[I'm posting here on behalf of Music Box since he got some stupid ban from here, here are your updates :}]

Wonderland Island
Raunchy Fad- As you saw your partner in crime escape without you, you realize that you have been left for dead, all these angry Snorunt have you surrounded in a place where you had no idea where you were. As you stood there whimpering, little Rocky decided to take action despite her disadvantage against the icy cold pokemon in icy cold surroundings. As Rocky charged at the Snorunt in order to protect you and Mr. Pipes, something didn’t seem right. Rocky’s once helmet capped head sprouted a leaf; she stopped in disbelief as the wooden cap popped off her head and hit the floor. She soon had a sprout coming out of the middle of her face, and she suddenly felt taller to see she now had legs. Her whole body seemed to enlarge; soon Rocky noticed she had grown arms, she let out a yell and was pleased to see she actually had a mouth now, it became apparent that the once tiny Seedot, Rocky, and now blossomed into a cheerful Nuzleaf! “Rocky, man, you… you’ve got nipples!” you shouted as you began to laugh. Both Rocky and Mr. Pipes began to prepare for battle, Mr. Pipes pulled out a bottle of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer you had been saving and drank it, preparing to let out a massive Fire Blast attack. Meanwhile, you order Rocky to use Seed Bomb and Razor Wind, anxious to retreat from this battle.

Mr. Pipes couldn’t hold it in any longer, he spit out a huge flame which pushed back the Snorunt , enlarging the diameter of space you have. While Rocky’s seed bomb didn’t do as well, it did harm a few of the Snorunt, though her Razor Wind blew away many of the Snorunt, lowering their numbers, Paul tried to count the number of Snorunt left, and estimated there were twenty Snorunt left. Angered that you escaped your cell, it didn’t appear that the Snorunt would let you off so easily while they began to bombard the three of you with various Bites and Headbutts.

Glacier City
Deamon Skittle- With all the contestants present, the tournament instructors began to call up each participant to pick a number out of a hat that stood upon an ice pedestal. As the constants received their slots, you sit and wait patiently until you are called up. You walk up to the hat and quickly pull out a number, anxious to see what number you get, and who you will be facing. As you stare at the number, you can’t help but feel unpleased with the number, 15, which placed you in the last battle of the first rounds. “It's just a number that places you in a place on the tourney tree. Relax, it's not an omen or anything” Prestige blatantly remarked as you sat in the room full of anxious trainers. One by one, trainers returned either overjoyed with their victory, or disappointed with their defeat. At last, only two contestants remained in the room as the others were all either outside watching the battles as they worried about the next round, or left due to defeat. Your opponent was an older man, possibly more experienced than you. “Will numbers 15 and 16 please take their positions?” asked the announcer, as the two of you were ushered towards the stage. The stage fright you were feeling made you want to disqualify and run away, but Prestige insisted on making you battle. So you take a deep breath and head on to face the music. As you stand opposite the elderly man, the two of you wait for the announcer to give you the green light to begin battling. “1, 2, 3, BEGIN!” shouted the announcer as the elderly man released his choice for this battle. “Go, Paras!” shouted the man as he threw the red and white pokeball into the air. The ball opened, releasing an almost blinding light that quickly formed into Paras, the mushroom pokemon. Recognizing the pokemon from your home town of Azalea Town, you decide to bring out a pokemon of the same power. Your pokeball also opens with a blinding light, but out of your pokeball comes Al, the Aron. The small pokemon was soon overwhelmed by the huge amount of people, something he was certainly not used to. He examined the opposing pokemon and realized he was in a battle, Al tried to look as menacing as possible, but it had no affect on Paras.

“Use Harden first, then Swagger to provoke it, followed by a Firestream!" you declare as the older man gives orders to his Paras, “Paras, use Scratch, Pursuit, and Bug Bite!” As the two trainers give their orders to their pokemon, the two pokemon quickly charge into battle. Paras leapt towards Al to Scratch, but the little Aron counters by Hardening his defenses. While the Paras was still close by, Al uses Swagger to confuse Paras, to which Paras strikes itself with a Pursuit attack. The Paras struggles to regain control, and successfully gives Al a Bug Bite. Al soon retaliates with a Firestream which Paras manages to avoid thanks to its wobbly walk from the confusion.

What will you do?