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    Cory and Spyro

    By Spyrois2cool

    Chapter 1

    “Hello? Hello, is anyone there?” I yelled. “Spyro? Are you there? Flame? Cinder? Ember? Sparks? Where are you guys?” I started sobbing. “You...y-you said you'd never leave me alone.”
    Spyro had promised me that he would give me a ride on his back. That we would fly through the sky together. He also promised me that he would put on his scouter so we could communicate with each other. Whether by cell phone, telephone, or some other device.
    “Please. Can't you hear me Spyro?!?!” I continued.
    But either he couldn't hear me, or he could and didn't call me.
    I decided to take a look around the house. When I walked into the kitchen I saw a picture all of us on the table. It made me sad and upset at the same time.

    “Where could they be?” I said. “They were just here.”

    I threw myself on the living room chair and decided to watch some TV instead. All of a sudden I heard a loud noise coming from my bedroom so I paused the T.V. and went to investigate, and there, lying in my bed I saw him! Spyro!

    Chapter 2

    When I went to hug him, he wasn't was just my imagination. Dissappointed by my imagination, I went back to sit down and watch T.V. Later, around noon, there was nothing on T.V., so I got up and walked around the house some more. When I walked passed the sliding glass door, I saw the five of them jumping on the trampoline having fun. I even saw Ember kissing Spyro on the was funny! Although, Spyro looked...kinda...well...a little annoyed. They were having so much fun, that I went out there to join them, only to discover that it was my imagination again! I went back inside, wondering what to do. I was so upset, that I wish I was at school. Can you believe that? But...then again...

    Chapter 3

    Then suddenly, I thought I heard another noise! “CREEK! CREEK! CREEK!”

    Then I heard it again. “CREEK! CREEK! CREEK!”

    It sounded like it was coming from the basement, so I crept slowly towards the stairs. As I got closer, the noise got louder and louder and louder! “CREEK! CREEK! CREEK! CREEK! CREEK! CREEK!” When I went down to the basement, the noise was just the sound of the house settling.

    "Well, gee, that was a ripoff!" I said to myself.

    But really I was scared. I then went back upstairs and saw that something was recording on the T.V., so I turned it on and to my surprise, one of my favorite shows was recording! So I sat down and watched it. It was a new episode so I was entertained for the time being anyway.
    When my program was over, I heard a scratch, but I ignored it. Then that's when I started to hear a bunch of weird noises.
    "Spyroooo! Spyroooo!"

    Chapter 4
    The Note

    Then I heard the door bell ring. When I opened the door, it was just the mailman. "Package for Cory" he said.

    "Thanks!" I said. Then I said out loud,"Thats funny, I don't remember ordering a package."

    Presently, I was confused, but when I opened it, there was a note.

    “Dear Cory, I'm the one who ordered this. It's for you, I hope you like it. Actually, there's more than one item in here.
    Yours truly, Spyro”

    Inside there was a 649 Pokéball set with a…GOLDEN POKÉBALL!?!? There was also a robot that did whatever I commanded it to do, and a mini vehicle that could shrink, grow, and transform into any kind of vehicle!

    "Wow!" I said. “This is Amazing!”

    When I threw the pokéball, my favorite Pokémon character, Bulbasaur, erupted from it.

    "AMAZING times 650!" I said.

    At that moment I didn't feel scared, alone, bored, or insecure anymore! It was the best gift ever!

    Chapter 5
    The Two of Us

    After all of the excitement, I cooked myself some supper. I also gave Bulbasaur some Pokémon food. At that time, it was 6:00 p.m., so the two of us took a nap on the couch. I woke up at 7:30 p.m. Bulbasaur was still sleeping, so I quietly turned my head around. Then Bulbasaur's eyes opened. I thought I woke him up. I asked him if I woke him up and he shook his head. We watched T.V. but not long after, I grew tired again. I started to drift off and fell off the couch, so Bulbasaur used his Vine Whip, one of his Pokémon features, to carry me to my bed. Although I was half-awake, I could see Bulbasaur right beside me. I guess he was tired as well!

    The next morning, we had breakfast when I noticed that I was running low on food, so Bulbasaur and I got into the car, grabbed the robot, went out the door, enlarged the car, and drove off.

    Chapter 6
    Street Gang Trouble

    On our way to the store, we ran into a street gang called "The Hotrods". "Hahahahaha, if it isn't Cory in his puny, little car, on our territory!” said the gang leader, Billy. “Ya have to get past us if ya wanna pass. So we challenge you to a race! Winner takes car & all!"
    "Come on Bulbasaur, let's go!" I said not wanting to get involved.

    "Hold it! You ain't going nowhere." One of the gang members said. "Oh, and what's this, a puny, wimpy, weak looking Bulbasaur."

    "Grrrrrrrrrrr!" Growled Bulbasaur.

    "Calm down now Bulbasaur!” I said.

    “Grrrrrrrrrrr!” Continued Bulbasaur.

    “Yo-hoo, Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur!" I said, trying to get his attention.

    He ignored me and used his Razor Leaf attack on one of the members.

    "Ow, what was that for?" Yelled the gang member.

    He then used it on the gang members car and engine, scraping them both.

    "Let's get out of here!" I exclaimed. “Before we get into anymore trouble.”

    “Now look what you've done!” Said Billy to his gang member about his car. “Oh no, you are not going anywhere!" He said to us after he noticed us trying to leave..

    "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Growled Bulbasaur again.

    "I spent a good amount of money on that car and paint job…and you ruined it! You are going to pay for that!“ Screamed Billy to his gang member.

    "I didn't do it Billy, don't blame it on me…blame it Bulbasaur." The gang member said.

    "Bulbasaur, did you do that?” I whispered to Bulbasaur. "You used your Razor Leaf attack on their car?” I asked.

    And when Bulbasaur responded, my poke-communicater that Spyro made specifically for me, took effect.

    "Well you were the one who drove here to get to the store in the first place!" Bulbasaur argued.

    "Yah, because I'm low on food!" I replied.

    "Then why didn't you stock up on more?" Bulbasaur asked.

    "I did. I filled up my refrigerator and my pantry!" I replied.

    Bulbasaur and I argued for the next five minutes, then one of the gang members said, "Woe chill out! You two can finish your argument after the race!"

    "It's on!" I stated.

    At the starting line, I looked down at the controls.

    "Uh, how do you work this thing?" I asked.

    "What! You don't how to work this thing!?!?" Bulbasaur asked.

    "Duh, there's so many buttons Bulbasaur." I said.

    "Then why didn't you read the manual?" He said.

    "It didn't come with a manual!" I replied.

    At that time, we heard the words, "Start your engines." Bulbasaur and I looked at each other and started panicking.

    "Ahhhhh! Get buckled in Bulbasaur." I said.

    As I started the ignition, the words, "On your mark, get set, go!” were spoken. I was able to accelerate just in time. Ten seconds later, we were being pushed and shoved.

    "Why, those cheaters!" Bulbasaur snarled.

    "Calm down now Bulbasaur." I said.

    "What! Calm down!" Bulbasaur yelled. “How can I calm down when they're cheating, and we're going to lose. Meaning no car, no food, no nothing. We can't get home, and you lose me!"

    "Bulbasaur!" I said.

    "What!" He replied.

    "We are not going to lose." I said.

    "How do you know?" He said.

    "I don't!" I responded.

    Then I looked down at the controls and said, "Hey! Just what I was looking for!"

    "What!" Bulbasaur asked.

    "The autopilot button!" I replied.

    "Oh, so now your telling me you don't know how to drive this thing!" Bulbasaur said.

    "No, it's just that...Bulbasaur, just be quiet and stop asking questions." I said.

    "Why?" Bulbasaur asked.

    "BULBASAUR!" I yelled. "Be quiet and you'll know!"

    Then I pressed the button, unbuckled myself, and started to look around the car. Bulbasaur watched what I was doing and was quiet for once. Then he asked "What are you looking for?"

    "You'll see." I said "Aha! I thought it was funny for a car not to come with a manual!"

    I then opened it up to the table of contents and one of the chapters was titled ‘What to do when you get caught by a street gang?’

    "Well that was convenient!" I said. I then read out loud. “Step 1: Press the autopilot button. Check! Step 2: Push the super-duper mega ultra fast nitro speed button. Uh ok? Where is that?"

    "There it is!" exclaimed Bulbasaur.

    "Oh, thanks Bulbasaur. Now, where was I… oh yeah, Step 3: Sit back and relax while the car does all work."

    "That's not very nice to make the car do all the work." Bulbasaur said.

    "Bulbasaur, the car doesn't have any feelings." I replied.

    We zipped right past everyone.

    "Woo hoo!" I cried out. “This is as much fun as riding on Spyro's back!"

    In no time at all we were done with the race!

    "Now, how do stop this thing?" I said. "Pull the E-brake!"

    I pulled it and stopped just in time to get into more trouble!

    "Why…you little punk!”

    Chapter 7
    The Chase

    "Ahhh!" both of us screamed.

    "Oh! Voice button. " I said.

    So I pressed it and when I did, I heard a voice say,"Voice activated, what can I do for you." I then responded,"TAKE ME HOME!"

