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    Default Pokemon Island Sun

    (rated E10+ for frightening images and fantasy violence)

    Unlike the other six stories in the Pokemon Anime Remix Project, this one, Pokemon Island Sun, will be told as a series of letters Ash is writing to Serena about his Alolan vacation, using a blend of the games, the show, and my imagination to create something totally new.

    So be warned--this is not quite the Sun and Moon you are playing through, nor will it be the anime you will see!

    Letter 1: Welcome to the Islands

    Dear Serena,

    I made it to the Alola region! It's beautiful out here--I really wish you could join me, Misty, and Brock in this piece of paradise.

    The flight went well--Mom and Dad saw me off (with a lot of hugs and tears), and not only did Misty and Brock meet me there, I also met two of the people they've met--Hikina and Mahina, two of the professor's good friends. Hikina knows just about everything about this area, so he was happy to give me a crash course in the Alolan language (everything is bilingual there--even Misty and Brock have picked some of it up)

    Mahina is the artistic one--she's never without her ukulele, and isn't too shabby a puppeteer either. She played me a welcome song as soon as I got off the plane, which Tintri liked. (Brock told me later it was called "Alola, How Do You Do?")

    We traveled to the professor's house, where the local professor, Prof. Kukui, met me. He's very laid back, so it's not unheard of to see him in a lab coat and swim trunks.

    Next in the parade of guests was Lillie, one of the professor's assistants. She may be a little shy, but she'll open up once you get to know her. She is a bit of a bookworm, so she'll have a book on her at all times. Brock's learned a lot of interesting stories from her collection of Alolan folktale books.

    I was tired from the flight, so after I commandeered a hammock for a much deserved nap, we had lunch (your typical Alolan plate lunch--some kind of meat, noodles, and rice. The meat can be nearly anything, but so long as you've got a meat, some noodles and rice, you've got the basic recipe)

    After lunch, we all went to visit Prof. Oak's cousin Samson--he gave me a Z Crystal to set in my Mega Ring--if I use my Heart Song to invoke it, Tintri can use a very powerful move called Gigavolt Havoc--which we proceeded to practice on a beach overlooking the house. It wore Tintri out after a few tries, but I'm sure he'll get better with it as we travel.

    Next, I went to sign up for the Island Challenge--instead of Gyms and badges here, you compete in trials--that may or may not involve battling, depending on the trial captain's mood. While we were there, I read up on some of the trial captains:

    --Mallow, a captain who specializes in Grass types. She is said to enjoy cooking almost as much as Brock.

    --Lana is the Water type captain. I have a feeling she and Misty will get along very well when we finally meet her

    --Kiawe, a local dancer who is also a Fire type captain. He is never without Kame, his Turtonator. He promised to show me a traditional Alolan fire dance in return for my taking his trial.

    Then there's Sophocles--the Electric type tinker that reminds me of Clemont a little bit. He can be a little shy, people have told me.

    But the Cheri Berry on top for my first day of vacation? I actually got to see one of the guardians of Alola, an Electric type bird-like Pokemon named Tapu Koko.

    He appeared to me in the middle of the night, which surprised both me and Tintri, and proceeded to supercharge the Z Crystal in my Mega Ring.

    When I told everyone about it this morning, Mahina was the most surprised--Tapu Koko apparently doesn't appear to just anyone--he is a playful Pokemon by nature, so to have him appear to you is something very special indeed. Hikina added that getting to battle him is equally special.

    Even the Pokedex here is something special--the design resembles a Rotom, so it's called a Rotom Pokedex. It's not often seen outside of Alola, or even within Alola itself, so it'll likely be my most valuable souvenir.

    So today we went exploring and Tapu Koko appeared to me again--and this time, he wanted to battle me! And battle we did, complete with Tintri finally pulling off Gigavolt Havoc. He was still tired from using it afterwards, but just seeing Tintri use it was enough to please Tapu Koko.

    Our battle was all Mahina could talk about, even after Tapu Koko had fled, and so she decided to write a song about it (which I can hear her working out the melody on her ukulele). Maybe Brock will add a guitar part to it, and it expand into an epic ballad about my time here.

