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Thread: The Curse of Forgotten Time (PG-13)

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    Post The Curse of Forgotten Time (PG-13)

    Nothing can last forever.

    When it does, strange things begin to happen.

    Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mixed

    Rating: PG-13 (Violence, Blood, Occasional swearing), usually just PG.

    Plot synopsis:

    After accidentally triggering a trap within a ruin, Vis (Real name long since forgotten) stops aging altogether, and learns some new tricks. However, living forever isn't always a good thing... This story follows his retelling of his story, just before the end of his tale.

    Additional details:

    This fic is a universe-tie-in fic, concerning the entirety of gen4.

    In this continuity, trainers cannot understand pokemon at all.

    As expected, I know my work isn't perfect. Reviews, critique, and/or comments all are extremely appreciated.

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    I snap to attention as the telltale sound of footsteps awaken me. The echoing sound is warped and distorted by the blackened stone, then spread throughout the ruins. For years these ruins have been my prison, my refuge, and my hideaway; this body simply a memento of a life long since forfeit. I ready myself to take the fight to the intruders, if they proved to be hostile. As I prepare to get moving, I am greeted with a familiar, reassuring presence.

    [They're in the ruins.]

    Wordlessly, I reply.

    {The ones you were speaking of earlier? The ones we assisted before? The ones who defeated him?}

    [Yes, those two. They've entered alone, just as I requested.]

    {Are you sure that they can be trusted? Much more is at stake here than ever before.}

    [We can’t keep this a secret forever. Of all of the possible secret keepers I’ve examined over the years, these two show the most promise.]

    {How long until they reach the deepest floor?}

    [I'm not entirely sure. These ruins are deep: easily comparable to some of the deepest dungeons I've seen during my travels out on the surface.]

    {And the limitations?}

    [Strict, but still flexible enough to allow passage downwards. It will definitely slow them to a crawl.]

    {Excellent. You should come down here: I assume that you are expected to not be on the surface.}

    I reach out with my mind and open a portal. A dark, swirling vortex materializes before me, held open by the force of my will. In an instant, an Umbreon stands beside me. Nil. Releasing my grip on the gate, it quickly flickers and fades, before it dissipates with a nearly inaudible snap. I turn to Nil, my partner.

    {This is our only chance, you know. We might not last long enough to see another chance.}

    [I know. This is all or nothing. Failure isn’t an option.]

    I grin a little as I reply.

    {How did we end up here? I remember hating being with people. Now, however, we need to go looking for them, just so we don’t go insane.}

    [Just to ensure YOU don't go insane. I'm doing fine.]

    {We both know that if I go, you'll soon follow.}

    [We both know that you'd never let that happen in the first place.]

    {And so it seems, that this is the only path forward.}

    My mind jumped back to what I had just said. Now that I thought about it, my previous life seemed like a completely different world. How DID we end up here?

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    Chapter 1

    I walk over to where I store what little possessions I still own. As always, they are stored in an old, faded, crumbling bag, predating the war by several hundred years. The bag rested upon a large stone surface, engraved in elaborate patterns of interwoven lines, and ringed with runes of meaning long since forgotten. Even I do not know what the patterns meant, only that at one point, this structure served as an altar of sorts. The faded leather bag which rests upon it has holes dotting its decrepit surface, scars of its eternal battle against time.

    Due to diligence and constant repair on my part, this bag had served its purpose admirably, far longer than its creators could have ever expected. I reach into the old, faded sack, and remove what little personal belongings I still possess. Although many of them are simply trinkets, I see them differently. Every single one of them a memento of my journey, and thus more valuable to me than any sort of worldly riches.

    One by one, I remove them from the bag. Scraps of machinery, red and white. A single crumbling stone, held aloft by unseen forces, forever spinning. A small leather pouch, which jingles as I place it down. A crystal of obsidian, darker than the depths of the ocean. A yellow nugget, covered in scratches.

    Remembering it as the oldest relic, I reach for the nugget and examine it. The nugget’s nearly spherical surface, of dull yellow hue, is marked by several indentations, each about size of a pea. Turning it around, I reveal the rift snaking its way across, filled up with dirt and dust. This nugget was part of the spoils of my first exploration, kept as a memento of what I enjoyed doing. Now, the only thing it represents is the life I left behind, before I became what I now am. Memories consume my thoughts as I wipe the dust off of the surface, memories of my first exploration.


    I was born in the Sinnoh region, to a name of which I cannot remember. As was common at the time, I was drafted into going onto a pokemon journey, which was at the time a common practice. I never was one for straight up battles, as the rigid rules of engagement destroyed some of the charm for me.

    What I did, however, have interest in was the ancient ruins that littered Sinnoh.. For some reason, everyone was either too apathetic, or too afraid to explore them. Even the companies specifically created to explore ruins were ineffective, as they were either too bogged down by bureaucracy, or just incompetent, leading to only portions of the ruins being explored.

    My gift from my hometown was my starter, an Eevee. I decided upon the name "Nil", as not only did it sound interesting, it was also quick to call out, and easy to remember. At the beginning, Nil did not follow my instructions completely, a fact which I overlooked, having never battled before. I was far too naive back then. I wasn’t broken yet, for I still had faith in the world; nothing had gone wrong before, and I assumed that would always be the case. I departed from the town immediately after receiving my gift, full of hope, excitement and joy, but little did I know that I would never return.

    It is custom in Sinnoh, and most of the known world, that when on a journey, a trainer is essentially dead to their parents. If they do not return, there is little grief, as such things happened depressingly often, yet were never spoken about. It weeded out the weak and the foolish. I was completely blind to this, as the truth was as rarely told as it was grim, and so I went forward without hesitation. Even those gifted with enough material wealth to afford phones were treated as outsiders. Parents of such individuals often offered to hold onto gathered money, in a sort of grim insurance against their child’s life. Several stories floated about of parents whom had suddenly gained a substantial amount of wealth, and had thrown a party after an unknown circumstance.

