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Thread: The Glacier Islands Recorded History

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    Default The Glacier Islands Recorded History

    A chain of islands made up of enormous icebergs set deep in the Southern Ocean. The weather is extremely harsh and if you are not careful you could freeze to death in an instant. But the most surprising, and as yet unfounded, story about these glaciers is that there are rumoured reports of a secret area where a mysterious and very strong pokemon resides, sleeping deep within the ice.

    Terror Mountain: Sitting in the centre of the Glacier Islands is an iceberg of monolithic proportions known only as Terror Mountain. Many rumours abound of a ghost town set somewhere within its icy ranges but due to the avalanches common to this mountain, no one has ever returned to verify its existence.

    The Icy Wastelands: A dry region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation. No sand here, only ice and snow for miles and miles. Not the most ideal place for a holiday but whatever floats your boat. Some pokemon roam these plains but for the most part take the surroundings into their personalities; cold, harsh and deadly...

    Glacier City: An oasis in the icy tundra of the Glacier Islands, Glacier City is a technologicaly advanced area covered by a large, insulated dome where many trainers find refuge from the harsh surrounding environment. It has many attractions including Pokemon battle arenas, Pokemon shops and a hotel for weary travellers.

    Magnetic Island: A lone glacier, one that continuously sails around the Glacier Islands, never leaving it's course. Mysterious....

    Glacier Mines: Set just east of the island chain, a huge glacier, so large that it seemingly never melts, sits sealed to the ocean floor. Enter at your own risk but be sure to bring something warm as it'll get way below freezing as you move further down into the winding tunnels of the icy caverns.

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