    "Request acknowledged."

    So it took us home, only it made an illegal U-turn which got the cops' attention which I don't know why they allow street racing. Then I heard a voice say "Jumping to hyper-speed mode." Then Bulbasaur and I said,"Wait what!?" But when the rockets came out, they were facing the wrong way! I then said, "That can't be good!" and we almost went completely around the world. (Duh it's hyper-speed.) and before we knew it, we were parked in the driveway.

    Chapter 8
    The mysterious glow

    That night at 11:00, Bulbasaur woke me up and whispered, "Cory, get up! There's something you got to see!" Then I asked, "Why are you whispering, and what is it that you want to show me!" He then answered, "I don't know, but there's something glowing in the car, you HAVE to see it." I then got out of bed and he showed me it. I then asked, "What is it?" He said, "I don't know." When I had a closer look at it, it looked like an egg that was glowing green but we decided not to mess with it which didn't last long because three days later I walked by the car and saw a gigantic spider on it and the moment I saw it, I was screaming like a little girl. When Bulbasaur heard me, he ran to where I was and said, "Seriously! That's it!?" He then used a solar beam attack on it and destroyed the egg looking thing! Bulbasaur then said, "Oops." Then two robotic arms came from out of the car and grabbed the two us!

    Chapter 9
    The unexpected flight

    After the two robotic arms grabbed us, they pulled us in the car and it automatically transformed into a rocket and to our surprise, we were already buckled in. Then, it took off! One minute later Bulbasaur said, "I hope we're not going to the moon!" We were on the rocket for five minutes when all of a sudden we were hit by flying rock! Then the computer said, "Autopilot failed!" Bulbasaur then yelled, "Failed! What do you mean failed?" But before the computer could respond, we were hit by another flying rock! We then realized that we were in the middle of meteor shower! The rocket got hit by bunch of meteors. When it was finally over, Bulbasaur then stared at me. I knew what he wanted. I then told him, " I'm sorry but I don't know how to fly a rocket." He was silent. Then we were hit once more, this time the rock was as big as a mansion! After that, the engine completely failed! The rocket then pointed down and headed towards an island. I then yelled, " we're going in for a crash landing!" Then everything went blank.

    Chapter 10
    Yoshi's island

    When I woke up, I found the ship extremely damaged. Right after that, I found out Bulbasaur was missing! I then shouted out, "Bulbasaur? Where are you?" Then I saw one of his vines sticking out from under some of the ship parts that had broken off. "Bulbasaur!" I yelled. I ran over to him. I then took everything off of him. I then said, "Bulbasaur, wake up!" I waited. No response. "Bulbasaur!" I said again. I then felt for a pulse and found out he was knocked out cold. I ran to get some water to pour on him but forgot I didn't have a bucket, so I had to use my hands. All it took was one splash and he woke up. "Ooh. Wh-what happened? Where are we?" He moaned. "We crashed." I said. Then I surveyed the place and said, "This place looks familiar. At least that volcano does." I thought a moment. Then, it hit me and I blurted out, "We're on Yoshi's Island!" Bulbasaur looked confused. I then said, "Spyro took me before, it's an island that's inhabited by Yoshis." Bulbasaur then asked, "What's a Yoshi?" I then explained, "A Yoshi is a dinosaur looking creature with a white belly and a red shell looking thing on their backs and come in a variety of colors, including green, red, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, purple, black, white, and orange but mainly green." "Oh." Bulbasaur responded. I then tried to press a button on the ship, but it didn't work. I then pressed the "mini worker bot ejector" button and it worked, but then the ship went dead completely. A dozen mini worker bots got to work right away, but it would take awhile. While we waited, Bulbasaur and I decided to have look around. We eventually found all of the yoshis hiding. One of them said, "Help! A monster is attacking the island!" Bulbasaur and I looked at each other and decided to see what the monster was. We had to walk all the way to the volcano to find it and it was a Tyrannosaurus rex! I was literally paralyzed with fear when I saw it. Bulbasaur wasn't. He immediately used a solar beam attack and took it out easily. I was still frozen after that, so he slapped me with one of his vines. Then we headed back to tell the yoshis that the monster was gone. When we got back and told them, they were very grateful for us. We then headed back to the ship and found completely fixed. The mini worker bots all stood there waiting for us to come. We were surprised that it didn't take as long as we thought it would. We then took off and headed back home.

    Chapter 11
    (No name)

    When we got back, I opened the door to find...a Pokémon egg sitting on the kitchen table! "Whoa" said as I examined it. It was a normal egg. Just white with green spots all over it. When Bulbasaur saw it, he said, "Ok, I'm gonna take a nap." I looked at him and said to myself, "That's unusual for him to take nap. Huh! Wonder what's gotten into him." Then he left. I then picked up the egg carefully. It was room temperature. I knew it needed to be warmer than that, so I put it in the incubator that we had never gotten to use. I waited, and waited, and waited. I watched it for the next three days, only taking a break to eat and feed Bulbasaur. On the third day, I was watching it a lot more then I was the first two days. I even ate my lunch in front of the incubator. I had gotten done eating when Bulbasaur yelled, "Would you stop staring at that stupid egg!" I looked at him in surprise, then answered, "No. I want to see what hatches from it." Bulbasaur then responded, "Well obviously, a Pokémon. Duh!" He had said it in a mean way. Then, the egg started to shake. It was starting to hatch!

    Chapter 12
    (No name)

    Bulbasaur and I looked at the egg. We watched it hatch. And out came a Vulpix.
    A Vulpix is a small, quadruped, fox-like Pokémon that has a red-brown pelt, brown, pupil-less eyes, hooded style ears with dark brown pinnae, and six orange tails. Vulpix also has what looks like orange bangs across its forehead as well as locks of fur. At birth, Vulpix has only one white tail, which apparently splits and grows more beautiful and warmer as it grows older. Vulpix has a cream underbelly, and brown feet with lighter-brown colored paw pads. Vulpix also has a flame inside its body that never goes out.
    "Oh my gosh! It's a cute little Vulpix! Your so cute. Yes you are. Yes you are." I said as I kissed it on the forehead. After Bulbasaur saw my reaction of the newly hatch Pokémon, he sarcastically said, "Well, that's nice." "BULBASAUR!" I yelled at him immediately. "What?" Bulbasaur yelled back, pretending not to know what he did wrong. "Bulbasaur, what has gotten into you? Huh!" I asked. Bulbasaur then ran down into the basement. After that, I paid no attention to him that day. Then, all a sudden BOOM! Went the crack of thunder. The baby Vulpix then hugged me because she was so scared. I didn't know how, but I knew she was female. "It's ok." I said, trying to make her feel comfortable. I hugged her to make her feel more comfortable. Then the weather radio turned on. "It has been confirmed that the weather for the next three days will be rainy." Said the weatherman. I decided to sit in the family room, on my favorite chair, with Vulpix of course. For the rest of the day, I sat there, petting Vulpix as she hugged me for comfort.
    Around six-thirty, I heard Bulbasaur scream, "Help! Fire!" I was confused. There was no smoke, the fire alarms didn't go off, and how could there be a fire. I went down to check, with Vulpix in my arms. I took a peek without Bulbasaur seeing me. He was lying! Why would he lie about a fire? Then I was hit with a leaf. After that, I knew what was going on. Bulbasaur was trying to get some attention. He was jealous! I then snuck away, without being seen. Then, BOOM! Went some more thunder. Then it started to rain like crazy! Lightning here, lightning there. BOOM! BOOM! Thunder here, thunder there. Rain pouring down like buckets, with some minor hail. All through the evening and through the night it was raining. Lucky for me, I had to try and comfort Vulpix all night. The next two nights I comforting Vulpix nonstop. On the third night, it wasn't rain very hard. We both fell asleep that night.
    The next day around one o'clock, as I was petting Vulpix, Bulbasaur walked by and asked, "Why are you still cuddling with that ugly thing?" Taking that as an insult, Vulpix used a weak fire spin attack on him. Bulbasaur dodged it and was about to use a solar beam attack on her until I stopped him and yelled, "Alright, that's enough! I've had enough of you! Stop being mean to her! Go! Shoo! Go back into the basement and leave her alone!" It took about a minute for me to get him down there. After I got him down there, Vulpix started to cry. "Come on, don't cry." I said. Still, she cried. "It's ok, I love you." I said. Then she stopped, and with that, her one white tail split into six gorgeous orange tails. The Pokédex description for Vulpix was, "At the time of its birth, Vulpix has one white tail. The tail separates into six if this Pokémon receives plenty of love from its trainer. The six tails become magnificently curled." So I knew that Vulpix was receiving plenty of love, but from then on, I would continue to love her.

    Chapter 13
    The vet

    A couple of days later, Vulpix was asking me to give her a bath, which was unusual for her, since she was a fire type Pokémon and fire types were weak to water. Eventually, I gave her a bath and, to my surprise, she loved it. Then I remembered that every newly hatched Pokémon must have three shots taken at the vet: Rabies shot, Tetanus shot, and I couldn't remember the other one. I knew it was a special shot for Pokémon. Somehow, Vulpix was able to read my mind and she said, "No! No! Please no! Don't take me there! Please don't."

