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Thread: Ever read a war story about a rotation battle?

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    Default Ever read a war story about a rotation battle?

    My enemy's team:
    My team:

    This battle was on wi-fi random match up, I came across an opponent who seemed to be having fun with the release of the spooky manor. Of course, there is a twist to this battle....literally. It was a rotation battle, the kind of battle were each trainer sends out three pokemon, and only one uses a move for each round, and that same pokemon is the only one who can get hit. Anyway...

    Round 1
    My enemy sent out , and
    I sent out , and

    Well, there is Honchkrow, Luxray, and Sableye, all under base 110 speed. However, the spooky manor just came out, and Sableye now has prankster. Unless it uses taunt, I can safely sleep powder. If that's successful, they would try to taunt it with saybley, giving me a free flamethrower from Volcarona or Dragon Claw from haxorus to KO it.

    Luxray used Ice fang! It's super effective!

    Jumpluff fainted!
    Go, Gyrados!
    Gyrados's intimidate lowered enemy Luxray's attack!

    Round 2


    Darnnit, a choice scarf. At least I know it can't use any move other then ice fang, and they know I know that....they probably expect me to keep Gyrados in for dragon dance, or they think I expect a wild charge and swap in Haxorus. Either way, their next move is easy to guess. They'll probably rotate to Sableye and use will-o-wisp to cripple them. However, Volcarona is immune to that and can get a free quiver dance, then attack while Sableye uses taunt to prevent it from boosting any further.

    My pokemon rotated to the left(Volcarona)

    My enemy's pokemon rotated to the left(Sableye)
    Sableye used will-o-wisp!
    It doesn't effect Volcarona....

    Volcarona used quiver dance!
    Volcarona's sp.attack rose! Volcarona's sp.defense rose! Volcarona's speed rose!

    Round 3
    Yes! Now, Sableye will hopefully use taunt, giving me a free flamethrower to KO it.

    Sableye used toxic!
    Volcarona was badly poisoned!

    Volcarona used flamethrower!

    Sableye fainted!

    My enemy sent out Alakazam!

    Volcarona is hurt by poison!

    Round 4


    Not taunt like I had hoped for, but it looks like volcarona could easily wreck this team. Alakazam will be completely walled by it to, since it got that sp.defense boost. A bug buzz should be able to OHKO every one of them, especially since it has a modest nature.

    Volcarona used bug buzz!
    It's super effective!

    Alakazam hung on with it's focus sash!
    Alakazam used psyshock!

    Volcarona was hurt by poison!

    Round 5
    Darn, I forgot about that move. All well, Gyrados could easily absorb psyshocks and focus blasts from it. Seeing as he'll probably rotate, I think I should flamethrower. Volcarona's HP bar has turned red, though...

    My enemy's team rotated left(Honchkrow)
    Honchkrow used sucker punch!

    Volcarona fainted!
    Honchkrow is hurt by life orb!
    Honchkrow's moxie raised it's attack!

    My fault, attacking an obvious sucker punch. I should of used will-o-wisp.

    Round 6


    I guess I'll use gyrados, it's bulkier and could easily sweep the team after a single dragon dance. It's defense EVs will allow it to take both a boosted sucker punch, psyshock, and especially ice fang.

    My enemy's pokemon rotated right(Alakazam)
    Alakazam used psychic!

    Gyrados used dragon dance!
    Gyrados's attack rose! Gyrados's speed rose!

    Round 7
    Not psyshock like I expected, but my gyrados still has a little more then half it's health. Time to sweep.

    Alakazam used psychic!

    Gyrados used waterfall!
    Gyrados's water gem boost it's power!

    Alakazam fainted!

    Round 8


    Darnnit, Alakazam was still faster. The EVs I gave it were to outrun base 110 pokemon after a dragon dance, not base 120. Now, my Gyrados's HP bar is red. They will probably use Honchrow next. When it tries to sucker punch, my Haxorus will use dragon dance. They'll hopefully rotate to Luxray, trying to ice fang it while it uses dragon claw.
    My pokemon rotated to the right(Haxorus)

    Honchkrow used sucker punch!
    But it failed!

    Haxorus used dragon dance!

    Perfect, now to take out Luxray.

    Round 9
    My enemy's pokemon rotated to the right(Luxray)

    Haxorus used dragon claw!
    Haxorus's dragon gem boost it's power!

    Luxray fainted!

    Round 10


    I'll just finish this with a dragon claw. My Haxorus has just barely enough defensive EVs to take a standard honchrow's sucker punch.

    Honchkrow used sucker punch!

    Haxorus fainted!

    Honchkrow is hurt by life orb!
    Honchkrow's moxie boost it's attack!

    Round 11


    Another mistake while fighting Honchkrow; I forgot about it's attack boost. It can easily KO a Gyrados, especially since it has lost almost all of it's health. Now the problem that sucker punch.....

    Honchkrow used sucker punch!
    But it failed!

    Gyrados used dragon dance!

    Round 12
    Hopefully, it'll try to use foul play instead, thinking Gyrados is trying to PP stall sucker punch. All Gyrados is really trying to do is lure it away from sucker punch.

    Gyrados used waterfall!

    Honchkrow fainted!

    A quick, yet close, match. I made some mistakes fighting Honchkrow, attacking it when it was obviously going to use sucker punch or expecting Haxorus to to take a hit from it. I really do regret not having Volcarona use will-o-wisp on it. I also forgot what speed tier my gyrados was in. I did manage to outsmart sableye, and also honchkrow twice.

    If you want to watch the battle in-game on the GTS, it's number is 14-81672-53710.
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