    My path towards the first gym was smooth; I dispatched wild pokemon in my way with ease. However, I simply did not have the control over my pokemon that other trainers seemed to have, as my commands seemed to be almost delayed, or sometimes, disregarded altogether. My frustrations towards my inability to battle was offset by the strange new land I was rapidly exploring.

    Although the journey was shaping to be interesting, my luck ran out when I arrived. I was easily steamrolled by the first gym leader, and almost any trainer I crossed around the city he was located in. No longer content being the punching bag, I quit.

    Without direction, I wandered down a road I had chosen at random, intent of finding a purpose, any purpose. It was with luck that I passed a ruins site, marked by beige tents rising out of a compound ringed by iron fencing. Remembering my dreams from before I began, I approached the entry to the encampment. To my surprise, the solid metal gate, sturdy enough to stop a rampaging Gyarados, was thrown open, leaving me to question their policies of security. Looking around, there were no people in sight from outside of the gate, and thus, steeling my nerves, I entered.

    The dirt road underfoot was soft, loosely packed, and uneven, proof that very few people moved about in this site. Directing myself towards the largest tent, I was to determined to ask to assist the exploration of these ruins.

    The flap of the tent was heavier than it looked, and several moments later, I was within the tent. The inside of the tent was sparsely decorated with a shoddy oak desk, one rickety old bookshelf, and a flickering lamp resting upon the dirt floor. Worst of all, the tent smelled of a mixture of decaying trash, and sweat. Sitting at the desk was an elderly old man, wispy thing, badly shaven, and wearing what could only be described as a metal bowl that was crushed. I would have left immediately, had I not seen the name tag on his desk, which simply stated “Foreman”.

    Trying my best not to retch, I approached the Foreman. He did not respond, his eyes staring as if I was not even there. I prodded him, coating my finger in foul smelling ooze. I shook my hand in disgust as he finally reacted.

    ‘Hello there, welcome to our camp. We are archaeologists!’

    “I’d like to help, I’ve always wanted to do this sort of thing.”
    The foreman shook his head. Strangely, his hair stopped as soon as he stopped, a mystery I did not want solved.

    ‘Sorry kid, we’re trained adults. We are good at this sort of thing.’


    I left the tent, as both the conversation was going nowhere, and I was several moments from passing out from oxygen deprivation On my way back towards the entrance, I passed by the mouth of the ruins, intent of at least examining the entryway. Carvings of pokemon lined the walls, mostly Unknown, but several were of other types,. As I looked further in, I noticed that beyond 20 feet, the floors were completely caked in thick dust. It was obvious no one had gone in at all.. I knew an opportunity like this would not come again, and took my chances. I entered the ruins.

    The ruins were mostly monotonous, grey stone, with pokemon carvings, with the occasional statue or plinth on the sides. Several times I stepped upon a tile, only to feel myself sink, and each time that happened, I would jump backwards, and hit the ground. Twice, a rusted blade descended from the ceiling where I was standing, and once, probably due to age causing mechanical failure, nothing happened at all. After the third trap, I was much more cautious about where I stepped.

    Eventually I reached the deepest room, a circular chamber. To my disappointment, the ruins were quite linear: I had passed no forks, no other paths, only a singular path to the deepest point. In the center of the room, was an intricately carved statue of a Garchomp. It was extremely well carved, and no detail was spared. Its eyes were rubies, and its teeth were quartz, all of which sparkled in the dim light. Shrugging my shoulders, I pried the gems free with a pocketknife. Behind the statue, was the only flat wall in the entire room. Taking a guess, I pushed pricks until one gave. I pushed the loose brick further and further back, until it fell free of the wall with a thud. Feeling around where it fell, it seemed that a small hole existed solely for the brick to fall into.

    Sticking my arm as far into the hole as I could, I grasped a smooth, cold sphere. I grabbed it and pulled my arm quickly from the hole. Not pausing to look at what it was, I began my retreat from the ruins. I was unsure if anything was going to happen, but it wasn’t worth the risk waiting to find out.

    Only when I saw the exit did I slow down.

    It was late, the moon, now a waning crescent, shone its light upon the deserted embankment Snoring emanated from the Foreman’s tent. Sneaking as quietly as I could out of the camp, I continued retreating until the tents were barely in sight. Only then did I examine what I had taken from my little raid. Reaching in my pocket returned an extremely satisfying jingling noise, as I felt around in my pocket for the spoils. Soon, within my hand, I had a dozen quartzes, each the size of a fingernail, two grape-sized rubies, both star cut,, and the curious sphere I removed from the wall.

    I did not know what the sphere was at first, gold was not what came to mind. All I knew was that it was much heavier than it looked, and must have been well hidden for a reason. It was after I tried to scratch the dirt off of it with my fingernail did I make the connection. As I scratched the dirt, my nail also scratched the sphere.

    “Wait a minute… This thing’s solid gold!”

    Feeling proud of myself for the first time since beginning my journey, I decided that this was what I wanted to do. It wasn’t long before I had scouted out another ruin, this one completely ignored, and explored it as well.

    My talents continued to pay off. Ruin after ruin were fully explored by my hand, each almost untouched by previous looters or explorers. I made quite a profit from the valuables I absconded, yet I never spent them on pokemon supplies. Instead, I spent it on exploration tools, such as chisels, hammers, bags, and a medium-sized machete.
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    Chapter 2

    Every success drove me to seek greater and greater challenges. Even though I delved any sort of unknown area, it was only the truly amazing locations that made me feel alive. Eventually, after running out of easy areas to explore, I turned my sights upon more dangerous horizons.

    Although several times I placed myself in mortal danger, I simply could not get enough of the thrill. I had amassed a small fortune from plundered treasure as well, some of which I spent to purchase a much sturdier pack that what I was using before. The pitch for the bag was that it would “Last until the sun itself dies and the world goes dark”. Looking back, That pitch was eerily accurate.