    "But you have to." I said.

    "But it's horrible!" She complained.

    "Now who told you THAT!?" I asked.

    "Bulbasaur told me yesterday." She answered.

    "Of course! That liar! Ignore him, he doesn't know anything." I blurted out.

    "Why does he hate me? She asked.

    "I think it's because he thinks that if I pay more attention to you, he won't be my favorite Pokémon anymore and that I'll pay no attention to him anymore. He's just jealous." I explained.

    "But 'does' it hurt?" She asked.

    "No, it won't hurt. I promise." I said.

    "But does have to be today?" She asked.

    "No. We'll do it tomorrow. I 'promise' you, it won't hurt." I said.

    "Ok." She said, still sounding a bit worried.

    The next day, around noon, Bulbasaur was sitting on the couch looking at something.

    "Ok, I'll be back in a little bit. Alright Bulbasaur?" I said to him.

    "We're you going?" He asked.

    "To take Vulpix to the vet." I replied.

    "Please don't take her there, it's horrible." He said.

    "LAIR!" Vulpix shouted immediately.

    "Vulpix!" I shouted at her.

    "I'm not lying!" Bulbasaur argued.

    "I don't believe you!" Vulpix shouted back.

    "I've had those shots before, Spyro gave them to me." Bulbasaur stated.

    "Then explain why you were lying about the fire last week." Vulpix counter-attacked Bulbasaur's statement.

    "I was lying about the fire because I just wanted some attention. I was jealous, but I'm not anymore." Bulbasaur answered.

    "I believe you." I said.

    "What! Why should you believe him? He tried to ATTACK me the other day." Vulpix complained.

    "Vulpix, please stop arguing with Bulbasaur." I said to her.

    "Why should-" she started say.

    "VULPIX! Please!" I cut her off, yelling in tone I hadn't used with her before.

    "I-I-I, um." She tried to speak but she couldn't. She looked at me with fear, surprised that I had yelled at her. I took a deep breath and I calmly said, "Vulpix, please just stop. It's ok. Take a deep breath, and let it out." so she did. "Come on, lets go." I said. Then we headed off.

    On our there, Vulpix asked, "Cory, will it hurt?" I then replied, "Sweetie, I told already, it won't hurt."

    "But Bulbasaur said that-" she started to say.

    "Never mind what Bulbasaur said." I told her, cutting her off.


    "No buts." I cut her off again. "Bulbasaur just wasn't brave enough to get his shots taken, he was probably forced to get them taken."

    "ok." She said, still looking worried.

    When we got there, I told the vet that Vulpix needed her shots taken. They told me to go wait in the waiting room while they give her the shots, and so I did. I waited for a half-hour wondering what was taking so long. Then, one of the veterinarians walked in and said, "Can you come with me for second?" "Sure!" I said, wondering, why would she need me. She took me to the room where Vulpix was which was a mess. Everything was on the floor and there were cabinets open. "What happened?" I asked. "We need your help to get Vulpix out from under the sink." She answered. I walked over there, opened the cabinet under the sink and found that she was in the far corner, hiding behind one of her tails. "Come here sweetie, it's ok." I said as I tried to reach for, but she just sat there, shivering with fear. "Come here sweetie." I said again. But she still wouldn't move. I sighed and said to the veterinarians, "You've scared her to death." I looked at Vulpix and said to her, "Come on sweetie, lets go." I then said to the veterinarians, "We'll be back tomorrow." After I said this, Vulpix got out from under the sink and said, "No! NO! Please no!" My response to that was, "Vulpix, it's either today or tomorrow." I waited for her to answer. She thought a moment, then she finally said, "Tomorrow." I picked her up and said, "ok then, lets go sweetie."

    On the way home, I had a talk with Vulpix.

    "I am very disappointed in you." I said.

    "But I don't like needles, it looks like it would hurt." She said.

    "It doesn't matter whether it hurts or not, you need these shots. They are very important. If you were to get rabies, you would die, and I don't want to lose you. Would it help if there was a way to relieve the pain?"

    "Hmm-Hmm" she nodded.

    "Would it help if you had something to bite down on?" I asked.

    "Hmm-Hmm." She nodded again.

    "Would it help if they didn't inject it into your side?" I asked.

    "Oh yes! Yes, yes!" She almost jumped up.

    "Where would you like them inject your shots then?" I asked with some excitement.

    "My paw and one of my tails." She said.

    "Ok then! It's settled!" I stated. By that time, we were already home, so I picked her up, gave her a hug, and walk in the door. When I walked in, Bulbasaur asked, "How'd it go?" I sighed, then said, "We have to go back tomorrow, but don't worry, I've already talked about it with her." "Oh ok then." he said. Bulbasaur was caring! I couldn't believe it! That night, Vulpix and Bulbasaur slept soundly with me.

    Chapter 14
    A Second Try

    The next morning at nine, I took Vulpix back to the vet. I told the veterinarians what Vulpix had decided. They said it was ok, as long as she would cooperate. This time, I would be with her. As I walked into the room, she hugged me very tightly. "Now, you MUST cooperate today, ok sweetie?" I said to her. "Hmm-Hmm." She said, hugging me even tighter. In return, I hugged her back. She didn't want anything to bite down on, instead, she would have her tetanus shot injected into right forepaw and her rabies shot injected into one of her tails. She didn't care which tail it was injected into, she just wanted to get it over and done with, though the other shot had to be injected into her side. She wasn't happy when heard this though. I kissed her on the forehead and set her down. One of the veterinarians took a syringe. This one was Vulpix's tetanus shot. She then slowly lifted up her paw, closed her eyes as tight as she could and was already done. Next was her rabies shot, the veterinarians decided to inject it into one of her outer tails. If this were to happen, Vulpix wanted them to inject it into her tail on her far right. So they did. She sat there very quietly, waiting for them to inject it. She didn't think it would hurt as much if it was injected into one of her tails, which in this case, she was right. Then, it was over. Last, was the Poké-shot. (this was what I called it anyway) Vulpix didn't seem like this one very much because it had to be injected into her side. For this one, she wanted me to hold her. So I did. As I held her, I stroked my hand across her back. She hugged me as tight as she could. She started to flail around as they put the syringe on her side, but I stopped her before she could do anything and REALLY hurt herself. She whimpered, then she gave out a loud yelp. It was all over. I scratched her behind the ear. Then, we headed home.
    When I walked in the door, Bulbasaur said, "how'd it go?"

    "Vulpix was great today." I said. "She cooperated, she was just fantastic!"

    "Great! How is she now?" He asked.

    "She's very tired." I said as I held her in my arms. I walked into my room and set her down very gently. She napped for the rest of the day.

    Chapter 15
    (No Name)

    The next day, Vulpix wanted to go for a walk, and she wanted a leash. Since she wanted one, I put one on her. Then we were off. Five minutes after we got into town, Vulpix started pulling me across the street. Then I tripped, but she was still dragging me across. (Which I was very surprised by, despite her small size.) Then…SMACK! My face hit the glass window of a shop in town called "Mr. Fancy's boutique" after that, I fainted because the impact from the window was so hard, it knocked me out. I was out for five minutes. When I woke up, there were a few Pokémon trainers staring at me, with their Pokémon out of their pokéballs. I looked at Vulpix. She was staring in the window of the shop. Then the other trainers went away. I looked into the shop, and I saw an item on the display window. "Wow! A pink and red ribbon and bow set for just the price of-…300 DOLLARS!?!?!?" Then I fainted again. When I woke up the second time, it had been ten minutes and the Pokémon trainers were looking at me again. I then yelled, "WHAT YOU ALL LOOKING AT?!?" Then they looked away. I looked Vulpix, who was still staring in the window. "Vulpix," I sighed. "That is WAY too expensive. I can't afford that." Then, in my head, I saw Bulbasaur looking at something. It was some kind of school for Pokémon. I was able to read the text. All I saw was, "In order for her to come to school, she must be wearing some kind of accessory." I thought a moment. She? Why on earth would it be referring to her? I sighed then said, "Alright sweetie. Let's go i-" I made the mistake of not letting of her leash. Then, I was being dragged again. When Vulpix skidded to a stop, her leash slipped out of my hand and I went flying into the storage room, with Mr. Fancy watching. At first, I thought I was locked in the storage room, but when I went to open the door with all my might, it flung opened and almost hit my face. I looked at Vulpix again. She was still staring at the set. Mr. Fancy said, "I see your Vulpix is interested into my newest hottest product."

    "Yeah. I know, but isn't $300 a bit pricy?" I said.

    "But sir, it is made of the finest material. Plus, you don't expect me to sell it at such a low price that I can't even make profit off of it." He replied.

    I sighed then said, "Alright, I understand." I said as I took out my wallet. Three one-hundred dollar bills. As I was handing the money, Vulpix knew what I was doing. So she ran up to me and jumped into my arms and hugged me saying, "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I hugged her back. Then, we were headed home. Vulpix had gotten what she wanted.

