Good episode, bad music. I didn't like the fact that the show shoved the same two or three new pieces of music down our throats over and over throughout the episode. Plus, the music played when Haruka watched the boat to Kinagi Town leave sounded too Casio-keyboardish to me.

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It seems there were only 3 Donphan and none of them had a trainer.
No, there were a lot more than that.

Just out of curiousity, when Ash remembered Phanpy, did he use the term "little"?
Not that I heard. All I heard was him wondering if his Gomazou is doing well.

I think we should take Meowth to a Pokemon Center and get his brain checked because the Boss Dream of the day was so stupid I cried while I laughed. "Oh yea the Boss will have a great time practicing to be a clown by walking on the Donphan."
Team Rocket agreed with you. Throughout the sequence, Nyasu would offer a suggestion, and then one of the members of the gang would say how ridiculous it was. Here's a bare bones translation, which I'm sure Murg or someone else will correct later:

Nyasu: "If the Boss had a Donphan, he could use it as a bowling ball!"
Kojirou: "But won't it be too heavy?"
Nyasu: "It'll be OK. If Donphan is the ball, it can be used to score a strike!"
Musashi: "But if the Donphan hits a strike, won't it [keep going until it] breaks the wall?"
Nyasu: "Well, then, whenever the Boss needs to go somewhere, he can ride on top of Donphan!"
Kojirou: "But you can't keep your balance on top of a round object like that..."
Nyasu: "OK, OK. If it rolls around on the Boss' back, it can give him a nice massage."
Musashi and Kojirou: "That's too much!"