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    “If the Legendaries are so powerful, then why do the humans regard them as though they are nothing but pawns…pieces of a plan that must be obtained? These so-called Legendary Pokémon are in danger, that much is certain.”

    The balance of power is shifting…


    Rating: PG-13 for violence, blood/gore, and language. Genre: Action/Adventure, Suspense. Pokéfic Genre: Original Trainer, Team Rocket, Legendary

    - Welcome to LC, a fanfic that has been on these forums almost as long as they’ve been alive. I’ve spent the past ten years revising it (with a 3-year hiatus during college) so I hope to bring you the best reading experience I can.
    - LC is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and dark subjects including torture, trauma, emotional abuse, and suicide. Individual chapters with an elevated rating will be given content warnings.
    - The first six or so chapters of the fic are absolutely loaded with clichés. I’m not unaware of this, I just humbly ask that you stick with it. This definitely isn’t a normal trainer fic, and I’ve done my absolute best to realistically explore the repercussions of the tropes that I’m using. If you like seeing characters pushed to their breaking point in increasingly bad situations, then this is the fic for you.
    - This is gonna be a long ride. Eighty chapters when it’s done. So strap yourselves in and get ready, because I’ve reached the point where the plot don’t stop.

    ~Book 1: Rebellion~
    Prologue: Separation
    Chapter 1: Death on the Mountainside
    Chapter 2: Reinforcements
    Chapter 3: Clash of the Experiments
    Chapter 4: Ace from the Past
    Chapter 5: Deliberation
    Chapter 6: The Voyage of the S.S. Anne
    Chapter 7: Into the Fire
    Chapter 8: Midnight Island
    Chapter 9: The Rebellion Begins
    Chapter 10: Welcome to Team Rocket
    Chapter 11: Undercover
    Chapter 12: The Incarnation of Thunder
    Chapter 13: Encounter in the Hideout
    Chapter 14: Double Agents
    Chapter 15: Mewtwo
    Chapter 16: Reunion
    Chapter 17: The Ruins
    Chapter 18: The Titans of the Elements
    Chapter 19: Fury and Lightning
    Chapter 20: Ultimatum
    Chapter 21: Scars

    ~Worldbuilding Extras:~
    TM Mechanics

    ~Prologue: Separation~

    The time has come, the war draws nearer.
    Every day this world grows more unstable…how long until it falls apart?
    Our actions have forever tipped the scale…how long can the truth remain hidden?
    The Revolution is coming.

    A pair of eyes snapped open suddenly, radiating an eerie cobalt aura and illuminating the inky blackness within the depths of the sea. The true blessing of light had never reached the utter darkness of the ocean floor, and even the rare glow of life could not betray its concealment. The creature to which the eyes belonged knew this better than any other. The deep was always dark and always would be. The deep was always calm—not like the surface. The deep could always hide those who wished to be hidden.

    The ancient creature had spent much time within this realm of its dominion, reflecting upon the state of the world. The Order of the Legends had been empowered to protect the balance, and protect it they had. For so long they had kept watch over its course…caring for it…guiding it. At that thought, the words of the other Legendary Pokémon echoed within the creature’s mind. It had been so long ago—the time when that balance had fallen.

    The story was well known amongst the Order of Legends, though after eons of being passed on, retelling after retelling, it was now more myth than truth. Such thoughts had been the creature’s sole focus; the legend told of a time when Pokémon and humans had lived divided. And just when it seemed that the two worlds would be joined, conflict had torn the land apart. It had taken every effort for the Order to mend the balance, though the exact tale had been lost to time.

    Remembering the secrets of the past only brought further urgency upon the present. There was still one last legacy from that era, and it was far more significant than any of them had imagined. The events of the past few months had confirmed it—that much was certain.

    At once, the creature shot up from the ocean trench like a silver torpedo. The crushing depths released their hold as it flew through the water, scattering countless tiny water Pokémon in its wake. Piercing eyes adjusted to the rapid increase of light just in time to be met with the inviting glimmer of the surface right above. And then the beast rocketed out of the sea. Cool, salty air washed over its body, a sharp contrast to the water’s embrace. The sensation prickled like needles against its feathers, but still…there was something almost freeing about being able to beat its wings through the currents of wind and take gulps of sweet air that burned its unused lungs yet felt so good.

    It was so wildly different than the deep, but somehow felt just as right. Flying was, indeed, one of the simplest joys in this world. The creature effortlessly sailed through the skies, its wings stealing bits of silvery cloud from all around to shield it from the view of any onlookers, had there been any. One could never be too careful, especially when legendary.

    The legends shall reawaken as the third millennium after the war draws to a close. And from there shall dawn the new era, with the schism rekindled and the fires of war ignited, only to be smothered by a wave of revolution.

    It was a strange thought, knowing that the balance of the world soon unravel again. Less than seven years remained. The initiation had begun years ago, but now…now the search would be set into motion. It seemed like such an unusual course of action, but the legendary creature knew that it could not be helped, as it was the only way. Seven humans, seven members of the Order…was it even possible? Lugia gazed down over the mainland, its mind filled with vague feelings. For now, at least, events would have to run their course…


    A loud ringing filled the air, which meant the end of class for the day—and it was about time, too. I quickly stuffed my books into my backpack, following after my classmates and pretending I hadn’t heard the last-minute assignment that we’d been given. It would have been just as normal as any other afternoon, except my head was still filled with rumors from earlier that morning.

    I glanced down the other end of the hallway just in time to spot my friend Ajia, a small fifth-grader with dark hair and eyes. Well, that was good—at least I’d get to talk to someone before the end of the day.