    Hungry for a true ordeal, I began frequenting libraries, searching for mentions of leads to chase. After several dead ends, I finally found one that showed great promise.

    Several books, all of ancient history, spoke of a lost city, carved deep underground. A few described riches beyond compare nestled away, other spoke of the ruins being infested with ghosts and filled to the brim with the dead. Yet more described it as a portal between this world, and hell itself. Although I dismissed these wild claims as possible rumors, one recurring detail proved for sure that this place truly existed. Every source, from ancient tome to family memoir depicted the ruins the same way, in the same location.

    Every single source described the ruins as obsidian black, its entry carved in patterns and runes of a language long forgotten. Light held outside the entryway failed to penetrate the darkness within, and thrown stones echoed unnaturally back. None who saw the entrance ever dared to step foot inside. To even further isolate it, it seemed that the only access into the remnants was through a location known as “Turnback Cave”.

    Turnback Cave was yet another complication, as all reports of it stated that the inside was a spacial anomaly; where left becomes right, and up becomes down. Even a map failed to help, as reportedly, compasses span wildly, and such, it was up to chance whether you arrived where you needed to be.

    I was completely set on this goal: to find a place only spoken of in legends. However, before I could begin, I would need to learn both how to find, and how to navigate the cave.

    My information search eventually lead me to the home of an elderly man located in Veilstone City, described as bald, save for his scraggly beard and one of his eyebrows. Those who I had asked for information had directed to me to him: apparently he was a trainer in his youth who stumbled across Turnback Cave in his youth.

    Not a week later, I stood outside Veilstone City.

    Hoping that this lead would be a good one, I approached his door, and knocked. Almost immediately, the door was flung open, revealing the man, smiling broadly. Crossing his face, from cheek to chin, was a thick scar. This was definitely the man I was searching for. He looked me up and down, and began speaking.

    ‘Oh! Another Trainer off on a journey! I remember being a Trainer, way back when Aerodactl flew the skies and everyone was afraid of Psychic Pokemon! What brings you to my house, brave traveller?’

    “Oh uhmmm… Hi. I’m looking for information about a place known as “Turnback Cave”.”

    The old man’s face hardened immediately. He looked me over one last time, paying more attention to what I was carrying. Upon checking my myriad arsenal of spelunking tools, he finally spoke again, this time much quieter than he did before.

    ‘I know about that place. It’s a horrible, confusing place. Are you sure that is where you want to go?’

    “I have made up my mind. There’s no backing out now.”

    The elderly man shook his head, and ushered me inside. His home was sparsely decorated, with the only furnishings of note being three antique wooden cabinets, a wooden table, a small fridge, and an old television set being clearly visible on the ground floor. I sat at the table as he reached into a cabinet, removing a map from within. He sat across from me, placed the map flat on the table, and removed a marker. I watched him circle an area on the map.

    ‘You see this circle here? Turnback Cave should be right here.’

    “Do you have any way of navigating the cave?”

    ‘THe walls have extremely small Unknown Glyphs carved into them, that help travellers find their way. If you look closely, and ensure you always check where you are going, you should get where you need to go.’

    He handed me the map and escorted me to the door.

    “Thank you so much Mister…”

    ‘Please, call me Dyllan’

    “Thank you Dyllan, You have no clue how much this helps me out.”

    He nodded, but narrowed his eyes for a moment.

    ‘By the way, what exactly are you looking for in Turnback Cave?’
    “I’m searching for the City of the Lost.”

    His reaction, to be frank, was frantic.

    “WHAT? The City of the Lost? Are you insane? I’ve seen the entrance to there. It looks like something you’d see out of a fever nightmare! You can’t be serious.’

    “So it does exist then? And it exists within Turnback Cave? Where exactly is the entrance located within?”

    He looked at his feet, shaking his head slowly as he replied.

    ‘I’m so sorry… but I can’t, in good peace of mind, give you any more advice on how to kill yourself. I can live with what I have already told you: there was no way to guess your motive. I know you will not change your mind, but please. Please think carefully before you do this.’

    “Don’t worry, I will.”

    As I began my trip towards my final destination, I once more gathered my thoughts. The ruins were apparently a place of death, despair, and fear, universally considered dangerous. On the other hand, I had come too far, invested too much time, to simply give up my chase. My final resolution was to take greater care with this exploration than I had ever done before.
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    Chapter 3

    An unnatural quiet heralded my arrival to the location marked on the map. Even the constant sounds of wild Pokemon, an ever present cacophony, were silent. Listening for several moments, I could barely hear anything, besides the sloshing of water, and the rustling of leaves in the wind. According to the map, I stood in front of a lake, of size equal to the two other great lakes in the region. The lake’s surface glimmered in the sunlight, reflecting rays of light which, disconcertingly, gave the lake an unnatural glow. Even the surface of the lake seemed not of this world, for it seemed almost as if waves were drawn from the banks, towards the deepest part of the lake, forming a white circle of cresting waves in the dead center. Somewhere around here, there was a passage to the way into the cave.

    I was not used to the silence. Whereas before, when I was exploring, I could hear aggressive Pokemon before I saw them, I had a means to get out of danger before it happened. Now, I would need to rely upon a backup plan. Fumbling around for several moments within my pack, I eventually grasped the only pokeball in my possession. Moments later, I summon Nil from within.

    As her shape formed, I stowed the ball in my pocket. Blinking from the sudden change of light, Nil glanced at me expectantly.. It was time to begin this exploration.

    The feeling of being watched was almost palpable, as I circled the lake during my search. Even worse, I had begun to seen the gathered waves as an eye, watching me as I scampered about. The entire place seemed cursed. However, I did not believe in curses, and thus did my best to ignore it. It didn’t help.

