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Thread: ☆The DreamWorld Gallery (now with tutorial)☆

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    Default ☆The DreamWorld Gallery (now with tutorial)☆

    ☆ For a while I have been making these "dream world splices" and have been trying to spread it until it is something common (I have never seen one until I started... I would like to consider myself the founder in basic terms).

    ☆ They are just like normal spriting but a little more complex... the dream world spriting can include splicing, recolours and shines (since there is no such thing as a DW shiny sprite).

    ☆ I have noticed a lot of people have been following the shiny and recolor sides of DW spriting but i have seen very few people having a go at actual splicing... I would like to make this thread for spriters to have a go and post their attempts at DW spriting.


    ☆ Here are some examples of what I have done… o will add more as i get new ideas...




    ☆Just a Little of Random☆

    (Its VolCorona Extra)


    ☆ Don’t have Photoshop??? Don’t worry, neither do I… I have never used Photoshop in my life and all of these where done on MS Paint… the main thing that you need for this is a reliable sprite resource that can give you very good quality DWs as it makes things so much easier.


    ☆ Not get the result you wanted… don’t worry, it does take some practice. The main thing that you need to understand is that DWs often have unusual sprites and some of them just won’t go together the way you want them too… have a good hard look at the sprites that you want to put together and try and find a way they will work (since the sizes are a little funny I recommend that you avoid trying to fuse Pokémon like Weedle and Steelix)


    ☆The Tutorial☆
    ☆OMG i actually put it up finally☆

        Spoiler:- The DW Splicing Tutorial:

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