    “Hey Ajia!” I called out, waving to her from the crowd of my fourth-grade classmates before quickly making my way over to where she was standing.

    “Heya, how was class?” she asked.

    “Meh…failed a Pokéspeech quiz—you know, as always,” I replied with a smirk.

    Ajia laughed. “Yeah, that class is confusing doom when you first start out. It gets better later on, though,” she said.

    “Yeah…” I replied, my mind wandering back to what had been bothering me most of the day. “So, uh…have you seen Starr? I didn’t even see her at lunch.” I fidgeted a bit—how was I supposed to bring up the topic? “Is it really true, that…?” My words sort of died before the end.

    Ajia sighed. “I think she didn’t want to talk about it with you ‘cause she knew you’d take it the hardest.”

    “What? What does that even—ugh, I’ve got to talk to her before she leaves.”

    “She’s right outside, actually,” Ajia pointed out.

    I blinked. “Huh? She’s not taking the bus home?”

    “No, her mom’s picking her up. If you hurry, you might catch her.”

    “Okay. See you on Monday!” I exclaimed, immediately taking off through a pair of double doors behind me.

    The bright afternoon light stung my eyes as I raced past the areas where the younger kids would get picked up by their parents. I quickly looked over all of the groups sitting along the ledges by the parking lot…and then spotted a girl dressed in a purple shirt and jean skirt sitting by herself off to the side. My footsteps slowed, and I hesitated a bit before walking up to her.

    “Hey, Jade,” Starr mumbled, looking up slightly when she saw me. She was leaning forward so that her short brown hair fell across her face—probably trying to keep from looking me in the eye.

    I sat down next to her, but didn’t say anything at first. She had only hinted at what was going on, and I had no idea what I was supposed to think. “So…this is really your last day at school here?” I finally said.

    Starr slowly nodded, not really looking up.

    “Where’re you moving to?” I asked cautiously. She obviously didn’t want to talk about it…and I almost didn’t want to know.

    Her voice was blank as she replied, “Cianwood.” I didn’t even know where that was supposed to be.

    Everything felt silent after that. It was like nothing around us even existed. I couldn’t get my thoughts straight—all of this had come up too fast. I couldn’t figure any of it out.

    “It’s not fair!” I suddenly exclaimed. “You only just moved here a month ago. And moving on your birthday? What’s up with that?”

    “I don’t know…it’s all my mom’s idea, and she didn’t tell me anything. But my dad’s staying here in Viridian.”

    I folded my arms. “Huh. You never really saw your dad very often before…did you?”

    She shook her head.

    “Still…it’s dumb that your mom won’t tell you why all of this is happening,” I added.

    “Yeah…she keeps saying that she wants me and my brother to have a better life that we couldn’t have gotten here, or something like that…she never really explains,” Starr mumbled.

    “Hey, that’s right, what does your brother think about all of this? Isn’t he friends with Ajia?”

    Starr sighed. “I don’t know, Lexx has been acting weird and not talking to me much lately,” she said with a bit of a scowl.

    Neither of us said anything else for a while. I stared at the floor as the time went on, feeling sort of lost.

    “Why didn’t you want to talk to me before you left?” I finally managed.

    She sighed. “I didn’t want you to make a big deal out of it, okay?”

    “Who says I was gonna?”

    Starr laughed. “What do you think you’re doing right now?”

    I opened my mouth to say something, but realized she’d got me with that, so I glared and didn’t say anything.

    “Pfft, see what I mean? You’re such a little kid,” Starr said, smirking.

    “Don’t call me that!” I exclaimed, punching her in the shoulder, but then she just laughed even harder. Yeah, I was annoyed, but I was also glad to see her smiling.

    “So…since you’ll be in Johto when you get your trainer’s license, which of the starter Pokémon are you gonna choose?” I asked.

    “Probably Totodile. You know how much I like water Pokémon.”

    “Cool. It’s too bad I won’t turn twelve for almost three more years. Then I could start a Pokémon journey and—” I realized it instantly. “Hey, wait! If you’re gonna be a Pokémon trainer, that means you can travel anywhere you want, right? So then you can come visit way before I become a trainer!”

    She paused, looking surprised. “I hadn’t thought of that. It’ll have to be in a while when I get strong Pokémon to protect me while traveling so far, but I will.”

    My face fell. I had been expecting her to be more excited about it. Instead, Starr just kind of stared into the distance, like she was thinking about something. She looked like she wanted to tell me something else, but didn’t say anything.

    We sat there for some time after that. It was probably only a few minutes, but I wanted it to last forever. And then Starr glanced up suddenly at a blue car that had just parked along the curb. She stared at it for a few seconds, then stood to her feet and threw her backpack over her shoulder before walking towards the car, her feet dragging a bit. She had only taken a few steps when she paused suddenly and turned back towards me one last time.


    Just hearing that one word made me feel weirdly numb. I forced a smile—it felt fake, and I could tell from her face that she wasn’t fooled by it.

    I didn’t watch as she got in the car.

    ~End Prologue~
    And with that, the stage is set for things to come. The first half of the Prologue is mostly comprised of hints towards future events, but don’t worry—the plot kick-starts itself right away in Chapter 1. Please comment to let me know what you think!

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    "Everyone wishes they could catch a Legendary, deep down, whether they’ll admit it or not.
    If you knew you could use one to change the world, something you’d been dreaming about for years, are you telling me you wouldn’t take that chance?"

    April 19 Update: CHAPTER 21: “Scars” POSTED!!!
    Chapter 22 progress: 8/12 pages

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