    On the far side of the lake, a worn, ancient gravel path outlined a hole in the stone. Double-checking my possessions, I entered, with NIl trailing closely behind.

    Almost immediately, I stepped into a large, stone room., air heavy, and scented of soot. Even worse, I got the feeling that the inside of the cave was much larger than the outside. As Dyllan had described, the walls were inscribed in runes. The runes upon this wall revealed the destination being the depths of the cave; which while probably interesting, were not what I was searching for.

    The next wall simply read “Exit”. It was the third wall that caught my attention. Unlike the other walls, this one did not translate into any recognisable language. Attempting to translate it read “Syalrad Ves Enaros”, a phrase of meaning I did not know. After staring at it for several moments, trying to understand it, I concluded that it most likely lead to the ruins.

    Room after room I followed the carved instructions, with each identical room causing me to feel more and more lost. Somewhere around the eighth room, I lost all hope of this cave existing within regular space, for it seemed that whenever I entered a new room, I arrived from a different direction. Finally, I arrived at a room that was different. While the wall directly across from me was still the same, carved with the word “Exit”, it was when I turned to my left that I realized I had arrived at my destination.

    Seemingly carved directly into the stone, was a gigantic gothic arch, bordered by two pillars, each rising to the roof of the cave. Dancing across the oily black surface, were interlaced patterns of lines and sigils, dancing across the walls into the ebon maw ahead. Gritting my teeth, I removed a small lantern from within my bag, lit it, and began my descent into darkness. Nil followed closely behind, having never been out of here pokeball during one of my explorations before.

    Once again, I felt as if space was horribly, horribly wrong here. The walls of the ruins were completely pristine. My examination revealed no chipping, no flaking stone, not even any scratches of any sort. Even scraping the wall with a chisel failed to leave any mark at all. No longer trusting the ruins themselves to not be a trap, I reached a new pinnacle of paranoia, always on the alert to duck for cover at the slightest movement.

    As I carefully descended the stairs, multiple paths branched to my left and right. I ignored them, as I felt as if something of great importance existed at the deepest point of these ruins.

    Finally, I arrived at the bottom of the stairs. The air here smelled faintly of burning incense, yet another impossibility within these unnatural ruins. Taking a deep breath, I snuck forwards, paying close attention to the roof and walls, in case of a trap, I got halfway down the hall before I felt something nip at my foot. In a blind panic, I jumped back, fearing for my life.

    To my luck, it was not a trap. Nil had nipped at my pants to grab my attention, and began pawing at a strange carving on the floor. I drew my lantern closer, and bent down to check.

    The carving appeared to be closely nested circles, with runes circling around the outermost circle. More importantly, the carving appeared to be raised almost imperceptibly. Leaning as close as I could to the plate without triggering it, I began to read the inscription aloud.

    “Na’ramos Ivila Malavis”.

    I stared at the gibberish, unsure of how best to proceed. Not risking setting it off by accident, I retreated backward slightly, where I began to consider my options. I had finally decided upon jumping over the plate, when suddenly the only thing I could feel was pain.

    Fire consumed my mind as I lay on the ground, writhing in pain. Every muscle in my body spasmed, throwing my limbs about like a ragdoll. My other senses, pushed aside by necessity, vaguely reported the scent of blood, the taste of iron, and the sound of my own voice screaming. Several times the thought that I had died and went to hell passed through my mind, but these were eventually replaced with hopes that I’d die and go to hell to escape. Some point during the ordeal my voice gave out, and I began choking on my own blood.

    Eventually, the pain waned, after what felt like an eternity. I wanted to get as far away from the plate as I could. Thus, I began to lift myself from the ground, entire body still twitching in pain. Three times I tried, but the first two simply resulted in me falling back down. On the third try, I was finally able to examine my surroundings. Beside me, Nil stood, staring at me in pain. I turned towards the plate, in hopes of figuring out what exactly had happened. What I saw, was not what I was expecting.

    A pale glow had filled the room, emanating from two glowing orbs floating over the plate. Small flecks of light rose upwards from each orb, dissipating quickly after leaving the main mass. I was not sure what they were, but they seemed important. Pushing heed aside in favor of curiosity, I approached the plate again. Half of the runes were glowing, although I refused to read the glowing ones, for fear of re-triggering the trap.

    Strangely, the runes began to go out, one by one. Assuming that it was timer of some sort, I glanced at the orbs once more. They were definitely less bright than before, and judging by the rate at which they were dissipating, It would be mere moments before they faded altogether. Not willing to risk losing them, no matter what they were, I lunged at the closest one. In the corner of my eye, I could see Nil pouncing for the other one.

    As my hand touched the glowing orb, It faded from view, seemingly being absorbed. I didn’t care to figure out its purpose, however, as my strength quickly returned, and, not wanting to be in the range of the trap should it activate again, fled back to the staircase. I slipped on a puddle of what I assumed was my blood, but quickly regained my footing and continued my retreat. I recovered my lantern, which must have been thrown clear when I was affected by the trap, and began ascending the staircase as fast as my feet could carry me.

    The branching pathways didn’t matter. The secrets at the bottom didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was getting as far away from the ruins as I could. The echoing stone taunted me, made a mockery of my fear, as my mad rush for the entrance proceeded. Eventually the entrance came into view, through which I raced to get to safety. Not pausing to take a breath, I located the doorway marked with “Exit”, and continued my egress.

    Not three steps into the breach passed before I felt myself pulled in every direction. My eyes registered intense darkness, followed by scalding light. When my vision finally became clear again, I stood outside the cave. It was only then that I allowed myself to rest and catch my breath.

    As I looked about, attempting to get a hold of myself, I spotted an Umbreon stepping out of the cave after me. It sat down, as if waiting for my command. It took several moments to fit the pieces together.


    (Yes, Master?)

    I did not originally plan for that response. I had only hoped that there would be some reaction from the name. While I assumed that NIl evolved within the ruins, it never hurt to check. Still, I was taken completely off guard by the … response.
    “You can talk?”


