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Thread: The Glacier Islands Recorded History

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    Quote Originally Posted by mew-the original View Post
    Please reply in PowderBlue.

    Snowflake Village

    - After being threatened by Tina, for understandable reasons, you decide to use your time wisely and ask Carol if there is anything you might be able to do to help with the unknown villans. “On the way here, you mentioned that a child had been kidnapped and that things were stolen from town. Could you tell me more about what happened or if anyone ever found the missing child? It sounds like Snowflake Village is in trouble, and I want to help out. I’m going to need to borrow a few things, but think I have a plan that just might work.” you said, hoping to be helpful. “Sadly, the child, who happens to be our neighbor’s son, hasn’t been found yet. His name was Sam,” said Carol as she cringed at the word was, “He was such a nice boy, and just a few years older than my Sue. He would always come by and help me in the fields during winter… he even aspired to become a pokemon trainer one day. No one is able to understand why THEY would take a child; normally THEY would just steal, and mostly just food at that. It’s a mystery… some of the braver towns people tried to track THEM through foot prints, but none could be found.” Carol said grimly. The Yache berry stew became to bubble over, reminding Carol about the task at hand. “If you would like, there have been rumors that whatever THEY are, they live in the forest, you can see it at the edge of our fields. Personally, I don’t think it’s the work of human beings. Though I’m not completely sure it’s pokemon either… it doesn’t seem normal. The forest pokemon never really came out, aside from the occasional berry thieving.” Carol went on as she finished the stew and announced for the food to be ready as your pokemon, Sue, and Tina all huddled around while you were deep in thought. The mysterious kidnapping, the abnormal behavior, it didn’t seem likely for the robbers to be human as they would need to stay close, as being out in the wilderness was practically suicide. They would surely have been discovered if they were human… but why would pokemon resort to kidnapping, and why would they rob the town stores when there were berries so close by? “If you really want, you can venture off to the forest tomorrow… it’s much to dangerous for that today, its close to sundown and that’s when the snowstorms really pick up… those didn’t really start up until THEY came too. Anyways, it would be safer to stay here tonight; anyone who saves my daughter is welcome here.” Carol said as she interrupted your pondering to give you the hot meal. Tina, obviously overhearing the invitation, scowled and retreated from her food, hovering close to the egg, giving you a weary glare. “Don’t mind her,” Carol said apologetically, “She’s just very protective of her egg, what with all the crimes recently…. Well you should probably get some sleep if you’re going out to the forest tomorrow.” she said.

    ***Later that night***

    A screeching sound, like nails on a chalkboard, alarmingly wakes you up from a peaceful slumber. You look up to see a dark figure cutting the glass that surrounds Tina’s egg. “Ah!” shouted Carol as she ran out, possibly woken up by the screeching too, along with a flustered Tina. The shadowy figure pushed the glass back and grabbed the egg, after which it swiftly made its escape before you could do anything to prevent it. “TIIIIC!” screamed the angry Togetic as she immediately pursued the mysterious enigma out into the cold snowstorm.

    What will you do?
    Night had fallen on the Glacier Islands. Like a big, thick quilt, it blanketed the arctic archipelago, smothering fields, forests, and frozen lakes alike in its shadowy embrace. In a cozy farmhouse on the outskirts of Snowflake Village, the trainer Benjamin Hale lay on a sleep mat, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. Though it was late, the boy was still awake.

    Perhaps it was on account of the chubby-yellow gold sumo wrestler that the Sandman hadn’t yet visited this room of the farmhouse. Sprawled out on a nearby mountain of pillows and blankets, the Makuhita Sumeo, lay like a fat little pooh-bah, dreaming of more delicious Yache Stew and snoring like an air raid siren.

    Or, maybe it was because of the Poochyena Hyneo that Ben hadn’t yet drifted off into La-La Land. The monochromatic wolfpup lay curled up next to her trainer, occasionally jabbing him in the ribs with a wayward paw every time she rolled over.

    But no. It wasn’t for either of those reasons that Ben Hale couldn’t catch a single wink, let alone forty. The reason why sleep eluded the boy was because his mind was full of questions and worries and the conversation he and Carol had had at supper. The conversation about THEM. And Sam.

