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somehow Trip has more badges then Ash (worst rivalry ever)
Was Gary and Ash's rivalry the worst too then? Considering Gary had more badges.

Ash used Screenhogachu once again instead of one of his reserves
Seems natural to have Ash's main Pokemon go up against the champion in a 1v1.

the entire "Trip meeting Alder" plot was wasted, and it was just plain boring.
Not really, it was used to show how disappointed, annoyed and ashamed Trip was of his idol.

Also, Alder was a complete jackhole, acting like a jerk to Trip, and FALLING ASLEEP DURING A BATTLE. I feel sorry that Afrobull has to put up with such a fool.
That was the whole point of his personality and character, to seem incredibly different to some serious strong trainer.

I'm with Dman on this one, the anime is really going downhill.
Or maybe, people just can't accept the anime for what it is, instead of complaining about every god damn thing.