    “Did that trap hit you as well?”

    Nil’s hackles raised as he responded.


    “This is getting too weird. Let’s go back to town.”


    I retrieved my pokeball from my pocket, and began to recall Nil. Almost immediately, I regretted my decision. The pain from the trap returned a thousandfold, as Nil was recalled into the ball. I collapsed to the ground, clutching my head. Fortunately, this pain lasted far shorter than the trap, despite its severity. It faded not a minute after it had begun.

    No longer trusting the world around me, I carefully raised myself from the ground. Around me, lay scraps of red and white metal, obviously remnants of the pokeball. It seemed to have exploded. I spied Nil, sitting in the middle of the shards, in severe pain. Unsure of what to do, I simply waited, and hoped for the best.

    For the first stroke of luck today, Nil woke up by herself. Slowly, she raised herself up, shook, and then looked at me funny.

    (That hurt! Why did you do that?)

    “I just tried to recall you…”

    (Wait. I actually said that?)

    “Uhh… excuse me?”

    Nil failed to respond. My further questioning did not yield any further results, either. No longer sure if I had simply hallucinated the whole thing, I began gathering up the pieces of the shattered pokeball. I had never heard of one failing to capture a previously owned pokemon, and wanted to check to see if the trap had short-circuited it.

    Five minutes later, I had gathered every piece I could find. I decided to walk back to Veilstone, both to go rest, and to assure Dyllan that I had survived. It just didn’t feel right with him believing that he had killed me.
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    Chapter 4

    My thoughts are interrupted by a message from Nil. After spending several moments regaining my composure, I ask her to repeat what she had said.

    [You've been quiet for quite a while.]
    {Oh yeah, sorry about that}
    [I'm not used to you being so quiet, what are you thinking about?]
    {Our past.}
    {We've been through a lot, huh?}
    [I still don't know how you can remember it all.]
    {It's been my lifeline for centuries now, you know that more than anyone.}
    [ ... If it's not too much of a struggle, can I listen in from now on? I.. I don't remember the exact details anymore.]
    [Where were you when you left off?]


    While stumbling back to the town with nothing the light of the moon lighting the way would normally be nearly impossible, today the moon seemed particularly bright. Thus, with a comparably small amount of effort, I limped back to the town, Nil trailing closely behind. The moon had just begun to set when the town came into sight, its flickering lamps highlighting its presence. It was much too late to be knocking on doors at this hour, and thus, faced with no other choice, I headed towards the PokeCenter.

    As was the case with every other PokeCenter I had seen, this building was impeccably kept. A sign hung off of the door proudly proclaiming “Open 24/7!”. I opened the door and stepped inside.

    As was routine, the inside of the building was brightly lit, and staffed by nurses in identical uniforms. The air smelled of a mix between perfumes and industrial cleaning agents. Determined to get a bed before I collapsed, I slowly lumbered towards the front desk. I quietly spoke to the receptionist, a middle aged woman carrying a clipboard.

    “One bed please.”

    She glanced towards a list on the wall beside her. Her reply was completely without enthusiasm. I didn’t blame her, no one would ever want to be working this late.

    ‘Okay. We have some space left.’

    “Thank you.”

    She gestured at Nil

    ‘Do you want us to hold onto your Pokemon for you?’

    I started to agree, but decided against it, after I remembered my mishap with the Pokeball.

    “No thank you. I'm sure she’ll behave.”

    ‘Okay then. Your bed is In room F, Section 3, Row 1.’

    Before I entered the sleep hall, I went to go change into my bedclothes. I was halfway done replacing my shirt before I realized I had taken some physical trauma from the trap. In the mirror before me, I stared back, a jagged, black mark ran from my left shoulder to right hip, almost resembling a grim sash. The skin bordering the mark was ashen, almost appearing dead. I winced in revulsion as I attempted to brush off the dead skin.

    To my surprise, my fingers were not greeted with pain, but rather the feeling of cold skin. Every spot I ran my fingers over returned the same response, cold skin, but no pain. Eventually, I decided that the trap must have seared my nerves in the afflicted areas. No longer willing to deal with such bizarre happenings today, I finished dressing myself, before gathering my things, and going to my assigned bed.

    To my surprise, Nil was already asleep below the bed I was assigned. Pushing my worries aside, I climbed into the bed, and fell asleep.

    The sleep hall was empty when I awoke. Not wanting to waste any more time, I exited the bed, ran to the changing rooms, and quickly changed. To my relief, the blackened area of skin had shrunk. Finally, I returned to my bed, grabbed my belongings, and woke Nil. Together we exited the building.

    The sun hang low in the sky, signifying late afternoon. I began my walk towards Dyllan’s house, mentally attempting to make sense of what had happened the night before. For all I knew, I had triggered some sort of trap, which I had barely survived. I may or may not have suffered intense mental trauma, as I heard my pokemon talking to me, even though she failed to speak since.

    Even worse, I was afraid.

    I had never considered the possibilities of dying during my explorations before; but that trap had changed my opinion. Either way, I had no plan on ever going back to those ruins, in any way, shape or form.

    I arrived at Dyllan’s house, and knocked. Moments later, the door opened, revealing Dyllan, wringing his hands, and single eyebrow furrowed in worry. However, when he saw me, his face softened.

    ‘Thank goodness you’re alright! So I take it you couldn't find the ruins entrance?’

    “No, I certainly found it.”

    He looked me over, as if not believing what I had said.

    ‘How far did you go into the ruins?’

    “I’m not sure. I had reached the bottom of the entryway stairs when I ran into... difficulties.”

    I shuddered upon saying the word “Difficulties”. The searing pain I had experienced was still fresh in my memory.

    ‘I see. So what are you going to do now?’

    I was not ready for that question. I had already explored any minor ruin I could find out about, but I refused to go back to the lost city. I looked at NIl, then back to Dyllan.

