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    Default Writing Accomplishments

    What do you consider your greatest writing accomplishment? Managing to finally grind out a difficult scene or chapter that you took ages on, or maybe getting a positive review from someone you respect? Getting nominated for an award or simply putting together a one-shot that you can re-read months later and still feel proud of? Take the opportunity to brag a little about your writing!

    For me, the accomplishment that brought me the most satisfaction was definitely finishing my second and so far longest chaptered fanfic, Clouded Sky. It only took me eight years, with an unfortunate number of long hiatuses along the way, so managing to bounce back and finish instead of letting the story die was a big deal for me. Getting the last chapter posted was a huge relief. And then I started posting my next big chapterfic a week later. :P

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    My greatest accomplishment was finishing my first full-length (Harry Potter length, if I'm honest) story: my Digimon story "A Dragon in Shining Armour". (I know it's not completed on these forums, but it is on and I'm currently writing the sequel.) I was excited about writing it from the very first chapter and I kept up that excitement throughout, so it was extremely gratifying when I completed it a few months ago after nearly three years of writing it. I'm fairly proud of how it turned out in terms of structure, plot and character arcs/development/dynamics, as well. It overshadows my previous work by quite a bit, in my opinion.

    Before that, it would probably be completing my Digimon short story, Scars. Up to that point, I hadn't finished any lengthy piece of writing. That was fun to write too.

    I know there isn't much of an audience for Digimon in these parts, but hey. xD
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    Uhh, I've successfully written 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo twice? (First in 2007, with The Fall of a Leader; then in 2012, when I hammered out a first draft of the rest of The Quest for the Legends.) I would say finishing The Quest for the Legends, but I really just don't count that either intellectually or instinctively when the thing I've actually completed is just a really messy first draft with a lot of problems that doesn't even properly do the climax. I'm going to feel accomplished when I've actually properly finished and posted the whole thing.

    I am also way too giddy about the dubious honor of having been writing a Pokémon fanfic (TQftL, again) for more than half of my life.

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    Finishing Communication. I could stop right there (though I imagine the staff would really rather I didn't), but I'm not gonna.

    That took ten years, during which a lot of crap went down, both writing related and not. There were times--as recent as last year--when I really didn't think I could keep writing anything, period.

    Things... definitely started taking a turn for the better in 2013, which started out as probably the shittiest year I've had the "joy" of experiencing, and that's all I really feel like saying about that for now. Fast forward to late last summer, and suddenly it was back like it started. Writing was easy. And fun. I genuinely loved what I was doing, genuinely enjoyed reading the finished product after the fact. The fear was gone. The excitement was back.

    Whatever else I do from here on out, even if I end up writing things I like a billion times better, I will probably always be proudest of Communication. That story, put frankly, is a survivor.
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    Man, I need to get to reading your Digimon stories, Griff XD.

    Gee, this is a tough one, because I tend to find anything I do an accomplishment due to the amateurish nature of writing fan fics, and the fact I've been writing fan fics for ten years now (technically longer than that, actually, but I really got into it when I was twelve/thirteen). I will personally always defend fan fiction to my grave, and as I hope to write (well, finish writing) and publish original stories of my own, I'm definitely going to be one of those authors encouraging it for the practice.

    However, thinking on all of it, I find Forsaken to be my greatest writing accomplishment even though it's not finished *gross sobbing*. I wrote it strictly because I was personally sick (and tired) of how nearly every single story (let's be honest, fan fics, but I'm pulling in everything else as well) in the romance genre was the same, and that I felt it wasn't portraying the idea of romance, as in "true love", correctly. Keep in mind, I was like 17 when I first came up with the concept (I didn't post it until I was a month shy of turning 18, lol), and I've never dated *more gross sobbing*, so what did I know about romance? But it was indeed around that time I became much more invested in the thought of romance and why it seemed no one was happy about it, because even though it's supposedly a good thing, it only makes people stressed out or just unhappy in general, and I wondered, "Why?"