    Chapter 16
    Wednesday night service

    That night, I was walking around the house when I found my walking into the room with a bunch of pictures. I looked over at the Wednesday night section. I looked at all pictures that had been taken when we were at church. It made me smile. All the good times. All these pictures were taken at a time of peace. We had stopped when Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, the Sorceress, Red, malefor, and all the other bad dudes kept invading the town on those nights so we had to hold them off the every time. I looked over at a picture of Flame and Spyro, doing one of their "greetings." The angle it was taken at had caught Flame's scouter over his left eye. His yellow scouter was a special scouter. His had a bit more features than my green one. Then, I had decided to try and contact him. Using a very useful feature of my scouter, I knelt down on my knees, put my hand around my ear, and said, "Flame, do you copy? I repeat DO you copy?" I waited for a minute. No answer. Again, I said, "Flame, do you copy? I repeat DO you copy?" Still no answer. "Flame! I said DO YOU COPY?" I yelled. Then I got some static noise.
    "Yes...I hear you. I have horrible reception out here." He said. Though I could barely make out what he was saying.

    "Oh, good I thought something bad happened to you or something." I said.

    "Yeah, I'm totally sorry about deserting you without telling, but it was urgent, and secret. I couldn't hear you earlier from where I was. But I seem to be able to just barely get reception out here. If you're wondering where I am, it's a secret." He said. It was from this point on, that I was able to hear him loud and clear.

    "But how can I get you just fine if you can't get me very good?" I asked.

    "It's 'well', not 'good'. Your scouter can get reach mine with better reception because I upgraded it before I left. Gotta go. Bye!" He said, correcting my grammar.

    "Ok, bye." I said. I was standing there, thinking about what he said. A secret? Huh. Then I went to bed, with Vulpix sleeping right next to me.

    Chapter 17
    (No Name)

    The next morning, I got up gave Bulbasaur and Vulpix some Pokémon food. I looked at Vulpix, then Bulbasaur, thinking about how different they were. Then I thought about yesterday. One of the Pokémon that a trainer had out yesterday was a Ninetales, the higher evolution of Vulpix. Ninetales was stronger than Vulpix in general. The only way to evolve Vulpix was to use a fire stone. I had plenty of those. I wondered if Vulpix wanted to evolve, but I thought she was fine just the way she was. I went to go grab one, and when I did, Vulpix immediately stopped what she was doing, tripped me, and ran downstairs. I set the fire stone on the table and followed her. As I was walking down the stairs, she said, "Please don't make me evolve. I don't want to evolve."

    "I won't make you evolve. I don't want evolve you. I just wanted to see if you wanted to." I said. Then, I thought about how her egg had gotten here in the first place. A Ninetales would've laid it. So, where was her mother? I walked into the room she hiding in and saw her cuddling with her mother. Was she down here the whole time?
    Ninetales is a fox-like, quadruped Pokémon and is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur, as well as having nine tails, each of which is tipped with orange. They also have a fluffy crest atop their heads and a similar ruff around their necks. Ninetales have gleaming red eyes that are said to give them the power of mind control. They can also live up to one thousand years.
    Ninetales was licking Vulpix very lovingly. I decided to let them be together, so I went back upstairs. I sat in the family room alone. I waited for something to happen. Vulpix came upstairs and went outside. An hour after that, the T.V. flipped on. It was the news. "We interrupt this broadcast to report some tragic news. The railroad drawbridge is up there is a passenger train coming towards it, and there is a Vulpix is under the bridge." When I saw the Vulpix, I noticed the ribbons it was wearing! My Vulpix was stuck under the bridge! I then dashed out the door and ran as fast as I could, without even using the car. I ran faster than I ever have before. Faster than the train. When I passed it, I noticed that it was full of fake passengers. I saw the silhouette of a dragon the same size as Spyro in the control room, about to pull the lever. If that lever was pulled, Vulpix would be crushed! I ran faster and faster and faster. When I finally got close, I jumped through the window, but right after I jumped, the dragon pulled the lever down. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Then the dragon lifted one of its forepaws onto its forehead and used a technique called instant transmission, and teleported. I went through the window, only, it wasn't glass like it was supposed to, instead, it was plastic. I tried to pull the lever up, but it was broken. I tried to pulled it again. I tried and tried and tried but it was no use. I had given up. I fell down onto my knees and cried for ten seconds. Then I looked at my boots. The pair I was wearing was my special pair with rockets in them. All I had to do was think and I would read my mind. I didn't even think to use them. Then, I used them and went one-hundred feet into the air. I then deactivated them and let myself fall. I was trying to commit suicide! As I was falling, I thought, "No way am I gonna go on in life without her." I was ten feet off the ground when suddenly, I stopped falling. I looked up to see Volteer, one of the four dragon guardians. Volteer was the Guardian Dragon of electricity. He was a big yellow dragon, much bigger than Spyro. He caught me with one of his big paws before I landed on the ground. In the background, I saw Terrador, the Guardian Dragon of earth, with a rope around his neck, he was holding up one side of the bridge. Terrador was big like Volteer, but he was green instead of yellow.

    "But if the bridge is still up, than that must mean..." I said, looking confused. Then, I saw Cyril, the Guardian Dragon of ice, coming towards. Cyril was also big, but he was blue. I saw a small brown figure on his back. As he got closer, I could see who it was. It was Vulpix!

    "Vulpix!" I shouted. Vulpix was so excited to see me, that she jumped off of Cyril's back, and landed right into my arms. She then hugged me as tight as she could.

    "Oh sweetie, I'm so glad your safe. You scared all of the sense out of me. I thought I had lost you." I said, with overwhelming joy. Then I hugged her very tightly. My eyes flooded with tears of joy. Then, Volteer let me go and I activated my rocket boots. I gently descended onto the ground. I kissed Vulpix on the forehead multiple times. Then I said, "Now, don't EVER scare me like that again! Alright?"

    "Hmm-Hmm." She nodded.

    "ALRIGHT!" I said very sternly.

    "Y-Y-Yes." She stammered.

    "Good." I said. I then walked home, carrying her the whole way.

    When we got got home, Vulpix ran downstairs to her mother. I sat in the family room, thinking how that could've happened. The passenger train was just a fake. The window I jumped through was supposed to be made out of glass, but it wasn't. Instead, it was made out of plastic. The dragon used instant transmission. Instant transmission was a technique used by Spyro. You lock onto someone else's power level, and then you teleport to where they are. So that must mean this mystery dragon had done this with a partner. Then I figured out something. This was all a setup, but who would do such a thing. I couldn't quite get my mind across it. That night, Bulbasaur slept on the couch with the magazine he was looking at yesterday, in front of him. "Poké-School, huh? I wonder." I whispered quietly. Vulpix slept with her mother, so that left me alone. It took a while, but finally, I fell asleep.

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    Chapter 18
    The Haunted House

    When I woke up the next morning, it was seven-fifty. I gasped. School starts at eight for Vulpix and Bulbasaur. They were late. At least Vulpix was. Bulbasaur was nowhere to be found. He must've already gone. I went downstairs to see Vulpix trying to hide behind her mother.

    "Come on sweetie." I said, but she was still trying to hide. I walked closer. I eventually got a hold of her and gave her a hug.

    "But I don't wanna go." She said.

    "Oh come on sweetie. Please." I tried to convince her.

    "But what if I don't like it?" She asked.

    "You'll like it. Trust me. It'll be fun." I said.

    "But-" started to say.

    "NO BUTS!" I said very sternly.

    "Yes sir." She said. Sir? Why would she...oh well. She then hopped in the car and we were off. When I went to drop her off, I saw Bulbasaur standing at the gateway. He said, "What took you so long?" I ignored him. I let Vulpix off. By this time, the bell had rung. "Have fun sweetie!" I said as watched her run into the building. I then went back home. I had some stuff to do. I was going to sweep the kitchen floor, but as I was sweeping, I heard a noise. Then, I heard a vase break. For a very brief moment, I saw the silhouette of a Pokémon. The next thing I knew, I had been tackled by a Houndoom.
    Having the same coloration as its pre-evolved form, Houndour, Houndoom has a taller build with a longer snout. There are two white bands at each of Houndoom's ankles instead of just one, as well as three bands on its back instead of two. Houndoom has a long, skinny tail that ends in an arrowhead and visible claws on its feet. It appears to have a collar with a small skull pendant and a pair of curled horns, but no discernible ears.

    "How'd you get out of your Pokéball?" I asked. But instead of an answer, he licked my face. In return, I patted him on the back. I then saw a picture of Spyro and I hanging on the wall. That made me want to go look for him. So, I decided to go look in the forest outside of town. Houndoom wanted to come with. I wanted a companion, so I said, "Yes." We walked all the way there. After we walked in, we came to a fork in the road. We split up. With Houndoom taking the right, and me taking the left. I was walking for five minutes when bumped into a pack of wild Houndoom. I was tackled, bitten, and scratched. I finally screamed. Then I was was burnt by one of the Houndoom. The Pokédex description for for Houndoom was, "If burnt by one of its flames, the pain will never go away." Then I passed out.
    When I woke up, I saw my Houndoom laying on top of me. Then he licked my face, then where I was burnt. I got up and we started walking again. Then, we came by the "Haunted House" in the forest. Houndoom shouted out, "Hey why don't we go look i-"

    "Shhhhh!" I whispered, cutting him off. "Be quiet."

