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    No Mercy in Capture
    By: Will Parzybok

    When I realized where I was, it was already too late. I picked the wrong fight with the wrong people using the wrong pokémon and I was about to meet a fate I was not ready for…

    I was half out now, My vision fading in and out. Thunk! I went flying through the air limp and in shock. I don’t think I can last much longer. I thought as the flying mass of fur again knocked me across the cavern.

    Crack! I looked up to see an icicle the size of a sword come crashing down on me. I couldn’t see at all now.

    Ker-ZAP! There it went, the last of my hope. I laid there in pure pain, paralyzed and unable to move and see. I knew what was coming next and I couldn’t say I didn’t try to resist.

    The moment it touched me I jerked away, breaking it, but only to be mid-jerk when the paralysis came in again to freeze me mid air.

    PIPLUP! I thought as I made a desperate attempt to open my eyes in hope to see my friend Piplup gone, and hopefully far from this place.

    I was only able to half open a single eye, and I saw her, in the same state as me if not worse. She seemed frozen. Literally. Her skin seemed lighter than normal and I could see she had been poisoned. Badly.

    As all my hatred boiled up inside me, I made a desperate attempt to free myself from this hell.

    As I began to move, another hit. This time It was stronger. I could feel its desire to trap me in its cyber hell. It called for me with everything desirable, with a friendly feel. If only those bastards really knew what we go through…

    In my final attempt I screamed to tell Piplup it would be ok, though I knew it wouldn’t and so did she.

    As the Darkness, the red, misty darkness washed over me, I started losing consciousness. NO! I thought. If torture is what is coming, I want to face it. To take it and accept it!

    Yep. I’m going crazy. Then it all blacked out.

    When I again woke I was in a chamber and I began to break. I sobbed my eyes dry and screamed until my throat burned. I called for Piplup many times in some kind of attempt to call her.

    Nice thing to think. I thought as all the memories we had as a youngling came flooding in like my fathers hydro pump into an erupting volcano. I hate myself.

    Next thing I know my mind is being overrun by the best memories I have had with all my loved ones. My mom. My father. Piplup. Even my brother, I wonder how he is doing? I thought smiling to myself. Probably at home, waiting for me to get back from Piplup and I’s journey. Oh Mew.

    I couldn’t give up now. I had to get out of here. I had to finish my journey, and most importantly I HAD to save Piplup.

    Then it happened. I felt weightless. I was weightless. I floated around in my hollow plant until I came crashing down onto the side cracking and breaking the sphere.

    Am I free? Is this possible? What happened? Screw this I’m out! I thought when I saw the sight that changed me forever.

    I was in an arena, and my opponent was Piplup. She was still poisoned and tingling with frost. It truly hurt to see her like that. As the announcer man raised his flag to start the horror, Piplup made a horrid shrieking,
    “Help me Squirtle!” as she fell limp and lifeless.

    The paramedics, including so many Chanceys, “How I hate those human assisting egg balls!” I thought, started to swarm her, I tried to get a look but they were blocking my sight.

    I screamed for her and told her to respond, all I got was silence, heart-breaking silence.

    At that very moment I began to feel the warming mist wrap around me. No I thought. I won’t leave her with them! I struggled using every ounce of living energy in me, but I was no match for the capture device, and I was forced to enter my new apricorn.

    This ball was different. It was shiny on the inside and wherever I looked I saw a distorted version of my self. Great now I get to look at my fail of a self… I thought as I looked around. I noticed something strange, one side was flat like a dent in the device. I could see myself clear in the reflection, and noticed how demented I look. Scratches and scars were everywhere.

    My face looked different too. Like it knew what torture was, and it did. I realized. I am in hell. I couldn’t take it. I closed my eyes as if to stop this all and never came to opening them again.

    As I awoke the next day, Or at least, I think it’s day. I thought. There was no way to tell when you're the only thing you can see. I thought about this for a moment before realizing the truth. The same truth I knew all along, but could never comprehend.

    Trainers think you love them. They think that you feel good when battling, that you feel free. That we do what they say, because we love them. Wait. What am I talking about? I love my master. I DO obey my master because I love him. It IS freedom to- I got thrown across the ball into the other wall.

    Ow. I thought as my head throbbed. What was I thinking? I thought as I realized what was happening. This one brainwashes you! I yelled aloud realizing I threw myself against the wall. My conscious is competing with this machine. The problem is, the machine never tires, but minds do.

    I tried my best to not think much. To keep my brain power to the minimum yet still be able to compete with this demon. I thought about all the times I wondered why pokémon liked their trainers, before I knew the secret.