    But I don't think that particular question really inspired the concept of Forsaken, even though it definitely tackled it as well I like tormenting characters. The story today is vastly different from how I originally envisioned it, it really wasn't planned to be as religious and existential, but I ended up drawing a picture one day and decided, "Yooooo this should totally be in the story somewhere," so I began jotting down ideas. It still wasn't as religious and existential until I started writing, and before I knew it, all of these themes came into play. And as I was writing it, I knew I was walking a very, very fine line, but damn it all, I wanted to write a romance! So I kept going.

    I never expected the story to be as well-received as it is, I honestly never did. I figured it was because of the religious themes that it was going to alienate many people, and because it's Pokémon, it was pretty much a "no-no", supposedly. However, even to this day despite that three-year hiatus and how much it's just been rrrrrrrgh to write the next few chapters, people still write to me saying how much they loved the story and a few even broadened their minds on the concept of religion even if they're not religious themselves (these particular PMs are very personal, but beautiful messages that no one's obligated to write, but they have and I'm very thankful to them for their honesty). And that was never my intention, I just wanted to tell a story I was so passionate about getting out there, and yet...

    I honestly don't know what else to say about it. But many things happened when it came to Forsaken, both with the story itself and outside of it, that I can definitely say without a doubt that it's my greatest accomplishment, which is why I would love to finish it when I can. But the thing about being a writer is you get more ideas, and you just want to write those down, too. And you want those ideas to be just as good as your most popular one, but you know forcing it is not a good idea. So yeah, bit of a personal struggle I have, but it's not completely bothersome.
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    My first big accomplishment was finishing Nothing, Everything as that was my longest work yet. Some real life stuff happened along the way but I still managed to keep focusing on getting it done.

    Another accomplishment is a FMA chaptered fic that was tough for me to write because of some political stuff going on. I rewrote a lot of stuff as my two betas offered a lot of good suggestions, so when I got the last chapter posted I was relived to have it finally done haha.

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    I'm not sure if I've ever written a fic where I felt 100% satisfied with how it turned out, but I would say the closest thing is probably Chromatic. It's definitely not completed, and it'll be a while before it is, but the two one-shots I've published for it have both been two of my favorites. I think they're both different from each other and have two fairly distinct tones, which is all I really wanted when I came up with the idea for the whole thing. I'll be even more proud when I write all the one-shots, but until then I'd just have to say that "White" and "Green" separately are the two fics I'm most proud of in terms of quality.

    As far as reader reception, I think my only choice is Fad. It was totally self-indulgent and just an excuse for me to put some feelings into words, so I never expected it to get the kind reaction it did. I certainly don't think it's my best written fic (it was very dramatic, haha), but I was very proud of the fact that I was able to reach such a wide audience and get basically the exact kind of emotional response I was going for. I loved reading all of the stories people left in their reviews, and I'm still not over the fact that so many people were affected by it, even it was just for as long as it took to finish reading.

    This discussion seems like it's mostly related to fan fiction, but I'm extremely proud of an essay I wrote last semester, which just won some money and an award for upper-level undergraduate papers. That's a really specific category, so it's not a huge deal or anything, but it was really satisfying to get some kind of tangible reward for my writing. I put in a lot of effort and spent a few very sleepless nights at the library, and even being entered into the competition made it worth it. Winning was just a really cool bonus. Unfortunately, I'm proud of the fact that I think it's well written, not the actual content (Shakespeare's great and all, but I never would have written it if it hadn't been an assignment). But I'm still proud!

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    Back when I was writing my Naruto/Death Note crossover fan fic, I was dreading to write a certain chapter since the events in said chapter seemed so illogical even in the context of the story. It took me ages to finally sit down and write it after delaying it and to my surprise, despite not having planned it out too well beforehand, it somehow come together really well. Like, I'm still surprised that I pulled it off when it could've easily gone horribly wrong. Finishing that chapter also set up a good chunk of my story's second half, so it was great to get the major plot points over with.

