Hey guys, OP here! I'm glad this thread still exists and has attracted some KHR fans around!

As for the manga, is it really over? I mean, apparently, according to the last page of the last issue, there are two volumes to be released by this month and the beginning of 2013.

http://www.mangareader.net/katekyo-hitman-reborn/409/22 => link to my source.

Anyway, as for the Rainbow Arc, well it sure was interesting but the final 'battle' (if we can call it like that) was a bit disappointing. I mean, Checker's Face barely battled the Vongola alliance. It just went like this 'What you're doing is bad!! ' 'I know, sorry! Let's hold hands and fix everything guys '

A truly memorable ending [/irony]

I really hope other chapters will come and conclude Tsuna's rise to the Vongola Decimo status.