking but your own you may find yourself 'fixing' a plot other and other again, back and forth, without making it all that better.
    3) Do try to leave anything that is now popular in our world out of the pokemon one. If you put such things in it will more than likely date you story in a very bad way.
    4) Never forget that although pokemon may act human like sometimes they are animals when all is said and done, remember that giving them animal mannerisms will add a depth of realism to any story.
    5) Try to think up something other than an Eevee as your characters starter. Now, this does not mean you can't use one, but think of it this way: Does your character, with the plot you've worked out, and everything else that makes him\her who they are, really need an Eevee or odd colored pokemon in order to be worth writing a OT story about? If your answer is yes I suggest you need to get back to the drawing broad on making their personality deeper.
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    5/9/08: Chapter 6 of Fable is posted !

    Vampiric pokémorphs and the Nurse Joy who must love them.

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    Umbrazard Guest


    Name: Umbrazard, In real life it's Andrew
    Age: 16
    Strong Areas: I definatley think my plot and characters are good, no one can attest to this since my fic is only in its 1st chapter but...
    Weak Areas: Grammar. I hate Commas
    Type Of Writing: I like Action/Adventure with a dash of Romance
    What type of characters do you like to write? I like writing about girls actually, I most definatley respect women more than men.
    Current Stories: Haito Adventures A Trainer type fic with a much deeper plot set in a new region with new Pokemon. 5 Stars, 1 vote so far (because it was deleted) Action/Adventure

    [OPTIONAL]Future Stories: Not Titled The prequel to Haito Adventures. Focuses on the past that was responsible for the events of Haito Adventures (Not a Trainer Fic)

    Not Titled I've been toying with the idea of a fic about a girl who discovers a government plot to destroy all Legendaries by cloning Hybrid Legendaries.

    Writing Tips: Basically write how you want. Other people may not like it, but someone will. Trying for 100% popularity will only hurt your writing ability. Oh, and always include an Umbreon in your story lol.


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    Draconic Mage Guest


    Name: I don't use the name 'Draconic mage' anymore. Most know me a as Winterlord, which is commonly shortened to Winty or WL. But I'm slowly chaging all my usernames to Pysks.

    Age: 14

    Strong Areas:maybe plot? Most of the fics that I write that actually have good plot get ignored due to their very bad titles.

    Type Of Writing: Humor/Fantasy

    Type Of Characters: I usually don't like writing Human characters. When I try to do ones that are like me in personality, I get yelled at fore using over used personalitys. If people would just use characters like themselves, it wouldn't be a problem. But no, everyone wants an anti-social character who only says five words in a chapter. *anger*
    Current Stories:

    Netbattle: Breaking the metagame
    Well, it started out as nonfiction, but it just turned into fiction. I guess it's realistic fiction.
    PG, very mild language
    I don't think anyone has givein it a star rating yet. Probably a low one do to the fact that it's riddled with typos.

    Future Stories: Yes, I do intend to do a 'n00b writer' paradoy. It's not going to be like any other Paradoys, since the oppsite of what's supposed to happen happens.

    Writing Tips: Grammar is spelled with an a. 50% of all shippings used in fanfics are stupid. Pikachu is not really that powerful. Pokémon is spelled with an é. Not Pokemon, or Poke`mon, or even Pok`emon. Smiles are annoying. I'm not very good at netbattle. Levels don't exist. Misty is older than Ash.

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    Name: DragonMaster13 or DM13
    Age: 13, going on to 14 in July.
    Strong Areas: Dialouge, mainly. I'm okay with description, but my dialouge's great, IMO.
    Type of Writing: Humor (I try), Romance, Action/Adventure; one-shots
    Characters: One original based off of myself. I like to use the anime PKMN characters. So sue me.
    Current Stories:
    Ho, Ho, Hoenn (no longer on the forums thinking about re-posting); PG; 7 chapters; 4 stars, 2 votes 3.65 stars average.
    A Little Talk (re-posted but no replies); PG-PG13; no stars/votes; one-shot
    Valentines (AAML) (I might repost it); PG; nostars/votes; one-shot; based on a "Calvin & Hobbes" comic.
    Future Fics: "Traveling though the Past" (working title) Summary: May and her boyfriend (if you've read my fics you'd know who I'm talking about) travel though Kanto and Johto, facing humorous and dangerous situations. Rating: PG13 Post Date: Depends. I need to find time to work on it.
    Writing Tips: Every one has their own style of writing. Be yourself. Your imagination is your most useful tool and friend. Use it. Be original! Don't use the "waking-up-late" trainer fic like everyone else. Find something that you like that is different and write from the heart. "Editing comes after your first draft." - Forrester, Finding Forrester
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    Name: Emma Iveli

    Age: 18

    Strong Areas: Dialouge

    Type of Writing: Comedy and crossover

    Characters: Both olgenal and Anime as well as the occonsal American character.

