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Thread: Gary's dead raticate

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    Default Gary's dead raticate

    ,In the original Pokémon Red/Blue, when
    you encounter your
    rival in Lavender Town he asks whether or not you know what
    it's like to have one of your Pokémon die. At this point in the
    game, he no longer has his Raticate that he used in previous
    battles.Your rival battle before this took place aboard the S.S.
    Anne. Your rival's Raticate sustained serious injuries from
    the battle...but, because crowding and confusion on the
    luxury liner, he was unable to make it to a Pokémon Center in
    time and the Raticate passed away. The real reason your rival
    is in Lavender Town to begin with is to lay his deceased friend
    to rest.Despite all of this, your rival never outwardly tells you
    that you're responsible for the death of his Pokémon. He
    hides his grief and instead channels that energy into the
    motivation he needed to continue his quest to become Indigo
    League Champion. The death of his Raticate effectively
    destroys your rival's impish, childhood innocence. Although
    he tells himself that he doesn't hold you responsible, he
    subconsciously holds a great deal of resentment towards you
    which further fuels his ambitions.Tearfully swearing upon
    his Raticate's grave to not fail in what he set out to do, he
    trains hard in hopes of becoming better than you...defeating
    you...and to eventually make it to the Pokémon League. Mere
    moments after he became Indigo League champion, he was you. Although he fulfilled his promise to his
    fallen Pokémon, it was only for a painfully brief instant.In the
    end, your rival is scolded by his grandfather while you
    receive the professor's praise. During the course of the game,
    you steal your rival's innocence, crush his dreams, and
    ultimately snatch away the love of his own grandfather. Oh,
    and by the way, your rival doesn't have any parents. He's an
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    I didnt write this but i love it. Reply with your thoughts on the matter. Id love to hear them.
    need friends to battle with, trade with and just talk to when ever, if youre not interested then get the lump outta here.

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    I have heard about this a nauseating amount of times, but I never believed that his Raticate died. I always just assumed that he replaced it because it wasn`t that strong. As for why he was at the Pokemon Tower, I never really gave it much thought, I just figured he was there to get in your way.
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    I personally always imagined Gary was actually asking the player about having to ever cope with death, hinting at his parents.

    But I have a morbid mindset anyway.

    Still THE Ace of Abra.

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    We are not doing this. again, I proved it to be false in the last thread that came up on this subject:
    Quote Originally Posted by RaZoR LeAf View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Aggron459 View Post
    Yes, I do have proof that his Raticate dies. In Lavender town, he asks how would you feel if one of your pokemon dies and then when you battle him for the next time, his Raticate isnt there. And no, I did not look this up, I own the game.
    You own the game... you must be the only person in the whole world to know the truth then. Lets look at some facts shall we? In Pokemon tower when you meet your rival he says:

    "Hey, RED! What brings you here? Your POKEMON don't look dead! I can at least make them faint! Let's go, pal!"
    "What? You stinker! I took it easy on you too!"
    "How's your POKEDEX coming, pal? I just caught a CUBONE! I can't find the grown-up MAROWAK yet! I doubt there are any left! Well, I better get going! I've got a lot to accomplish, pal! Smell ya later!"

    Not seeing anything being mentioned about death.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aggron459 View Post
    Truth cant always be proven. In jury cases, only the one who commited the crime (or didnt) knows the truth. You gotta learn how to make proof from evidence.
    You have to make proof from evidence, not assume things because they sound good. The difference in this case, is that I have proof.
    And for the sake of it, here's Fire Red/Leaf Green too.

    I will now be waiting for your proof on the rival saying what you claim he says.
    There we go, once again proven to be made up. Fanfic has it's own forum, please do not post it here again.

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