    “I’m… Not sure.”

    ‘Maybe you should do another try of the Pokemon League I assume you never finished yours?’

    I shook my head.

    ‘I’m headed to Eterna City to visit my sick granddaughter right now. If you want, you can hitch a ride.’

    Seeing no reason not to, I hastily agreed.

    When we arrived, Dyllan gave me one last word of advice.

    ‘The fastest way to where you need to go is straight through Eterna Forest. From there, you should be able to get to Oreburgh pretty easily.’

    “Thank you for your help, Dyllan. You’ve been a lifesaver.”

    ‘Don’t mention it. Good luck!’

    The path to Eterna Forest was for all purposes and intents, completely overgrown. Scraggly weeds interlaced the broken concrete path, its rough patches worn smooth by the footfalls of countless travellers. Ringing the path was dense overgrowth, in which the constant shuffling of bushes betrayed the presence of wild pokemon. Although I encountered several trainers on my way, all of them were easily dispatched. Eventually, I stood in front of the forest entrance, beside which was a large sign, hastily nailed to a large tree.

    The sign read, in faded black letters “Eterna Forest, the mysterious haunted forest”.
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    Chapter 5

    The entry into the forest was too deeply shrouded by the thick foliage to see more than 20 feet into the forest. Judging by the thickness of the trees, there would be little to no sunlight that reached the forest interior. Even worse, a thick fog rolled lazily through the forest, obscuring anything below knee level. Absent-mindedly, I asked myself a question aloud.

    "I suppose this is the way we need to go, right?"

    [Don't ask me, you were the one reading the map.]

    I glanced at Nil, who gave me a mocking stare. I had completely forgotten that for some unknown reason, she could talk now.

    “Why weren’t you answering me earlier?”

    [I didn’t think it was important.]

    “And this is?”

    [No, but it was funny.]

    Shrugging my shoulders, I stepped through the threshold into the forest.

    The forest was not as dark as I expected; despite the lack of direct sunlight, the forest seemed quite bright. However, being able to see did not stop the greatest obstacle we faced. This obstacle was not wild pokemon, trainers, or the dirt paths. The greatest obstacle was the monotony of the forest. Every trail looked identical to the last, forcing me to mark the trees I passed with a scrape of a chisel. Even worse, every wrong turn took us into either a fight with a wild pokemon, or a fight with an overeager trainer hoping to pick off tired travellers.

    Either way, we spent a large amount of time training, whether by our own volition or not. Nil and I both agreed that the task, while boring, painful, and slow, was entirely necessary. Whether for luck or not, every wrong path caused us to be ambushed by another hostile, saving us the time of searching for foes to train upon. However, the dozenth time we stepped into a new area, ready for an ambush, we encountered something different.

    Entering the centre of the clearing, To the east, west, and south of the clearing lay identical paths, heavily forested, and almost indistinguishable. Had I not marked the trees I had passed earlier, it would have been extremely likely for me to have accidentally turned back around. The real interest, however, lay to the north. Nestled in the undergrowth, sat a mansion, old, decrepit, and falling apart due to age. Sitting on the cobblestone path to the entrance of the mansion, was a young boy, obviously just sent out on his journey.

    Curious on what exactly the structure was, I approached the boy, ready for a battle if necessary. What I got instead, was a discussion.

    ‘Oh hey there! this is pretty cool, huh?’

    “Do you know what this place is called”

    ‘The sign over there says “Chateau”, but I’m not sure what that means.’

    I examined the crumbling sign attached to a fallen mailbox. It indeed said Chateau, but the sign was in such disrepair that any other text on the sign was unreadable.

    “Why are you sitting outside it?”

    ‘I was hoping to check it out, but I’m afraid that I’ll get lost if I go in alone. By the way, we never introduced each other! My name’s Jack, and this is Sparky!’

    The Shinx raised its head momentarily upon hearing its name, before setting itself back down again.

    ‘What’s your name? How many badges do you have? I have one, but I’m hoping to get another before the end of the week! Where are you from?’

    I wasn’t ready to admit what my name was, as I had given up on my journey, and had hoped to start anew. Even worse, I wasn’t willing to admit I was further behind than this kid, even though I was older than him. I pulled a random name out of the air, and went with two badges as my alibi.

    “My name’s Vis. This is… Wait a minute, you can introduce yourself.”

    [My name is Nil, human.]

    Jack looked at me in confusion. He glanced at me, then at Nil. Finally, he scratched his head and replied.

    ‘Umm… I didn’t quite catch that. Could you repeat that again?’

    [My name. Is Nil.]

    “Did you hear it that time?”

    The boy rolled his eyes at me.

    ‘How about you say it this time. It’s pretty hard to understand your Umbreon, and I don’t like the way it’s snarling at me.’

    “Her name is Nil.”

    ‘Okay, since you two are here, do you mind helping me check out this house? I want help in case the floor collapses or something and I need someone to pull me out. Also, Sparky won’t stop growling when we get near for some reason.’

    “Sure, why not. I’m pretty good at this sort of thing.’


    I glared at Nil, before joining Jack in approaching the front door.

    As we approached the house, the air dropped in temperature. As we reached within arm’s distance of the door, Jack was visibly shivering. I had dealt with cold stone before, and was used to it somewhat. Interestingly, I could almost hear voices from the other side of the door. The feeling felt eerily familiar to my experience with the hidden lake. Sparky was growling quite loudly, obviously picking up the same feeling I was.

    [I’m pretty sure there’s something behind that door.]

    That made three of us. I turned to Jack for input.

    “Do you feel that?”

    ‘Well, it’s cold, scary, and I feel like someone’s watching me.’

    “Well, let’s get this over with. Can you count down to open the door?”

    ‘One…. Two….”

    Jack’s shivering increased in frequency as he got ready.