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    It may be straying a bit from the original intention of the topic, but my proudest writing moment to date is still completely rewriting my Extended Essay for IB from the ground up over the course of 24 hours and change, complete with a new layout, a far tighter topic and opening statement, and a list of sources thrice the original size all laid out with proper professional formatting because honestly by that point I wasn't going to get any sleep that night anyway, so I may as well finish it properly. It was tight, the writing process was pure discipline and force of will, and it made a teacher I have a great deal of respect for pull me aside and ask for my word that it wasn't plagiarized (or 'helped by my dad' as she put it) because she had trouble believing it came from the same person who produced the previous draft. Still the most flattering compliment I've gotten on anything I've done.

    So yeah, not a work of fiction for me and it's probably not an exciting read unless you find the properties of transcendental numbers to be an absolutely thrilling topic, but in terms of the sheer commitment and passion I put into it I still consider it my best work to date.
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    If it's only for fan fiction...well, it's a bit shallow, but managing the Tumblr version of "Humans of Hoenn" is turning out to be the accomplishment I'm most proud of. The likes and reblogs might not be as constructive as criticism, but knowing that there are people out there who have read my work and were kind enough to like/reblog it always makes me smile. Outside of the self-indulgence, I'm surprised by how I've been managing to maintain it for this long - most blog ideas I had before lost steam by the first month, so I'm excited by how I'm still thinking of so many ideas for posts for the blog.

    I have to give a special mention to Stars, which is the only multi-chaptered fanfic I've completed so far. It's really bad, and there are so many things I wanna change about it, but posting that epilogue made me feel more of a writer than anything else at that point.

    Outside of fan fiction, I'd have to give it to winning an award last year for a travel essay I wrote, which I talk about a bit here, so yeah.
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    In terms of fanfic... Green and White, but only because it's probably my most positively-received fic so far... On FFNet, at least. Several bits feel really awkward to read now, but I'm just glad it resonated with people and I'm planning a sequel that'll hopefully be a big improvement.

    I'm also pretty proud of Caging Destruction and Crater Dreams due to positive reception, even if the flaws people pointed out make me hesitant to re-read them.

    As for non-fanfic I did a really ambitious story arc in an RP and it turned out beautifully, so that's the writing thing I'm really proudest of.
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    It'd be finishing The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum, and its ridiculous popularity. The fic was my first one and I stuck to my original goal of finishing it, even though it turned into a far larger project than I had initially naively imagined it to become. I got there in the end despite a hiatus for the better part of a year at one stage (in total it was over four years since I first opened the word document for it), and I'm pretty darn glad I finished it as well. And I learnt a few things about writing during the process as well. ;p

    It also wins out with reader reception. As naive as I had been about it when I started out ('this won't take too long! and it's going to be popular :>'), I had not expected that it'd win sppf fic awards four times, nor that it would have stuff like its own tvtropes page and recommendations in LP videos and references within other fics.

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    At this point in time, I think my greatest writing accomplishment so far is actually managing to put up my first fanfic and the fact that it is currently at 42 chapters, with chapter 43 currently in-progress. I'm so happy with how it has turned out so far, and I feel like my writing has been improving a lot since I started working on it. I hope to improve even more as I keep working on the next chapters I have planned, and my next big accomplishment will probably be when I finish the story. It may take a while and at times I may have my doubts, but I'm definitely going to finish what I've started!
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    Greatest writing accomplishment? Good question. I think for me it's when someone really enjoys my work and says I did a great job. That's probably the best accomplishment anyone can have other than say writing a scene and having it turn out perfectly and just like the picture in your head.

    My greatest writing accomplishment is probably working on the same story, evolving it for years and years until finally it became a sprite comic. Things in the story have changed dramatically, but, somehow someway the core of the story still remains. It's a bit of a trick since I've been working on Starbolts since the mid 1990s. Hell, it's even changed a bit since I wrote the story here. The core elements remain and that's good. You want to evolve your writing over time.

    I stuck with the story for as long as I have because of passion and that's very important.

    But, in terms of story arc, I really like how a few arcs in the comic turned out. Still kind of wish I could draw like the pros.
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