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Here are my second set of updates, and please do quote when you reply.

Shiny_ Magneton: As you release your companions to meet the young girl, she answers your question
"I'm Jane, and this is Nutty the Sunkern" The girl revealed as she leant over and picked up the yellow and Brown Sunkern.
"I'm heading to Magnetic Island any minute, so you can come along when you're ready!" Jane exclaimed, beaming at you as she did so. "I'm off there as my Pidgey, Maira, is a bit unruly, and flew off there, leaving me and Nutty on our own." Jane sighed and stared down at the water, which was glistening with a brief moment of light from above. Jane lifts her head, and shouted.
"Maira, come back here this minute!"
You look up and see a Pidgey flying around, which then rapidly glides back to Magnetic Island.
"I guess we'll have to go then" Jane continued, with a look of sorrow upon her face.
What shall you do?
"Hi. I'm Stephen, by the way." says Stephen, as he looks over to the floating iceberg, with the Pidgey soaring above it. "Cyndaquil, Spheal, are you guys ready?" says Stephen, and Spheal joyishly shouts Spheal! Sph-Spheal!, meaning "Yes, and I want to swim along the boat." However, Cyndaquil looks at the boat warily, before shaking its head. "Eh, I keep forgetting that you're a fire type" Stephen says, before returing it to its Pokeball. "So, let's go. And I think we can help you out with Pidgey, too." says Stephen, with a warm smile coming across his face.