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Thread: I need the complete, best Pokemon team ever.

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    Default I need the complete, best Pokemon team ever.

    I need to decimate my friend when we play. Construct the best damn team you can, using the best pokemon, the cheapest moves. I don't care if it's a different tier or something, I don't care if the team is all legendaries, I just want the most cheap and powerful group of 6 pokemon that can possibly be put together. So far, I've decided my team to be: kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, mewtwo, arceus, and dialga. Don't worry about movesets and such, I'm modeling them after the versions featured in POTW.
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    You sound like a good friend.
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    That doesn't belong anywhere on this forum, & if you're friend isn't using legendaries as well, then you need to improve in skill, that than spamming a bunch of Ubers. Teams need psyenergy & strategy, which yours does not. Again, Rate my team, not build my team.

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    Arceus / Arceus / Arceus / Arceus / Arceus / Arceus

    Or maybe you could learn to play and win through your own skills.

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