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Thread: The Authors' Profiles

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    kawaiizanzan Guest


    Name: kawaiizanzan (aka Zanney, Zanzan, or my real name, Suzanne. Call me Suzie and you die!)

    Age: "I am 16 going on 17..."

    Strong Areas: Although I am a newbie here on SPPf I am a seasoned fanfic writer... It all began when I wrote a story about pokemon, not knowing it was fanfiction... I am told my character ideas and plots are very interesting. However, that would normally be up to others to decide. I don't review my own fics and you prolly don't either.

    Type Of Writing: Well... I like many style of writing. I enjoy poetry, songfics, fantay, romance, action/adventure, and many more. It all depends on what compells me to read...

    Type Of Characters: I really enjoy creating any and all kinds of characters. Every story needs a vast variety of charaters and I try not to skimp on the variety.

    Current Stories: Sadly, none of my stories have been perfected enough to be posted as of yet. I will update this when my first fic "What REALLY happened to the Ghost of Maiden's Peak" comes out.

    Future Stories:

    Fortunatta: The pain she now felt was for the loss of her trainer, or rather, her friend. She remembered him as if he’d never been gone, as if he were still with her. She remembered his entire being; the way he smelled and the way his voice sounded. She remembered the name he’d given her, too. It was right before he left the world of the living that he’d named her Fortunatta....

    What REALLY Happened to the Ghost of Maiden's Peak: The title says it all. Sorry about being vague. It's just that I want this story to be a HUGE surprise.

    Writing Tips:

    1. When you have writer's block NEVER let yourself fall behind. Brainstorm, share ideas with buddies, do SOMETHING to get rid of that pesky block. That's what I do.

    2. ALWAYS finish most of a story before moving on to the next one. You don't want to leave and forget about a story. It's sort of like neglecting your pet. Just don't do it.
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    SceptileMan Guest


    Name: Scott Millard
    Age: 14
    Strong Areas: Plot
    Type Of Writing: Adventure
    Type Of Characters: Characters that are based off of me. Anything that was my personality, since I can relate to them.
    Current Stories:
    The Flaming Truth (extinct)
    [OPTIONAL]Future Stories:
    One with a name I'm not sure about yet.
    Summary: On a far away land, a pokemon's popularity is based off of how their parent(s) bred. A misfit Treeko learns that a powerful evil is attempting to take over the land, using strategies similar to Adolf Hitler. Alongside his friend, a female Teddiursa, he travels to stop this evil menace. SIDE PLOT: Treeko tries to discover his true past. He was brought up believing that his mother gave birth to him alongside a Ditto. But when he discovers that she was lying, he tries to discover who his true father is.
    Writing Tips:
    If you want to use a First Person point of view, trying using characters that you can relate to, so you know what they are thinking and what they would do.
    Try to think up every major detail of your story before writing. If you start your story with no idea of what would happen, you will neglect your story trying to think of a plot and end up forgetting about it.

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    Blaziken's Emberz Guest

    Default BE's Profile

    Forum Names:
    SPPf, TCoD: Blaziken's Emberz
    BMGf: Dark Bashamo
    PC: Pokémon Master Denny (Although I do not go there anymore)

    Actual Name: For those who can't tell in the last screen name, my real name is Denny. I own the restaurant, yes. >_> I get that a lot.

    Age: 13

    Strong Areas: Like Dragonfree here, I always revise and/or revamp. It's something that I've always done ever since the days of Life of a Trainer. This is my tenth revamp. I always get good criticism now, so, therefore, I'm sticking with this story for quite a while. I cover all parts of a fic - My plots are unique, and my description, great. Length is always good, except way back when, when it was only one page on MSWord.

    Type of Writings: I started off with comedic fics, but now, I've noticed I don't like the "kiddy" stuff anymore. I went on and am going for PG-13/R fics. They are fully dramatic now with lots of action and fantasy in there. There is blood, gore, and alchemy? No, swords and guns. Yes, it's getting more violent in my fics - but that's the way I do things now. Realistic.