    If you're ever lucky enough to come out here, here are some basic Native Alolan words to know:

    --Alola can mean the region itself, a greeting, a farewell, or refer to love, affection, kindness and goodness

    --Mahalo--this means "thank you". Even though it is labeled on most trash cans, mahalo does not mean “trash”! (Mahina had to gently correct me on this)

    --Kokua--this means "help or support" so often times for charity events and telethons, you'll hear them say "Mahalo for your kokua". (you'll often hear people slip Native Alolan words into an English sentence--which may sound strange when you hear it at first, but it's great motivation to learn the language!)

    --Mauka and Makai--instead of saying "north and "south", you use these words. "Mauka" is "towards the mountains" (eg. north), and "Makai" is "towards the sea" (eg. south). No word on what the words for "east" and "west" are, although I'm sure there are words for them too.

    --Poke--No, I didn't forget to write "mon", poke is actually a kind of food! It's deliciously yummy cubes of raw seafood (typically Magikarp) mixed with sauces and onions. If you get it over white rice, it's called a Poke bowl--not to be confused with a Poke Ball!

    --Pono--this is another catch-all word. It is most often defined as righteousness, but can also mean proper, moral, or fair.

    --Haole--Traditionally means a foreigner, but mostly refers to Alolan residents not originally from the region now. It has been used in a not-so-nice way, but most people mean well when they use it.

    Howzit?--an informal greeting. Hikina uses this a lot.

    Honu--the Native Alolan name for Wartortle

    Ohana--you probably know this one from "Lilo and Stitch"--"Ohana means family, and no one gets left behind."

    ʻOno--this means "delicious", so if someone says a place has "'ono grinds", they mean "delicious food".

    Malasada--a kind of doughnut-like pastry popular in Alola. One of Hikina and Mahina's friends, Hau, runs a malasada shop with his family--and they really are 'ono!

    Da kine--used to name something you don't remember the name of, or don't know the name of--something like "whatchamacallit" "thingy", or "doowatchie"

    Kamaʻāina--used to refer to a long-term resident of Alola, regardless of origin. (true native Alolans have their own word, but I can't remember it.)

    Lanai--a balcony or patio--lots of Alolan houses have them, and they come in every shape and size.

    Wahine and Kane--Kane is "men" and wahine is "women"--you'll usually see them on public bathroom doors. (luckily, almost everything here is bilingual, so I didn't accidentally walk into the wahine bathroom!)

    Auntie and Uncle--what kids are taught to call their elders, regardless of their actual connection. Brock's been called "Uncle Brock" a few times already by the local kids, and I'm sure I'll probably get called "Uncle Ash" a few times while I'm here.

    Well, it's getting late, so I'd better get to bed--got another adventure tomorrow!

    Your friend,
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    Letter 2: Of Friends and Foes

    Dear Serena,

    Well, I figured out why it's called a Rotom Pokedex--it addition to looking like a Rotom, an actual Rotom lives inside it. The one inside of mine is named Sparks, and we hit it off right away. He can be a little goofy and eager to do everything, but will calm down if you ask him to.

    Having a Rotom inside your Pokedex can also turn it into a general guidebook, a camera, a scanner, and a number of other things, but 90% of the time, it's just your average Pokedex.

    Mahina has a Rotom Pokedex too--the Rotom in hers is named Hekili (Native Alolan for "thunder", if you're curious) She's like Mahina in almost every way--very much a performer, and always up for a good story or a good song. (she seems to like Mahina's ukulele, so she'll come out whenever Mahina plays it)

    Sparks seems to like my Pokeflute and my whistles, and actually came out to listen to me practice last night. I was a bit nervous about starting my Island Challenge, so he told me a little bit about what to expect, and that he and Hekili would be there to cheer us on all the way.

    So today the three of us were actually blessed for our island trial--you need to see or take part in a traditional Alolan blessing ceremony at least once in your life.