    It sickened Ben to think that here he was safe and sound, warm and well-fed, while that poor, innocent child was a prisoner of THEM. The thought that the youngster might still be alive somewhere out there in the cold, dark forest -- hungry, scared, suffering, and alone -- was more than he could bear. He just knew that he had to do something. He had to. But what? What could he do?

    The plan he had devised seemed risky at best, but it was better than nothing. As he lay there on his back, he quickly ran through it again in his mind. He would ask to borrow some of Sue’s old dresses, have Medeo and Sumeo put them on, then use the pair of fearless fighter as decoys. The two miniature martial artists were roughly the same size as kids, so hopefully THEY would fall for it. Especially if Ben could find some wigs for the two Human-shaped Pokemon to wear. Anyway, when THEY tried to kidnap Medeo and Sumeo, then Ben, Hyneo, and Marteo would make their move. Once Ben and his team had captured one of THEM, they would make IT lead them to THEIR lair, where they could rescue Sam, and recover the villagers’ stolen belongings. Ben rolled over onto his side, narrowly avoiding one of Hyneo’s furry flailing appendages in the process. Maybe in the morning he would run it by Carol and see what she thought.

    Unable to catch any Zzz‘s, Ben lay there for a few more moments before deciding he needed to get a better look at the forest. He rose noiselessly, so as not to awaken his snoozing companions, and crossed the room to a window that faced the foreboding woods. His stocking feet barely made a sound, yet his Meditite comrade Medeo, deep in communion with the energy of the cosmos, stirred; his highly attuned senses alerting him to movement, one ear twitching in the direction of Ben’s muffled footfalls. The Yoga Pokemon had been resting on a nearby recliner, legs crossed in the meditative Lotad Position, but now, he too got up. Stretching briefly, he joined the boy at the window.

    Ben didn’t take his gaze from the snow-covered scenery as his diminutive companion joined him. The boy spoke in hushed tones. “Don’t you ever sleep, mate?” he inquired. The Meditite shook his tiny onion-shaped head from side-to-side. “I didn’t think so.”

    They stared in silence through the frosty glass, watching the blowing snow, for quite some time before Ben finally whispered, “Are you thinking about Sam, too?” He turned to face Medeo for the first time since his little partner had joined him. The Yoga Pokemon nodded and the boy continued quietly, “Yeah, we’ve got to do something. We can’t just leave him out there, he might…” His voice trailed off to nothing as he turned and looked out the window again, his grey-green eyes surveying the harsh, wintry landscape.

    Perched atop a high shelf, the Taillow Marteo came awake at the sound of the hushed conversation. Like Medeo, yet not quite as perceptive, she was sensitive to sound, and the noise had roused her. She spied Ben and Medeo staring forlornly out the window, gave a few awkward hop-skips to the end of her ledge, then quietly glided over to the pair, alighting softly on the boy’s shoulder. Ben gently patted her on the head.

    “Let me guess? You couldn’t sleep either?” he said, forgetting to lower his voice, as the tiny swallow absentmindedly preened her ruffled feathers.

    Suddenly, a cold, wet nose pushed itself into Ben’s left hand; it had been hanging down at his side. Glancing in the direction of the muzzle’s owner, the boy discovered that it was none other than his faithful canine companion, Hyneo. The Poochyena licked his hand comfortingly and Ben reached down to scratch her tenderly behind the ears.

    “Well, that only leaves Sumeo then,” he said. Eight pairs of eyes turned in the direction of the rotund, little Makuhita, but of course, he hadn’t budged. With each raucous snore, his chubby chest rose and fell, and Ben chuckled as he noticed that one of Marteo’s feathers must have fallen out midflight and landed directly above Sumeo’s open mouth, comically rising and falling each time the Guts Pokemon exhaled or inhaled. Marteo and Hyneo grinned at the sight, while Medeo sweatdropped and shook his head from side-to-side.

    Being together like this with his Pokemon partners lifted Ben’s spirits considerably. He felt thankful that he had such a loyal team, and felt that with their help, saving Sam would not only be possible, but was a given. A feeling of peace settled on Ben, accompanied by a sudden impulse of drowsiness.

    At just that moment though, a shrill, grating sound suddenly came from next door and interrupted Ben’s happy revelry. A startled look briefly passed between him and his conscious companions. Sumeo however, blissfully slumbered on. An atomic bomb could have detonated inches from his head and the tubby tussler would have hardly noticed. With Medeo at his side, Hyneo at his heels, and Marteo winging overhead, Ben sprinted into the other room. What he saw when he got there took his breath away and made him bolt in alarm.