    Types of Characters: First, Trevor Swanson, your brilliant mind and idiotic in some places. Natalie (Last name never revealed), your crazy, yet friendly, er...friend. Now, Thatcher Greslin - orphan, no family, and no knowledge of Pokémon at all.

    Current Stories:

    +-+Tarnished Scars+-+

    "The Deeper the Cut, the More the Soul is Pierced"
    Currently Rated 5 Stars [4 Votes, 5.00 Average]

    Future Stories:

    -+-+-+-Eternal Malevolence-+-+-+-

    It's another trainer fic, but with a darker side - almost like "Tarnished Scars" in a way, but with another plot, new characters, and beasts, dragons, and chimeras. Don't forget griffins! This is the darkest fic I have ever did, and involves a group of bandits...

    Writing Tips: Never be frightened pertaining to writing a masterpiece in words and text. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you follow your heart, mind, and soul, and you can accomplish any task that falls in your path, both in writing fics and in life. If you need help, contact a friend or myself to aid you in your quest in fiction or life. There's always someone you can trust when writing a fic, and that person is yourself...

    ~ BE
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    Shining Lugia Guest


    Name: Shining Lugia here, but outside, it's Gabby (short for Gabriella)
    Age: 12, going on 13 (wow I'm too young....)
    Strong Areas: ......Uh, I dunno, I don't pay attention to that. But people do tell me that I make good plots and spelling.
    Weak Areas: DESCRIPTION! A little grammar.
    Current Works: The Orbs of Balance, Our War: Bloodstained Battlefields
    Works Coming Soon: Shadow Hurricane (prequel to)---->, Shadow Hurricane: Life's Wrath
    Tips: For writer's block, talk to friends, do something about it. And if you are juggling to many fics, work on one at a time. Trust me, it works.
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    Mistystar89 Guest


    Name: Mistystar89, Mist
    Age: 15
    Strong Areas: I'm very good at description, POVS, vocabulary, and emotions of my characters. I try to improve at everything I can do like grammar, spelling, etc.
    Type of Writing: I like Comedy and Romance most but I also include Adventure and some Suspense.
    Type of characters: I use adventous, determined characters and give each character how they stand out like Janet, who is a romantic and a matchmaker. I like to put up some evil characters too and of course hilarious characters.
    Current Stories: The Adventures of Yoshi-the link is at my sig.
    5 star rating, almost 3,000 views
    Future Stories: I'll be making the sequel to The Adventures of Yoshi soon, maybe a pokeshipping story with contestshipping and Rocketshipping though it'll be a while but look forward to the sequel.
    Writing Tips: Always have a thesaurus with you to improve your description and vocabulary and take your reader's advice and have fun with your story and be as creative as you can be.

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    Max Slasher Guest


    Name: Max Slasher
    Age: 16
    Strong Areas: Good at description and vivid storytelling. Though my chapters are short, they pull the reader in and make them beg for more...I hope.
    Type of Writing: Usually Romance with some Angst...or just action.
    Type of Characters: Strong but break down easily. If it's a fic about Sonic, however, I use a character to their actual persona.
    Current Stories: Shadow: Tormented Past "Shadow the Hedgehog barely survives the fall from ARK and realizes his destiny. My Idea on how the new Shadow the Hedgehog game will be.
    Future Stories: None planned...unless 'Shadow' does well.
    Writing Tips: Don't write something that you know you will never finish. I've done that many a time. Also, have fun with what you're writing and get become one with your characters. It makes you put your soul into you story and it becomes much better.