    We quickly threw the door open, and stepped through. The entryway was deserted, saved for mangled tapestries hanging from the walls. A ruined staircase snaked upwards, leading to a large room, guarded by solid-looking doors. Moving shapes danced in the corner of my vision, but dissappeared when I turned to face them. Nil’s comments mirrored my concerns, further cementing this place as unnatural. Jack’s entire body was shaking, but when he noticed me watching him, did his best to hide it.

    ‘I… I… I think we should check out that big room…’

    Nodding my head, I approach the staircase, before striking a step with a mallet. I began to do the next step, when Jack’s question interrupted me.

    ‘What are you doing?’

    “I”m testing to make sure this staircase can hold weight. I don’t trust it not to collapse.”

    ‘Oh. that makes sense.’

    My paranoia paid off, when one of the later steps shattered upon being struck. Finally, I had cleared a safe path up the staircase, which Jack used to follow me up. As I reached for his hand to help him up the last gap, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Unlike the other phantasms, this one did not dissipate when I turned to face it. It had the shape of a woman, clothed in a bonnet and a dress, facing away from us.. It quickly glided around a corner, out of sight.

    “Did you just see that?”

    ‘See what?’

    [I saw it. But I couldn’t smell it.]

    “That woman. She went around that corner.”

    ‘Are you sure? You seem… a bit paranoid…’

    “I’m going, you can either come or not.”

    With that statement, all traces of Jack pretending to be brave disappeared.

    ‘PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME HERE… it’s scary…’

    “After we check out this area, I promise to help you look in the big room.”


    Together, we turned the corner to reveal a small hallway leading to a room. This one, judging by the location, seemed to be a bedroom. I assumed that it was where the woman slept. We approached the intricately carved door. To our surprise, the key was still within the lock. Attempts to pry it loose failed, as time and rust had fused both lock and key together.

    With a silent nod, we flung the door open and stepped through, fully expecting it to be empty. We were wrong.

    Sparky immediately stopped growling, instead opting to cower. Nil was completely speechless. Jack was staring confused at the room, obviously not aware of what lay inside it. And me?

    I saw ghosts. I had never believed in ghosts before, least of all of human ghosts, but now, I had to believe. The entire room was filled to the brim of ghosts of different varieties. Many of them were pokemon, but dispersed around them were human ghosts. The ghost we saw before, the woman, turned to face me, revealing an empty bonnet. Where eyes, a mouth, or a face would be, there was simply inky darkness. The ghosts, speaking in unison, issued a booming ultimatum.


    Jack had obviously heard them, as the squeak he emitted drew my attention to his face, new pale with terror. Sparky had made a break for the entrance. Nil had instead stood firm.

    [You don’t ever learn, do you.]

    The ultimatum they issued was quickly followed as the hordes of ghosts swarmed us, like a hive of angry hornets. At this point, I abandoned all hope of fighting our way out, grabbed Jack, and sprinted for the entrance. I was too panicked to check which stairs were safe, but to my luck, all of them held my weight. I noticed Sparky hiding behind a flower pot as I fled towards the open door, who followed us in blind panic as soon as he noticed the horde of ghosts in close pursuit.

    It was at this time that Jack regained consciousness. I could tell, because he was screaming bloody murder. Not wanting to be distracted, I quickly described the situation as fast as I could.


    Quite helpfully, he started running beside me, before glancing back at the roiling wall of angry spirits. After what seemed like an eternity, we an exit to the forest, and not willing to spend another minute being chased, we lunged through.

    After several moments of catching our breath, and fearfully checking to see if the ghosts had followed us out, we finally had enough breath to speak again.

    ‘I’m… I’m…. I’m… I’m gonna go find a different way. Thanks for the rescue, but let’s not go back there again.’

    He got up, called Sparky, and stumbled off into the distance.

    [Two for two! You’re really good at this.]

    “Shut up.”

    A quick check of a nearby map revealed we gone through the forest. We arrived at Oreburgh within 15 minutes.
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    Chapter 6

    [They must be at least a quarter of the way down, now.]
    {I suppose I should skip the boring parts then?}
    [Probably for the best.]
    {Now that I think about it again, why did you resist me so much?}
    [I don't remember.]
    {Brilliant. So the reason's been lost to the mists of time.}
    [So it has.]


    The journey from there was swift, even with Nil's occasional complaints, we plowed through all opposition, easily besting the next two gyms. Feeling confident that we were a solid team now, we began making our trip to the location of the fourth gym on our list. To reach our goal, we would have to pass through Mount Coronet, an ancient mountain which to my luck, was also full of ruins. Nil's eyes rolled as I read out the description of the mountain to her.

    [Are you SURE we have to go through that mountain? It sounds to me like you just want to take a detour.]

    "I've checked and double checked, and this is the only way to where we need to go without either using a boat, or swimming."

    [Lucky you. Not only do we get where we need to go, but you also get to goof off and go poke through some more ruins.]

    "It won't take long."

    [I swear, you should ask for a pamphlet from those ruins maniac guys. Maybe you can join wanderlust anonymous.]

    It was midday when we arrived at the nearest entrance to the mountain. As expected, the entrance was a simple opening, concealing what lay within. Confident that my supplies were enough, we entered the mountain.

    It was from that point forward that I began culturing a hatred for zubat.

    What the pamphlet failed to state, was that Mount Coronet was the largest zubat nesting ground in Sinnoh: Looking up, only patches of bare cave ceiling were visible above the roiling blue mass of beating wings and angry shrieks. Even examining the floor was a mistake. The brown, which I had originally attributed to a natural dirt floor, was actually just year's worth of hardened guano, caked into a alloy of filth as hard as stone. I chuckled to myself as I realized that any other trainer wouldn't have even thought twice about it. Removing a scraping tool, I chipped away a small portion of the covering.

    The stone underneath was slate grey.

