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Thread: Need ideas for Aura Powers.

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    Default Need ideas for Aura Powers.

    I want to make a story where the Aura Guardians play a role. I know that the Aura Guardians were pokemon trainers with the power to controll aura, but what dose that mean. After all with aura being an underdeveloped concept its hard to tell what an Aura Guardian powers or missions are

    The only thing i know for sure is it lets track things with your mind and make an energy shield. Please help me with some ideas.

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    Well! As someone planning out a fic that heavily involves this stuff I had to swingg by and try to help.

    For starters, you could expand on the Aura Guardians themselves. How did they cone to be? What's their organizational structure like, if any? What do they even actually do beyond helping others? These are all important questions you can answer with your fic.

    Similarly, Aura powers seem to rely on projecting ones aura to sense those of others or to create constructs - think of what else you can do with that "projection."

    Overall, don't be afraid of coming up with your own stuff to fill in canon gaps, especially with esoteric subjects like this one. I've had to answer these same queestions and more for my interpretation of the subject.

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    You probably have a lot of freedom when it comes to interpreting what kind of abilities Aura users actually have access to. The few times Aura has actually shown up in canon, it has touched on a few different concepts for techniques - sensing the positioning of objects even when blinded, energy transferring, placing a seal on an entity (the Spiritomb episode), making barriers and sensing a specific individual's location, maybe some others I'm forgetting. It is not very well developed at all, really.

    My opinion on something you can try is this: look at what the rare canon depictions of Aura show. Since there are a variety of abilities tied to it, you can easily extend that concept to abilities you think of that aren't featured in canon and have it be believable. When it comes to those referred to as Aura Guardians, perhaps they've mastered their use of Aura so well that they can use many techniques instead of only the basic ones.

    When it comes to things like this, the only real limit is your imagination. That's a great thing about fanfiction, when canon supplies very little to work with, you're very flexible with what you can do to fill in the gaps. Umbramatic's post is very good as well, he has some great points.

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    Default Thank You For the Help

    Thank you for the ideas. With your input i have decided on a the powers and a bit of history of the Aura Guardians.

    Powers. Mostly they have powers that enhance the sense of coruse, but i added a few ideas from Naruto and Avatar the Last Airbender

    Clairvoyance: it lets you see in the dark and locate people or objects for away. However you need to have met the person or object before you can use it. Once mastered you can predicated the oppents next move before they know it.

    Astral projection: Your sprit can leave your body and scout around.

    Walking on water or walls: Same as in Naruto. Using Aura you stick to walls or walk on water.

    Aura Manipulation: With this you can create energy shields to protect your or others. You can use it to attack with an Aura Sphere or Kamehameha like attack, but it is very draining so only use it as a last resort.

    Sealing and Warding: A master of Aura can made wards to keep away both people and Pokemon. Also using an item you can drain the power from a powerful pokemon.

    Also it was the Aura Guardians who invented Mega Evolution and one needs to know how to use aura as well as the items to use Mega Evolution

    Well there is the power list. As for the history of the Aura Guardians i see them as either an ancient Knightly Order or a Monks Order. After they learned how to control Aura they used it to protect the people from the rampaging Pokemon of ancient times. Their biggest accomplishments was sealing a lions share of the power of Groudon and Kyogre into the Red and Blue Orbs so they can not utterly destroy the world with their power when they awaken. They also were responsible for sealing away the dark power of Hoopa, the Forces of Nature trio, and the entire race of Spiritomb.

    Because Aura Guardians didn't have much offensive power so they befriended pokemon and trained them in the art of battle. It is thiught that this practices was the precursor to the modern Pokemon trainer.

    However times have not been kind to Aura Guardians. Most of the order were destroyed in the war with the evil Pokemon Witches, they were know to draw upon the power of pokemon to gain some of their power themselves. While they were successful in destroying the order they themselves were nearly wiped out. And with the raise of modren technology like pokeballs and the destructive pokemon were sealed away the Aura Guardians were considered redundant. Now only a handful of Aura Guardians exist in the world today. However many people seek out the knowledge of Aura Guardians in hopes it will let them control the Legendary Pokemon of the world.
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