    "But why?" He whispered.

    "Because…that's the 'Haunted House.'" I whispered.

    "What's so haunted about it?" Houndoom asked, not sounding scared.

    "You REALLY want to know the backstory?" I asked him.

    "Umm, yeah. I guess." He answered.

    "Well then, here it is: A long time ago, a little girl was playing with her Pokémon in that exact same house. Nobody really knows what Pokémon it was, but the day she went in there, she screamed. And she and her Pokémon were never heard from, again. They say, that her soul is still in there, haunting the place. No one has ever been brave enough to go in there. Even the ghost and dark types fear this house. Even Sabrina, the Saffron city gym leader, won't go in. Cynder won't even go in, and she's a Skylander of the undead element, and if SHE won't go in there, then neither will I. Some say that there are spirits in there, partying all day and night. When someone comes, they stop, and start haunting the place, trying to scare the guest away. All according to legend."

    After I had told him this, I saw his legs shaking a bit, and I said, "You're scared aren't you?" He stopped shaking and said, "Ah legend, smegend, I don't care. I'm not scared. Now can we please go in?" Then he tried to fake cry. I knew how hard it was for him to do this. It took A LOT of effort to do this, so I finally said, "Alright. We'll go in." We walked up to the front door. I took out a flashlight that was in my bag. I opened the door. I stared inside and said, "You first."

    "No, no. You first." Houndoom said.

    "No you first." I argued with him.

    "No. You." He argued back.

    "You. Please." I said.

    "You. You're the trainer." He said.

    "You. I'm a scaredy cat." I told him.

    "You. Don't make me bite you." He threatened.

    "You wouldn't." I said.

    "Oh yes I would." He merely stated.

    "Your bluffing." I said, still not believing him.

    "Oh yeah, you wanna bet?" He said, getting ready to fight.

    "Yeah." I said.

    "Ok then. You asked for it." He said, then he used a fire fang attack on my arm. I forgot about that. Flames AND a bite mark. Just what I needed. Not!

    "FINE!" I finally said. "I'll go first." Houndoom watched me. I was about to take a step, but I hesitated. Then, Houndoom rammed into my back and pushed me in. It didn't hurt though. I walked farther in, with my arms shaking. The flashlight was shaking. Houndoom was right behind me though. As we walked, we heard the floor creak. The wind was blowing. The shingles were rattling. We heard an owl and a wolf howling. Boy was this creepy! We walked on, seeing some statues of warriors wearing armor. We looked down to see a rug. I then shone the flashlight somewhere else. We heard scary noise. We looked down to see that the rug was gone. The only things that we saw alive were some spiders. That would explain the cobwebs. THAT seemed normal. There was an upstairs and a downstairs, or cellar I liked to call it. We looked in the cellar. There was just bunch of jars and cider. Then, we looked upstairs. We found a bedroom. We went in. There was a closet. We opened it to see…a skeleton!

    "You th-think it's from the little g-girl!l?" Houndoom asked, sounding very scared. Then, one of the ribs fell off. I picked it up to see some writing. It read, "If you want to live, then get out of here. That's a warning! Then hand it over…if you ever want to see him alive again!" After I read it out loud, Houndoom gave a loud shriek! "Ahh! The skeleton, IT'S ALIVE!"
    We stared at it, paralyzed with fear. The skeleton burst into laughter. "Hahahaha. You have been warned! Haha. You came in here, now you will pay and suffer for the rest of your lives! Ah hahahahahahaha!" Houndoom used a fire blast attack then tackled the skeleton. Then, the skeleton fell and its bones were scattered everywhere.

    "Good work, boy!" I said as I scratched him behind one of his horns.

    "Whaaaaat waaaaas thaaaaaat?" We heard a voice say. Houndoom and I looked at each other. We silently hid. There was a wall next to the staircase with a bunch of junk and crap. We decided to hide there. There were some holes for us to see through. It was also darker over here. I hide behind a tire that was on top of a bucket. Houndoom hid behind a barrel. I was closer to the staircase. We stood as quietly as we could. Then, Houndoom saw a torch rising above the staircase. By this time, he was whimpering. We saw two of the statues at the top of the staircase.

    "Whooooo waaaaas thaaat?" One of them said. They walked into the room we were just in.

    "HEY! Someone killed the skeleton!" Said the other. Then they walked out of the room. "Well they couldn't have gone far." One of them said. They looked around, but they couldn't see us because we were hidden. Houndoom then whispered to me, "Cory, I don't like this place, I wanna go home." Then, I looked down to find a rock. I picked it up, then aimed at one of the statues. I was about to throw it, but I hesitated. Houndoom grabbed it out of my hand with his mouth, and threw it. CLANK!! It hit one of them with loud metal sound.

    "HEY! Whooooooo threw thaaaat?" It said.

    "ARRRRGH!" Houndoom used the move overheat, leaped into the air and pounced on it. "Don't just sit there, RUN!" He shouted at me. I got up, grabbed a crowbar, ran up to the other statue, and whacked it in the head. I then dropped the crowbar, and ran downstairs, but as I was about to, I saw…two more statues running up the stairs. We were outnumbered two to four!

    "Hiya!" I shouted, and jumped down the stairs, thinking it would take down the statues. Instead, they stopped me. Houndoom ran towards me, grabbed me by the shirt, and passed the statues. He then let me go, and we ran to the door. As we ran, there were another two statues at the entry to the stairs. They blocked our path with axes. We both jumped over them. After that, the cellar door opened. More statues. Statues were blocking our way out! We were able to get out anyway. When we got out, we were greeted by…an army of creatures. Witches, goblins, mummies, giant talking pumpkins, ghosts, werewolves, demons…and a somewhat scary clown. Crows were cawing. Everything! Then, I fainted.

    When I woke up, I saw Houndoom again. "Wha-what happened?" I asked. Houndoom licked my face, and said, "I got you out of there, that's what happened." Then we heard some rustling in the leaves. "Now lets get hay outta here!" Houndoom yelled. We ran all the way to the house. We made it safe and sound.

    Chapter 19

    When I had gotten settled in, I looked at the clock. 4:00. I was late to pick up Vulpix and Bulbasaur. But I didn't have to because right after that, Vulpix came crashing through what is now a doggie door. She was crying like crazy! She jumped into my arms and said, "Oh Cory Cory. It was terrible! It was just horrible! First we had a substitute, then at recess there were these mean Pokémon, and…and…" I gave her a gigantic hug.

    "Shh. Shh. Shh! Whoa. Slow down sweetheart. Just calm down. Take a deep breath for me." I said, trying to calm her down. She went to take a deep breath, but she just burst into tears again.

    "I can't. I can't. I can't. I just can't!" She complained.

    "Sweetie, please. I can help you, but not when you're crying like this." I told her. I let her cry for a half-hour. Then, she finally stopped.

    "Now, tell me everything." I said.

    "Well, first at recess, there were these Pokémon that were very mean to me." She said.

    "And what were these Pokémon?" I asked.

    "There was a venusaur, charizard, blastoise, raichu, Dragonite, ursaring, Houndoom, Tyranitar, Poochyena, mightyena, Sableye, Mawile, Aggron, electrike, manectric, flygon, cacturne, altaria, zangoose, seviper, armaldo, kecleon, shuppet, duskull, absol, salamence, metagross, Luxray, spiritomb, garchomp, lucario, hippowdon, drapion, weavile, magnezone, rhypherior, electivire, magmortar, yanmega, gliscor, mamoswine, liepard, Zorua, and Zoroark. Forty-four Pokémon in all." She said.

    "Sorry I asked. Anyway, go on." I said.

    "And we had a substitute teacher, torkoal, who was really mean. Today was supposed to charizard. The teachers rotate everyday so if there's a sub, the teacher that was originally supposed to be there, will be there the next day. No one did anything to help me at recess. Then, after school I was waiting for you to pick me up. As I was waiting, the Pokémon started bullying me again. I was so tired of waiting for you, that I ran all the way here, crying all the way." She explained. Just then, Bulbasaur walked in the door. He said, "Hi!" As he was walking past me, he turned around, keeping his back out of my view. He went downstairs, but he made the mistake of turning around, revealing a big burnt spot on his back.

    "Bulbasaur." I said, not looking happy.

    "What?" He said, sounding a bit scared.

    "Where'd you get that burn?" I asked.

    "Umm, training with charmander." He said. I gave him a serious look. "Alright! The charizard that was bullying Vulpix, burnt me."

    "I knew it!" I said, not sounding happy one little bit. This already getting out of hand. "We'll see how tomorrow goes, alright you two?" I asked. The both nodded.
    At dinner, Vulpix looked like she was daydreaming.

    "Vulpix. Vulpix. Vulpix." I tried to get her attention, but it didn't work. "Vulpix. YOO-HOO! Vulpix!" I tried again, but it still didn't work. I got up and waved my hand across her face, but she was still daydreaming. "Yoo-hoo! Vulpix. VULPIX!" I finally yelled, but she was still daydreaming. "Bulbasaur, do you know why she's daydreaming?" I asked him.