    Current Stories:

    My Life in Anime: The sotry of a Pokemon training robot piolet named Emma, who finds out she's a Magical Girl. Contains characters from many anime.

    My Life in Anime: Fighting Spirt: Sidesotry to My Life in Anime

    Evil Emma Returns: Another sidesotry to My Life in Anime this time in a thris person perestive.

    Who will get the gold: Kinky (Emma's Magical Girl masscot) threatens Lucky (The Lucky Chrams Masscot) for his gold.

    Kinky's Christmas... with a Talking peice of Poo?!: Kinky spends Crhistmas with Mr. Hanky of South Park fame.

    My Life in Anime S: Emma's story countes as she gains more eneimes as well as new friends.

    Kinky Meets More American Masscots: Kinky's vaction takes her to many more American Masscots.

    Kinky, What Are You Doing?!: Kinky deicesds to theaten Emma's Dewgong so that she will Emma's most trusted masscot.

    My Life in Anime: Time Troboles: One of Emma's emeimes alters time to erase her from exictance. Has Mina and April from Pokemon Angel futre selves in it as Maggie's futre daughter

    Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1): A begiening trainer named Mina Koki finds out she a legendary being known as a Pokemon Angel. There are 17 of them each one has the power of Pokemon, Mina is Ice Angel. She dicedes to find the other Pokemon Angels while being attacked by members of Team Aqua. Durring Vol 1. she finds 6 of them: Rock (Beth), Dragon (Maddie), Water (Megan), Grass (April), Dark (Anne) and Fire (Deborah). As well joined by three other girls (Maggie, Kia and Maya) as well on ocation Mina's rival Peter, Mina's crush Matt and Ash and the gang.

    Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1.5): Quite leteraly a sequil to both the 2nd and 5th Pokemon movies.

    Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2): Mina and the others contune on their jounrey, first they find Fighting Angel and then discover TEam Magma is now after them too. Vol. 2 also has more stuff on Mina's hobby (Anime) introudces few more characters as well

    Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2.5): Mina, Ash, Maggie and the rest must stop Team Magma from altering the past.

    Pokemon Angels: (Mis) Adventes: Beofre the Pokemon Angels were reborn they had wacky misadntures: From avoiding Water Angel's cooking to Flying Angel telling a story that will one day resmble anime to Rock Angel and Niormal Angel fighting over love. It is pretty random.

    All but Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1) and (Mis) Adventures arn't on this site, but I plan to put Pokemon Angels (Vols. 1.5 & 2) up.

    Future Fics:

    True Destiny: Another My Life in Anime sidestory in third person persetive.

    My Life in Anime PA: Emma's life has gotten more itnersting first she's gotten into Angelic Layer and now Team Aqua and Team Magma has sent two super powered angents to stop her as well as Hoeen's only two members of Team rocket also after her. With help from Emma's incrasing number of friends she can handl;e anything.

    My Life in Anine: Kinky's a Human?!: A sidesotry tsking place in the middle of My Life in Anime PA, one day Kinky finds herself to be transfromed into a human. Now, she, Emma, Washu (Tenchi) must find out what caused this. was it caused by a mytous young man who keeps shwoing up. Well onthings for sure since Kinky's human she can't steal guns.

    Pokemon Angels (Vol. 3): Mina and the rest counte their journey. After fidning (and mistaking for a boy) Steel Angel, Mina keeps on getting in situations with Peter that makes Missy Belive that she is in a Rumiko Takashi- esque relationship with Peter whioch both deny. Do they really love each or hate each other?

    Pokemon Angels (Vol. 3.5): Mina along with the three othert groups they keep meeting deiced to meet up for the Anniual Sakura Feswtuival in Arukas Town. After a run in with Team Rocket Maggie loses her Powers and must restart a stage in her training, the Crystal. Now with Maggie with no emotions, Matt deicdes to comfort her. Which causes a chain recation among the firends. This story is more romace then the others.

    Pokemon Angels (Vol.4): After finding Posion Angel, Mina and the others began to have dream telling them to explore other regions. Meanwhile Team Aqua devolps a plan to finnaly get them once and for all. Enjoy the finnal Vollume set in Hoeen for a long, long time.

    Pokemon Angels (Vol. 4.5)/ My Life in Anime: A Diffrent sort of Magical Girl: When Mina and the gang get to Tokyo where Ash and the rest have been staying for quite a while they thought it would be just a noramal visit. But when they all go to a beach paty hosted by Emma and Mint (From Mew Mew) Kia and a lot of ther people get kidnapped. What does it have to with Decantso f the Pokemon Angels, Will they be able to save them? What do you mean that two of those that were kdnapped get kidnapped on reguar basis? Join the fun as Mina and Emma meet again for the first time. this will cary both names

    Pokemonga Diaoh: Ash and the gang deiced to help out Pro. Birch at his old high school and have cople adventures with 6 of the student and two teachers. This is a cross over with Azumagna Diaoh.

