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Thread: Jelly's little shop

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    Default Jelly's little shop

    Shop status: Closed I am on a vacation for the coming week!

    Hello everyone, welcome to my shop. It will be a pleasure to trading with everyone.
    Important things comes first.
    My Rules
    All forum rules applied
    No foul language or offensive words
    No hack pokemon, RNG and cloning is fine.
    Please include your offer in your post, or else you may be ignored.
    All time I use based on GMT+8
    Post offer on board. I will PM if I think it is needed.
    Absolutely no VM.
    red things are something new,update every time I stock in.

    Enjoy my shop (not quite a rule though)

    My White ID: Jelly FC: 3783 1251 6918
    My White2 ID: Yoshi FC: 1679 0083 8735

    You ignore me, I ignore you.

    Trading hours:

    New pokemon:


    White list


    Need help from RNGers, if you are willing to help, pm me.

    Offering: shiny

    Offering (all lv.1 and UT unless specialized)
    normal pokes:

    Offering: Ev trained 100LVs

    egg moves:





    Coming soon:

    Processing trade (only keep for a week):

    Finished trade:

    Sorry for not much to look at. You are welcome to post.
    Last edited by jellywolffy; 27th June 2013 at 12:09 AM.
    Pokemon Y FC: 2681-2384-2927 Rock Dwebble, Macargo not sure with the third
    Feel free to add me

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