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    Name: Blue Pokemon Master (Blue or BPM are common, for short)
    Age: 16, turning 17 in less than a month ^^
    Strong Areas: I am strong in creativity, and I like to make surprises in my plots. My characters can often have depth.
    Type Of Writing: Adventure, perhaps fantasy. And sometimes romance.
    Type Of Characters: All kinds. All kinds of appearances, personality, dreams.
    Current Stories: Pokemon War: What would happen if Team Aqua & Magma's persistence to achieve their cause, even giving Team Rocket a hard time, led to a massive war? Find out by reading this fanfic!
    Future Stories: Kingdom Saga: A creative story placed in a Kingdom, where a young Pokemon trainer enters a tournament in which he embarks on a journey to become King.
    Writing Tips: Same stuff as previously mentioned. If you're not yet used to writing without many mistakes, proofread your chapters at least once. Be creative; don't rush!

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    Mizuryuu Kei Land


    Name: Jacob
    Age: 14
    Strengths: I can write up a good history of my stories.
    Types of Writing: Well, right now A Trainer's Passion (of the Tales of Passion series) is an Fantasy Trainer Fiction.
    Type of Characters: Serious and dangerous, and of course under dogs. Darker people too.
    Current works:

    Rated: PG-13
    Rated: Four Stars {I think}.

    Future Works: After A Trainer's Passion I'll begin work on the sequel series, "Detective Shogun."

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    nekusagi Guest


    Name: Nekusagi-chan
    Age: 16
    Strong Areas: Can write nice, long fic, and make readers feel emotionally connected to characters. I write pretty descriptively, and try to keep the story interesting. Sometimes I shift viewpoints; at times, I use dream sequences and symbolism to draw readers in deeper. Also, I add interesting plot twists on occasion.
    Type Of Writing: Teen angsty stuff, drama, occasional humor, shippy(Diamondshippy, Pokeshippy, Steeltulipshippy (Bashou/Domino), Neobrocketshippy (Brock/Domino), Neoshippy, whatever you call Jessie/ Mondo shipping, suspense, mystery.
    Type Of Characters: Most of my ficcy is Team Rocket oriented; however, I’d like to write some nice Pokeship fic.
    Current Stories: Only one right now on Serebii: Broken
    Basically a fic, set around the events leading up to, of, and after the Origin of Mewtwo CD drama. It tells the story of Giovanni as a lovable high school sophomore (seriously) and his troubled relationship with Delia. Bring tissues.
    [Future Stories:
    Kanto Idol: A fic/skit I’ve almost finished typing. Basically, Domino, both TR agent pairs, and Gio attempt to audition for Kanto Idol. Imagine American Idol meets The Simpsons meets Napoleon Dynamite meets the best HoSo never made, and you get the idea. (Maybe)
    Blood: I plan on starting this as soon as I finish Broken. A weird sci-fi/drama fic where Ash’s deepest, darkest secret is revealed, Gary has a rare compound in his blood that TR needs badly for experiments, and a whole lot of character’s lives intersect in this trippy, suspense-thriller fic. Hoo boy, this is gonna be fun.
    A Youthful Indiscretion: This is teh fic I started before Broken and never finished. Domino gets squealed on by another agent. Mystery-suspense antics ensue.
    Unnamed Brock/Domino shipping fic: Good, all-Kanto GL falls in love with a cold blood killer. Romance/angst ensue.
    Writing Tips: Try to get into your character’s frame of mind and see them as humans. That’s my only tip.

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    Name: NEO GOHAN; real name: John Priest (don't make fun of it, it's my greatgreatgreatgreatetc. grandpa's fault, plus, I'm thinking about getting it legally changed anyway)

    Age: 14, but birthday is May 20th, right around the corner.

    Strong Areas: actually, I hate writing (stems from hate of essays), but I'm plannin a future anime, and I figured SEREBIIForums might get some good publicity and editing.

    Type Of Writing: I like action like DBZ, and though I like strange humor, I'm just not got at fitting it in a story, so I limit it (though what I have planned is hillarious!!!). I didn't even know what I'm doing was called a cross-over until I got my second post, but that's because I never heard that online term at school.