    Writing Tips: If you have imangiation but can't draw, write. I leanred that the hard way.
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    One day... one day in the future... I will get over my hatred of Betas... when that day comes you will be able enjoy my fics in all it's glory...

    Unless you hate crossovers and AUs... then your pretty much screwed...

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    Name: Groudon80, my real name is Eugene(but my REAL Russian name is Evgueny)

    Age: 14

    Strong Areas: I like to write gory scenes, so I describe them as best as I can, just for you to vomit on your computer screen!

    Type Of Writing: I like gory, desperate stories, but I will soon try horror too.

    Type Of Characters: Characters that are tough, they have a helluva lot of problems.

    Current Stories: Ancient People (PG13), link in banner in sig. Its rated PG13 for gore, and language. Beware, some chapters are REALLY disgusting, and those with weak stomachs(that aren't bulemic) should read/review. I appreciate ANY INPUT. RATE PLEASE!

    Writing Tips: I really was helped a lot by reading the "advice for aspiring authors" thread. I basically just went from crap, not even deserving one star to okay overnight.
    I just really like to write my story now, because I like writing gory stories.

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    Hnn...I suppose I should update this. [12/13/05]

    Name: gladdecease.

    Age: 15.

    Strong Areas: I like to think I'm a strong detail writer. I only develop original plots, with the possible exception of stories from my younger years. Also, I'm pretty good when I get going or on a roll, which doesn't happen often anymore. --'

    Weak Areas: Timing. And planning. Right now, I have like half a dozen scenes from my trilogy figured out in my head, and none of it even close to what's happening now. Right now is the boring, slowly rising action part which I hate to write. And I never have regular posting unless all I'm doing is rewriting some errors and otherwise reposting. Even then, it's usually not regular.

    Type of Writing: Humor. I don't even try, but I make the most ridiculous slapstick-type humor scenes, though my story is going to end up pretty serious. I suppose the humor counteracts the serious-ness...? But I doubt it. Also, I make a pretty mean Romance or Supernatural when I've got a good idea. And ones where I analyze the thoughts of a character in a scene or episode.

    Type of Characters: I haven't made any new characters yet, with the exception of Mizuna, who is a quite angsty. Amnesia is always a fun thing to work with, as are multiple personalities. I haven't really gotten deeper into her personality, so otherwise she's a bit flat.

    Current Stories:

    Trovita Thoughts: Misty was watching throughout Ash's battle at Trovita, right? Were her thoughts really on the battle, or something else?

    Sootopolis - City of Love: Titled 'The First Awakening' on AU. Misty never met up with the others at any Togepi Convention; where did she go when her sisters took control of the gym, then? The story of where she went and the re-meeting of her and some old friends. Book 1 of 3...4 stars, with a 4.32 average after 19 votes.

    Prophecies of the Summoned: Now that Misty is back, everything is back to normal, right? It was...until a new friend who became close to one of our heroes is in danger of being destroyed for the knowledge she contains - a knowledge that, inexplicably, is connected to a strange occurance from a lifetime ago - literally. Book 2 of 3...5 stars, with a 5.00 average after 3 votes.

    Sunrise, Sunset: The Teen Titans are a group of teenagers who fight crime. As teenagers, they face issues everyone faces. Sometimes, however, these issues are more powerful when one has superpowers. Delves into the changes the characters face as they grow up through the show. Shown through one-shots at the time periods mentioned above. Sadly, no one has reviewed it...or even posted, other than myself. TT

    Heart Break: "And here I am, sitting in the shadows of their love, silently loving him..." Misty's parents coming back into her life push her to tell Ash the truth...and it breaks someone else's heart to know Misty and Ash cannot be together. One-shot. No star-rating yet.

    Future Stories:

    An Unescapable Twist of Fate: It started with a Pokémon journey and a fishing trip, but turned into something so enormous that nothing can stop it now...well, except for them. With everyone's nerves being torn at, and the final part of the prophecy coming into fulfilment, something may be said one might regret. Book 3 of 3.

    Writing Tips: Give it your all, and never give up on a story unless you've totally run out of an idea. If that happens, chances are you didn't plan out your plot at all, which you should do to be successful. It also helps when writing out the subplots and the story itself. Also, you might want to consider outlining chapters before you write them, crossing off plot points as you write them.

    Spell checking can never go wrong, as long as you pay attention to what you're correcting. Switching 'Psyduck' for 'Seduce' is not the right thing to do. I should know.

    Linkage to all of the stories except the ones on [@ this link] above is in my sig. If you read 'em, I hope you like 'em.
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    Heart Break - - LJ - PotS

    COLLEGE. >.<

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