    A mysterious, shadowy figure was busily cutting the glass dome covering Tina’s egg. Ben hesitantly crept forward, attempting to steal a better look -- IT had to be a Pokemon -- but the room was dark and he couldn’t identify which one. Just as Ben was about to send forth his Pokemon to stop IT, Carol rushed in from an adjacent room, followed by Tina. Having heard the sound, the two had come to investigate also. Startled by the sight of the figure cradling the Togepi egg, the woman gasped in dismay while her Togetic let out an anguished cry. In the blink of an eye, the figure instantly retreated the way it came, disappearing into the snowstorm with Tina hot on its heels.

    “Marteo, quick! Follow them!” Ben barked, as he quickly slipped on his white adidas running shoes. The Taillow lifted a tiny wing to her forehead in a smart salute. “We can’t let that thing get away!”

    Throwing on his black half-zip jacket, Ben continued issuing instructions. “Medeo, we’ll need your FORESIGHT to try to pinpoint that thing’s location, and Hyneo, We‘ll need you to use ODOR SLEUTH to help us track IT!” He slipped his brown canvas messenger bag over his shoulder, explaining, “With this blizzard, that thing won’t be easy to follow, but we’ve got to try! This might be our only chance to find THEIR hideout!”

    Just then Sumeo wandered into the room, hungrily licking his lips. Raiding the kitchen for leftover Yache Stew was the sole train of thought on this late night snacker’s one-track mind. But seeing his trainer and Poke-brethren assembled there, he blinked his slitted-eyes dully and suspiciously scanned the room. Before he could finish his visual sweep though, Ben had noticed his arrival, grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him toward door, exclaiming, “Ah, Sumeo! Perfect timing! C'mon, we were just about to leave!”

    Ready to step out into the chilly night air in pursuit of Tina and the Egg Thief, he called over his shoulder to Carol, “We’ll bring back Tina and her egg, ma’am! Don’t worry!”

    __________________________________________________ _______
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    Quote Originally Posted by mew-the original View Post
    Please reply in PowderBlue.

    Research Island

    Food Guy
    - You hear the computer make multiple beeps in many different pitches before it fell silent, “Correct. You may enter.” the computer voice said as the door unlocked. You stare in awe of the room, which was nearly covered with technology. You notice many different colored knobs, buttons, and keyboards, as well as more computer screens than you could count. Anthony, who was obviously more used to this room, strolled through the room and set down the books on the nearest counter that had enough space. You suddenly remember the weight of the books, which made your arms begin to tremble as you rushed to set your books next to Anthony’s stack. Slizar, who had more strength than either of you two, effortlessly carried the tallest stack and set them on the floor in front of the counter with the other books as there was not enough room on the counter. “Professor,” Anthony called out as looked around the large room, “Professor Huges, its Anthony, I got those books you asked for!” he continued to call out. From deep within, a faint voice responded, you could barely make out what he was saying, but it sounded like, “Just a minute.” The room was obviously larger than you expected, you looked in the direction where the voice came from to see a shadowy figure slowly come into the light. He was a somewhat short, elderly man, gray hair covered the sides and back of his head, leaving the top bald and shiny. A bushy mustache and beard covered his face, making him appear to have no mouth. He wore a white lab coat like Anthony, but also held a cane; this man seemed to be too old to be a college professor, he had to be at least 70. “Ah! Thank you for the books Anthony!” the professor thanked joyfully. “I see you brought a friend as well!” he said, addressing you and Slizar. “Oh, forgive me professor, this is Karmas, he and his Scizor, Slizar, helped me with the books.” Anthony stated. “Well then, thank you, Kamras, Slizar.” Professor Huges thanked, once again with a very jolly tone. The professor and Anthony then went into a complicated scientific conversation, one much too complicated for you to even try and keep up with. For the first time, you decide to take notice to the books which you have been carrying here, and you noticed that these books were about pokemon evolution. The one on top really caught your eye though; it was specifically about mythological methods to force evolution on a pokemon. It was titled ‘Triggering Evolution’. Meanwhile, your eyes wondered on to another book, this book seemed to explain how pokemon undergo split evolution. Based on the title, ‘The Split Evolution Mutation’, it seemed to be about what allows some pokemon to evolve into multiple different pokemon (such as Eevee or Kirlia.) “Ah, interested in a book there Kamras?” Professor Huges asked. This gave you the perfect chance to dig deeper into one of those mysterious books, of course, you could always ignore the books and ask to explore the surprisingly large lab and forget about the books…