    Type Of Characters: I like tough, serious, smart, and gifted people, like in DBZ(serious and smart do not include GOKU, n.o., but he fits the others.)

    Current Stories: haven't started the fic, but i'm workin' on it.

    Future Stories: DBPL... see my sig and the link at the bottom.

    Writing Tips: well, I haven't started, but I'm doing a thread where I put info such as character lists and terms and you comment about it. [it just might work... {BOOM!!!~:P} 'back to the old drawing board...']

    P.S.... Don't forget to post! (but no rating it one/two star(s) w/o posting why or flaming, flaming's against the rules anyway and rating bad w/o posting why will only start the greatest manhunt since I chased this girl around the classroom trying to hit 'er over the head with a textbook for making fun of me ^fangs^)
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    WiFi trade status: currently cloning in preparation for D/P release (DEATH TO THE METAGAME!!! >83)
    specials: legit Mew, Celebi, 1st/2nd/3rd gen legends (minus Jirachi, Ho-oh, Lugia)

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    Teal Guest


    Name: Teal, Terry, (T[h]eresa)
    Age: 14-15 (june)
    Strong Points: believable characters I must saay. All my characters have a motivation behind them, and are different from one another. They don't just see the world in black and white, there's tons of grey thrown in there, however some characters still do see the world like that.

    I also posess the ability to describe in obscene detail, blessing and curse it seems. Although I do have a strong poetic-ness to my writing, overall as I said it is a blessing and curse, elegant yet it turns people away.

    Type of Writing: Can't really say. Some would call it adventure, others would call it action, but I can't reall decide if it's either. Adventure is heavier, not so much fighting as plot. We'll go with adventure.

    Type of Characters: Dark. All my characters have insanely dark overtones, and the only light-esque character in my current fanficc isn't really a good guy at all. His family was brutally slaughtered, he is a cold hearted murdered, and his entire point of life now is to create a war to end all wars. Dark.

    Current Stories:

    Shattered: My darkest story ever to say the least. Stars the famous Serynade

    [Will finish later]

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    Name[s]: Dragonfire, Blaziken's Emberz, Dark Bashamo, Cobalt, Denny, Pokémon Master Denny.

    Age: I am 13 years old.

    Strong Point[s]: I've got to say that my characters are my strongest point in all areas of my fic. This really stands out. People say I make the characters realistic and in many cases, comedic, dramatic, or insane. I believe it was Elemental Charizam who stated that.

    Weak Point[s]: When it comes to description, especially when being criticized on The Cave of Dragonflies' forums, it's sometimes overdescribed or underdescribed. That really irks me. That's the reason why I keep editing my fics: To please the critics in the field of description. I shall beta it from now on - not for grammar, but for description.

    Current Fanfiction[s]: None. I am planning fourteen Fanfictions, about seven of which are one-shots. Five are trilogies, and the other two are sagas: not long sagas, short ones.

    Future Fanfiction[s]: I am only giving you the titles for my five trilogies. Nothing else, because if I was giving you summaries, I'd be here to midnight:

    Tarnished Scars
    Eternal Malevolence
    Dreamless Nights
    Doubts of the Perpetual Mind
    Dragon's Flame (I'm thinking of changing to Dragon's Roar)
    Wounded Allies (A military Fanfiction)

    Writing Tips: Use dictionaries and thesauruses as resources as often as possible. Check your grammar, reread your stories to ensure it is good. Use paragraphing, quotation marks, length, description, plot, and characters. And make sure to let people beta it for you, just in case. A good person for the job is jirachiman876 - he's really good at notifying the tiniest of things.

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    Name(s): Negrek or Negrek the Slugma

    Age: 16

    Strong Points: I believe that my strongest points are action scenes. I am very proud of my pokémon battles, and I work especially hard to keep description balanced with action. I am also fond of my plots; they tend to be very winding and layered. I like to keep people in the dark and cause them to question their assumptions. And I'm pretty good at spelling, grammar, yaddah yaddah yaddah...