    "Oh, sorry. I forgot. Today, she met the dreamiest Pokémon in the school. Growlithe, and she's in LOVE!" Bulbasaur answered teasingly.

    "Hey, stop that! There's nothing wrong with falling in love." Said.

    "It's a sad sight, another hero falls under the victim of the plague of love." Bulbasaur said.

    "Shut up please." I said. "VULPIX!!!!!" She still didn't answer.
    That night, Vulpix slept with her mother again. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. It was 11:00. Then, I heard a noise.

    "W-who's there?" I whispered. The door opened just crack, but I saw no one. I sat there waiting for something to happen. Then, Vulpix jumped up on my bed.
    AHH!" I almost screamed. "Vulpix! Don't do that. You startled me." I said, looking very crossed.

    "Can I sleep with you tonight," she said. I gave her a confused look. Then she said, "I had a nightmare."

    "Why, of course you can sweetheart. You're always welcome to sleep with me." I said as gave her a hug and kiss. We both fell asleep quickly that night.
    The next day, I dropped off Vulpix and Bulbasaur again. This time, they were early by fifteen minutes. I went back home with nothing to do. So, I waited. I heard the clock strike eight times. 3:00. I waited another twenty minute before leaving to pick up Vulpix and Bulbasaur. I left to go and get them. When I did, Vulpix hopped in the car crying. I could easily tell what had happened. She was bullied again. Bulbasaur came in the car after Vulpix. We then went home. When we got in the house, Vulpix tried running downstairs to her mother, but when she did, she was limping.

    "Vulpix!" I said.

    "Y-yes?" She answered back.

    "Why are you limping?" I asked.

    "What me? No I'm not limping." She said as she was limping down the stairs.

    "Vulpix! Don't lie to me!" I said with a bit of anger.

    "…ALRIGHT!! An Aerodactyl bit me." She admitted.

    "A WHAT!?" I said with a lot anger.

    "An Aero-" I cut her off.

    "THAT'S IT!!!!" I yelled. "I'm going with you tomorrow. This has GOT to stop!" Then, she turned purple. "And you were poisoned TOO!!?? I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!" I quickly gave her an antidote. Then, I had a look at her leg. She had a cut on her right forepaw. I put a band-aid on her.

    "So who poisoned you?" I asked her.

    "A Toxicroak." She answered. Then, we had supper. That night, Vulpix slept with her mother again. Bulbasaur slept on the couch. I thought I would be all alone again until my Mightyena came to sleep with me. Every-mon slept happily that night.

    Chapter 20
    (No name)

    The next day, it took me awhile to get Vulpix out of the house.

    "But I don't wanna go!" She complained.

    "But I'll be with you today, there's NOTHING to be afraid of. When someone messes with ME, they're in BIG trouble!" I said.

    "But you don't understand." She said.

    "Oh I understand completely." I said.

    "Alright." She finally said, and we were off. Bulbasaur was quite fine. When we got there, I asked Vulpix, "So who's your teacher today?"

    "Virizion." She answered. "Umm, Cory, can you stay outside?"

    "No, I gotta come with you." I answered.

    "But-" I cut her off.

    "NO BUTS!" I yelled. We then walked in. None of Pokémon noticed me throughout the whole day. When recess came, I was planning to go outside but I waited awhile. Virizion came up to talk to me.
    Virizion is a deer or antelope-like Pokémon, green in color, with horns that end in dull points. It has a pink-tipped leaf on each side of its neck. On Virizion's back, there are pointed ends of fur ending in a medium-long tail. Its legs resemble pointed knee-high boots and have pointed hooves and at the joint of its knees are pink highlights.

    "I see you're here to protect your Vulpix." She said.

    "Yeah, she says she being bullied." I said. Then, I looked out the window. I saw trouble. I tried to get out of the door, but a big, fat, sleepy Snorelax was in the way. Virizion and I were trapped inside the school!

    "Come on you dumb Snorelax!" I said as I was trying to bust down the door. But it was no use. Was this another setup? Houndoom and Mightyena were at home. So threw Absol's Pokéball. Absol came out.
    Absol is a quadrupedal felid Pokémon. Its dark blue to gray body is covered in white fur, with a ruff around its neck and chest, and a tuft on the top of its head adorned with a single blue-black oval. It has a cat-like face, a scythe-like tail and a sickle-shaped growth on the side of its head. Its body is sleek and feline, making it well suited for its life in the mountains. Its broad feet are equipped with three claws each, and spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its anterior legs. Its head resembles a Yin-Yang symbol.

    "Absol, use slash attack!" I said. He did, but the Snorelax didn't move. "Use psycho cut!" Absol used psycho cut. It didn't work. "Lets try a hyper beam attack." Absol used a VERY powerful hyper beam attack. It worked! I then ran outside. All the Pokémon were there. With the Aerodactyl commanding them.
    A ferocious, prehistoric Pokémon, Aerodactyl possesses serrated, saw-like fangs that it uses to tear through the throats of its prey. Its wings have light purple skin stretched from its side to its arms. It has a gray, oval-shaped body, and a tail with a triangular tip. Aerodactyl have dark green eyes, though the iris is barely visible.

    "Alright Absol! You ready?" I shouted. Absol nodded. "Then lets start off with a shadow ball attack!" I commanded him. It hit Aerodactyl, but Aerodactyl came in and used dragon claw. Absol used shadow claw after that. Then, Aerodactyl used a hyper beam attack and sent Absol flying! Absol, was down. Then, I heard a familiar voice say, "Well THAT was pathetic!" I gasped. It was my rival, Drake. Using rental Pokémon, I always beat him in the past. "Well, go on Mr. Poké-know-it-all. Lets see what you've got!" I stood there, paralyzed with fear. Then, Aerodactyl was charging up another hyper beam attack. This time, he was aiming it at Vulpix! Aerodactyl unleashed it. I reacted so quickly, I didn't know what I was doing, but I ran quickly to Vulpix. I picked her up, hugged her with all I had, and closed my eyes tight like it was the end of my life. Vulpix did the same thing. We were scared. Our eyes were closed. Then, I heard a very familiar voice say, "RED FURY! HAAAA!" I knew who that was. I opened my eyes and said, "FLAME!" Vulpix still had her eyes closed. "Vulpix, open your eyes, there's nothing to be afraid of anymore, Flame is here!" I said. Vulpix opened her eyes. Then, I was whacked in the head. I got knocked out! I woke up a minute later, watching Flame battle. Then, I passed out again.

    Chapter 21
    (No name)

    I woke up thirty hours later. I was in the hospital. I wasn't hurt at all though. Nurse Joy walked in the room. As soon as I received full conscience, I immediately asked her, "Is Flame ok?"

    "Flame is fine." She responded. Then, Flame walked in the room. He was beaten badly. A black eye, an injured wing, and some bruises here and there.

    "Don't you worry about me. I'll be fine." He's said. "You've got bigger things to-" he was interrupted. Vulpix came running in the room, crying like I was dead. She jumped right on Flame's head, then she jumped on me. She hugged me, but she was crying into the pillow. Just then, another nurse Joy walked into the room.

    "Why is Vulpix crying?" I asked.

    "I'm not sure how to explain it. But I could show you. We picked this up with our security cameras fourteen hours ago." Said the nurse Joy that had just walked into the room. Then, a giant flat screen tv appeared. It turned on. On the screen, was Vulpix and her mother, Ninetales. Ninetales was severely wounded. Cuts everywhere. It was a conversation just between the two of them.

    "Come closer sweetheart." Ninetales said. Vulpix came closer, hugging her mother very tightly.

    "Mommy! Please don't die. I don't want you go." Vulpix said, with tears running down her eyes.

    "Now, sweetheart, you'll have have to go on in life if I don't make it. I love you, but you will have to go on. You can't spend your whole life grieving for me." Ninetales explained.

    "But mommy, how…" Vulpix sobbed.

    "I'll always be with you sweetheart. I'll ALWAYS be with you, inside your heart. I love you, with all my heart." Ninetales said.

    "Mommy…please don't go. How…but…I don't want you to go. Don't leave me. Mommy!" Vulpix still wouldn't accept her to die. To leave her alone.

    "But there's one thing I need to tell you. You mustn't cry for more than eighteen hours after my death, or a curse will be put upon you. Promise me, sweetheart, that you will stop crying in eighteen hours. You must promise me. Fulfill my last request. Please. Do it for me." Ninetales said.

    "But mommy you aren't gonna die. You can't. You just cant die, don't leave me here alone." Vulpix still couldn't take it.

    "Please. Promise me sweetie, that you will stop crying in eighteen hours. You must promise me. I love you too much for a curse to be laid upon you." Ninetales said.

    "O-ok. I promise." Vulpix said. It was silent for the next minute. Vulpix was just hugging her mother. She wasn't crying though. She let go, put her paw on her mother's, and looked down at floor with her closed. A second later, she looked up and stared at her mother. Then, there was a loud and eerie BEEP! Vulpix looked back down with her eyes closed, and started to cry. Ninetales had died. Then, tv turned off.