    Then it came. The Mist. It clouded up my vision and I could feel myself becoming particles once again.

    After a few quick moments of nothing, I began to materialize on the dirt. You have to be kidding me. I thought as I looked around to see the same arena, this time filled with people in the crowd screaming and cheering my master on. In front of me was a Mamoswine and Chansey. Both looking like brainwashed zombies.

    As I looked to my left I saw Piplup, and she was in great condition.

    “Squirtle!” She screamed as she ran at me. “I thought I would never see you again!” She said as she embraced me in a hug and began to cry. “I can not do this without you Squirtle. I need you. It’s hell in those things and all I can do is think about you!” She said, now sobbing. She squeezed me harder, and I didn’t object. I need her too. I thought, as I let her rest her head on my shoulder. I began to hear a rumble. Must be my heart, I finally found what means most to me. I thought happily.

    THUNK! She went flying out of my arms, with the force of the Mamoswine behind her.

    CRACK!!! Rocks went flying everywhere as they hit the wall of the arena. Oh, no. I thought, as the dust cleared and I saw Piplup’s limp body. I immediately ran for her blasted the mammoth pokémon with a blast of water stronger than any I have ever shot without building the fluids in my chest.

    I sprinted faster towards her only to find her far from consciousness. Without even knowing what happened I began to tear. I looked back towards the Mamoswine and my heart became stone cold. I started towards the harry piece if ****, blind with tears and rage. I felt another rumble. Stronger. I thought. This isn’t how I will leave her. I began to pick up speed with the fluids filling my chest. Purest of revenge. I thought as I put my chest into the sky and began my final stand.

    Right before I released my true power, I spun around to face my trainer. I looked him in the eye, and smiled.

    Whoosh! Water, It was all I felt. Like how it feels when swallowing a gulp of water too big, but five times larger, and a steady stream of it, in reverse. It was horrible. The pain burned inside of me so strong I fell into blackness for seconds before regaining my thoughts. If Piplup is gone. I want him gone too! The second wave of force was released from my stomach. This one was dangerous. I had to focus strongly on this or I may burst. Literally. I focused so hard time seemed to slow. I heard screams as the stadium where pokemon like me were forced to battle erupt into chaos. People are running everywhere, Pokémon, not knowing what to do about the problem. Crack! Snap! Pop! Bang! Boom! I heard as red flashed in my eyes. Must be the effects of revenge. I thought grimly to myself.

    Just then the water ended and I looked around to witness what I had done. The other five pokémon my trainer’s kept were standing beside me with glee.

    “Thank you!” One shouted!

    “I will do anything you ask! Just help us get out of here now!” Said another

    I didn’t know what to think. I freed the other five and I stopped a trainer from trapping us by breaking the pokéballs. Then I realized. Only five snapped.

    I felt the warmth began to surround me, but this time I was ready for it. I pulled with all my ability and power, but somehow, it managed to hurt. I realized I had no energy left. The adrenaline began leaking out of my body as the mist crept in. I failed. I told myself. I did save five others right? I asked myself as my vision began to fade. I took one last look at the world and saw my friends that I realized. They were running towards me. Getting closer and my vision is nothing but blobs of color, tinted red. I felt something on my arm. They are trying to help me. I thought sadly as my vision became red.

    “Goodbye” I whispered with Piplup in my mind.

    “NO!” I heard her voice say.

    I used the last bit of life in me. I cleared my vision and focused to get the last bit of anything before I was eaten by red. I saw her. The others were gone.

    “Where are they?” I asked.

    “Who?” she responded looking as if she had no idea who was they.

    “The other five.” I said

    “You're hallucinating” She said her voice cracking with sadness.

    “Oh.” I whispered, barely audible. “I was the one who popped wasn't I?” I asked everything making sense, or as much sense as anything can make when you realize your fate is sealed.

    “Yes.” She said barely understandable and she stared at me with horror and disbelief. ”Don’t go.”

    “Okay.” I said. Knowing there was no hope.

    “I love you.” She said to me.

    I never got time to respond as I lost my vision for the final time. There is no hope. No glory. Nothing will ever be the same.
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    Great story, but it seems like it could easily be expanded. One way you could do this is to make the battles longer, and put more descriptions in them. Also, you could easily have more content. This could be a chaptered fic, not a One-shot. Now I'm not saying that's bad, but chapter fics are a good way for a new writer to get the ever-so-helpful reviews that could drastically improve their writing.
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