    Weak Point(s): Romance. I suck at it. I don't really like to read it, and therefore cannot write it. You will see none of it in any of my fictions, at least up to this point.

    Genre(s): I generally prefer OT fiction, and what I write is more or less along those lines. I also write one-shots on a variety of topics. Generally, my stories tend to be action/adventure with a bit of sci-fi/supernatural/mystery/fantasy mixed in.

    Current Fanfiction(s): None on these forums. On, my main base, I have a few...

    The Ninetales' Curse-- My first fiction, completed.
    Clouded Sky-- My current fiction.
    Here We Go Again-- Parody. Current side fiction.
    Memory-- One-shot.
    Broken Metronome--One-shot.
    Was, Is, Will Be--One-shot.
    Ugly-- Half of a one-shot pair with "Common."
    Common--half of a one-shot pair with "Ugly."

    Future Fanfiction(s): Lots in the works...

    The Illness-- Pokémorph 'fic.
    The Star Chaser-- Third in my pseudo-trilogy.
    Demon's Breath-- Lugia one-shot.
    Perfect Logic-- Porygon2 one-shot.

    And a couple as of now titleless files floating in my computer.

    Writing Tips: Don't ever think that you're too good to improve. Think before you write. Think, "Would this be how someone would actually act in this situation?" or "Would somebody actually say that?" Realism is very, very important, even in fanfiction.

    And burn your thesaurus. They're a crutch and a terrible one at that. You'll use words wrong and look like an idiot while doing so. Don't use a word if you don't know what it means, darnit!

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    RedHall Guest


    Name: RedHall
    Age:18 (19 in sixteen more days from today)
    Strong Areas: Writing is not really my strong point. However, I can come up with some pretty good plots.
    Type of Writing: I like to write humor with a little bit of romance and vice versa.
    Type of Characters: My characters are usually based on other characters in the story. For example: In my current story, Andy is very similar to Brock in the respect of his reaction to Officer Jenny. The difference is that he only goes for Jennys.
    Current Stories: "A Pokemon Parent Trap"

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    icyrain Guest


    [Name] Icyrain
    [Age] 14

    - description (or so I'm told)
    - plotlines
    - character development

    [Types of Writing]
    Outside of fanfic's I write fantasy... Or was writing fantasy, until I got a major writer's block... But for PokeFic's I generally prefer trainer fic's over oneshots... I like seeing a character and their pokemon develop together.

    [Types of Characters]
    Characters that are sorrowful, and situations, are quite simple for me to conjure up, as I tend to be a rather melodramatic person at times. I like to write characters with depth, emotion, and intelligence.

    [Current Stories]
    - << Soul Awakening >>
    ---Chapters 1, 2, and 3

    [Writing Tips]
    Eat cheese! Lots of it... or, if you prefer actual advice, don't try and force a story out... let the story come to you. If you force it, your story will sound terrible. Another thing: read lots of books! The reason I am able to describe well, is because earlier I read mountains of books, including the dictionary at times (yes, I'm weird), and now have a vast vocabulary that defies what most fourteen-year olds possess. *Go nerd-ness!*

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    Name: T.W. North
    Age: 13
    Strong Areas: I'm great at writing descriptions, battlescenes and (I hope, haven't tested it yet) Dialogue scenes.
    Weak Areas: Plot. Compared to my sister my plots are rubbish (and half the time unimaginative). I sit down for hours and nothing comes...hate it. Personality...not so much having their personality come out slowly (I'm pretty darn good at that) but when you have to just describe it straight off (like when trying out for RPG's)...can't do it for hell. >.<
    Type Of Writing: Lurve writing fantasy and battles (which often come under fantasy). Most of these are non-pokemon fics. Hate pokemon fics.
    Type Of Characters: I like to write about big, burly characters most of the time, but also intelligent characters...who are usually pretty skilled at a weapon of sorts. Common, but...meh.
    Current Stories:
    Everywhere Everything
    Basically how the world can change from familiar to strange in a matter or seconds. Can't remember the reviews, if you want to read it, you'll have to dig for it in the Non-Pokemon fanfic section

    Team Terror's Reign
    Don't bother reading it, I gave up ages ago.

