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Thread: The Deoxys Army

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    Default The Deoxys Army

    This fic is about a concept I saw on DeviantArt, from a guy named Esebipe. He'd drawn pics of Pokemon fused with Deoxys and called them the Infected series. So I thought, what if all kinds of Pokemon were infected? And this is what I came up with--a fiction surrounding three elite Trainer heroes. I'll be working on this with Razorrozar7. Rated PG.

    THEME SONG: Listen to this while you read. It makes it so much cooler. And keep the repeat on.

        Spoiler:- PM list:


    It was a peaceful night in Lavaridge Town. According to the news, there would be a meteor shower tonight, and it would be visible for a few minutes. Everyone in town was excited to see it, and had pulled up chairs to watch. The sky was darkened, but not black just yet. It was the blue-grey of the last hours in the evening. As the sun finally disappeared and the stars began to speckle the sky, people began to watch for the streaks of light that signified the beginning of the meteor shower.

    "I can see it!" someone yelled. Everyone looked up to where he was looking. Sure enough, the streams of light had begun. People cheered and looked up in awe. The elderly people were reminiscent of the last meteor shower twenty years ago. The young children and babies were amazed, but slightly fearful.

    Flannery was especially amazed. As the gym leader, she had mostly attended for publicity, but now that she'd seen this for the first time, she highly doubted she'd ever forget it.

    "They're all so big," someone yelled.

    Another light appeared. However, this one behaved differently from the rest. It didn't go across the sky--it seemed to get closer to Earth. It had an eerie orange glow, counteracting the black of the night. It didn't take long for Flannery to realize what was going on. That meteor had strayed from the shower, and was headed straight for the planet. Based on the light, it looked like it was headed for Lavaridge.

    "Everyone into their homes!" Flannery screamed. "That meteor is going to hit us!"

    The townspeople panicked and ran into their homes as fast as possible. Flannery tried to keep them in order, but she was running out of time. The meteor was growing rapidly in the sky.

    "Please remain calm! Don't panic!" Flannery yelled. In reality, she was scared herself. If not for the fact that the townspeople needed help, she'd be hiding in her gym now.

    Suddenly, the meteor hit the center of Lavaridge. It wasn't too big, and everyone was safe from direct impact. Several people had been tossed through the air in the shockwave, but apart from that, everything seemed to be fine. The meteorite hadn't hit any buildings, but the sand beds were mercilessly destroyed.

    Everyone thought it was over. But then something started leaking out of the rock. At first, only a few people noticed it. But then it spread across the ground. It looked red, but in the night, it was difficult to tell.

    A humanoid figure started to rise from the liquid. It had a human-looking head with two square extensions where its ears would be. Its legs ended not in feet, but in points that would be near impossible to stand on. Its arms were two tentacle-like appendages, twisted around each other in an infinite dance of blue and red. But the oddest feature of all was its face. It had a blue face with slanted eyes that looked furious. It had a mark dividing its face into vertical halves, and it looked as if it had been cut there.

    The figure said absolutely nothing, but instead looked around. It seemed to detect the townspeople's life force.

    Suddenly, the figure lashed out at a person with its tentacles. They connected, and a strange light pulsed from the figure to the person. The person's face turned blue, with slanted eyes and a vertical slit. His arms were split in two, and these new arms twisted around each other. The citizen then lashed out at another person...and the same thing happened.

    The townspeople started screaming and running for their lives, but nothing escaped the alien figure. They were soon changed to match it. Only Flannery managed to get away, and she locked down her gym to keep the alien and its new minions from getting in.

    All Flannery could do is hope that this was just a dream, that she would wake up in her bed and live her normal life the next day.

    Sadly, however, this was in no way a dream.
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    When an unknown infection spreads throughout Hoenn, it's up to three elite Trainers to defeat its source: Deoxys.
    Currently up to Chapter 2 of the sequel.
    Credit to Atari!
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