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    Welcome to my shop!


    My Rules/Guidelines

    1. If you trade me a hack on accident, I expect an immediate trade-back or a replacement. And vice-versa (Present evidence in a civil manner).

    2. If you offer me a flawless, please know for yourself that it is. It screws up the ratios. My definition of a near-flawless is at least 31 in 4 ivs. UT events means no exp, no extra ribbons, no pokerus, no evs, and not nicknamed. UT shinies mean no evs. If they are touched in any way, you must tell me.

    3. Unless its a super rare event, don't give me non-redis pokemon unless its only for trade for specific pokemon. Like a nok for only other noks, etc. Redis rights added after a trade will not be honored so get it in beforehand.

    4. All of my pokes are on 5th gen except the ones with (SS), which means SoulSilver. These can be transferred. Please clarify what Gen you want. The first post of my shop are pokemon on my White/SoulSilver. The second is my Black version.

    5. Do not VM or PM to make trades. My shop is here for a reason. After a deal is struck, then its okay. Also don't VM or PM me with messages like "I made an offer" or "Responded back" I have my thread subscribed so I'll know.

    6. When I'm at college I cannot trade due to wifi problems, so I won't be able to until friday+weekends. You'll know if I'm in college by this: Yes

    7. With shinies, offer the info that I'm interested in (dw abilities/egg moves). I don't want to do constant info requests for dozens of shinies. I'm not that interested.

    8. I will no longer accept Gen IV events on Gen V. I'll still trade the ones I have for Gen V events, just not the other way around.

    My Ratios

    My event for your event
    My shiny flawless for your shiny flawless
    Koreans for other Koreans, rares or really good offers (2-3)
    Foreign DW events only for other Foreign DW Events (excluding American and Japanese)

    My Wants
        Spoiler:- :

    Don't Want
        Spoiler:- :

        Spoiler:- :

    My Offers

    Pokemon White/SoulSilver


    "All are UT unless specified"
        Spoiler:- Korean*:

        Spoiler:- Dream World:

        Spoiler:- 2012:

        Spoiler:- 2011:

        Spoiler:- 2010:

        Spoiler:- 2009:

        Spoiler:- 2008:

        Spoiler:- 2007:

        Spoiler:- 2006:

        Spoiler:- 2005:

        Spoiler:- 2004:

        Spoiler:- 2003:

        Spoiler:- Gotta Catch 'Em All:

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:
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    Check out my shop!

    FCs for pokemon on:
    1st post of shop:
    2nd post of shop:Black fc: 0347 8768 4305

    Credit for banners and userbars goes to Mew_ and -Sarah, Pkmfn

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