    "Oh, I see." I said, feeling very sorry for Vulpix. She was still crying into the pillow. I looked at the clock. 6:00. Vulpix HAD to stop crying before ten, or else…I couldn't even think about it. I tried to calm her down for the next three hours, but it was no use. "Vulpix, please. Stop crying." I said, but she still cried. Nine-thirty. Nine-forty-five. Nine-fifty. Nine-fifty-five. Nine-fifty-eight. Nine-fifty-nine. She was still crying. Twenty seconds left. "VULPIX! PLEASE!" I yelled. With five seconds left, she finally stopped crying. We were able to go back home after that. Vulpix had two weeks off of Poké-school because most of the Pokémon were injured badly. The longest it would take out of all of them to recover, was two weeks. Growlithe had a broken leg, but that was it. But he had lost his father, Arcanine. He had nowhere to live. So, I let him come live with me. He was happy for that. When we had gotten home, Vulpix ran into my room and slammed the shut. She wanted to be alone. She was in there for the rest of the day. Mightyena and Houndoom came out of the basement to see what all the ruckus was. After they found out, Houndoom went back downstairs. Mightyena stayed. He asked "Is absol ok?"

    "Yes. Absol is just fi-" I was interrupted. Mightyena jumped up on me, pinning me to the ground, and said, "Ok good! Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank-" He was interrupted.

    "Oh no, none of this, 'Oh, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.' Stuff!" I said, thinking back on he ribbons I bought for Vulpix.

    "Alright. I won't." Mightyena said as he immediately got off of me. The Pokédex description for Mightyena was, "It will never disobey the commands of a skilled trainer." I didn't know what to do for the rest of the day. Flame was in the training room in the basement all day. ( And he almost blew it up in the process.) Houndoom was also in the basement. So, I decided to take a nap in the family room. I slept on the couch, with Mightyena laying down on top of me, but I didn't care. In fact, I wanted him on me. I felt very comfortable with him on me, but I didn't know why. Growlithe, Houndoom, Absol, and Bulbasaur slept downstairs, Vulpix wouldn't come out of my room, and Mightyena slept with me that night. Flame, on the other hand…well, I don't think he slept at all that night. I think he trained all night.

    Chapter 22
    (No name)

    The next morning, Mightyena woke me up at seven. I got up to see that Flame was getting ready to leave.

    "Cory, I'll be back by tonight." He said.

    "You better be!" I replied.

    "I'm just going on my daily patrol. That never takes long, remember?" He said.

    "Alright. Yes I remember." I answered back. Then he left. I stared out the window. Alone again, but it was only for a day. He'd be back by 5:30. Mightyena nudged me. He wanted breakfast. I gave him Pokemon food. Bulbasaur, Houndoom, and Absol all came running upstairs. I gave them all some Pokémon food. Growlithe was the only one who didn't want breakfast. Instead, he walked up to my room and scratched the door. I could easily tell what he wanted. He wanted Vulpix.
    Growlithe is a quadruped, canine Pokémon. It has a short, rounded muzzle, a small, fluffy tail, a tuft of fur on top of its head, and rounded ears. It has bright orange fur with black stripes over its back and on its forelegs. Its belly, tail, and fluff on top of its head are a cream color. Its nose is shiny black, while the insides of its ears are light brown. Growlithe has two claws on its forepaws, and its paw pads are brown.
    Growlithe sat there for a while. I sat on the couch for a few hours. Then the clock struck twelve. I got everyone some lunch. I got some food for Vulpix.

    "Vulpix! Lunch is ready!" I called out. But she didn't come. "Vulpix!" I called out to her a second time. She still didn't come. I walked towards my room. I gently opened the door and said, "Vulpix. Your lunch is ready." But she was looking at the wall. I sat next to her and said, "Vulpix, what's wrong? Please tell me." She turned away. "Vulpix, please tell me." I said a second time. She put her head under my pillow. "What's wrong sweetie? Please tell me." I said a third time. As soon as I said "sweetie", Vulpix started crying. I knew what wrong after this. She wanted her mother. Just then, Growlithe walked in. Since he had a broken leg, I helped him on the bed. He licked Vulpix's cheek to get her to stop crying, but it didn't work. Growlithe thought a moment. Then, he put his nose up to Vulpix's nose. Vulpix stopped crying immediately. This was what she hoping for. She was in love with Growlithe! Even though she still wanted her mother, Vulpix was happy that Growlithe cared about her. I decided to let them be alone together. Bulbasaur took a nap out in the sun, Houndoom and Absol were training, and Vulpix and Growlithe were in my room. That left me with Mightyena. I then took a nap in the family room, with Mightyena lying on the floor.

    Chapter 23
    (No name)

    When I woke up, I looked at the clock. 6:00 PM. The house was quiet. Flame wasn't back yet. I waited an hour for him to come. He wasn't back yet. At seven-thirty, I heard the door open, and sure enough, there he was!

    "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!?" I yelled with anger.

    "I am SO sorry! I ran into Ember and then we ran into trouble." He answered immediately.

    "Then where's-" I started to ask. Ember came walking through the door. Ember was same size as Spyro and Flame. But she was mostly pink. Flame was red with yellow features. "Never mind. Please sleep tonight Flame. There's NO need to train."

    "Fine! I'll take a break!" He answered. Then we played a very quick game of chess. I had made THE WORST mistakes. I lost in five turns. Normally I won. Flame ALWAYS beat Spyro.

    The next day, I decided to go to the mall for fun. Vulpix came with me. She had a blast until noon. I left her alone to eat while I got myself something for two minutes. Then all of a sudden, I heard a loud, ear splitting screech!

    "Vulpix!" I yelled. I got to her to find a member of Team Rocket holding her. Team Rocket is an organization that steal rare and exotic Pokémon. This member made a mistake to mess with ME AND MY VULPIX! Instead of using a Pokémon myself, I instead tackled the member and punched him in the face. Vulpix was unharmed, but she wanted to go home. So we did. We went across the very long bridge she liked to go over and stick her head out the window. We were halfway across, when I saw five cars coming towards us! I brought the car to a screeching halt. I knew who they were.
    They were a street gang called "The Nissans". They were MUCH nicer than "The Hotrods" 99% percent of the time, they give a head start or something that sounded VERY fair. They did the math on icy roads, meaning if the road WASN'T icy, they would calculate the time it would take to get somewhere after a ten-second head start.
    They all stopped. There were just five of them, but there were WAY more than that. Three females got out. Sylvia, Cynthia, and Britney. Britney was the leader of the Nissans. That could mean trouble.

    "Well well well. If it isn't Cory." Britney said. Vulpix looked very scared.

    "What is that thing in your car?" Sylvia asked.

    "What, Vulpix? Oh she's just the cutest, most adorable wittle thing in the whole wide world." I said as I picked her up and hugged her. Then I set her down.

    "Hahahahahahahahaaa! You actually like that thing? THAT abomination? It's disgusting!" Cynthia said. Vulpix's ears went down immediately.

    "It's Hideous!" Sylvia said right after Cynthia.

    "It's ULGY!" Britney said immediately after Sylvia. Then, Vulpix started crying. I tried to stop her, but I couldn't.

    "HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY VULPIX!!!! HURTING A POKÉMON'S FEELINGS SHOULD BE AGANST THE LAW!!!!!!" I yelled louder than they thought I could yell. I didn't know I could yell that loud either.

    "Ooooh! I'm SOOOO scared! What are you gonna do? Punch us to death?" Britney said sarcastically.

    "…AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! THAT IS IT!!!!!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUUUUUUUU!!!!! GO! DIALGA!!!" I yelled, sending out legendary Pokémon called "Dialga".
    Dialga is a sauropod-like Pokémon. It is mainly dark blue with some gray metallic portions, such as its chestplate, which has a diamond in the center. It also has various light blue stripes. It has a fin-like structure on its back and a crest on its head, resembling a dinosaur. Dialga also has two horns on top of its head, two fang-like horns around its mouth, three spines on the back of its neck, long claws, and a short tail. The wing-like structure on its back can be used to focus the flow of time.
    They were somewhat startled by Dialga. They stopped laughing and said, "no no NO! We're sorry we insulted your Vulpix. Please forgive us!"

    "I don't think they learned their lesson yet. DIALGA! USE FLASH CANNON!" I commanded him very boldly. In just one WHOOSH! They were gone. Vulpix was still crying like crazy! "Vulpix!" I shouted. She still cried. We went home right after that. I put the car on autopilot. I tried to calm her down all the way home, but it was no use. When we had gotten home, Vulpix ran into my room immediately. It was 1:00. Flame came in the house.

    "You're home early!" I said.

    "I'm taking the afternoon off. So what's the ruckus?" He replied.

    "We ran into the Nissans today. Vulpix, was umm…" I thought a moment.

    "Oh. They gave you trouble today?" He asked.

    "Yeah. But Dialga showed them NOT to mess me. Rule number 1: Do NOT insult Vulpix. If you do…it was nice knowing you." I said.

    "They what!?" Flame was surprised.