    Future Stories:
    Bus Ride (title may change)
    About a boy who can has sort of psychic(sp?) powers that allow him to read people's life-stories. Basically a whole lot of mini-stories telling the lives of random people.

    The Sky City Series
    Hopefully these three (hopeful books) won't be posted here because I want to get them published. It'll be a long wait though as I'm still on Chapter Seven of the first book. XD
    Writing Tips: RULE NUMBER ONE: Don't give up/be lazy. That's my one weakness. Almost all the stories I start I never end up finishing. You must be viligant (not sure if it's the right word to use though...)
    RULE NUMBER TWO: Don't use cliches! If you do...well your probably doomed from the start. If you use them on purpose on the otherhand, it might be okay, but you should try to avoid them at al costs. (something I'm failing at rather alot lately).
    RULE NUMBER THREE: Be imaginative! Don't do something that everyone else is doing or has already done! Your never going to be successful if you don't. Almost all classic books were a first in their time. You can do it too! (That last sentence sounded wierd...)
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    What did you think when you lost another?
    I used to wonder why did you bother,
    Distanced from one, blind to the other?

    Sweetness Follows ~ R.E.M

    ROCK ON!!!

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    Name: Crystal Walrein (also Cross Stinger, Devlin, Deoxys, regice, just follow the links)
    Age: 16
    Strength: News reports and research papers on Pokémon. Also strong in adapting the movies.
    Weakness: Drawn-out fiction, e.g. plays.
    Type of writing: Reports and articles. Sometimes entries.
    Types of Charactes: In the stories, Pokémon and their trainers, and governments. Most stories involve European trainers.
    Current Stories on SN: Ditto and Castform banned from standard tournaments in Spain (Associated Press style article); The Mewtwo and Deoxys Lecture (a lecture on Mewtwo and Deoxys)
    Future Stories: A Look into Team Rocket, Feebas and Magikarp Exposed, Rayquaza labelled endangered species by Brazilian government (AP), Latios molested in Indonesia (AP)
    Feel you've done your part to try to save the dub? Read this.

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    Name: Vortex but my IRL name is Mike.
    Age: 16
    Strength: Description manily and I'm somewhat good at character devolpment.
    Weakness: Grammer! XP
    Type of Writing: Anything goes with me, depending on my mood.
    Types of Characters: Pokemon and trainers, usally the story is starring people though.
    Current Stories: Pokemon: Southern Tournament, about a tournament, a legend yada yada sick of repeating it lol. and I Promise, my new Hoennshipping fic!
    Future Stories: Cascading Shadows about a girl caught between good and evil and on the run from both sides and has no where to go to but her old boss who has been missing for years. Silver's Desire about the story of the rival, Silver/Kamon.

    Paired up with Breezy! And I thought I was dumb. @.@
    Triplets with Hellkorn and GardeviorMaster! I not b dead. =P
    Bestest Pals with Shadow_Fox and Wes! Fnkdskbsg!?
    My older sister is Scrap! Bad, bad, bad influence!
    Also good friends with Lupin and SnowStorm92! Meh, couldn't leave you guys out. =3

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    Kain Blackthorn Guest


    Name:Kain Blackthorn
    Age:12, although I can write PG-13 stories.
    Strong points:Well, it could be creating situations between the characters.
    Weak points:Everything isn't a strong point.
    Favorite genres:Humour, Action/Adventure, and also some shippy fics ()
    Current Stories:Crystal Quest[B] PG-13. Genre still unspecified.