    What will you do?
    Karmas let out a sigh of relief as the computer said that his answer was correct. With the answer correct, the doors opened up, and when he saw what was in the room, Karmas was awe-smacked. The room was covered in technology, with knobs, buttons and keyboards littered around the place, and more computer screens that Karmas could count (not that he really could be bothered to). Anthony on the other hand simply walked into the room and put down his load of books on a counter which somehow had space on it. Seeing this, Karmas quickly raced over and deposited his heavy load of books, while the stronger Slizar casually walked over and out her stack down in front of the counter.

    “Professor,” Anthony called out as looked around the large room, “Professor Huges, its Anthony, I got those books you asked for!” he continued to call out.

    From somewhere in the room Karmas hear a faint reply. He could hear the voice properly, but to him it sounded like 'Just a minute'. Karmas looked to the source of the voice and saw a man covered by the shadows walk into the light. The man was short and elderly, with grey hair that covered the side of his head, and he had a bush beard and mustache that gave him the appearance of missing his mouth. The old man wore a lab coat like Anthony did, but unlike Anthony he had a cane, overall he looked too old to be a college professor.

    “Ah! Thank you for the books Anthony!” the professor thanked joyfully. “I see you brought a friend as well!” he said, addressing Karmas and Slizar.

    “Oh, forgive me professor, this is Karmas, he and his Scizor, Slizar, helped me with the books.” Anthony stated.

    “Well then, thank you, Karmas, Slizar.” Professor Huges thanked, once again with a very jolly tone.

    Then Anthony and Professor Hughes went into a scientific conversation, one which Karmas could barely understand half the words of. Deciding to stop listening to the conversation, Karmas turned his attention to the books that he and Slizar had helped bring in. He took a quick look at the titles and the trainer noticed that they were all about pokemon evolution. The first book, which was about mythological methods to force evolution, was titled Triggered Evolution and caught Karmas' eye, but he then drifted to another book titled The Split Evolution Mutation. This book seemed to be about how some pokemon evolved into multiple pokemon.

    “Ah, interested in a book there Karmas?” Professor Huges asked.

    "Well yeah," replied Karmas, "This book, Triggered Evolution, seems quite interesting. The idea of forcing a pokemon to evolve seems very cruel but I reckon that if enough research was done into it, maybe then it could be harnessed safely."

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    Quote Originally Posted by mew-the original View Post
    Glacier Islands
    The Arctic Zone
    An ocean located in what is the coldest land of Fizzy Bubbles. The arctic ocean of Glacier Islands is broken up into four areas; The North Sea, the East Sea, the West Sea, and the South Sea. The Glacier Islands are well known for the Oceanic Train System (OTS), which glides the waters on top of the tracks just below the surface. The four seas are divided by the enormous Glacier centering all the islands. Legend tells that within the heart of the Glacier Islands lies a legendary pokemon with the power to control ice.

    The East Seas
    Snowflake Village: Being somewhat of a suburb compared to Glacier City, Snowflake Village is located on an island with far less snowstorms leaving there no reason to bare a dome to cover the city. This village is known for their ever-so-popular Yache Berry crops that cover almost half the island, a perfect place for wild pokemon to find food.
    When Shadow had first embarked on his adventures, he had started from the exploration of a village, far away within the parameters of a different zone. While he couldn't say for sure he had done a lot, it was certain that he'd come a way even if might not be very long; his team no longer the singular Duskull that was faithful to his causes. He now had a full-fledged group of skilled, trusted operatives, and it was time to extend development to the relative newcomers in the group. Although...

    "Mander!" "Char! Chimchar!"

    A sigh rippled through his throat against the shiver rising from his body. The scientist wouldn't have to worry about temperature issues beyond himself; he never enjoyed the cold very much having been from a southern, tropical region. Novawing and Wukong, being Fire-types themselves and miniature hibachis for posteriors, wouldn't be too adversely affected at all. No, what was more concern-worthy was the burning rivalry between each other. Even after Beauty Salon trips, both of them arguably were special in their own ways; this seemed to form the basis of their clashes. Right now they were rolling about in the snow, engaged in another wrestling match as the slush hissed at the bursting flares issued from their behinds.

