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hey i'd like your shiny shieldon

pokemon i have for trade:

UT brave staryu
UT impish quagsire
UT calm gastly
level 100 careful arbok
T naughty pidgeot PKRS
level 100 gigalitg docile
level 100 meganium quirky
level 100 mudkip careful

legendaries: raikou, ho-oh, shaymin, azelf
I'll trade for the shiny Gastly

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I'm interested in your Movie 11 Victini Adamant flawless and I hope you need anything from my Haves list:

#150 Mewtwo
Untouched Lv.70 (Modest) - B&W 1st anniversary FEB2012 Holding King's Rock
#151 Mew
Untouched Lv.50 (Timid) - PokéFesta/Pal City Japanese
#251 Celebi
Untouched Lv.50 (Modest) - GAMESTP
#251 Celebi
Untouched Lv.50 (Docile) - Wi-Fi WIN2011
#385 Jirachi
Untouched Lv.05 (Mild) - WISHMKR
#385 Jirachi
Untouched Lv.05 (Bold) - GAMESTP flawless
#386 Deoxys
Untouched Lv.50 (Modest) - GAMESTP
#386 Deoxys
Untouched Lv.50 (Bold) - GAMESTP
#647 Keldeo
Untouched Lv.15 (Timid) - SMR2012 Gamestop
#648 Meloetta
Untouched Lv.15 (Modest) - Japanese Movie (July 14 to Aug. 31, 2012)
#172 Shiny Pichu
Untouched Lv.30 (Jolly) Male - Wi-Fi SPR2010
#243 Shiny Raikou
Untouched Lv.30 (Rash) - Wi-Fi WIN2011
#244 Shiny Entei
Untouched Lv.30 (Adamant) - Wi-Fi WIN2011
#245 Shiny Suicune
Untouched Lv.30 (Relaxed) - Wi-Fi WIN2011
#623 Shiny Janta's Golurk
Untouched Lv.70 (Adamant) - Movie 2011, Janta's Golurk flawless
Can't say I'm interested in any of those, sorry.