    The chant the priestess used goes something like this (as per Mahina's translation):

    O my guardians, from remote antiquity
    Watch over these travelers
    As they embark on a great journey
    May they find favor on the road
    May they learn all they can
    May they share good company
    May they return with memories to share
    Watch over and protect them all
    Ward off all that may trouble them as they travel
    (the prayer) is freed

    Then, Hala--Hau's grandpa and the kahuna of the island, gave us our challenge pendants. I got a ruby--one of the luckiest stones you can get--because of my courage and deep love. Not surprisingly, Misty got a sapphire, and Brock got an emerald.

    The last step in the ritual was choosing our starter Pokemon. I didn't really choose mine--the Litten chose me instead! (I would've picked the Rowlet, but the Litten pounced on me before I could choose--so he was mine. I named him Popoki--Native Alolan for "cat".

    Brock picked the Rowlet (he named him Kia'i, which is Native Alolan for "guardian") and Misty picked the Popplio (she named her Mele, which is Native Alolan for "song")

    Sparks was more than happy to give me info on all three starters:

    "Litten, the fire cat Pokemon. While grooming itself, it builds up fur inside its stomach. It sets the fur alight and spews fiery attacks, which change based on how it coughs."

    "Rowlet, the grass quill Pokemon. This wary Pokémon uses photosynthesis to store up energy during the day, while becoming active at night."

    "Popplio, the sea lion Pokemon. This Pokémon snorts body fluids from its nose, blowing balloons to smash into its foes. It’s famous for being a hard worker."

    I was excited to go catch some of the native Pokemon here, but before Popoki and me could go Pokemon hunting, we spotted Lillie departing town in a hurry, so we followed her out to the Mahalo Trail.

    It turned out Lillie was in a panic because the strange Pokemon she has had gotten ambushed by Spearows, and was stuck on an old bridge. Just seeing the little frightened puffball (Lillie had named him Nebby) brought back flashbacks of my attempting to protect Tintri from Spearows back when I first started my own journey.

    Lillie pleaded with me to do something, so I made a flying leap onto the bridge in an attempt to save Nebby, but moments after I had thrown myself over Nebby to act like a shield, the part of the bridge we were on broke.

    Misty understandably panicked, but on the way down, I got the idea to invoke my Heart Song--Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul…

    As Misty, Brock, and Lillie watched in awe, Tapu Koko--one of the four guardians of Alola--came and rescued me before I could hit the water. I gave him a mahalo nui--a big thank you!

    Lillie was relieved Nebby was all right, but all the excitement tired her out, so Brock suggested we go back to town.

    Hau wanted to battle with me, but after Brock explained what had happened, he was stunned, and went and told Mahina.

    Mahina told us that by nature, Tapu Koko is a trickster, and he may or may not decide to help you, so to have him rescue me was very unusual indeed. Hikina figured that maybe Tapu Koko saw something in me and decided to rescue me, a hypothesis Hala agreed with.

    Hala also warned us about Team Skull, who are apparently the local evil team here--Misty was relieved that at least Team Rocket wasn't here--better a group of hoodlums in black and white than a guy and a girl with a talking Meowth.

    Naturally, both Sparks and Hekili wanted to know more about Team Rocket, so we told them both (and our starters) about our previous adventures and encounters with them.

    We talked late into the night--or at least until Popoki started nudging me towards a hammock, so I guess he knew it was time for us to get to bed.

    He's waiting for me to finish this letter, so I'll call it a night here--I can't wait to embark on the Island Challenge with my best friends! I only wish you could be going with me, as well.

    Your friend,
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    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    Letter 3: A Festive Fishing Trip

    Dear Serena,

    The festival honoring Tapu Koko got underway--the rituals are a sight to see. Then Hau immediately wanted to battle me to make up for not getting a battle yesterday. Popoki had no problem with Misty, Brock, and our two guides, Hikina and Mahina, watching us.