    "Alright, you two." Sternly Shadow reached down, chancing on an opportunity to wrench them apart without burning himself. "We'll be heading into agricultural territory now. It is imperative that you control your firepower around the local crops and Pokemon; do you understand?"

    Long ago, before their treatment at the Beauty Salon, Shadow would have expected a nip and a burn if he'd tried something like that, but both of the pyrokinetics quieted down; Novawing sulkingly kicking a clod of snow while Wukong stood in remorse.

    "Now, let's go on," Shadow said kindly this time, leading the way into the village with his two Pokemon aside him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mew-the original View Post
    Please reply in PowderBlue.

    Wonderland Island

    Raunchy Fad
    - “Okay, it’s good to hear that you are fine… as for your Slowpoke, he seems to have been hit in the head pretty hard. He doesn’t respond to anything we do and he has this vacant expression on his face. Other than that, he’ll be fine, just a few bumps and scratches; he probably took the majority of the injuries compared to you. Oh! Yes, my name is Debbie. My friend, Emily, and I seem to be in the same situation as you are. Did you happen to run into a young child on this island? We did, she said she was lost and lured us into the forest. Next thing we knew, we were in some dungeon, we managed to escape from it, but now we are stuck in this underground world…” Debbie explained. After she finished, a fair-haired woman appeared, dragging Sebastain along with her. “Has this one always been this slow?” she asked in a strained voice as she finally quit trying to carry the Slowpoke any further. “I’m Emily,” she said, still trying to regain her breath, “it’s a good thing we found you two or you would have frozen to death.” Suddenly, a huge rumble shook the four of you, pushing people down and creating cracks in the floor beneath you. “Sh*t!” shouted Debbie as she grabbed your hand pulling you away from the quake. Emily began to drag poor Sab across the floor trying to pull him out of the way as well. The earthquake suddenly stopped, just as sudden as it began. “They know where we are!” shouted Emily as she dropped Seb. “D*mn… Wait! Maybe this guy can help us!” Debbie said to Emily. “You want to get out of here right?” she said turning back to you, “You see, down here, there’s a pokemon, she rules this underground land and traps people here, she claims this whole island to be her territory and plans to kill all the people she catches… We’ve tried to fight her, but we haven’t been very successful so far. Tell me now if you are interested before I go on.” Debbie demanded, she seemed to be rather hopeful that you can help.

    What will you do?
    “Glad to meet you, Debbie baby,” Paul said as she introduced herself to him. He then smiled when given the good news about the physical condition of his slowpoke, who luckily managed to survive getting hit square with a giant block of ice. He then confirmed to Debbie that he had indeed been confronted by a small child in the woods, and made the assumption that they too had made the mistake of talking to small, mysterious strangers. “I wanna know, though, Deb, did you get attacked by a bunch of snocones when that kid lured you down here?” He was left unanswered when another woman came in toting Sebastien behind her, who looked fit as Debbie had described.

    “He’s very smart, ya know,” Paul interjected when Emily inquired about the slow pace of his pokémon. He then thanked her for their hospitality when all of a sudden there was a big rumble that nearly caused Paul to piss himself. The rumble was followed by an array of cracking noises as the floor that everyone was standing on began to fill with white veins indicating fracture. With the help of Emily, Sebastien and Paul slid to thicker ice where they were less likely to fall into a possible chasm, and then all rumbling ceased, allowing a big sigh of relief between the bum and his slowpoke.

    When Debbie and Emily then explained the situation and asked Paul to help them, he pushed his glasses up onto his nose and then sat with his legs sprawled out before him.

    “You know, I just want to go back to the Winterlude, or whatever it was I came here for.” He paused for a moment, and sniffed, and then looked at the two pretty girls who were asking him for help. He stood up, and asked, “Do you have any potions on you?” He then referred to his pokéballs containing his Rocky and Mr. Pipes who were still hurt form their battle with the snorunts. ”What have my buddies got to beat up so that we can get out of here?” Tired and aching, he was more than willing to help these girls out.

    Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo!
    So little time! So much to know!

    Fizzy Bubbles

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