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    That one is a mix of silver and gold, eh? xD
    Nice 1px stroke around the text, too ^_^
    The only real problem is that the text could've been schooched over to Ho-Oh's side a bit :/

    Hypno and Children
    LOL, reminds me of my ol' Hypno on SS :3
    The 'now you'll stay with me forever' text could've been under 'Little children, you weren't clever'.
    Along with that, the focal could've been schooched down a notch, too.

    Nice swirly M's there xD
    ah, Drifloon . . . bringing memories of Pokemon Ranger 2 :3
    Speaking of Drifloon, it could've been moved to the right a little, it's a bit too close to the text
    I really like your use of brushes, though ^_^

    Blue Avatar
    That black border is just . . . meh, it looks out of place, too.
    Plus the whole avatar itself could've used pizzaz, think of avatars as mini banners.

    Nova Travels
    Those . . . bubbles . . . are really messing up the whole thing
    A bokeh effect would've looked great in the BG, but over the Pokemon it looks wrong and horrendously messes up the banner
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