    Using the swarm of zubats of an excuse, we ascended higher up the mountain, both to avoid the cacophony, and (to Nil's chagrin) go exploring. As the flapping of wings lessened, a different sound took its place. The sound of footsteps, intermingled with the rasp of stone rubbing against stone, emphasized with the occasional crash of shattering stone. Curious, I approached the source of the noise, revealing an opening that blended in with the rock.

    Through the opening, I saw men in ragged black uniforms, standing around a carved marble pillar. Interested in what their purpose was, I began to approach them, but recoiled once it began to make sense. Directly behind them, more men in the same uniforms were breaking apart statues, and stuffing them into sacks.

    I had heard of the criminal organizations that existed in Sinnoh, most notably, the now-disbanded Team Galactic. The uniforms of these men seemed to match up, but their actions seemed strange for such a huge organization. Selling artifacts, let alone damage artifacts, just never seemed to be their thing. I had personally done similar, however, even I found the concept of destroying the relics altogether to cross the line. I began to listen closely to what their leader was saying, in hopes of discerning their purpose.

    '... threw us out? Leaving us rummaging for scraps? Even if we get a good price for all this, we're still in a hole. Traitorous assholes!'

    'They hid behind their "Policies" and "Code", but it was all a trick to screw us over later! Thanks to those asshats, we don't even have any pokemon!'

    'The next bastard we stumble across is gonna get it; if Galactic's not gonna be the scary bad guys, then I guess we'll just have to.'

    One of the grunts interrupted.

    'You mean murder?'

    The raving leader shot the distraction a look of pure hatred.

    'Only the first few! After that, we can make a pretty penny off of ransom alone. These stupid pricks cave as soon as they think they can't win.'

    It is not an overstatement to say I was scared out of my mind. Ahead of me, lay a group of disgruntled, armed, and murderous thugs kicked out for a criminal organization for being bad news. Behind me, was a confusing series of dead ends and tunnels that would make escape extremely difficult.

    I turned around to see another thug approaching me from behind. Judging by how he was carrying a bucket of water, it was obvious that he had gone out to get some water. He hadn't noticed me yet.

    Although it seemed wrong attacking an unaware person, there we no other way through the fire. I readied myself to charge him, as did Nil. Moments later, we charged.

    '... Hey wait, why is there a kid out here... Wait what? AURGHH...'

    He wasn't expecting me to run straight into him, and fell backwards onto the hard stone with an audible crack. The bucket struck the stone, shattering to pieces and drenching the fallen guard. Although temporarily I was worried if he had broken anything, those worries were overshadowed when he screamed through his gritted teeth.


    Not a moment later, the thugs from the other room flooded into the hallway, saw me running, and began pursuit. A few bent down to help the one the I knocked over, and a few more slipped on the freshly-wet stone, but many more continued to chase me.

    Trying my hardest to stay ahead, I tore through the tunnels, desperate to outrun certain death. Nil was at my side, also determined to not become a rug. It was a minute later that I was certain I had lost them. Peeking around the corner, I saw a dozen thugs catch up, and then begin splitting up in different directions, intent on finding me.

    I whispered to Nil.

    "We need to get out of here."
    [Do you know which way is out?]
    "Yes, but they're probably guarding it. We'll need to be very careful."

    After dodging several patrolling thugs, my whispers had become barely audible.

    "I can't believe our luck..."
    [Luckiest human around, aren't you.]

    Two more close calls with patrols were avoided by hiding in crevasses in the rock. During the second one, I cut my arm pretty badly on a sharp rock, and it began bleeding. I didn't notice.

    At last, the staircase down to the main chamber was within sight. Two of the uniformed men stood there, facing away from the stairs.

    My whispering had become effectively inaudible.

    "On the count of three, we make a run for safety. Can you hear me okay?}
    [I can hear you fine.]

    In a final burst of speed, Nil and I reached the staircase and rapidly descended, headed for the nearest exit. The two thugs, having seen us, resumed the chase, determined to cut us off. What they failed to take into account, however, was that I had foolishly taken a bleeding limb into a zubat swarm.

    A moment after I entered the main chamber, the screeching stopped, leaving the room eerily quiet. If I had been paying more attention, I would have noticed, but at the time, I was too focused on the two men with sharp implements trying to kill me. As we passed under the swarm, only then did it explode into action.

    Thousands of zubats descended, making a solid wall of hungry mouths. A handful clung to my arm, face, hair, and even my legs. One particularly fat one attached itself to my injured arm. Paying them no heed, I continued running, ignoring the buffeting wings and shrieks. The criminals didn't do much better.

    'Rick! Why are there so many goddamn bats?'
    'I don't know, Sam!'
    'Where'd the kid go?'
    'I don't know! I can't see! It's like there's a zubat clinging to my face. ... Wait! There is one clinging to my face! GET IT OFF...'
    'Brush it off you idiot! We need to ... HOLY CRAP ONE’S IN MY MOUTH'
    'This isn't worth it. Let's just say he got away.'
    'Stupid kid. What the hell did he do to stir up this many zubats?'

    Only when I had exited the cave did I feel safe enough to pause and examine myself. While some flew away when I reached outside, some still clung to my bleeding arm, face, and right leg. Nil had one clinging to her back. More importantly, we were both absolutely drenched in guano. I pried the remaining zubats off, and began our march for our original destination. I tried to talk to Nil, but was too tired to open my mouth.

    {That sucked.}

    [Yes, it did.]

    I blinked.

    {Wait, you can hear me? I'm not even talking.}

    [... Are you pulling my leg?]

    {I'm serious. Look at my mouth.}

    Nil glanced at me, and nodded her head

    [Weird, I could hear you loud and clear when you were whispering, too.]

    {I'm too tired to think about it right now. Let's go find somewhere we can go clean ourselves off. Sleeping would be nice too.}

    [I will never feel clean again.]

    {Neither will I.}

    As Hearthome city came into view, I could not find the Pokemon Center fast enough.

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