    "They insulted Vulpix. They said she was an abomination." I told him. He was silent. I then walked in my room. Vulpix was under my bed, hiding herself.

    "Vulpix, please come out." I said. She tried to hide herself even more. "Vulpix, please." I said again, but she put her paw over her eyes. Just then, Growlithe came walking in. Vulpix tried to hide herself completely when he crawled under the bed.

    "Vulpix, stop trying to hide yourself. I overheard Cory talking with Flame. You are not ugly. You're beautiful to me in every way possible. You're perfect in MY eyes. That's all that matters. I love you. Now come out of hiding for me cutie." Growlithe said.

    "Y-Y-Y-You think I'm beautiful? You think really think I'm cute?" Vulpix asked, not believing her ears.

    "Yes. I do," Growlithe responded. Then he turned to me and said, "Cory, can you leave us alone for bit?"

    "Sure!" I said, and I left the room. I closed the door, and tried to listen, but Growlithe yelled, "Completely! No spying!" So I left, knowing it was useless to try and spy on them. Then, I thought about where Spyro could be or why he left me. Surely Flame would keep it a secret from me, but couldn't hurt to ask. Flame knew what I was thinking. He walked up to me.

    "I honestly don't know where he is. We all split up an hour after we left. I wish I knew where he was and what's going on, but he won't answer his scouter." Flame said, sounding serious. Then he took a nap downstairs. Then, Mightyena came up to me.

    "When you were in 'The Haunted House', Houndoom said there was some writing on one of the ribs of that skeleton. 'Hand it over, if you want to see him alive.' Hand WHAT over? It's not like there's anything special that you've been holding on to." Mightyena asked me. Flame flew up the stairs immediately.

    "What did you just say?! Hand it over?" Flame asked Mightyena.

    "Yes. Why?" I said.

    "Oh, nothing." He said. Then he into the training room to train.

    "That was weird." Mightyena said.

    "Weirder than weird. Very odd." I replied. Then, Mightyena yawned.

    "Gonna take a nap." Mightyena said as he stretched. There was nothing else to do but take a nap. I got on the couch to nap too. Mightyena, of course, slept on top of me.

    Chapter 24
    The Halloween curse

    It was a warm afternoon on October 31st. 6:00. Tonight, would be a full moon. Mightyena, Absol, and Houndoom wanted to walk around the streets. Vulpix, Growlithe, and Bulbasaur wanted to be with me. Flame and Ember were also gonna be with me. We left at seven o'clock. It was already sunset by this time. Flame had a scared look on his face. I didn't know why looked so scared. In the past, Flame and Spyro would hide behind a dumpster or something, and wait to scare someone who walked by. Cynder thought this was very immature. Flame, believe it or not, was stronger than Spyro. Flame has a power level of a googol. Spyro's power level was unknown. He was always getting stronger. The highest power level any of us have ever seen him at, was a hundred-thousand. What was Flame scared of then? I decided not to ask. While we were walking, we saw a purple dragon, wearing a witch's hat, walking towards us.

    "Cynder!" Flame said, looking very happy to see her. "Boy am I glad to see you!"

    "You look like your scared, Flame." She answered.

    "I'm not scared." Flame protested. Just then, we heard screaming all around us. People were running away, scurrying away.

    "We'd better go check that out." Flame said, sounding serious. But before we could anything, we saw a purple beam destroy a house.

    "WHAT THE," I said. "That looked like Spyro's fury breath!"

    "That can't be good." Flame said. Then, we all froze. There he was, right in front of us. Spyro. Something was wrong with him. He had holes in his wings, stitches like Frankenstein all over, a broken chain on his left foreleg, a spiderweb on his left horn, an evil looking grin on his face, and RED EYES!!!!

    "Spyro!" I yelled. He charged up his fury breath. I froze in fear. Spyro unleashed it. Flame tackled me out of the way. There was a big crater in the ground.

    "Spyro, snap out of it!" Cynder yelled. Spyro charged up his fury breath again. Cynder dodged it ease.

    "Stop it!" I yelled. He tried to scratch me with his claws. Cynder ran towards me, grabbed me, and flew into the air! Flame and Ember did same. I looked down to see my Pokémon.

    "Don't worry, I got them." Flame said as he swooped down and grabbed Vulpix, Growlithe, and Bulbasaur. "The other three will be fine." He said. Then, a fireball came flying right in front of us!

    "Cory, I'm gonna drop you off at house. I want you to get in the car, and get as far away from town as possible. Ok?" Cynder asked me.

    "Yes. But what about you?" I responded.

    "Don't worry about us. We'll be fine." Flame said. Then, all of a sudden, we heard an evil laugh.

    "Ah hahahahahahahaaaaaa! You're not going ANYWHERE!"

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    Alright, first of all, your chapters should be a bit longer. Chapters here are generally around 1,000 words long at least, and are in separate posts. Your later chapters are longer than the early ones, but they still need to have a bit more content.

    Alright, this story doesn't seem to have much of a plot at first. However, in later chapters, there seems to be some plot revolving around Vulpix and her growing up. This is definitely an improvement because it makes your story more interesting and more 'complete'. I think you could explain some parts of it better, like what happened to Vulpix's mother.

    I see a bit of a problem early on as well with the fact that the main character appears to know a lot of Spyro characters (and apparently, some Legendaries later on) and is given all of the Pokemon, a special robot and a special vehicle. This makes me think your character could end up as a 'Mary Sue', a character who gets everything easily, is never wrong, doesn't lose and has the whole story and all the characters bend around them. I think there's a couple of ways that you could solve this. First of all, I'd suggest explaining why the main character is friends with Spyro, so then it doesn't just feel like 'he's friends with Spyro, cool!' Also, I'm not really sure if he needs all those gifts from Spyro. Considering that the only one of them that has any impact on the story is Bulbasaur, it wouldn't make much of a difference if all he got was Bulbasaur's Poke Ball. That's just my suggestion. I also wouldn't have him have Legendary Pokemon so early on, since they are very rare and powerful. You might want to go with something a little more common at this point, such as Aron or Deino in place of Dialga, and leave a Legendary or two for later on in the story when Cory is more powerful.

    I think you could also give your characters more of a personality. A lot of them seem to sound and act pretty similar to me. Vulpix and Bulbasaur do seem to get traits later on (Bulbasaur seems quite protective, and Vulpix is emotional), so I'd suggest building on what you've already got for them. You could express personality in how characters react to situations or just their general actions e.g. Spyro would be brave and protective of his friends. I'd definitely recommend this for Cory, I find him a little boring right now. You could say how he thinks of different things in the description, for instance.

    A couple of points for grammar. If the sentence being said in speech ends with a full stop, you normally turn it into a comma and have the he/she afterwards be lower case, e.g.:

    ''Hello,' she said.

    Also, instead of saying things like 'It was a Dialga. It was a sauropod Pokemon. It had a gem in its chest', you could say 'It was a Dialga, a sauropod Pokemin with a gem in its chest'. This could help make your description flow a little better.

    Finally, could you maybe explain why this is a Spyro/Pokemon/Mario crossover? I have no issues with crossovers, but it'd be nice to know how they link together. Is it dimension hopping, or is there a general world of games, for example?

    Overall, I'd say you have a fairly good framework of a story here. I'd just recommend building on your characters and plot a little more, and maybe think about adjusting Cory (especially in the early chapters) so he isn't at a huge risk of being a Mary Sue. Good luck!

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    Hi Spyro2cool! It is awesome that you put your story from onto here! Yay! And yes, I agree with a lot that 8 said. I would take her suggestions seriously, as they are some very good ones. I like your latest chapter; it was very good! The only things I have to say are to watch your grammar, maybe make your chapters a little longer, don't use exclamation points so much (they are very good to use once in a while, but not all of the time just so your sentences flow nicer), and finally to not capitalize words so much. Just for example, like this sentence here: He had holes in his wings, stitches like Frankenstein all over, a broken chain on his left foreleg, a spiderweb on his left horn, an evil looking grin on his face, and RED EYES!!!!

    Take note of the ending, "and RED EYES!!!!" You don't really need to capitalize that, as it just detracts from the sentence. And it is best to just put one exclamation point at the end, not a bunch.

    That is all I have to say. This story is still my favorite fan-fiction (as you know when we have talked on that other forum), and no offense to GloriousLampShades, but Spyro2cool please don't listen and think that your story sucks. Sure, there are a few things that you need to work on about it, but it is still a great story, no doubt about it (imo).
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    spyrois2cool, please read the rules before you post. The Fan Fiction Rules explain that each chapter needs to be at least two pages long and written on Microsoft Word (or a similar program), and you can only have one chapter per post. Your later chapters are much better and closer to the quality we expect here, so take your time and go back to edit your older chapters so they look more like that. Chibi_Muffin and Cassafrass1999 gave you some good advice, so definitely think about what they've said and use it to improve your story. You should also read some other fics around here - it will give you a good idea of what most fics should look like. Also, since your fic has Pokemon in it, you don't need to post it in the Non-Pokemon section!

    Since this breaks the rules I do have to close it, but I hope you'll try again, using the advice you got here to make your story even better. Good luck!


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