    After we finished our battle, Mahina told us that one of the events during the festival was a fishing contest. But this is no ordinary fishing contest--rather than sitting on the shore and waiting for the fish to bite, you go out on the water aboard a Lapras (or a Sharpedo, for the more adventurous, but that brought back bad memories of Houen, so I opted to ride on a Lapras. This also meant putting on wetsuits and flotation belts (this way, if any of us fell off, we'd still float on the surface) Of course, Popoki was more than happy to keep the bug Pokemon away from our bait. (even though he wanted to eat some of it on a few occasions, much to Brock's chagrin)

    Now, one thing to keep in mind about Misty that isn't readily apparent from her dispatches to us while we were traveling together is her fear of bugs. We're talking standing on a chair screaming. I have managed to get her to tolerate butterfly Pokemon (she thinks they are pretty) and Ledybas (those are good luck), but anything else that crawls, bites, and stings--no go. Thankfully, Popoki proved himself a fine bug catcher (even if he did gross everyone out by eating a dead Metapod in full view of us)

    Metapod eating aside, we soon set sail aboard a fleet of Laprases--me, Misty, and Brock on one, and Hikina and Mahina on two others--they were our "chasers" if something went wrong. Misty was equally enthralled by being on the water--and riding a Lapras is a very calm and relaxing way to go out on the sea.

    Hikina showed us a good way to look for where the sea Pokemon were biting--look for churning water. This proved to be good advice--I found a Magikarp that was 20 inches long (and netted me a silver medal in the beginner's division of the competition) Supposedly, Lana, the captain of the trial at Brooklet Hill over on the next island, once caught a Magikarp that was 35 inches long, but even Brock was unsure if that was true or not (he did acknowledge that it could be true, because "sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction".)

    Mele, Misty's Popplio, is a real joy to be with. As per Hekili:

    "This Pokémon can control water bubbles. It practices diligently so it can learn to make big bubbles."

    And make big bubbles she did--she was happily blowing bubbles the whole time--or at least until one popped on top of Popoki--he was NOT happy about being wet, and definitely not happy about us laughing at him as Brock dried him off.

    He did, however, seem to like Mele blowing bubbles in shapes after Misty suggested she try blowing a square (which she did, and then proceeded to blow a replica of the Cascade Badge (or at least, that's what Misty claimed it was--Mahina suggested it looked more like a teardrop, which the Cascade Badge resembles)

    But our leisurely trip was spoiled when two Team Skull grunts out looking to stir up some trouble approached us in an attempt to steal my Magikarp and claim it as theirs. It turned out we didn't need to battle them at all--a lot of what they claimed to have caught by themselves were actually pilfered from others, so we circled around the lagoon, giving back what catches they pilfered.

    Even though we didn't battle Team Skull per se (as doing so outside of the festival arena was bad luck--but these Team Skull hoodlums don't look like the type to respect ancient traditions.) Mele did frighten them off with a HUGE bubble--that popped directly over their heads! (she was laughing about the dripping wet grunts all the way back to shore)

    Our catches were then judged, and I won the silver medal in the beginner's division, as I told you before. As soon as the contest ended, some kids came asking Brock to share some of his stories, and he gladly obliged with "The Princess on the Glass Mountain" (he's still getting used to being called "Uncle Brock", though.) The kids loved the adventure, so we told them a few more (and played a few tunes for them too) Off the top of my head, we performed "Team Rainbow Hunts the Red Gyarados" (adapted to Alola by having a character frighten off a Wishiwashi) "The Gold Pidgeot" (the kids loved my doing Kitsune's voice--Brock, of course changed her from a normal Ninetales to the Alolan variety, which looks almost dream-like (I have a picture I plan to enclose with this letter) Hala liked "The Lucky Warrior", and Misty led the telling of "Two of a Kind". We told some other favorites, as well, and Mahina pitched in by telling us a few Alolan tales and playing her ukulele.

    But the Cheri Berry on top? Hikina and Mahina are going with us on my Island Challenge! My first trial is the Verdant Cavern, just outside of Hau'oli City. Before that, though, we've got a few other Pokemon to pick up and a performance for the local trainer's school (which Prof. Kukui asked for us to do).

    So all in all, the festival was wonderful, and I have a new challenge to undergo--and I can't wait to show my skills to the trial captains!

    Until next time,
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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