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    I don't know why I've never bothered to post my profile. I'm just lazy now days. Well, anyone who actually cares will be able to look at my upcoming works now I guess.

    Name: Saya (Rachel)

    Age: Thirteen

    Strong Areas: Most people say my ultimate strong point is description, but sometimes I'm not so sure. At the moment, though, I do agree with them. My description and writing has improved imensely over the past two months since I last posted a chapter on Learning to Heal the Hurt. I'm getting better at length too. Most of my chapters tend to be 8-10 pages on WORD. Last year I was barely getting two per chapter.

    Type Of Writing: I am an action/adventure type of writer. Most of my stories end up encorperating fantasy of some kind too. I love fantasy. Though I love to read romance, I'm not too keen on writing it.

    Type Of Characters: Angsty characters who are angry at the world tend to end up as my main characters. They usually end up with one happy-go-lucky friend. I don't know why, but it just happens. I guess I stick them in to lighten up the story a bit.

    Current Stories:

    Learning to Heal the Hurt - Book I: Fire Red
    This is my rewritten Learning to Heal the Hurt which is now out. Rated PG-13.
    Summary: It all began on a completely normal day. After a freak accident happens that changes thirteen-year-old Talia O'Connel's life forever nothing is ever the same. Running off to get revenge on Pokemon for the death of her mother Talia is completely lost in her rage. And when she finds a strange red stone out in the forest, unbeknownst to her, an inevitable string of events has been put into play. Will Talia be able to survive this madness?

    Future Stories:
    Books II & III in the Learning to Heal the Hurt Trilogy

    Learning to Heal the Hurt - Book II: Blue Steel
    The sequel to Fire Red. Rated PG-13.
    Summary: After barely escaping the evil clutches of Team Steel and the devastating destruction of the S. S. Cactus, Talia O’Connel struggles desperately to bring the severed strands of her life back together and learn the ropes of her new quest. But after the cruel death of one of her close comrades and the continual threat of Team Steel, Talia is overcome with the extreme grief and pain of her difficult quest. And now, with her endless fight against the stone she’s meant to protect coming to a head, Talia is extremely close to breaking.

    Learning to Heal the Hurt - Book III: War of the Stones
    The final book in the Learning to Heal the Hurt Trilogy. There is currently no summary for War of the Stones. Rated PG-13.

    Writing Tips: Useful tips...hmm. Well, I'm not too good at this, but one thing I can say is that to succede in writing you should never give up. Oh, and absolutely DO NOT forget to use description. That is what half the writing is about.

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    I review young adult fiction books: RACHEL READS BOOKS

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    Name: Hunting Guard (Daniel)
    Age: Fifteen
    Strong Points: I suppose my strongest point in my writing is the description. I try to describe everything I can. Another would be that I, due to the fact of talking almost non-stop in real life, can create a good dialogue.
    Weak Points: My weakest points would have to be length. I have improved since i started here as ralts'r'us, but I still can't compare to some of the other writers on here. My average chapter is usually around four pages on Microsoft Word.
    Current Stories: At the moment, I am in the middle of writing/posting Afresh, my Animé fic, and Human, my controversial fic. The reason I say it's controversial is that the main character     Spoiler:
    (don't read that if you are reading the story).
    Future Projects: Apart from the fic I'm co-writing with treeckoknight23, I have ideas all over the place, inspired by everything I see. I get inspiration from almost everything, it's crazy.


    "Writing doesn't require drive. It's like saying a chicken has to have drive to lay an egg." ~ John Updike

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    Kain Blackthorn Guest


    My profile updated.

