Well, the team is an Eeveelution team, obviously. I love the Eeveelutions Because of Vaporeon and Espeon, I'm forced into OU, but they perform fairly well. Anyways, leading off the team...

Jolteon (Swift) @ Air Balloon
Volt Absorb
4 Hp/252 SpAtk/252 Spe
Work Up
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power Ice

Jolteon is a very nice lead. Air Balloon allows it to survive a hit before it can be Earthquake'd. Work Up allows it to raise its own SpAtk before attacking with STAB Thunderbolt or Hidden Power Ice for annoying Dragons or Shadow Ball for extra coverage. Its Volt Absorb also comes in handy to protect its good pal...

Vaporeon (Wave) @ Leftovers
Water Absorb
252 Hp/4 Def/252 SpAtk
Ice Beam

Vaporeon is normally used as an effective wall. However, it can serve well as a Special Attacker with high HP. Scald over Surf because I like the burn chance, Ice Beam for coverage obviously, and Wish to restore health to itself or allies, with Protect to make sure it gets its health.

Flareon (Nitro) @ Leftovers
Flash Fire
252 Hp/80 Def/176 SpD

Flareon was just destroyed in the special split, but I chose to take advantage of its high Special Defense by making it somewhat of a Burn staller. Burn helps make up for its lower physical defense, Roar is to phaze out stat-boosters, Wish restores health and Protect makes sure it gets that health.

Espeon (Dreamer) @ Focus Sash
Magic Bounce
4 Hp/252 SpAtk/252 Spe
Calm Mind
Stored Power
Hidden Power Fighting
Baton Pass

Espeon switches in well on common entry hazard users and starts off with a Calm Mind while the opponent is switching or being stupid enough to try the entry hazard again because it might work the second time. Stored Power has worked well for me, as after two Calm Mind boosts, it's at 10 BP higher than Psychic. Hidden Power Fighting hits dark and steel types.

Umbreon (Night) @ Chople Berry
252 Hp/252 Def/4 SpD
Heal Bell

Umbreon is like a god of toxic stall. With Heal Bell, he can cure himself and any allies of Toxic, so he can't be stalled himself. Wish and Protect to regain health. Any steel or poison types he can't toxic will be passed to Flareon to deal with.

Leafeon (Flora) @ Life Orb
252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe
Swords Dance
Leaf Blade

Leafeon has great synergy with Flareon. Flareon burns, Leafeon switches in with almost 300 Defense, starts setting up Swords Dances whilst healing itself with Synthesis. Return and Leaf Blade get better neutral coverage than Leaf Blade and X-Scissor, so Return is used.

Well, that's the team. I know it's a theme team but I am trying to make it as viable as possible. Help me out to that extent. Thank you.