    Name:Kain Blackthorn, DSX, WildHunterX in, also Gate.EXE.
    Age:12, but I can write PG-13 stories.
    Strong points at writing:Maybe creating situations between two or more characters.
    Weak points:Everything else.
    Type of Writing:I prefer writing humorous fics, but I can write also Action/Adventure, and some shippy fics ()
    Current Stories:Crystal Quest (PG-13) Genre still undefined.Maybe Humor, maybe shipping, maybe something else.
    Future stories:None for now.
    Tip for aspiring authors:NEVER GIVE UP. No matters if someone says "your fic sucks!!" or "you are a fing writer!!!!", never leave a story uncomplete. Try to become better everyday. There is always a tomorrow.

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    Mar 2004
    Long Island, New York


    Name: Black Angel (B.A for short)
    Age: 15
    Strong Areas: Original plot. You'd have to have read any short story or fanfic I've ever written to actually know this, but I can pretty much come up with an original idea out of nowhere, then again anyone can if they work hard enough.
    Type Of Writing: I usually lean towards action/adventure and sometimes romance.
    Type Of Characters: My main character is usually a guy. I try to change their personalities around everytime, one could be full of himself, another clam and secretive, another perveted and greedy and etc. My female characters usually follow the same personas except I've tried a new one. Innoncence is what I'm currently doing with my newest female character, she's asks a lot of questions, can't see how perverted her brother is and usually gets him into rather awkward situations where other's might question their relationship.
    Current Stories: Two Sides of The Same Coin. (PG-13) Everything seems obvious at first but in later chapters you'll start to question both the protagonists and the antagonists actions and motives.
    Future Stories: None planned as of right now. I may do a one shot soon, but if I can't get enough support for my current fic I may go back in to the trainer fic genre once again.
    Writing Tips: Most have been said before, but I'll lend some advice. Have an idea you think is great? Go with it. Someone tells you they don't like it? That's their opinion, there are still those who like it. Don't take honest critism to hard listen to what they say and improve on it. Don't let too many good reviews get to your head either or you'll start slacking off.
    95% of the serebi population believes that if you cheat, you're a n00b who can't play. if you are one of the 5% who believe differently, and want all the people who call cheaters n00bs to burn, copy and paste this in your signature. Started by pikachu_kingif you think nintendo should do a remake of g/s copy and paste this into your sig (started by kyogrekyle)

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    Name: Michelle, Saber, Moombaforce on FF.

    Age: 14

    Strong points at writing: Suspense, Lengthy plots

    Weak points: Grammar, Ending fics. >D

    Type of Writing: Drama, Adventure, and Romance mostly. I like writing crypitc stories that dont show their true faces until the end.

    Current Stories: Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates. Action, Romance, Drama....neh.

    Future stories: Pokemon Revelation, Sevii, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier. Possibly some one shots, I'd like to give it a try.

    Tip for aspiring authors: Take inspiration from everything and let your ideas bloom from there. Tell me about an author who hasnt gotten inspiration from another source and I'll eat my shoe. >D
    My Author Website

    First book sold to Viking/Penguin! ^^

    .__relive the legend__.


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    Insincerus Guest


    Name: - The Cheshire Cat, "Chessy" to very few, Tyranitar, T, and Braxton
    Age: - 14
    Strong Areas - Well, I have a strange talent in horror/suspense, because of the terrible things that go on in my mind I also have a strange sense of humor, so I couldn't exactly tell you that I have a nack for humor, but one thing I know that I do have is the ability to over describe things ^^;
    Type of Writing: - Horror/Suspense by far. Not to mention adding comedy, fantasy, and adventure to the mix, which is an odd combination if you ask me.
    Current Stories: - Mostly all of mine have been deleted because I did not finish them :P But I am currently working on a real-life novel that I have devoted every available second to, and I am going to stay committed to it. You could look for it in couple of years if you wanted. It is going to be called, "Tainted Dreams: Part I: The Revelation." I can't really tell anyone more than that, but it is going to be a three-part trilogy divided into *gasps* three books!
    Future Stories - After I make my debut with "The Revelation," I plan on releasing two other books called, "Tainted Dreams: Part II: The Revenge" and "Tainted Dreams: Part III: The Resolution."

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